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(Some Chick) Weeners What these men lack in nakedness, they make up for in looks   ( divider line 39
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9807 clicks; posted to Main » on 11 Dec 2002 at 5:43 AM (12 years ago)   |  Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-12-10 11:18:47 PM  

I'm a 12 o clock man! That makes me better!
2002-12-11 05:49:58 AM  
I think the fact that I actually clicked that link is indicative of how loathe I am to study for the two finals I have on thursday.
2002-12-11 05:52:15 AM  
I am hunky but in a different way than these guys that are looking off in the distance.
2002-12-11 05:55:26 AM  
Why the hell are there so many "weeners" posts??? This is ridiculous. There must be 10 times as many farkers as there are farkettes.

Down with weeners posts!
2002-12-11 06:08:21 AM  
Meh, they're okay. I just don't like the beefy "pour water/oil on me so I look all sexy and sweaty" look. Then again, I'm weird and stuff. :) Carry on ladies.
2002-12-11 06:11:30 AM  
Please, no more of these while my chosen sex-partner is on the other side of the planet, ok?

It's CRUEL !

Save a kitten ...
2002-12-11 06:25:30 AM  
"chosen sex-partner " please tell me youre joking Tadlette
2002-12-11 07:48:45 AM  
UGH. It looks like most of these men were drug in from some trailer park with some drifter selling steroids.
2002-12-11 08:28:32 AM  
"What these men lack in nakedness"

*smashes head on desk repeatedly*
2002-12-11 08:45:53 AM  
No nakedness? WTF!?

*goes back to miss pudding's weener link from the other day*

Meshman go to:

2002-12-11 08:52:56 AM  
Listen to you poor deprived women. Like it takes more than a smile or a friggin klondike bar for you to see a naked man irl.

grivas continues to look for the proper mixture of smiles and chocolate to easily get a woman naked.
2002-12-11 09:01:44 AM  
yeuch. oily slabs of silliness.

cormee: asl?
2002-12-11 09:03:17 AM  
2002-12-11 09:10:28 AM  
The Tuesday guy who's all posed made me laugh really hard.

Hmmmmmmm...harddddddd. ScorpioSting needs her coffee. And a naked man in her bed.
2002-12-11 09:10:52 AM  
The same can be said of me throughout the workday.

Of course, I'm sick and tired of being treated like a piece of meat...
2002-12-11 09:37:48 AM  
Unluckyimmortal asked:
Why the hell are there so many "weeners" posts??? This is ridiculous. There must be 10 times as many farkers as there are farkettes. Down with weeners posts!

Because the Farkettes are all part of the Ejaculation Control Conspiracy. We get what we want or you don't get what you want.
2002-12-11 09:38:50 AM  
Sorry, Mispudding's weener link was better
2002-12-11 09:40:03 AM  
there are worse things to wake up to than this!

farkettes- if i come across any sites like these i promise to share!!!! the stuff i end up finding has both naked men and women and is probably considered porn.

farkers- i have seen far more boobies links than weeners since i have joined fark. so quit yer biatchin. and start sharing some links!
2002-12-11 09:41:34 AM  
*Hands Grivas a klondike bar and a cheesy grin to NOT take his clothes off*

Eh...not my type. I like skinny tall scandanavian men. These guys have too much muscle/ego/hair care products for my pleasure
2002-12-11 09:42:26 AM  
12-11-02 06:11:30 AM Tadlette
Please, no more of these while my chosen sex-partner is on the other side of the planet, ok?

PC lefties are the same all over the planet. That statement must make your 'chosen sex-partner' feel all warm fuzzy and loved. Hell, you didn't even say significant other. Much less 'my lover', 'my hot monkey sex partner', 'my master', etc.
2002-12-11 09:57:16 AM  
Not diggin' Richard at all.
2002-12-11 10:01:14 AM  
Hey Kylie, fancy a date? i could pick you at umm about eight...
2002-12-11 10:01:21 AM  
i like his shoes
2002-12-11 10:01:50 AM  
Shinty: Nice font :¬*
2002-12-11 10:02:48 AM  
Hey Kylie, Fancy a date?
2002-12-11 10:26:10 AM  
Sure Klum I enjoy dating strangers from Mongolia.
2002-12-11 10:27:51 AM  
Brazil: How do I get one of those "hot monkey sex partners"?
2002-12-11 10:34:12 AM  
So I checked this link out for a friend. And the guy from Wed. really has a bad body. He looks like such a freak. I'm not a good looking or well built man by any means, but at least I don't post pictures of myself half naked on websites.
2002-12-11 10:34:47 AM  
Paisely Hunter:
"Brazil: How do I get one of those "hot monkey sex partners"?"

That's Micheal Jackson, he's got plenty to go around...think the highly reccomends Bubbles.
2002-12-11 10:37:51 AM  
I dont want a real monkey!
sick sick sick
2002-12-11 10:39:49 AM  
god damn it you farkers, horny guys horny girls...leave the porn alone and just have a fark orgy'd be better than looking at porn all the time
2002-12-11 10:40:15 AM  
Hate to break this to you, if there is one "thing" in the world that we can define as a total's old MJ.
2002-12-11 10:44:50 AM  
Who said I wanted MJ? you are sick and wrong woodstock
2002-12-11 11:00:32 AM  
Thank You! :D
2002-12-11 11:46:37 AM  
WickedWanda, i love your post up there about the Ejaculation Control Conspiracy. ha!

seriously, though. check out the gallery of the "boys next door". i really, really like this one. he reminds me of my hot monkey sex partner.
2002-12-11 11:47:32 AM  
oh, so cute! i want my hot monkey sex partner right now! grrr...

hehehehe. guys are cool. :)
2002-12-11 12:06:38 PM  
Thanks fellow farkettes, that was nice.
2002-12-11 05:39:37 PM you Mr Ritts! Fred with Tires, Yummy!
2002-12-11 05:40:27 PM  
well damn, my html skills suck bad.
cut and paste ladies :)
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