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(Some Guy)   Penthouse magazine opens upscale Ohio strip club   ( divider line
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4942 clicks; posted to Main » on 06 Dec 2002 at 7:34 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-12-06 07:37:22 PM  



2002-12-06 07:38:21 PM  

Gotta do something with all those ex-penthouse models...
2002-12-06 07:38:39 PM  
Oh hi..

2002-12-06 07:38:42 PM  
Are you allowed to use "Penthouse" and "upscale" in the same sentence??
2002-12-06 07:40:22 PM  
I want to win the lottery and open a Penthouse strip club...what better way to spend my remaining years.

"Hey sweety..nice...umm...articles"
2002-12-06 07:40:34 PM  
(singing) Pale, and fat, and short and homely, the girl from Akron, Ohio goes walking.....
2002-12-06 07:41:09 PM  
lol! Zzuess.

it was only a matter of time before one of those rags thought of it.
2002-12-06 07:41:50 PM  
I used to like this mag, then it got a little to artsy for me.
2002-12-06 07:43:07 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Sometime Penthouse do good things...

ex. Aria Giovanniu
2002-12-06 07:43:21 PM  
When is a titty bar not a titty bar?
2002-12-06 07:45:06 PM  
Oxy meet moron.
2002-12-06 07:48:36 PM  
Hytes Xian- When there are no titties in it.
2002-12-06 08:00:59 PM  
now finaly cleveland might rock
2002-12-06 08:16:39 PM  
the other day on the bus i saw a little billboard for this and thought mine eyes deceived me... guess not...
2002-12-06 08:33:01 PM  
Oh, gee, upscale, I might just HAVE to check it out, I hear its better than the Circus that it's replacing. If I ever head to the Flats again.

Any other Clevelanders in here? When I was younger it was like all you heard was how great the Flats were - now it sucks, any insights?
2002-12-06 08:48:21 PM  
And a spokesman for a conservative advocacy group says for all the talk about making it upscale, the clubs are still about just one thing -- sex. don't say? And here I thought it dealt how we should all submit to Heir Ashcroft, and his looney "sex is bad" rhetoric.

Lest we forget the metal boobies that would shame him!

2002-12-06 08:49:08 PM  
I live in Cleveland half the year, and the Flats have definitely been upstaged (and deservedly so) by the West 6th clubs... The Flats are a dump.
2002-12-06 09:01:22 PM  
Well, Penthouse has always been far more upscale than Hustler or Screw! So we have those high standards...

Penthouse has been better than Playboy, no wasting spance on those so-called "articles".

2002-12-06 09:04:48 PM  
I live in Cleveland half the year, and the Flats have definitely been upstaged (and deservedly so) by the West 6th clubs... The Flats are a dump.

Interesting... 13 years ago when I was still in Cleveland the Flats were going upscale. You could tell because all the yup-scale "the rules apply to anyone but ME" types would go there.

There was one night when a bunch of yuppie types had docked all their boats along a "do not dock here" section and when an ore-carrier came through that needed the room for the turn, all those expensive boats were crushed against the bar. I was heartbroken. Really.
2002-12-06 09:05:54 PM  
Thanks, Saber, I didn't know if it was just me. I love West 6th. Seems the Flats are just an excuse for underage college students to... get drunk and act stupid in public. Hey, this new club might bring the Flats some class :)
2002-12-06 09:18:40 PM  
Thanks, ben. now i no.
2002-12-06 10:17:53 PM  
And Knowing is half the battle
2002-12-06 11:53:14 PM  
i quit even thinking about looking at a penthouse when they started publishing nothing but piss photos

so, i'm thinking why would i want to go to a strip club where the dancers pee on you?
2002-12-07 12:16:31 AM  
Screw the 'upscale' strip clubs.. gimmie some white trash joint where the girls are easy. Nothing like having your knob polished in (semi) public places, or taking some dumb stripper back to your place when the bar closes.
2002-12-07 04:05:34 AM  
I worked in the flats some years ago. It was a total blast. Worked at peabody's. Saw some cool shows. The people were always west side suburban a$$holes. They still are, and no "upscale" tittie bar's going to make it any different. Come to the east side. That's where the cool people hang. I was real surprised to see how much W25th has come to life across the bridge there. It looks pretty cool.

With or without the Penthouse Slut Bar, Ohio is an awesome state. I've lived in Chicago and LA, traveled by car coast to coast, and I gotta say I nothing beats Cleveland.

Browns 21 Jags 17
2002-12-07 09:28:17 AM  
I bet that all the girls are behind a big sheet of glass with a thin film of Vaseline.
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