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(Canoe)   Mother gives her murdered son's toys to a children's charity   ( divider line
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3921 clicks; posted to Main » on 07 Dec 2002 at 10:54 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-12-07 09:49:46 PM  
On a related note, the father should be kicked in the balls by a male stripper, then a mob can remove his testicles and other organs with rusty tools. Oh, and they'll be fed to him.
2002-12-07 09:50:33 PM  
Whoops, I forgot the "If he was still alive".
2002-12-07 10:59:13 PM  
And Wal-Mart promptly put them back on the shelves.

Was I first?
2002-12-07 11:01:28 PM  
2002-12-07 11:01:56 PM  
A nice gesture, but what else could she do with them?
2002-12-07 11:02:08 PM  
[image from too old to be available]


2002-12-07 11:02:49 PM  
Sometimes I just hate this time of year.
2002-12-07 11:03:05 PM  
Wow, I never noticed how cold-hearted some of the goofing around at Fark is some times... though I'm not one to talk (see the beginning of today's "Bomb in Bangladeshi movie theater" thread). We really are a bunch of evil bastards, aren't we?
2002-12-07 11:03:35 PM  
Great, now her house will be haunted and her kid will torment her as a poltergeist. Yes, even in the afterlife, they can be noisy little brats.

[image from too old to be available]
2002-12-07 11:12:58 PM  
"Grant loved Cole," Dean said in his address. "I needed to know that Grant and Cole would be OK. On Wednesday night, I had to go to where Grant and Cole passed away."

This bugs the crap out of me. This man LOVED his son? So much that he killed him to take revenge on the mother? Then he kills himself because he can't stick around to take responsiblity for his actions. How selfish. He should burn in hell.
2002-12-07 11:16:20 PM  
that is so sad, but it was courageous of the mom to give the toys to the needy
2002-12-07 11:19:25 PM  
Don't most people do this? I mean, what are you gonna do, sell it?

If someone close to me died I'd give what stuff I wasn't going to use or sell to charity -- most of their clothes and personal effects, and keep whatever had sentimental value.

Not saying it's not cool, just what's usually done?

Maybe only here in Canada.
2002-12-07 11:25:09 PM  
What an asshat. How do you do that to a 2 year old....much less your own son....makes me sick, it does...merry friggin' christmas.
2002-12-07 11:28:06 PM  
Are we going to see a movie next year about haunted toys? Sort of a cross between The Sixth Sense and Child's Play. Chuckie says, "I see dead people, and I killed them."
2002-12-07 11:37:02 PM  
I just don't get it. If the guy wants to kill himself, fine, but what was his logic in killing the kid too? Sad.
2002-12-07 11:38:06 PM  
I feel bad for the kids who get those toys.
2002-12-07 11:48:30 PM  
No shiat, Dosethemost, it's downright creepy. Those kids are gonna be all kinda twisted farks and murderers and prostitutes and preachers and such. Of course, morbid little creature that I was, I would have lo-o-o-oved to get the toy of a murdered child.
2002-12-07 11:50:04 PM  
This should have a sad tag.

Crotchrocket Slim, sometimes joking about things is the only way people know how to deal with something. I just don't know what to say when I read crap like this.
2002-12-07 11:52:35 PM  
Of course, morbid little creature that I was, I would have lo-o-o-oved to get the toy of a murdered child.

If she were to sell it on eBay, someone would easily pay several grand each for the toys.
2002-12-07 11:56:47 PM  
Hey... were any of them collectables?

(now in line for bus to hell... wait a minute... I'm an atheist.
2002-12-08 12:03:18 AM  
This article doesn't give a sufficient background on the custody battle to make ANY sort of argument either way. When parents get divorced, who gets the kids most of the time? The mother does. How often to we hear about "single dads"? The stress that they go through with not being able to even speak to their own kids is extremely burdensome. In this case, there may have been a legitimate reason to deny the father custody, but single dads get screwed out of a lot of things. The pressue builds up, and it unfortunately is released sometimes in incidents like this.
2002-12-08 12:05:57 AM  
This should've gotten the "Sappy" tag
2002-12-08 12:14:46 AM  
Whydontyoucryaboutit: seems to me like the Hero tag has altogether replaced the sappy tag these days.
2002-12-08 12:28:04 AM  
forgive me, if i think this sort of dribble shouldnt be posted on fark. is there a lack of good links out there?
2002-12-08 12:34:11 AM  
A sad situation. My nephew died a week short of his 9th birthday, and a month shy of xmas. It was incredibly sad to see the tree with all his still-wrapped presents after his funeral.
2002-12-08 12:52:33 AM  
Okay, it was nice of her to give the toys to charity. Big deal, that's what should be done. Of course she's not going to just keep everything, she might as well donate them to charity. She is NOT a hero. She didn't save a life or do anything spectacular like that. She didn't show any amazing courage.
I'm tired of seeing the hero tag being used just because someone did something nice. You aren't a hero for doing something everyone should do. I go to school, why not give ME a hero tag, after all i'm working towards making the world a better place!
2002-12-08 12:54:03 AM  
Yet another one of the many overuses of the hero tag.
2002-12-08 01:04:49 AM  
Gotta love how the "Hero" tag is an American flag, no matter what country the "hero" may come from...
2002-12-08 01:12:12 AM  
the best uses of hero are when it is like "cougar jumps on man's back. HERO" and "farker introduces new photoshop cliche. HERO"
2002-12-08 01:25:35 AM  
that's right, this was a shooting death in CANADA! Somebody call Michael Moore.
2002-12-08 01:47:51 AM  
You can't escape the bad karma from dead kid toys.

Macfrugal wins Best Reply with Kuranes close behind.
2002-12-08 01:52:36 AM  
what else was she supposed to do, play with them?
2002-12-08 01:56:28 AM  
when i just read the headline i was under the impression the mom killed the kid then gave his toys away...

/no point
2002-12-08 02:00:35 AM  
and i doubt the kids will even KNOW that the toys are from a dead kid. They wouldnt care anyways.
2002-12-08 02:01:14 AM  
Makes Me really Hate the species...
2002-12-08 02:04:24 AM  
"No mommy, I don't want that one. It's all bloody."
2002-12-08 02:08:31 AM  
well i guess she should have put it on ebay and give the money to charity...
2002-12-08 02:22:15 AM  
Manuel, a victim of violence at the hands of Harder, had sole custody of her son, but courts later gave the ex-boyfriend unsupervised access.

"Courts" didn't give the psycho access, JUDGES did. Name the scumbag judges. Hound them until they comment on the case. Publish their pictures. Let them stand accountable as an accessory to this child's murder.

2002-12-08 05:39:27 AM  
People do this kinda thing all the time. My boyfriend died of cancer 3 weeks ago, at the age of 26. He's left a massive CD and video collection behind, which will go to his only brother. When my Granny died 2 years ago, most of her stuff went to charity shops.

It's nothing new and I'm surprised it's even been mentioned.

2002-12-08 08:57:20 AM  
Gotta love how the "Hero" tag is an American flag, no matter what country the "hero" may come from...

Then you'll be pleased to see your maple leaf in the background of the new "ASSHAT" tag.

I kid, I kid.
2002-12-08 10:06:27 AM  
Children's Services Minister, Iris Evans has quickly taken up the call, saying she's looking at introducing legislation which would have spouses undergo screening for mental problems before giving them access to their own children.

This is awful. All you FARK people who've been raising a call-to-arms that Ashcroft is denying me my liberties, calling him witty monikers like "Asscroft" etc. etc. etc. ought to have said something about this.

Noting that scumbag men seem to be reproducing at a much higher rate than men who bring home a paycheck, pay their bills, qualify for buying houses, etc. etc. etc. Iris Evans has looked into legislation that will make women do a better job of picking their men.

I know, I know, that would be incredibly cold. And I really don't know anything about Grant Harder besides the fact that he's dead, he killed his own son, and he had two older brothers. Something just tells me though that he's one of these youngest-kid types, he's had some Mom somewhere protesting "my li'l boy can do no wrong" his whole life, and turned out to be an absolute spoiled-brat scumbag and this poor woman fell for it and got pregnant by him.

As far as I'm concerned, that's the real problem. Giving away the poor little boy's stuff to charity, and introducing legislation that makes life a real pain-in-the-ass to other canuks, does nothing to solve it.

12-08-02 02:22:15 AM RudMan: "Courts" didn't give the psycho access, JUDGES did. Name the scumbag judges. Hound them until they comment on the case. Publish their pictures. Let them stand accountable as an accessory to this child's murder.

That's the way they refer to judges, "courts". "The Court will not allow..." "May it please the Court..." blah blah blah.

I agree the courts still screwed up, and there should be some individual names. The Court of Mkfreeberg says the Courts screwed up, the Mom screwed up and certainly the homicidal dead Dad screwed up. How the "pie chart" of blame spreads out, I'd have to know more about the personalities involved to comment on it.

Countdown to posts that say "You're an asshat ex-husband is a no-good, vicious murdering thug too, and when I married him he was as sweet as honey and a knight in shining armor - people change!" in 5...4...3...

No, he wasn't, and no, they don't. Pick your men better.
2002-12-09 12:47:53 AM  
However, one of the toys was a CHUCKY DOLL....
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