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(AOL)   Quiz: How many candy bars can you identify by their cross-sections?   ( divider line
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30410 clicks; posted to Main » on 27 Jun 2008 at 9:04 PM (9 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2008-06-27 06:50:42 PM  

100 Grand is my ultimate candy bar.

/Though they tasted better when they were called $100,000.
//People kept calling it a million
///People are stupid.
2008-06-27 07:31:12 PM  
I was 11/20
2008-06-27 07:31:29 PM  
Some of those were a little obvious. And I don't know how they sliced the Almond Joy without it collapsing.
2008-06-27 07:32:16 PM  
Damn, I guess I haven't eaten candy bars in awhile. 8-12.

/ask me about dark chocolate varieties, and that's a different ballgame!
2008-06-27 07:42:35 PM  
KaponoFor3: I was 11/20

Me too.

/I feel like a candy bar, for some reason
2008-06-27 07:44:03 PM  
It would have been 14, but I picked Mars instead of Milky Way. Those stupid space-named candy bars *shakes fist*
2008-06-27 08:00:03 PM  
5/20. No sweet tooth.
2008-06-27 08:08:18 PM  
11/20 as well. Neat game.
2008-06-27 08:16:28 PM  
7/13. Oh well. So long as I have a Hershey bar with almonds, I'm happy.
jbc [TotalFark]
2008-06-27 08:18:50 PM  
It's a Twix! They're all Twix! It was a setup! A setup, I tell ya! And you've robbed it! You've all screwed me again! Now, gimme one! Gimme a Twix!

2008-06-27 08:22:36 PM  

No Reese's Peanut Butter Cups? Blasphemy.
2008-06-27 08:36:02 PM  
17/20 - I psyched myself out of the butterfinger one.
2008-06-27 08:48:18 PM  
you sound fat
2008-06-27 08:48:30 PM  

Woah dude. Terrorist candybars.
2008-06-27 09:06:38 PM  
18/20. Call me Augustus. Augustus Gloop III. Fark me.

NeverDrunk23: No Reese's Peanut Butter Cups? Blasphemy.

2008-06-27 09:09:35 PM  
The Rolo and the Mounds were gimmes. Especially the Rolo, it's ROUND for heaven sakes!
2008-06-27 09:10:07 PM  
2008-06-27 09:10:46 PM  
Anyone else feel like buying a shiat ton of candy bars now?
2008-06-27 09:11:14 PM  
13/20, and I got some right that I've never even eaten.
2008-06-27 09:11:42 PM  

Ohhhh Heath Bar how I love thee
2008-06-27 09:12:15 PM  
+17 -3 I ate metric assloads of candy bars when I was a kid.
2008-06-27 09:12:21 PM  

I AM fat.
2008-06-27 09:12:28 PM  
Almond Joy's got nuts, Mounds don't....
2008-06-27 09:12:44 PM  
johnnavarro.netView Full Size

These are delicious, my favorite.
2008-06-27 09:12:52 PM  
Some of those were a little obvious. And I don't know how they sliced the Almond Joy without it collapsing.

That's easy - frozen, then cut with a hacksaw/bandsaw/whatever - that way it's not melty or droopy.

The Butterfinger was the one that threw me for a loop because I was expecting it to all be flaky and crumbled in the center, even when frozen.
2008-06-27 09:13:50 PM  
doyner: 11/20 as well. Neat game.

Me four.

eqtworld: you sound fat

I know you are, but what am I?

Actually, I'm a fatty too.
2008-06-27 09:13:52 PM  

Seeing a Rolo brought me back a few years.
2008-06-27 09:14:09 PM  
too many US only bars there :(
2008-06-27 09:14:21 PM  
Man... being a fat guy I thought I'd ace this.

12 right, 8 wrong.

Sigh... I disappoint my fat brethren :(
2008-06-27 09:14:47 PM  
i stopped at 4 right and 6 wrong, mainly because i've eaten at most 5 candy bars in my entire
life. just not a sugar person.

i try not to, but i could eat popcorn w/ butter and salt every single night.

/salt > sugar for me
2008-06-27 09:15:14 PM  
didn't the skor and heath bar look exactly the same? lucky guesses, on my part, for those 2.
2008-06-27 09:15:21 PM  
14/20. Which just proves I've eaten way too much crap.

/except for Butterfingers ...
//oh, and Skor ...
///ooh, and Almond Joy ...
////Okay, who am I kidding ...
//Candy bars are like slashies.
//Hard to stop once you get started.
2008-06-27 09:15:52 PM  
Do they still make Whatchamacallits? I haven't seen one in years!

/I LOVE those
2008-06-27 09:16:35 PM  
15 right...

Damn, now I want a Skor bar. I haven't seen one of those in a while. Do they still make them?
2008-06-27 09:16:38 PM  
9/20. Who ever eats those weird ones like Pay Day, Take 5, Whatchamacallit, Skor, Heath, Mounds, etc.? Sickies, that's who.
2008-06-27 09:16:42 PM  
Sharch: KaponoFor3: I was 11/20

Me too.

/I feel like a candy bar, for some reason

that's weird. you don't look like one. ^_^
sorry, had to.
2008-06-27 09:16:54 PM  
I've never seen half of those bars, so I predictably got it about 50/50
2008-06-27 09:17:01 PM  

The Mounds and the Almond Joy were easy to recognize.
That was fun! :)
2008-06-27 09:17:02 PM  
2008-06-27 09:17:08 PM  
12/20. Psyched myself out on 100 Grand.

Never eaten/seen most that I got wrong.
2008-06-27 09:17:13 PM  
subtitle of this quiz: How Poor Is Your Self Control, Fatty?
2008-06-27 09:18:05 PM  
21 out of 20

Like to see you turds beat that.

/Any chance of a candy snob thread?
2008-06-27 09:18:10 PM  
AOL still exists?
2008-06-27 09:18:35 PM  
5th Avenue/Butterfinger--same damn candy bar. Skor/Heath--same damn candy bar. Trick questions, I tell you, trick questions!!!


/got Kit-Kat right, even though their Kit-Kat bar had WAY too much chocolate mounded up on top
2008-06-27 09:18:48 PM  

I only got the ones I knew plus a couple of random ones.. plus, I don't eat candy bars.. or 'chocolate bars' as it's known in the UK...
2008-06-27 09:19:00 PM  
I got 12 right and 8 wrong. And I smell like sozzberries.

Butterfinger... that's when you think a girl's hot from a distance, but when you get closer you realize that she has ugly fingers.
2008-06-27 09:19:10 PM  
6/20 and hadn't even heard of half of them.
2008-06-27 09:19:43 PM  
17/20. Now I'm off to get a blood sugar screening.
2008-06-27 09:19:43 PM  
TheHopeDiamond: 100 Grand is my ultimate candy bar.

Snickers is the ultimate candy bar in my book. Chocolate, peanuts, and nougat.
You could live off those.

2008-06-27 09:19:54 PM  
I was glad to see my 5th avenue on there. Terrific candy indeed. Its like a cross of a reeses and a butterfinger. yum

NeverDrunk23: No Reese's Peanut Butter Cups? Blasphemy.

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