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(Yahoo)   Planets take hundreds of years to form, not millions. Scientists blame metric conversion for the mistake   ( divider line
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125 clicks; posted to Main » on 29 Nov 2002 at 1:37 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-11-28 09:16:00 PM  
Soooo....guess the Bible has been right after all!!! Next stop, dinosaurs, they were around for 50 or so years.
2002-11-29 01:40:56 AM  
2002-11-29 01:41:29 AM  
30 minutes or your planet's free!
2002-11-29 01:42:06 AM  
I'm pretty sure the bible said it took days to form the Earth (which is a little odd in itself, considering the day is a unit derived from the time it takes the Earth to complete a revolution, but whatever)...
2002-11-29 01:42:16 AM  
So maybe Rome really WAS built in a day!

2002-11-29 01:43:04 AM  
I have been given a faulty link.... How obscene!
2002-11-29 01:50:15 AM  
"If a big gas planet can't form quickly, it probably won't form at all,"

How true. Why just the other day, a big fat flatulent guy formed a gas planet on the airplane. It formed almost instantaneously.
2002-11-29 01:51:59 AM  
my grandpa tells me back in 62', there were only 3 planets and u had to walk through 8 miles of snow barefoot and naked just to catch a glimpse of one.
2002-11-29 01:55:22 AM  
notice the fact that its only gas planets that they are talking about, not planets like earth, so no, the bible is still wrong!
2002-11-29 01:55:33 AM  
"Astronomers unveiled a quick new recipe for creating big planets, using high-powered supercomputer calculations to show these gassy giants could form in hundreds of years, instead of millions."

So we're not even talking about Earth-like planets...

"Quinn said the computer models did not pinpoint any actual big planets that formed quickly, but indicated that this scenario could work."

...and we can't cite any examples. Let's give 'em the Nobel Peace Prize for a big ol' "Maybe."
2002-11-29 01:57:56 AM  
i am a gas giant.
2002-11-29 02:05:22 AM  
I've heard Uranus is surrounded by thick layers of gas. Ha. Haha.
2002-11-29 02:08:56 AM  

[image from too old to be available]

2002-11-29 02:13:21 AM  
Who cares! It is Thansgiving day.

Eat turkey, enjoy tasty stuffing (unless you are in prison) have a great day!

Your stupid "uranus" jokes suck.

Have a great day!
2002-11-29 02:21:40 AM  
yeah, any chance this could happen in say. .. . seven days?
2002-11-29 02:22:32 AM  
Today is Thanksgiving?

Cool, I thought I missed it
2002-11-29 02:24:38 AM  
Eat turkey, enjoy tasty stuffing (unless you are in prison) have a great day!

So those who are imprisoned don't deserve to be stuffed tastefully? You horrible, awful, choadesque idiot. You, sir, are a gluteal haberdashery.
2002-11-29 02:26:48 AM  
drumblestunk yeah man that joke was really stupid.
2002-11-29 02:28:12 AM  
"gluteal haberdashery"????? Geez, do you kiss your mother with that mouth???
2002-11-29 02:29:16 AM  
Meanwhile, it only took one acid trip for this to form.

[image from too old to be available]
2002-11-29 02:34:40 AM  
Drumblestunk don't listen to them. Uranus jokes are always funny.
2002-11-29 02:40:54 AM  
"gluteal haberdashery"????? Geez, do you kiss your mother with that mouth???

Yeah, but I tend to stop when she tried to slip me the tongue.

Uranus jokes: You're either with us or against us. If not for stupid jokes you wouldn't know what a good joke was. Unless you have a mirror. Then you'd definitely know. What a stupid joke was, that is.
2002-11-29 02:42:12 AM  
"Mah spoon is too big."
2002-11-29 02:51:22 AM  
Yeah, sorry about the gigantic image, I didn't realize it was resized on the page that I found it...
2002-11-29 02:58:06 AM  
I am the queen of France!
2002-11-29 03:02:55 AM  
You sure that's just one acid trip?

...looks like four or five to me...
2002-11-29 03:06:47 AM  
I've taken acid and smoked salvia many times and never tripped. Does anyone know if this is some kind of neurological disorder that can earn me disability benefits?
2002-11-29 03:11:48 AM  
God, I must be tired....I read part of the article as saying "big-ass planets." Damn dyslexia.
2002-11-29 03:26:50 AM  
Drumblestunk: That "acid" was probably just these.
2002-11-29 03:31:37 AM  
I took Astronomy 101 and my teacher always said it like: urine - us. So I get urine jokes, but anal jokes? Woosh, right over my head.
Am I not making sense? I drank too much everclear tonight.
2002-11-29 03:37:29 AM  
Madchen - I had a teacher like that too but everyone in her classes still pronounced it Ur-anus just to piss her off.
I snorted some Everclear one time. I don't recommend it.
2002-11-29 03:41:40 AM  
I drank all the "turkey deep fryer" grease in the whole trailer park.
2002-11-29 03:44:23 AM  
Hey at least I'm not guzzling Boones or King Cobra (this time.)
2002-11-29 03:48:45 AM  
...whats this, another spoon... muaw ha ha ha ahha ha ha ha!!! soon we will rule the world, and forks will be abolished forever!!
p.s. metric kicks ass.
2002-11-29 03:54:16 AM  
That reminds me, what do you use this for: spoon
2002-11-29 04:12:45 AM  
Madchen - That is a fancy shmancy spoon for preparing Absinthe. You put your shot of Absinthe in a glass, the spoon rests spanning across the top of the glass. You then put a sugar cube on the middle of the spoon and slowly drip ice cold water over the cube until it dissolves. Basically, it's all for show.
2002-11-29 04:19:02 AM  
ah-ha, that was driving me nuts. I didn't know if it was to pick out the poppy seads or what. heh Thanks
2002-11-29 04:25:48 AM  

Pretty good for a 50 year old, huh???

[image from too old to be available]
2002-11-29 04:34:36 AM  
MySpoonIsTooBig: I'm a banana!

(then you say "My anus is bleeding")
2002-11-29 04:36:50 AM  
hahaha....someone said turkey deep fryer
2002-11-29 06:29:22 AM  
Woo0hoo - E for £3 - friend discount. It's going to be a good weekend :)
2002-11-29 08:54:11 AM  
If Quinn and his colleagues are correct, this means that most big planets formed quickly; if they had followed the multimillion-year model, gas giants would be expected to be rare, with all the raw materials being sucked off by neighboring stars over time.

heh, he said he was sucked off by his neighbors.
2002-11-29 09:07:06 AM  
The only reason people want planet formation to take millions of years is so evolution wont seem quite so rediculous.

A common sense interpretation of the facts suggests that a superintellect has monkeyed with physics, as well as with chemistry adn biology, and that there are no blind forces worth speaking about in nature. The numbers one calculates from the facts seem to me so overwhelming as to put this conclusion almost beyond question. ~ Fred Hoyle

A possible explanation of equal intellectual respectability - and to my mind greater economy and elegance would be that this one world is the way it is because it is the creation of the will of a Creator who purposes that it should be so. ~ John Polkinghorne (Professor of Mathematical Physics, Cambridge University)

The more I study science, the more I believe in God. ~ Albert Einstein

For the scientist who has lived by his faith in the power of reason, the story ends like a bad dream. He has scaled the mountain of ignorance; he is about to conquer the highest peak; as he pulls himself over the final rock, he is greeted by a band of theologians who have been sitting there for centuries. ~ Robert Jastrow (Director of NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies)
2002-11-29 11:23:17 AM  
"The only reason people want planet formation to take millions of years is so evolution wont seem quite so rediculous."

Did you actually read the article? It's only on gas giants, Bev, and they aren't even sure if they're right.

And it's easily said that fundamentalists want planet formation to take less than a day so their holy book won't seem quite so implausable... which this article doesn't even support.
2002-11-29 01:16:20 PM  
Hi, "Bevets"; thanks for the quotes.

My thoughts: There will always be people who say that either evolution or creationism have flaws. Many scientists are evolutionists; many are creationists. Creationism can certainly be good science, too, and many non-creationsts still do admit the facts are more in favor of special creation.

(C)reation; (E)volution, along with the scientific data....

Predictions: (C) eternal, omnipotent Creator
(E) eternal matter [held by some; many now
accept that the universe had a beginning]

Data: universe began; matter degrades; life ordered

Predictions: (C) natural laws and character of matter
(E) matter and laws evolve [held by some; most
believe laws are constant]

Data: laws constant; matter constants; no new laws

Predictions: (C) trend toward degredation
(E) trend toward order

Data: second law of thermodynamics

Predictions: (C) life eternal
(E) life began

Data: law of biogenesis

Predictions: (C) organs always complete
(E) gradual evolution of organs

Data: organs always fully developed; natural selection

Predictions: (C) mutations harmful
(E) mutations can improve

Data: mutatations vitiate; laws of information science

Predictions: (C) world catastrophe
(E) uniformity

Data: fossils; sedimentary strata; frozen muck; present

Predictions: (C) language, art, and civilization sudden
(E) civilization gradual

Data: archeology & anthropology show sudden civilization

These are some comparisons that indicate the facts support creationism more than evolution. If creationism was just a religion, why do evolutionists consistently lose their scientific debates to creationists?

Many evolution-believing scientists will admit that they do have personal reasons for not wanting to beleive in special creation, for to do so would result in their accepting God and they aren't comfortable with it. They would then be expected to stop, for example, lying/cheating or whatever the case may be and they like things they way they are.

An evolutionist will express thier beliefs along the lines of when a "speck of highly-compressed energy exploded and resulted in billions of stars and wispy cloud matter". However, things tend to decay over time; the Bible states that everything is held together by God.

There seems to be no valid answer an evolution-believing person can give as to where their "speck" came from anyway.
The Bible at least gives an answer: "In the beginning, God created...". And for those who will ask "Who created God, then, if something can't come from nothing?": God hasn't chosen to reveal what He was doing before the creation as mentioned in the Bible. In addition, He is not bound by our perception of time. His time is not our time, and trying to pursue what he was doing before creation is rendered pointless.

Proof of God? The person of Jesus Christ, who walked this very planet. Written firsthand testimony in the Bible -- which would hold up in a court of law -- states that this person was crucified and actually was seen alive on the third day after his death.

We have more proof of Jesus & more parts of the Bible, very close to the time period the originals were written, than any other historical document and yet so few manage to respect this. But to mention that you don't believe that Socrates existed would get you less respect.

Evidence for Christ & resons for belief on my own page:
2002-11-29 01:36:50 PM  
FakeMacGuyver, because Jesus/the Bible said so is not a valid argument. That being said, heres reasons for my belief.
2002-11-29 01:39:41 PM  
I came in here expecting jokes about how gassy Uranus has gotten lately, not a full-length essay on the how God's responsible for all this cosmic flatulence.

Dang, what am I doing here? I'm supposed to be working!
2002-11-29 02:14:14 PM  
"Proof of God? The person of Jesus Christ, who walked this very planet. Written firsthand testimony in the Bible -- which would hold up in a court of law -- states that this person was crucified and actually was seen alive on the third day after his death."

What court of law? One at Billy Graham university, perhaps. And none of the testimonies in the Bible of Jesus are firsthand.
2002-11-29 03:50:29 PM  
I read it as "Plants take hundreds of years to form."

Damn PETA flamewars!!!
2002-11-29 07:54:59 PM  
Then if they were telling us that the sun would explode in several million years, then.......

Holy farking shiat! WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!!!!
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