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(Washington Post)   Idiots win Price is Right, use winnings to follow N Sync   ( divider line
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3880 clicks; posted to Main » on 15 Aug 2001 at 6:52 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-08-15 07:17:02 AM  
Oh no! They're actually cute too!!
2001-08-15 07:56:26 AM  
So people are actually giving them donations? And they dropped out of their university? What a bunch of greedy finks!
2001-08-15 08:05:22 AM  
i would shag them, but i wouldnt stick around to hear them talk. the two of them are about as dumb as a box of rocks. dumb sluts, i bet they were in a sorority too.

how many times have they gotten laid to fund this trip?
2001-08-15 08:06:31 AM  
Ash, you're right, they are cute. Hmmm, two hot twenty something chicks cruising around in a bus...
I got an idea how they can raise some cash...
2001-08-15 08:07:03 AM  
Dammit Chemmie, you beat me to it. Guess I'll have to type faster next time.
2001-08-15 08:27:25 AM  
What was the outcome of the "N'Sync should a) Be set alight or b) Raped by gorillas before being thrown into the Grand Canyon" survey?
2001-08-15 08:27:33 AM  
Sad, sad, sad. What a waste of two cute chicks.
2001-08-15 08:47:45 AM  
i couldn't even finish reading this. every few seconds i would hate myself a little more. it had to end.
2001-08-15 08:56:21 AM  
This is not only asinine, it's scary, amusing, strange, and silly. And I bet at some point they have flashed their boobies. I think they should invite the Bush twins along, and then we could nominate them for girl group of the year.
2001-08-15 08:59:15 AM  
I say after the last concert, they point their land yacht toward the Grand Canyon and pull a Thelma and Louise. They can hold each other's hand and screeeaaaam all the way to the bottom. Now I'd pay to see that!!
2001-08-15 09:10:03 AM  
What huge farking losers!
2001-08-15 09:54:56 AM  
Another two candidates for "fb-'s free full frontal lobotomy program."
2001-08-15 09:55:00 AM  
Movie Quote Time:

"He sold you for 50 bucks and a case of beer"

(shouldn't be too hard, goes with the article at hand)
2001-08-15 10:02:10 AM  
We've got fools like this down south except they follow the NASCAR circuit.
2001-08-15 10:06:19 AM  
It's too bad that they're wasting thier time on this. Everyone knows N'sync doesn't really LIKE girls.
2001-08-15 10:20:34 AM  
"So, do the shows differ any?"
"Not really, but one time, Justin did this new dance move, I think the really messed up, but it looked really cool, we were going crazy, it was awesome, I'm so out of breath, I LOVE YOU JUSTIN, Justin, don't put his winkie in your mouth."
2001-08-15 10:39:07 AM  
BassetHound: Damn! You mean I could have gotten 'NSync to fund my trip to Talledega? Damn the luck!
2001-08-15 10:50:44 AM  
If you're gay, you could have probably gotten Jeff Gordon to fund your trip. LMAO!
2001-08-15 10:51:58 AM  
Memo to me....remember to close bold tags and cut down on caffeine intake.
2001-08-15 12:07:04 PM this has already been done. They were called "Dead Heads".
2001-08-15 12:21:00 PM  
Someone please shoot me, er better yet shoot them.
2001-08-15 12:21:56 PM  
RoBrt: What kind of beer? ;)
2001-08-15 01:04:17 PM  
its things like this that make me happy that china will nuke us soon. We obviously have to much money and too many luxuries in our society when two sh.itbag idiots drive around in a rv following nsync. "Justin did a new move... blah blah blah... we were really excited" shut the hell up and die
2001-08-15 01:29:36 PM  
heh. dropped out of school to follow the band. scrounged up $5K to register the thing.

OMFG. i'm gonna vomit.

Entropic Fate Manipulation at work. goddamn... i wish i had HALF as much luck.
2001-08-15 01:31:40 PM  
Good lord.
Some people really are that *something* to complain about this. O joy.
2001-08-15 01:32:23 PM  
they need to farking grow up and listen to some real music. 21 is too old to be doing stupid shiat like this. i am ashamed to be the same age and gender as these two. its pathtetic. i could go on, but i won't waste my time.
2001-08-15 01:55:03 PM  
BassetHound: If Jeff Gordon was gay (not that I think is), he wouldn't be interested in me. Well, he might be interested, but in a "not trying to shag you" kind of way.
2001-08-15 02:10:54 PM  
I could see following widespread panic or Phish around, but NSYNC??!?! For christs sake the world is coming to an end, I thought only little 9-13 yr olds followed these guys...I am simply in awe here, Un _ FUKING _ BELIEVABLE!
2001-08-15 02:23:11 PM  
I never thought the Fark community could agree on anything, but here we are, discussing how much we hate NSYNC. I feel special now.
2001-08-15 02:26:36 PM  
"When we returned to the RV after our rendevouz with the New Kid, we made the mistake of trying to get a couple hours of sleep before our in studio KISS FM interview scheduled for 10:00 am. We frantically woke up at 12:30 (oops!!). Although it was Winters turn to call a higher-up, she was throwing up in the bathroom so I was forced to call Trejo, the morning DJ at the station."

Vomiting at 12:30 the next day right after waking up reeks of impropriety the night before. why can't anyone get this passionate about REAL music?
2001-08-15 02:28:32 PM  
Yeah, Albert, I was thinking the same thing. These girls are in their 20's. It's about time for them to start becoming productive citizens. They need to get regular jobs and stop wandering around like homeless losers. How many times can you watch N'SYNC in concert, anyway????

I would give the both of them a taste of the beefstick, though. Hehehe.
2001-08-15 02:28:56 PM  
Y.Dload: If someone actually liked N'SYNC, do you think they'd be stupid enough to say so on this forum. It would be ridicule for days, perhaps months.

Hmm... well if they're stupid enough to like N'SYNC, maybe they wouldn't have the intelligence to not ark..n/m
2001-08-15 02:29:00 PM  
No more idiotic than Deadheads.
2001-08-15 02:58:19 PM  
Robrt - To answer your earlier question, the quote is from Almost Famous.
2001-08-15 02:59:49 PM  
Albert - What is the big difference between dropping out of school to follow N'Sync verse dropping of school to follow Phish?
2001-08-15 03:08:57 PM  
StrongBad - Phish has some musical talent?
2001-08-15 03:21:44 PM  
Q. What has 144 legs and thirteen pubic hairs?

A. The front row at a Hanson concert.
2001-08-15 03:41:00 PM  
punk ska forever!
[image from too old to be available]
2001-08-15 03:50:19 PM  
MrBlahh - Says who? I don't think so. And who said anything about musical talent anyway. N'Sync is a money making machine. They could market N'Sync chrome polish and inkjet printers and they would fly off the shelves.

I wasn't talking about who has more talent. I was taking issue with it being okay to drop out and follow phish around, but not okay to follow N'Sync. I think both are retarded ideas.
2001-08-15 05:02:53 PM  
Pittsburgh punk heroes Anti-Flag will join Mos Def, Pam Africa, Ossie Davis, and thousands more at a hearing this Friday where Mumia Abu Jamal will actually be present in the courtroom. ANTI-FLAG WILL ACTUALLY BE IN THE COURTROOM!. This all came about when Rage Against the Machine could not appear, and Rage guitar dude, Tom Morello, asked Anti-Flag to appear on their behalf. It's all going down Friday, August 17th at the Criminal Justice Center in Philadelphia.

anyone in philly should check this out
Kat [TotalFark]
2001-08-15 05:04:25 PM  
I think its cute that in D.C. the roadie proposed to his girlfriend.

other then that, theres so many places id rather go with a huge a RV.
2001-08-15 08:38:43 PM  
2001-08-15 09:51:30 PM  
One wonders through what diabolical intervention they a) got onto the PIR stage in the first place and b) got the RV they wanted as their showcase (not to mention winning it). Hmmm...I smell brimstone, heh, heh.
2001-08-15 10:30:22 PM  
These girls should get barcodes tatooed on their necks. They are the products of an American music industry that is greedy, destructive, and diametrically opposed to all that is of true aesthetic worth in music today. It is of little surprise to me that these 20-something American girls posess the intelligence of troglodytes, but I am saddened by those of you who whould like to fark them anyway. How could you possibly derive any satisfaction from farking something that goddamn stupid???
2001-08-15 11:23:53 PM  
What are these girls going to do when Neh-Sync is no longer profitable?

Kat: Yeah! Like Hawaii! Earlier this year I saw an RV show... I saw this huge-ass RV, it was the most expensive one there. It had a basement.
2001-08-16 12:58:58 AM  

You would be surprised at how much comfort a warm hole can give.
2001-08-16 07:39:52 AM  
i wish i had heard about their three pronged plan before hand. Then, I would have made it so that they didnt win the r.v., and when she cried all over the stage i'd scream "And THATS for not including me!"

then i'd take on barker one on one, and sadly suffer the same fate as my childhood hero Happy Gilmore.
"The price is WRONG, biatch!"
2001-08-16 08:33:55 AM  
For some reason an R.E.M song kept running through my mind.

"It's the end of the worl as we know it... And I feel fiiiiiine!"

Don't know why exactly
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