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(What Really Happened)   The Government made up the 'no plane crashing into the Pentagon' story to make the Internet look stupid and distract from the Israelis being behind 9/11. Well, alrighty then   ( divider line
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10114 clicks; posted to Main » on 05 Dec 2002 at 9:03 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-12-05 09:06:49 PM  
Hooboy, here we goooo..!
2002-12-05 09:07:21 PM  
silly thods, they still have it wrong. everyone knows that the explosion occured from within the Pentagon.
2002-12-05 09:08:22 PM  
2002-12-05 09:08:32 PM  
Wait, we need the Govt to makes the Internet look stupid? I dont think so! We can do that on our own, thank you very much.
2002-12-05 09:09:35 PM  
To make the Internet look stupid?!

Please. Going or [random moronic site] should be enough to persuade the staunchest.
2002-12-05 09:09:46 PM  
I dont get what this person is saying.

/missing something?
2002-12-05 09:10:11 PM  
Hooray for me, I screwed up my href tag!!
2002-12-05 09:10:14 PM  
7th post! w0o+!
2002-12-05 09:10:23 PM  
At least the headline didn't read, "Govt. ran out of foreign targets, bombs self."

K I'm done.
2002-12-05 09:10:57 PM  
Sheez, another flame thread. 3rd today. Old and Busted, looking for new thread.

Lay it to rest, like the victims. Look for Osama. Quick freakin' wasting so much resource on Iraq and tell the people how the manhunt is going. Or is this going to be another Eric Rudolph, Elizabeth Smart, Jimmy Hoffa result?
2002-12-05 09:11:23 PM  
Can these people not get hit by a plane, too, please?
2002-12-05 09:11:27 PM  
aw shiat
2002-12-05 09:11:27 PM  
And this is why I have never looked at that site, and probably never will, except in this case for kicks.

Incidentally, the Fark headline is slightly incorrect. The supposed Israeli spy ring/phone tap scandal is tangentially connected to 9/11 by the theory that if the US telecommunications infrastructure was that compromised, and Israel had that many spies running around Florida and the rest of the country, then the Mossad must have known something. managed to take a debunking of the idiotic theory that a plane didn't hit the Pentagon and make it so kooky that it almost makes the supporters of the non-plane theory seem credible. That stunt alone deserves a cool, refreshing Dr. Pepper.
2002-12-05 09:11:47 PM  
EnergyDrain From what I gathered, the plane crashed into the Pentagon. However, the government made up conspiracy theories to distract from the conspiracy theory that Israel was behind the 9/11 attacks, because that is not a theory but fact.
Or something.
2002-12-05 09:12:07 PM  
I'm confoosed.
2002-12-05 09:14:23 PM  
This will be a long thread...

So I keep my post (at least my first one) short.
2002-12-05 09:14:52 PM  
Interweb make look st00p1d? Th@t's unpo$$ibl3.
2002-12-05 09:17:01 PM  
Really? How much is that in metric?
2002-12-05 09:18:06 PM  
Something stings.

Oh yea, it this BS.
2002-12-05 09:19:19 PM  
It's obvious that the government needed the land where the Pentagon was situated to build an Amusement Park. And they would have gotten away with it too if it wasn't for you meddling kids.
2002-12-05 09:24:05 PM  
The government of the good old USA only needs FARK to make the internet look stupid. I'm only too happy to help our government when they need me.
2002-12-05 09:24:07 PM  
Going down the whole Israeli spy ring road that I'd like to avoid tonight...

It seems there was a Fox News story on a spy ring involving "art students" hanging around a lot of sensitive military facilities. WRH has a long freaking page of links. Some seem solid. Others seem... uhhh... disposable.

In particular, the reference to an Israeli attempt at blowing up the Mexican Congress comes from a "news" site with a strongly anti-Semitic slant. Considering whatreallyhappened's own forays into kookiness, each linked source should be taken on its own merits, or lack thereof. Try forgetting where you got the link from. I've only skimmed the links, and I question the lengths some people go to in order to implicate the Mossad some way, any way, in the WTC attack.

Many intelligence services seem to have had some indication a major attack was in the works. According to a Newsweek article that should have caused some heads to roll, the Sudanese government prepared to hand some spectacular intelligence to Washington on a silver platter in early 2001. It was ignored.
2002-12-05 09:27:20 PM  
what IS this internet thing he speaks of?
2002-12-05 09:28:58 PM  
WRH (refered to by it's Webmaster's name "Michael Rivero" from now on) is plainly inconsistent.

They blame the US Government for Foreigners hating us, saying if we didn't screw around with their countries, the terrorists would go home.

Then Rivero says that Hamas, the Terrorists, Al Qaida and Osama are influenced by Mossad and the CIA.

Which is it?

I do doubt the Government would be brilliant enough to pull off a scam using the Internet to diminish the credibility of conspiracy theories, but if they wanted to, then they'd get alot of help from Rivero (a former NASA employee). I doubt that Rivero is stable enough anyways.

Rivero evolved into an Anti-Jewish, pathetic, excuse-throwing, "Jews got it all though their leaders", "Israel runs Hamas", complete assclown.

One more thing.. Michael doesn't like the term 'Anti-semitic' because he doesn't think the Jews are real Jews anyways. The spanish term "Burro Grande" would work.

2002-12-05 09:29:46 PM  
These conspiracy theory types really scare me, particularly when you consider the mentality that they must have. I think these people are so confused and frightened by the state of the world and the evils that exist in it that they invent fantastic stories to tell themselves (and others) to deny the truth.

For example, the Kennedy assassination: people are frightened by the fact that a single guy with a gun could get his gumption up and go single-handedly wipe out a popular president with relative ease. So instead of admitting this reality, they invent a big denial scenario that such an act could only be the work of mysterious, nefarious forces in the form of the CIA, the Mafia, the Cubans and whatever else.

Likewise this 9-11 crapola story. I think people are really scared that a bunch of guys in the middle east hate us all and want to kill us (and can do so quite successfully) simply because we are non-Muslim westerners. So they invent this wild-ass convoluted conspiracy (again involving mysterious, nefarious forces) that sounds more like the plot of a bad Mission Impossible episode than a plausible explanation for anything.

In short: these guys are freaky, and a little scary.

Sorry for getting heavy on y'all. We now resume our regular programming of Dr. Pepper jokes.
2002-12-05 09:30:49 PM  
So what did conspiracy theory nuts do before the Internet?
2002-12-05 09:31:22 PM  

I love having the last post.
2002-12-05 09:33:13 PM  
Wesley_crusher: Back, and to the left.
2002-12-05 09:35:14 PM  
Shut..... Up:

they printed newsletters
2002-12-05 09:35:26 PM  
Huh? Maybe im not paying close enough attention buti dont get it either. Is this site by the time cube guy?
2002-12-05 09:36:48 PM  
It's old news. Who isn't aware of governmental disinfo tactics? It never has been consipracy theorists that have believed in the "no plane" thing.
2002-12-05 09:37:23 PM  
So what did conspiracy theory nuts do before the Internet?

take your pick

became born again christians.
moved to Idaho and formed militias.
became republicans.
2002-12-05 09:37:30 PM  
"back, and to the left."

haha. bill hicks = god
2002-12-05 09:38:09 PM  
Ok, I read thiso ver and over several times, and...

What the hell is this?

It's trying to tell me that an airplane actually DID hit the pentegon, and the "government spooks" are covering it up?...

But... I always thought an airplane slid into the pentegon...

So am I missing something?

What's going on?
2002-12-05 09:39:34 PM  
RobbieFal...."they printed newsletters"

2002-12-05 09:42:54 PM  
2002-12-05 09:44:10 PM  
Maybe Henry Kissinger can work at clearing up this mystery (if he's not too busy, of course).
2002-12-05 09:44:51 PM  
scraping-fetus-off-the-wheel, and PETA in the same sentence?... this republican wonders what drugs u are on....oh must be a drug u are trying to get legalizesd so you can think illogically and stupid legally...:)
2002-12-05 09:45:35 PM  
RobbieFal,/b> I love reading your thoughts. We may not agree on everything, but you never cease to crack me up. A very wise young jedi, you are:)

Many of them aren't mental, they just have an overwhelming paranoia of the government. Nothing is as it seems, and the truth is out there sort of stuff.
I don't really get it, the way of life of a conspiracy theorist. However, with the internet giving everyone access to any stories, thoughts etc (no matter how wrong) people like the guy who run this site will never run out of material.
2002-12-05 09:46:28 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

I find the 'no parking' sign right by this big ole' hole darkly amusing.

2002-12-05 09:46:41 PM  
Via Damian Penny's Weblog:

"Another conspiro-freak lie demolished

What Really Happened's Mikey Rivero has developed an interesting strategy for dealing with Palestinian suicide bombings: he says Israel created Hamas to serve as a rival to Arafat, and they go around murdering Israelis on orders from the Israelis themselves.

There is a small - very small - kernel of truth in Rivero's assertion, according to CAMERA, a pro-Israel media watchdog. Israel did indeed support the group from which Hamas was spun off. Alas, the freakazoid completely twists the facts around to suit his own anti-Semitic ends. Read on...

Among the gems of misinformation offered to [NPR] listeners was Shuster's characterization of the Islamic terror organizations Hamas and Islamic Jihad as "political groups" (maybe they take a vote before every suicide bombing). Shuster also claimed that Israel had at first "encouraged" the growth of Hamas and Islamic Jihad, which was then underscored by Yezid Sayigh:

"The Israelis, in order to promote alternatives to the PLO, allowed Islamists to run their own institutions, social institutions, mosques, kindergartens, health clinics, et cetera. They encouraged them in a number of different ways as a rival to the PLO."

In fact, contrary to Sayigh and Shsuter, Israel never encouraged Hamas and Islamic Jihad. Israel supported the building of clinics, mosques and religious schools in the territories because this was their obligation under the Geneva Conventions, and the government also cooperated in this regard with the so-called Muslim Brotherhood, a non-profit registered in Gaza. The Muslim Brotherhood, while rejecting the existence of Israel, was explicitly non-violent, believing that Islamic society would have to be strengthened over the long term before any conflict could be initiated with Israel. (See, for example, 'Islamic Fundamentalism in the West Bank and Gaza', Ziad Abu-Amr.)

In contrast, the Islamic Jihad was explicitly violent from its founding in 1980, calling for immediate jihad against Israel, and showing little interest in building social institutions. Indeed, it was created out of frustration with the non-violent policy of the Muslim Brotherhood. Islamic Jihad's cofounder, Fathi Shikaki, was arrested by Israel in 1983 and again in 1986, and was then deported to Lebanon in 1988 ('Islamic Fundamentalism', p 93-94). Does sound like the Israeli "encouragement" trumpeted by Shuster and Sayigh?

When the intifada began, the Muslim Brotherhood feared a loss of influence and popularity to the terrorist Islamic Jihad, which had openly mocked the movement for its non-violent stand. In response, under the leadership of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, the Muslim Brotherhood created on December 9, 1987 a subgroup eventually called Hamas, which was meant to compete with Islamic Jihad in murdering Israelis. Thus, Shuster's claim that "by 1988, Hamas was playing a major role in the intifada, and its leaders were talking about more violent measures," is wrong and quite deceptive. Hamas essentially did not exist until 1988, and Israel never cooperated with it.

Indeed, in May 1989 Israel arrested Sheikh Yassin and sentenced him to 15 years in jail for his role in the abduction and murder of two Israeli soldiers ('Islamic Fundamentalism', p 65). Again, does this sound like the "encouragement" alleged by Shuster and Sayigh?

In other words, the Israelis cooperated with the Muslim Brotherhood, an Egyptian-founded organization which long predates the creation of Israel, in the building of schools and clinics. In retrospect, Israel should have known better; the group was always extremely radical and never, ever accepted the existence of the Jewish state. Eventually, the Brotherhood's deviant stepchild, Hamas, was founded, and the whole thing blew up in the Israelis' faces.

But this does not even come close to supporting the conspiro-kooks' contention that "Israel founded Hamas". That they would promote such a slander says all you need to know about What Really Happened and its supporters. In a way, Rivero's allegations are even worse than Holocaust denial; say what you like about David Irving and Robert Faurisson, at least they don't claim the Jews frequently kill their fellow Jews to gain the world's sympathy.

2002-12-05 09:46:59 PM  


"Since the Pentagon itself does not travel, we can conclude that ..."

You've got to love someone who can maintain a sense of humour when writing about something like this. I'm a bit over seeing pre-impact WTC&747 pics though so if you are too, don't click the 'Missing Pentagon Attack Jet found' link.

From the ISRAEL SPY PHONE TAP SCANDAL link I liked bit the best:

"Prior to 9/11, the FBI had discovered the presence of a massive spy ring inside the United States run by the government of Israel. This seems a harsh gratitude from a nation which obtains 10% of its annual budget from the American taxpayer, $3+ billion a year. "

If I had a $3 bil annual grant I'd be doing my best to make sure I kept getting it as well. I doubt the 'massive' bit and I doubt it would have had much of a focus aside from political information gathering.

/waiting for Doofus to use snookums or blossom
2002-12-05 09:47:23 PM  
GammaRai.... such a....shining example of intelligence...

2002-12-05 09:47:35 PM  
I've been known to put on my tin-foil hat on occasion.

This is not one of those occasions.
2002-12-05 09:48:16 PM  
Incomprehensible b.s. Just another loser who wants people to think he's in the loop. He's looped alright.
2002-12-05 09:49:16 PM  
I'm amazed at the relatively little damage that was done to the building.
2002-12-05 09:51:34 PM  
Yeah, must be the same drug Rush Limbaugh smokes for 3 hours a day.
2002-12-05 09:51:58 PM  
I find conspiracy theories very entertaining. It's like reading a whole new Illuminatus Trilogy each time you stumble upon a kook or said kook's website. Fun.
2002-12-05 09:54:06 PM  
FARK thread = disinformation + ignorance. Devide by 2 and pass do not get to collect your $200.00!
2002-12-05 09:58:20 PM  
I don't get it.
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