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(Yahoo)   Near-riot in Swedish prison over loss of one TV channel   ( divider line
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4266 clicks; posted to Main » on 05 Dec 2002 at 9:59 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-12-05 10:01:28 PM  
2002-12-05 10:01:39 PM  
Europe. Sounds like a nice place to go to jail in.
2002-12-05 10:01:49 PM  
was it playboy?
2002-12-05 10:02:23 PM  
LOOOOOOOL!!! w3rd!
2002-12-05 10:02:27 PM  
TV ownz!
2002-12-05 10:02:28 PM  
Asshat!: Read it.
2002-12-05 10:02:38 PM  
Whoa sheet! Boobies! Double ha!

Inmates, TV, conjugal visits and anal sex. Discuss below.
2002-12-05 10:03:28 PM  
Judas...they only got 5 channels. At least in American prison you usually get basic cable...
2002-12-05 10:03:44 PM  
The All-Fjord Channel!

All fjords, all the time.

Coming up at 10:30, This Old Fjord.
2002-12-05 10:03:52 PM  
God forbid the heartless murderers should lose their TV!

2002-12-05 10:04:07 PM  
Er.. boobies = 1st. post.
2002-12-05 10:05:48 PM  
man the swedes are pansies. even their prison riots are weak.
2002-12-05 10:07:08 PM  
Mmmmm anybody see South Park last night? The Russel Crowe one? Yeah, I just thought of that. Nevermind, I'm retarded.
2002-12-05 10:07:38 PM  
Prison inmates shouldn't have television. Prison is not meant to be comfortable or accomodating in ANY way, the whole experience is supposed to be grueling.

The response by the warden and guards should've been to caddle prod/taser their asses back into their cells.
2002-12-05 10:08:07 PM  
Sidi: True dat. But more importantly, when they cry about something, they get it. Not so in the U.S. Ask a prisoner if you doubt it.
2002-12-05 10:09:18 PM  
Hahahahahahahahahahahaha.. This world is doomed.
2002-12-05 10:10:02 PM  
Robotninja: I agree. The trouble is that the guards have to work in the prisons, and if there isn't SOMETHING to calm the prisoners, then it would be even more dangerous, and more undesirable, to work there as a guard....
2002-12-05 10:10:49 PM  
No wonder the rioted, they could have missed CSI!
2002-12-05 10:11:16 PM  
Is anyone else bugged by the 5 or 6 different blinking ad banners on the front page?
2002-12-05 10:11:51 PM  
Ugh, 8 of them.
2002-12-05 10:12:18 PM  
hy-larius. Look how advanced swedish cable technology is- FIVE whole channels!
2002-12-05 10:13:07 PM  
And the one they lost broadcasted American TV programs like CSI...
2002-12-05 10:15:31 PM  
Arm4000- join total fark. Lacking a credit card and a fixed income, that's not an option for me. But they get commmercial free fark and a little neato total fark banner on their posts. Come to think of it, I probably wouldn't join. Hurray for freeloading!
2002-12-05 10:17:10 PM  
Jailtime should be 1/100th of its current length, but filled with excruciating torture. Kill 2 birds with 1 stone.
2002-12-05 10:17:21 PM  
Flyf15- I saw it. The one before it was better. the new one.
2002-12-05 10:18:36 PM  
CSI? Cranky Swedish Inmates?
2002-12-05 10:19:49 PM  
Actually, 9 blinking banners. The one top middle, although it doesn't always blink.
2002-12-05 10:22:18 PM  
They were probably afraid they would miss Martha Stewart.

"You know, you can make a prison cell feel warm and inviting with only a little paint and some duct tape . . ."
2002-12-05 10:22:39 PM  
""Fraaga Olle," or "Ask Olle," a Swedish show which features a sex expert taking calls from viewers."

What a swedish kind of show to have
2002-12-05 10:23:41 PM  
One word: Teargas.
2002-12-05 10:24:49 PM  
is there a lack of counting ability here? there are five on the left, four on the right, and one in the middle
2002-12-05 10:25:05 PM  
Hey, they cancelled the cable at my place, maybe we should riot too.....
or not. "Oh no, not the pRon channel!"
2002-12-05 10:25:26 PM  
Great... Swedish tax dollars hard at work. Do they get special meals too?
2002-12-05 10:26:41 PM  
2002-12-05 10:27:35 PM  
Say what you will but Sweden only has about 8-9 murders a year out of a population of 9 million. Maybe its because their prisons aren't barbaric like ours.
2002-12-05 10:28:15 PM  
Sil_flancis - Yeah, the new one was great. But, its hard to beat Chef's tv when it goes into human anialation mode. Maybe the swedish should install those tvs. The prisoners get plasma screen and if they act up the guards only have to press menu, function, function, enter.
2002-12-05 10:38:03 PM  
Farkinfreks: They do get special meals. The prisoners in Sweden are treated better then the people who are doing their military-service.
2002-12-05 10:45:35 PM  
If it were the Playboy channel, I'd totally understand.
2002-12-05 11:03:19 PM  
My buddie is swedish and according to him if you kill someone the Max. that they can give you is 12 yrs. Also the prisons there are closer to our Club feds. If you ever have to kill someone do it is Sweden. You probably get conjucal visits from beatiful blonde swedish girls.....
2002-12-05 11:43:05 PM  
I had no idea that Sweden had prisons.
2002-12-05 11:45:22 PM  
Sex advice in Prison? Try not to gag! It's impolite.
2002-12-05 11:47:09 PM  
note to self: Cable in prison is free and expected...hmmm
2002-12-06 12:10:29 AM  
damn, you guys beat me to it. i was going to say that it was probably the only channel!! i'd be pretty pissed too.
2002-12-06 12:15:27 AM  
Must've been WB. I know how mad I get when I can't watch Moesha.
2002-12-06 01:10:40 AM  
2002-12-06 02:45:21 AM  
I've watched loads of Canal 5 when I've been in Sweden. Basically they show American films "subtitled" at 8 pm almost every night. Man this article got it all wrong. "Kanal", no "Canal", CSI, no films.

You have to love this quoat though---"whippersnappers who didn't know what they were doing."
2002-12-06 03:47:43 AM  

The Swedish punshiment for murder is 6 (manslaughter) to 10 years or life time (Swedish law 1962:700 3:1-3:2). Life time doesn't mean life time though, the government usually pardon the convicted after 14-16 years, and if you get the 6-10 years you can expect to be after 2/3 of the time in prison, which means that for murder you get between 7 and 16 years, and 4 years for manslaughter.
2002-12-06 03:54:07 AM  
By the way, today's highlights at the Swedish Kanal 5: (see for yourself at

8 AM Happy Days (Fonzie!)
8:30 AM Full House (with the Olsen Twins)
9:25 AM Fresh Prince of Bel Air
10:25 AM Jenny Jones
5:05 PM Pacific Blue
9 PM V (the 1984 Sci-Fi series)
2002-12-06 05:47:05 AM  
2002-12-06 06:24:16 AM  
Damn, swedish TV is so depressing, if I didnt have my cable-tv
card and I got free porn all the time, I'd probably go nuts.

Dunno about those 8-9 murders per year, I live in helsingborg
in southern sweden and its often a good advice to watch your
back here... well, maybe I live in the wrong neighbourhood,and
its kind of wierd that we'd get half the murdercases in half
of sweden.

Yesterday someone set one guys house on fire because he stole
his parkingspace, thats pretty farked up in my opinion.
And some 13year old girl who set a warehouse on fire...
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