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9675 clicks; posted to Main » on 07 Dec 2002 at 7:01 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-12-07 07:35:56 PM  
"And when they grab you with those metal claws, you can't break free.. because they're made of metal, and robots are strong."
2002-12-07 07:36:01 PM  
if anyone has a video/mp3/anything of the christopher lowell skit i will be very greatful.
2002-12-07 07:37:01 PM  
Thanks to B0rg9 for this link:

All the SNL "Jeopardy" skits in Realplayer
2002-12-07 07:38:39 PM  
You can find all the Celebrity Jeopardy sketches on Kazaalite (not in RealPlayer format) and a few other skits too. ::Goes to see what's available::
2002-12-07 07:40:13 PM  
One more time....sorry.

SNL "Jeopardy" skits
2002-12-07 07:40:16 PM  
Forsythe, that link SUCKS!

And, yes I know it's on kazaa...but i can only download so many movies at a time.
2002-12-07 07:40:58 PM  
Ah ok that's better.
2002-12-07 07:41:22 PM  
Tina Fey: Looks like somebody's at the update door.
Land Shark: Mrs. Arls..bergerhh??
Tina Fey: Who?
Land Shark: Mrs. Johnannesburrrr??
Tina Fey: Who is it?
Land Shark: Flowers.
Tina Fey: Flowers? From whom?
Land Shark: Pizza.
Tina Fey: We didn't order any pizza! You're that clever shark, aren't you?
Land Shark: ...candygram.
Tina Fey: They don't even have those anymore!
Land Shark: Um... Publisher's Clearinghouse?
Tina Fey: I won?!?! Why didn't you say so earlier???


Jimmy Fallon: I'm Jimmy Fallon
Chevy Chase: And I'm not
Both: Good night and have a pleasant tomorrow.
2002-12-07 07:41:45 PM  
Seinfeld covered every single aspect of human existence in the 9 years it was on the air.
2002-12-07 07:42:49 PM  
Ahh, now I have entertainment.

Thanks for the link!
2002-12-07 07:43:30 PM  
"Needs more cowbell!".

SNL. Walken. What more could you want?
2002-12-07 07:43:30 PM  
Yeah, JustIce, Realplayer bites sometimes..But the link is OK. Oh,well.
2002-12-07 07:44:26 PM  
I still think "Bass-Off" has to be one of the most ridiculous sketches I have ever seen.

Next to... "I need more cowbell" <--- a modern classic
2002-12-07 07:44:42 PM  
Thanks - I love the Jeopardy stuff!
2002-12-07 07:46:22 PM  
Sweet sassy molassey!
2002-12-07 07:46:33 PM  
2002-12-07 07:47:02 PM  
2002-12-07 07:48:50 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
(King Tut!) He's my favorite honkey!
2002-12-07 07:50:14 PM  
one of the funniest SNL skits ever! More cowbell.
2002-12-07 07:51:06 PM  
Yeah, everytime I hear the word cowbell, I seem just laugh.
Funny stuff!
2002-12-07 07:51:17 PM  
try this, I think you'll have to cut and paste boys, cuz I'm not HTML literate.
2002-12-07 07:52:27 PM  
LuckyCharms: Norm's lost weight!
2002-12-07 07:53:35 PM  
That's great bass!
2002-12-07 07:54:25 PM  
Harry Caray: Think of all the possibilities, Norm! Imagine a world with an endless supply of hot dogs! You could have a hot dog anytime you want!
Colin Quinn: Well, Harry, you can do that pretty much now.
Harry Caray: Hey, Norm! Did you gain weight?
Colin Quinn: Actually, Harry, I'm Colin.
Harry Caray: Hey!! If you were a hot dog, and you were starving, would you eat yourself?
Colin Quinn: What?
Harry Caray: I know I would! First, I would smother myself with brown mustard and relish.. I'd be so
delicious! So, would you?
Colin Quinn: I don't know..
Harry Caray: Don't jerk me around, Norm! It's a simple question! A baby could answer it! If you were a hot dog, and you were starving, would you eat yourself?
2002-12-07 07:55:05 PM  
haha...and another. Van down by the river. Check out David Spade trying to keep a straight face. Chris Farley was incredible.
2002-12-07 07:57:04 PM  
Suitep, as unprofessional as it is for them to laugh during a sketch, I always find it hilarious. I guess that's part of the appeal of the cowbell and Matt Foley sketches.
2002-12-07 08:01:07 PM  
anyone know where i can find the "20,000 leagues under the sea" sketch with phil hartman? :)
2002-12-07 08:01:43 PM  
I miss Phil Hartman...what a waste.
2002-12-07 08:02:46 PM  
yeah's amazing they didn't lose it more often ;)
2002-12-07 08:04:33 PM  
Is it me, or does this site have NOTHING on "Francisco Franco is still dead?"

Or is it just farked?
2002-12-07 08:20:24 PM  
I dont mind it when occasionally someone breaks up a little in a scetch, But Jimmy Fallon does it in like every bit he's in!! He always starts giggleing and its getting old.
2002-12-07 08:22:09 PM  
Haha, I just found the "Iceman: The Later Years" sketch on Kazaa.
2002-12-07 08:26:16 PM  
I thought the Jeffries (isn't that the trendy clothing one?) sketch with Ferrell's small phone was great. Especially when they started laughing. :)
2002-12-07 08:30:55 PM  
Trebek: "This is the sound a doggie makes."
Trebek: Sean Connery
Sean Connery: "MMMMoooooo"
Trebek: "No that is wrong"
Connery: "Well that's the sound your mother made last night. HA HAH HAH HAH HA HA HA"
2002-12-07 08:36:33 PM  
Can I say I only rarely find SNL amusing, without being a troll?
2002-12-07 08:39:27 PM  
Does anyone remember the sketch from the mid to late 80's where two South American generals are singing songs about each other to the tune of Juan Tanamera? One accuses the other (in song) of stuffing his pants with a 'plastic penis' which 'fell down his pants leg'.

My friend and I remember this vividly, but no one else ever seems to. I'm pretty sure one of the generals was Dana Carvey, and it's possible that the other was Alec Baldwin.
2002-12-07 08:47:45 PM  
2002-12-07 08:49:49 PM  
John Belushi as the Hulk.
2002-12-07 08:50:53 PM  
Norm is god, the very unpopular and underrated movie 'Dirty Work' is one of the funniest movies ever!. plus u can buy it on DVD for $10 and that is all
2002-12-07 08:52:35 PM  
Chessburger, cheeseburger, cheeseburger, coke.....
sorry, just having SNL flashbacks!
2002-12-07 08:56:00 PM  

Norm was by far the best "Weekend Update" anchor. Colin Quinn would just fark up the punchlines and suck as a result. Tina Fey and Jimmy Fallon don't even fark up and still suck.
2002-12-07 08:58:15 PM  
Alex Trebek: That's beautiful. And finally, Sean Connery's also here. Let's move on to Double Jeopardy where the categories -

Sean Connery: Not so fast Trebek.

Alex Trebek: I really thought that was going to work.

Sean Connery: Well, you were wrong, you mountebank. I pose a conundrum to ya, a riddle if you will .

Alex Trebek: I don't want to hear it.

Sean Connery: What's the difference between you and a mallard with a cold? One's a sick duck... and... I can't remember how it ends, but your mother's a whore.
2002-12-07 09:11:45 PM  
Dgtgt: No Coke. Pepsi.
2002-12-07 09:11:54 PM  
PeterNorth : ... I do not want to be santa claus....
2002-12-07 09:26:45 PM  
Samurai Tailor.

That is all
2002-12-07 09:39:34 PM  
2002-12-07 09:49:18 PM  
Who needs more cowbell?

I like "An Album Cover"
2002-12-07 10:20:06 PM  
Jimmy Fallon is so cute. I started watching SNL again b/c of him, ohhh... and Robert Deniro is the host tonight, so it should be entertaining!
2002-12-07 10:22:11 PM  
Michael Palin in The Adventures of Miles Cowperthwaite - episode 2 of 3. Can't find the other two anywhere, but to me this was the tops, merging python and SNL humor. Ditto with the Rutles.

A pity SNL became worthless and irrelevant many years ago.
2002-12-07 10:40:04 PM  
Yeah, Spade was nearly pee-peeing himself in the first Matt Foley skit, but whenever Sandler and Farley had a skit together, Sandler ended up nearly bent over laughing or unable to keep going for a long while. See when Sandler performed "Lunchlady Land" or "The Herlihy Boy Landscaping Service." "FOR GOD'S SAKE, LET THE BOY MOVE IN WITH YOU!"


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