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(   Kurt Warner's wife calls sportsradio show to complain about the Rams coach   ( divider line
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1215 clicks; posted to Main » on 04 Dec 2002 at 11:00 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-12-04 09:26:45 AM  
Somebody forgot her Prozac.
Warner needs to tell her to STFU! Does he call her nursing supervisor?
The Rams need to send him to another team.
Athletes should know by now not to get involved with pushing Campbell's Chunky Soup. Bad luck. Like being on the cover of SI.
2002-12-04 10:45:14 AM  
doesn't that radio station screen out the old people, like in chicago?
2002-12-04 10:51:03 AM  
I thought that was his mom.

Also the official over under for people complaining about is 17. Place your bets early. The window closes at 25 comments.
2002-12-04 11:05:25 AM  
It seems Kurt Warner has a very weak pimp hand.
2002-12-04 11:06:05 AM  
Definately. Would not. Hit it.
2002-12-04 11:06:06 AM  
Does she still have that butch/mullet haircut? Anyway, she's a douchebag. Kurt Warner is a douchebag who will be out of football in a couple years.
2002-12-04 11:06:10 AM  
The Rams still lost the Superbowl, and will not be in the playoffs this year.

2002-12-04 11:06:50 AM  
GAAAAAH! This needs to be reposted with no picture!
2002-12-04 11:07:03 AM  
What a vagina she is. He is so farked it isn't funny. Well, I'm sure they didn't like living in St. Louis anyway. Does Alaska have an NFL team yet?
2002-12-04 11:07:07 AM  
I have a whistling booger that I can't even reach with needlenose pliers. When I breathe I sound like a spastic traffic cop.
2002-12-04 11:07:40 AM  
Funny how she looks like someone who should be bagging groceries..

wait.. she did.. nm
2002-12-04 11:08:00 AM  
Actually, Kurt was going to call, but he kept dropping the phone.

Thank you. I'll be here all week.
2002-12-04 11:08:26 AM  
Must suck to be Warner:

Honey, I picked up the kids and the dry-cleaning, paid some bills, and, by the way, I publicly complained about your boss.

I'd probably be seeing a lot of red...
2002-12-04 11:08:34 AM  
Maybe she was thinking of his left hand? ...
2002-12-04 11:09:26 AM  
Should've eaten his Chunky Soup. (McNabb too for that matter)
2002-12-04 11:09:36 AM  

I just pissed and shiat myself all at the same time reading your comment. I have a warm felling down there but the smell is getting bad. Thanks for the laugh.
2002-12-04 11:09:53 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

"Why hast thou forsaken me, O Lord?"
2002-12-04 11:09:59 AM  
I *might* hit it after 6 beers.
2002-12-04 11:10:04 AM  
Warner even sucks in Madden 2003.
2002-12-04 11:11:03 AM  

If anyone finds Mr. Warner's testicles, please bring them to the front desk.

Thank you.
2002-12-04 11:11:17 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

I *might* hit it after 6 beers.

Now In Color!
2002-12-04 11:12:20 AM  
She had to have awakened that morning and thought, "Kurt's having a really rough time right now, how can I make worse? I know, I'll call a talk radio sports show and defend him. That's sure to make him look a Nancy on top of looking like a prideful dope who doesn't know when to say when!"

Well done Brenda!
2002-12-04 11:13:17 AM  
Ironbar, how'd your baseball team do this year?
2002-12-04 11:13:24 AM  
Living in the greater Boston area I read this with a smile on my face. Look at Bledsoe, he left with little fanfare and is doing well in Buffalo. Kurt, get out of town, it's over. Dump your born again wife's ass and go get some strange.

Ah yes, the good 'ol Patriots. We'll make the playoffs but I don't think we'll go farther than the first round. Too unpredictable this season. Farther than the shiatty Rams will be going though.
2002-12-04 11:13:24 AM  
Ironbar, how'd your baseball team do this year?
2002-12-04 11:14:11 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

I *might* hit it after 6 beers.

Now In Color!

Third Time Be A Charm!
2002-12-04 11:15:51 AM  
12-04-02 11:13:17 AM MayoBoy
Ironbar, how'd your baseball team do this year?

Boston has a baseball team?

That's all that noise I hear when I'm waiting to get into a club in the summer!
2002-12-04 11:16:56 AM  
Always nice to have your boss and your wife arguing in the press. I hope he has a good pre-nup.
2002-12-04 11:17:05 AM  

Everyone in Boston has come to terms with the fact that we are just farm team for the Yankees. Enough said. Football is where is is at anyway. At least until the Celts, Bruins or Sox win a championship. I'm in my mid 30's so I am not holding my breath on any of them actually winning.

/typical Boston fan
2002-12-04 11:19:06 AM  
Ironbar, exactly. When he's great and they win, it's God's work. When his hand hurts and he sucks and they lose, it's the coach's fault. Get God out of the NFL already, it's just pathetic.
2002-12-04 11:21:34 AM  
I wonder if Warner's been thanking Jesus for the wife he has.

Thank You Jesus
2002-12-04 11:22:52 AM  
The first time I saw this mandroid was when the Rams beat the Titans in the Superbowl. They put her on the air saying that the Rams' victory was God's will since Kurt is a good Christian. I felt that if God had any interest at all he'd have struck her down on live TV.

Plus when she first showed up on screen, I didn't know who she was and my initial reaction was, "And now for the bulldyke point of view on today's game..."
2002-12-04 11:23:06 AM  
Come on now, you'd all hit it. Trailer park, grocery baggin, dyke haircut-havin skeeze - despite the "I'm so religious" front, you know she'd be a freak.

"Put a bag over her head and do your business, baby"
-Phil Hartman as Frank Sinatra
2002-12-04 11:24:20 AM  
God is in the NFL? No wonder we have unrest in the Middle East and shiatwads flying planes into buildings, God is too busy helping the NFL players score touchdowns, sack QB's, safetys intercepting passes. I think I have seen God at some NBA games as well. WIll someone please page God to the Middle East?
2002-12-04 11:25:48 AM  
I wouldn't hit it during a cloudy midnight eclipse with the curtains closed.
2002-12-04 11:27:17 AM  
12-04-02 11:19:06 AM Undertoad

The Lord giveth, and the NE Patriots taketh away.

2002-12-04 11:28:19 AM  

Just turn the biatch around. Plus, beauty is only a lightswitch away.
2002-12-04 11:28:19 AM  
Warners about done with his career. Especially if he cannot keep his ulgy ass wife in check.
2002-12-04 11:28:20 AM  
Squidloe: You speak volumes there.

Go B's!
2002-12-04 11:28:23 AM  
That old broad is farking [image from too old to be available]. Kurt's got enough problems holding onto his job (and the ball) as it is...Brenda, STFU and go away.
2002-12-04 11:28:24 AM  
The headline is wrong, it should read: Kurt Warners husband ........
2002-12-04 11:29:20 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-12-04 11:29:32 AM  
Hey Mrs Warner, STFU!
2002-12-04 11:30:27 AM  
I hate it when people do that. I am all about supporting religon and all that but to say that you get things you way like that because of it just isn't true.

God has his own definiton and will of what is good for you. Its not what you think is good for you.

I don't think Kurt winning the Super Bowl was something God saw as an important thing.

Besides what about all the not as good or non Christians that are Rams fans?? They get the reward?

Bah.. I am a Christian, and a SF Giants fan. Didn't help me, but I am smart enough to now that the things around me are rewards not my team winning the World Series.
2002-12-04 11:30:27 AM  
I *might* hit it after 6 beers.

Oh my god, how culd you picture even hitting that wire-haired man-goblin. She is so disgusting.
2002-12-04 11:31:07 AM  
Forget Kurt Warner, Take a look at Kari Whurer

[image from too old to be available]
2002-12-04 11:31:16 AM  
Still can't view that website using Mozilla. Idiot.

AOL will be using Gecko (Mozilla's renderer) shortly in their browser. Way to limit your audience, Ben.
2002-12-04 11:32:38 AM  
What difference does it make who said that Warner should have an x-ray??? I mean Skippy, the assistant towel boy could have said it and it wouldn't mean a damn thing. So he got it done and his hand is broken...whoopty-doo. I tend to think that EVERYONE probably said that he needed to be checked out again after his piss-poor performance. I think the REAL CONTROVERSY would be if Martz had Warner get an x-ray so that he could say that Warner's hand was "broken" and that way he could yank his sorry ass without embarrassment to the former MVP.
2002-12-04 11:32:38 AM  
WTF kinda weird S & M crap are they into? what do they call that collar in the S & M world anyway?
2002-12-04 11:32:59 AM  
"wire-haired man-goblin"

That. farkin. ruled. nice one.
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