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(Sun Sentinel)   Once again, beer saves the day   ( divider line
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2002-12-11 10:46:12 AM  
Curley Rogers, who hangs out in the store, said he was shook up as he watched the struggle.
"I'm a victim of circumstance!"
2002-12-11 10:58:52 AM  
"...seemed like it was 10 feet long"

"She was facing east and ready to go,"

"The whole thing happened so quickly, it was like over in 10 seconds."

Sounds like my honeymoon.
2002-12-11 04:21:34 PM  
hoo boy
2002-12-11 04:21:51 PM  
*insert "through" joke here*
2002-12-11 04:21:55 PM  
there needs to be a new superhero:

2002-12-11 04:21:57 PM  
Ha! Kwik Stop next to the courthouse and police station!
2002-12-11 04:22:48 PM  
beer saves me everyday
2002-12-11 04:22:49 PM  
beer, is there anything it can't do?
2002-12-11 04:23:49 PM  
Watch the cops will charge this hero with assualt with a deadly budweiser!

Nice of good 'ol Curley to help out.
2002-12-11 04:24:10 PM  
Drinking has saved my life endless times, who would have known what life threatening moments would have happened if I had not passed out cold?
2002-12-11 04:24:27 PM  
Anheiser-Busch, you're my hero!
2002-12-11 04:24:42 PM  
Curley Rogers, who hangs out in the store, said he was shook up as he watched the struggle.

Only in Florida.........
2002-12-11 04:25:08 PM  
That's why the 2nd Amendment protects my right to keep a "colt .45" under my bed at night in case intruders invade the sanctity of my one room shanty.

Get it? It's a pun.
2002-12-11 04:25:15 PM  
you bloody beat me to it!
[image from too old to be available]
2002-12-11 04:25:26 PM  
Beer. It's whats for dinner.
2002-12-11 04:25:32 PM  
Dissapointed. When I saw the headline, I figured the robbery was foiled because earier in the day the robber had drank some Rolling Rock, which gave him a severe case of the runs during the holdup.
2002-12-11 04:25:35 PM  
"Alcohol, cause of, and solution toall oflifes problems"

2002-12-11 04:27:04 PM  
Quote: It was proof against common perceptions that police stations discourage crime and that while robbers threaten violence, they rarely fire weapons.

Or it was an exception to the rule, or maybe ... both! Or perhaps I'm just talking through my ass, and am too lazy to look up some statistics. Maybe I just like the word "proof". "Prooooof". Yes. It is a fun word to say.

journalists ....
2002-12-11 04:27:41 PM  

Yeah, it looks like that guy's always a big help in a fight:

Curley Rogers, who hangs out in the store, said he was shook up as he watched the struggle.

Rogers said he has seen Hamdan struggle with customers before, but never anything near the fight on Monday.
2002-12-11 04:27:46 PM  
Hooray, Beer.
2002-12-11 04:27:53 PM  
From Curley Roger's Day Planner...

Morning- Return "Anal Sluts 43" to the video store-like usual
Noon- Hang out at Qwik-E Mart-like usual
Afternoon- Give interview to Sun Sentinel reporter
Evening- Pass out after crank binge-like usual
2002-12-11 04:27:59 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

and in other new BEER saves the day

*Mmmmm Beer
2002-12-11 04:28:08 PM  
What kind of clod decides to rob a place next to a police station?
2002-12-11 04:29:43 PM  
"I saw him in a wheelchair at the hospital, and he looked so sad," Hamdan said. "I said to my wife, `Look, look, there he is. He looked scared. Poor thing.'"

Wow! That's compassion.

This robber is a bad man and almost killed the clerk yet the clerk felt sorry for him. I have to say he's a better man than me (like that's hard to find).
2002-12-11 04:30:40 PM  
Curley Rogers, who hangs out in the store...

[image from too old to be available]

2002-12-11 04:30:40 PM  
That gun seemed like it was 10 feet long," said Hamdan, who has run the Kwik Stop next to the South County Courthouse and police station since 1991.

If you're going to rob a convinence store, try choosing one that isn't right next to the Courthouse and police station! If the guy who stopped the robery wasn't so much of a hero, this story would be a prime one for a dumbass tag.
2002-12-11 04:31:22 PM  
Wi99um wrote...
*insert "through" joke here*


Someone through me a Dr. Pepper. I'm finding it hard to masturbate to this article.
2002-12-11 04:32:59 PM  
Apu: I think that we should spend the money on increasing our police force. This year alone i was shot 8 times, and as a result, I almost missed work!

Wiggum: Pffft. Crybaby
2002-12-11 04:33:08 PM  
Did he hit him in the head with a Schlitz malt liquor? I know that stuff makes my head hurt like shiat. And I usually look sad and am in a wheelchair afterwards too.
2002-12-11 04:33:49 PM  
2002-12-11 04:35:06 PM  
This is just awesome. Beer wins again.
2002-12-11 04:40:59 PM  
No one has reported on the status of of the "ones" themselves. The innocent victims could have suffered dire injuries when being used to "clobber" the criminal.
Oh, the beer-manity!!!
2002-12-11 04:42:21 PM  
they'll live
2002-12-11 04:42:27 PM  
As soon as they finished the questions the clerk should have popped the top on a bottle, taken a swig, and with a big grin said "Cool, Refreshing Budweizer--It Hits the Spot!"
That would have been like, so cool..
2002-12-11 04:43:29 PM  
but yet...
2002-12-11 04:45:17 PM  
This just makes me want to go out and buy Clerks on DVD.
2002-12-11 04:45:30 PM  
Our boy Tony is a hero. He could have been dead-as-a-hammer Tony, but thankfully he's not.

Chad_beaverwood, I was thinking the same thing about Nasty Ice. Just writing those words gave me a pounding headache.
2002-12-11 04:48:41 PM  
It must have been Colt 45. That swill puts me out every time.
2002-12-11 04:49:33 PM  
2002-12-11 04:52:22 PM  
"...Hamdan, who has run the Kwik Stop next to the South County Courthouse and police station since 1991."

Does that sound like a good Kwik-E-Mart to rob?
2002-12-11 04:53:09 PM  
So, he tried to rob the store that was next to the Court House and Police Station.

Smart Guy
2002-12-11 04:55:04 PM  
Without question, the greatest invention in the history of mankind is beer. Oh, I grant you that the wheel was also a fine invention, but the wheel does not go nearly as well with pizza.
-Dave Barry
2002-12-11 04:56:17 PM  
Lots of beer articles today.

I'm going to through a fit if I don't get my Guinness bottle opener, cause I didn't win free beer for a year and the last beer I bought the clerk smashed it on some guy's head. I've gotta go turn my pants inside out/backwards now.

Also, (i dunno why) but if Curly has a woman that has sex with him, does she holler out, "Ohhhh Curleyyyyyyyyyy" whilst having sex ya think?
2002-12-11 04:58:35 PM  
"Beer, the solution to, and cause of all our problems"

2002-12-11 04:59:18 PM  
If he would have hit him with a fosters it would have made every muscle in his body stop working for a week, plus give him a pounding headache.
2002-12-11 05:00:48 PM  
2 beers to the head and he has to be wheeled outta the place. What a light-weight.
2002-12-11 05:07:30 PM  
Maveno...only if he goes "Woob woob woob!" and then spins around in cicles while laying in the floor
2002-12-11 05:10:31 PM  
2002-12-11 05:11:49 PM  
"If you ever had a gun pulled in your face, that's a helluva thing to witness."

[image from too old to be available]

The witness... Curly Rogers... or Mr. T?
2002-12-11 05:17:37 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Don't make me bust this out on you, Homie!!
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