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(The Earth Times)   Relaxation techniques can help you avoid job burnout. But then, come on, it's Monday and you're on You're not exactly on the fast track to a nervous breakdown, are you?   ( divider line
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483 clicks; posted to Business » on 16 Jun 2008 at 8:20 AM (9 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2008-06-16 12:27:59 AM  
It's Monday? You must be from the wrong side of the world. ;)
2008-06-16 01:37:15 AM  
Knowing how to relax can prevent job burnout, experts say. Critical self-examination is also important, according to Professor Volker Faust...people should not ignore warning signs of burnout such as over commitment, overwork, overtime, followed by exhaustion, resignation and social withdrawal.

Good info to have.
2008-06-16 08:09:37 AM  
Ha ha, well played subby. Well played.

2008-06-16 08:24:54 AM  
FTFA: "He also said that contact with other people was "pure psychohygiene" and should not be seen as a waste of time."

It is also known to be a bit of a cure to ITG-syndrome, when people discover that the lacking ability to stab someone in the face over the internet is a blessing, because their cocky asshole attitudes can/will lead to severe physical harm if fronted in public.

/Also, +1
2008-06-16 08:31:05 AM  
That's what you think, farkmitter.
2008-06-16 08:50:40 AM  
Nice headline. This will be a better Monday now that I've had something to laugh at.

/pops six more advil and continues to rock forward and backward in my office chair.
2008-06-16 09:16:39 AM  
Smitty? I've been here 12 minutes and you made me laugh almost loud enough to get stares from the co-workers.

Don't do that again, understand?

And thanks.
2008-06-16 09:17:08 AM  
I burned out a long time ago, which explains why I'm on FARK on a Monday morning.
2008-06-16 09:22:46 AM  
Touche, subby
2008-06-16 09:28:59 AM  
underachievers, all of us
2008-06-16 09:50:53 AM  
+1 subby

I almost woke up one of my employees laughing at that tag line...thanks!

/has a loud resonating laugh
//doesn't get a lot of sleep
///has well slept employees
2008-06-16 10:16:04 AM  
My job is so easy that I can do it in 6 hours a day so I get lots of FARK time before my boss comes in and I have to hustle.
2008-06-16 10:42:54 AM  
I am the angel of death.

They must fear me.
2008-06-16 11:16:29 AM  
My assignment for this week is to do something I just told my boss (twice) that I finished last week.

Yeah, I'm not going to be too busy...
2008-06-16 11:30:40 AM  
subby = win
2008-06-16 12:09:37 PM  
Hey now, I may be on Fark, but the stress I'm feeling from putting off the work that I should be doing, is killing me.
2008-06-16 02:52:40 PM  
Give the Subby a prize. Excellent headline.
2008-06-17 01:36:59 PM  
Unemployment can help with the job burnout thingee.

/no job = no job burnout
//heck of a job bushie, brownie, cheney, rumsfeld, et al, you bunch of moral retards
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