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(Fark)   Is it worth it to join TotalFark? Link goes to a Segway because I couldn't find anything better   ( divider line
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2002-12-06 09:29:09 AM  
Why pay for something you can get for free?
Isn't that what the Internet is all about? For that money
you could join a good porn site and really get some value for your dollar.
2002-12-06 09:30:25 AM  
Worth it? Not really.

Should you do it anyway and support the site you like? Yes.
2002-12-06 09:42:36 AM  
It's worth it on several levels. One, I love the extra links (especially the plethora of boobies links), as well as seeing PS contests early. I don't even visit TotalFark all that much, but love to see some of the posts that get rejected.

Also, $5/month to support a site that I lurk on for hours a day at work is less than peanuts.
2002-12-06 09:43:05 AM  
YES! If only to help FARK live forever!
2002-12-06 09:51:20 AM  
I say YES if you spend more than an hour a day, 3 times a week or if you enjoy FARK on any level, you should help pay for the cost of "Da coolest place on the Net!"
(steps off soapbox)
2002-12-06 09:52:24 AM  
Illucid: Reminds me of subliminal Kevin Nealon from SNL
2002-12-06 09:54:17 AM  
Do it because Froggy said so.
2002-12-06 09:55:08 AM  
Totalfarkers saying yes. Non-Totalfarkers saying no. But then there's an interesting subset of Totalfarkers saying no but they do it to support the site. Hmmm. My opinion is that 1200 articles a day is just way, way too many. And since I'm really into reading the comments, what's the point?
2002-12-06 09:55:29 AM  
Aside from seeing the Nimbus 2000 Amazon page submitted 5 Million times, I absolutely love Total Fark. If you are into Photoshopping, it gives you the chance to Photoshop when it is convenient for you. If a contest goes up on Regular Fark at 2 AM, it doesn't matter, because you usually have a day or 2 beforehand to work on it.

If you hate pop-up ads, and barrage style advertising, pay the measly 5 bucks, and help pay for the site. Bandwidth isn't free. Total Fark helps keep regular Fark free of pop up ads.
2002-12-06 09:55:52 AM  
it all depends if u have 5bucks
2002-12-06 09:58:30 AM  
If we say "no" are you going to reduce the number of boobie sites again?
2002-12-06 09:58:38 AM  
I dangled myself off a cliff, but was able to grab my beltloop and saved my own life thanks to
img.fark.netView Full Size
2002-12-06 10:02:31 AM  
I bought TF because I get so much enjoyment from FARK, I wanna make sure it stays going. I figure 5 bucks a month is a small price to pay, and I look at the rest of the TF stuff as a fringe benefit, which is actually very cool to have - the stuff in the Q is staggering at times..
2002-12-06 10:09:35 AM  
I would have got away with murdering Rat if it wasn't for Total*Fark (sorry ladies, best I could do with my lack of HTML skillz).
2002-12-06 10:09:52 AM  
I really don't think it's "worth it" for me, since I mostly just read the threads for funny comments. Moreover, my work's damn proxy server has decided to start being a biatch when I try to get more than two levels deep into Fark, so I can't even access Totalfark from work.

But if you do spend a lot of time here, it's only fair to give a little. So pony up, you cheap bastard.

I subscribe to Totalfark....AND I VOTE!!
2002-12-06 10:11:03 AM  
This is pretty much the only website I've ever paid money to on the Internet. It takes so much work to keep a site like this functioning, and that alone is worth Drew et al. getting my $5.00 American a month. In addition to that, I get to see all the boobies links before they get farked.

Make my vote a 'yes', baby!
2002-12-06 10:11:46 AM  
You love Fark
You love Drew
You love Boobies/Weeners

Give to Drew your Money!

All for one,
And Boobies for all!

2002-12-06 10:16:29 AM  
do totalfarkers get repeats too?
2002-12-06 10:22:14 AM  
Absolutely. For all the reasons stated. Plus I've made it a habit to click through to the rejected Photoshop submissions because you can add these to your toolkit of material to use on the ones that do get accepted.
2002-12-06 10:22:35 AM  
Funny, that it took them a day to actually put the post in the main section so the poor muppet who asked the question in the first place could read the replies.

I think it's certainly worth five bucks a month - though you have to wade through a lot of shiat and repeat posts.

And there is too much vanity crap (example - it's my cat's birthday, what shall I buy him?) which fortunately doesn't make it to the main site. One could do without the tedious "hilarity ensues", "France surrenders" drivel too.

Other than that, it's great!
2002-12-06 10:34:35 AM  
Nope. I was a member, but didn't want to be automatically billed again, so I cancelled thinking that my subscription would run out on its own.

Well, that didn't happen, it cut off immediately, and I lost the months I paid for but hadn't used. An email to Drew was apparently ignored.

I still read Fark, but no way I will support it again if that's how much I count for as a customer.
2002-12-06 10:37:39 AM  
Praetorian42 you said it

I WONDER HOW MUCH MONEY I WOULD HAVE IF I PAYED 5$ for every page a visit on a regular time



photoshop contest are what I like about fark and I couldn't handle more than a max of 2 photoshops a day
and I now photoshop about once a month

now-a-days it's memory I'd rather spend the money on

If I actually had space to store pictures on fark then I might pay?
2002-12-06 10:38:31 AM someone to not filter hundreds of links so I can waste even more of my day at a web site? I think not.
2002-12-06 10:39:25 AM  
PAID shoot,
2002-12-06 11:02:41 AM

(by no, I secretly mean yes)
2002-12-06 11:03:45 AM  
It's just about the only way you'll get to see a BOOBIES link anymore......

Too many multiple posts about the same boring crap......

But if you can skim the headlines quickly to cut the wheat from the chaff, you'll do fine....

Otherwise it will kill your work productivity!
2002-12-06 11:11:18 AM  
On Paypal: I've used Paypal to handle all my online transactions for over two years now with not a single problem. I suspect that the problems people have are few, but those few are the noisy few.

Hell, my bank, my credit card company, my electricity provider and my phone service/Internet provider all screw up their bills twice a year. Paypal's never done me wrong.

Don't believe the crap.
2002-12-06 11:33:25 AM  
12-06-02 10:34:35 AM Kickstart70

I had a similar snafu and got it worked out. From what I understand Drew gets an ungodly amount of mail every day, so stuff does get lost. Try 'im again, I'm sure he'll sort it out...
2002-12-06 11:34:54 AM  
Personally, no, it's not worth it for me. I just decided to pay for what I use, that's all.
2002-12-06 11:49:04 AM  
Total*Fark is really worth it. So many more articles. Alot of the good shiat never makes it to the front page anyways.
2002-12-06 11:51:24 AM  
Can you be TotalFark and not have the wanky badge thing next to your name ? I don't need no steenkin badges.

Just wondering.
2002-12-06 11:53:46 AM  
Put it this way: if you subscribe, at least you're supporting Fark.
2002-12-06 12:03:41 PM  
I'm quickly becoming of the mind that I should be giving back to FARK, but I am loathe to join TF because I spend too much time on Fark as it is. Also, PayPal makes my skin crawl.

If I had an address, I'd mail Drew a cheque (it would be a Canadian cheque, not an American check).
2002-12-06 12:05:02 PM  
2. Y'all know the other one.

What's the 'other one'?
2002-12-06 12:13:05 PM  
that's 50 bucks a year. how stupid. many magazine subscriptions cost much less.

plus- i live at the southern point of texas- 50 bucks gets me a quarter pound of pot.

why would i buy drew a few six packs when i could just get myself a qp?
2002-12-06 12:22:36 PM  
I bet Drew would let you pay with a quarter pound of pot, but that's another story.

I love Total Fark, I think it is worth twice the money. If you're like me and you camp on Fark all day long, it makes it much better as there are hundreds of stories you never see that are pretty good.

Makes me wonder who is moderating because they pass up on some great stuff.
2002-12-06 12:24:06 PM  
I spend 5 clams a day on cigarettes for the love of Joe, and TotalFark doesn't give me cancer...

DISCLAIMER: There is no conclusive proof that TotalFark does not cause cancer.
2002-12-06 12:29:19 PM  
when i was on house arrest for four months this summer, totalfark was great. but then i didnt use it for a month and had to start payin my probation officer so he wouldnt throw me back in jail. So for me totalfark is not an option, it may set you free, but it only increases my chances of a good ass waxing. So the awnser for me is no, it is not worth it.

p.s. -anything shy of forced man-on-man love is an unacceptable excuse for not having totalfark.
2002-12-06 12:42:43 PM  
I wonder if after this poll the totalfark population will increase more then usual? hmmm... followup?
2002-12-06 12:53:47 PM  
In a nutshell... no. I pay $5 each month only to satisfy my ego by having a star next to my name. Pretty cool, huh?

On the other hand, the few extra Boobie links (though pretty lame) are a lot cheaper than the yearly $10,000 I used to waste on whores.
2002-12-06 01:01:50 PM  
My answer: No. And I'll tell you why.

I agree with the 'overwhelming' remark. When I first got TF I was like, 'holy crap, what the hell is this' because things showed up so quickly. And that's precisely why TotalFarkers will never have a single conversation with each other save for the exclusive TotalFark message forum. If you post something in a comment on TF and the link doesn't make it to the main site, you can pretty much forget about responses. The first time I got TF was last month and I posted a bogus link with something to the effect of 'I just got TotalFark and I'm doing this to see how my links look when posted,' or something like that. I got some good positive responses from other TotalFarkers welcoming me and telling me what I could do to make things look a little easier and/or go smoother. But since I didn't have the entire day to sit and stare at a computer screen by the time I got back to the place the link was gone, scrolled away by a new day's list, and the comments I had made in the TotalFark message forum had suffered the same fate, scrolled off due to traffic.

So it's not very productive, but it's friendly. I've been chatting with TotalFarkers in comments on TF for a few weeks now. I gave up on the TF Message forum -- the damn thing takes too long to load, even with the option to see messages from only that day. Plus as I already mentioned it scrolls incredibly fast, much faster than the public one available through the regular page, and so if I'm not around and I say hi to someone I'm probably not going to see them say hi back.

Another thing is that you have to ask yourself...why get it? I asked myself that question and yes I still got it. Why? Because I hadn't seen it before except in samples and I honestly wanted to know what was up. It was sheer curiousity that got me into TotalFark and it's probably going to be sheer curiosity that will take me back. I know this month's subscription has already been paid for but silly me didn't realize/forgot that it automatically pays for your next month's subscription courtesy of Drew and his lovely association with PayPal.

Getting back to the point though. So you see all the "Boobies" links that don't get posted to the main site. So what? I'm, I'm hoping and praying that those of you who have made those remarks in here have a penis. If you don't, hey, that's cool, I'm open minded and maybe even a little bit interested as well. But if you're a guy and you have a relationship, why would you want to see anything else if you have the real thing live and in person? Though I'm a guy so I suppose I already know the answer to that question. *heh* Then again much of what gets posted to totalfark, especially the boobies links, are easily accesible and if you do a little searching you're going to find those sites anyway. So essentially you're paying for someone to give you links that you could find for free. That's what boils down to in a nutshell.

Would I have gone with it had I known what it was? Yea, probably, because it really is a pretty cool set up. It does take awhile to load though but from what I understand Drew is working on that with new servers blah blah blah yakkity schmakity you don't need to know that so SHUT UP DAMMIT. But if you look at it logically (which I believe I just did) then there's no need to buy it. Seriously. The only value from it is entertainment value. But since it's cheap, actually from what I understand (and if Drew were reading this, which let's face it he's not but if he were he'd correct me if I was wrong) it's one of the cheapest on THE ENTIRE INTERNET. All 1 billion plus pages. That ain't bad folks, that ain't bad.

The way I choose to look at it is totalfark is like drinking hard already know what's going to happen in a few hours, but you want to find out on your own anyway, because you're just that damn stupid and drunk.
2002-12-06 01:20:38 PM  
Since Drew and I have been intimate a few times, I feel I should post. After one night of some hotness, he rolled over and said, 'Boo-boo, (that's what he calls me) what am I doing with my life?' I said, 'Making sweet love to me?' 'No, with this fark thing.' Then he showed me his checkbook, with was all filled with red marks and a negative balance. I began thinking that the $75 I was charging him was too much. I thought that maybe, just maybe, he was making tons and tons and tons of cash from TF. Boy, was I wrong. It seems that total fark just pays for the bandwidth, new servers, and flashy hot pink scroll mice that he loves. So, what's my point? If I have to take one for the team to make fark keep working, I'm going to do it. You can all thank me at a later date.
2002-12-06 01:25:50 PM  
Jeez I wanted to join it but dont have a freaking Credid Card account for gay paypal.

I asked Drew if I could send a money order but he said he cant log it or something.

So im stuck on normal fark.
Even though Id be willing to sign up for a year in a heartbeat if it wasnt gay paypal.

2002-12-06 01:27:26 PM  
I've been thinking about it for a while. I'm still debating. I want to see it for like a week to try. I might just pay the 5 and try it out. then cancel if I don't like it.

hmmm more boobies
2002-12-06 01:28:57 PM  
It's worth it to me to be TF. It took me a little while to overcome my resistance to Pay Pal though. I only got an account at all so I could go Total and participate in Photoshop contests.

But Total Fark is a big place. I find that my interests are drifting around and I don't do as many Photoshops as I though I would but still find it worth it. Because there is a good chance you won't use it the way you thought you would, you may not know if it's worth it without trying it.
2002-12-06 01:33:48 PM  
PiMPY, I don't have a credit card. I have a checking account that I used to sign up for paypal. Might wanna check (ha, ha get it? check? I said check and I was talking about a checking account! Oh, man, that's funny) into it.
2002-12-06 01:39:28 PM  
I don't always have time every day to sift through all the extras but $5 bucks a month to support the site and to have the option to waste massive amounts of time is worth it to me. But I'm not poor. ha
2002-12-06 01:42:56 PM  
Amazing, only those with the
img.fark.netView Full Size
logo are saying it's worth it... coincidence?
2002-12-06 01:53:48 PM  
From what I hear, $5 a month for a few extra boobie links a day?


Theres elistist on normal fark, GOD, how bad must it be on totalfark.Elistost on the internet, even the notion is retarted.
2002-12-06 01:57:28 PM  
How can you not support fark?
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