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(Yahoo)   Principal challenges students to collect 300 items for Thanksgiving food drive, says he'll dye his hair blue, students collect over 400 items   ( divider line
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109 clicks; posted to Main » on 28 Nov 2002 at 10:49 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-11-28 05:22:53 PM  
no one cares
2002-11-28 10:51:24 PM  
i agree
2002-11-28 10:51:30 PM  
Heh, with that many, he should shave off his hair and tattoo his face blue.
2002-11-28 10:52:38 PM what?
2002-11-28 10:52:55 PM  
*Insert obligatory fark-running-out-of-good-articles comment here*
2002-11-28 10:53:19 PM  
Megain/Apex: perhaps you didnt notice, but this a site filled with tons of silly news posts. A lot of silly stuff people dont care about. So be less stupid and just ignore it.
2002-11-28 10:53:48 PM  
i still don't care
2002-11-28 10:55:45 PM  
Dont care enough to read the thing, post a comment about it, then sit around refreshing the comments...brilliant.
2002-11-28 10:57:30 PM  
i say good work to the principal. he managed to combine the fine activities of feeding the needy and dying hair blue into one fun-filled adventure. my hat is off to this man.
2002-11-28 10:57:38 PM  
what, no picture. damn. that might have been a good photoshop picture.
2002-11-28 11:00:54 PM  
Freakemart- Amen.
2002-11-28 11:02:14 PM  
Thanks Argile, i read the article and comments, was going to post a comment about the total apathethic attitude of most Americans and then refreshed the screen. now i feel like i wasted my time not only writing this comment, but in reading the comments......
2002-11-28 11:02:32 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
This story is just as cute as this fluffy-wuffy troll doll. *HUG*
2002-11-28 11:06:59 PM  
i... feel good.. now
2002-11-28 11:08:18 PM  
gah.. how does tripe like this even get posted?
2002-11-28 11:09:08 PM  
2002-11-28 11:09:54 PM  
your mind would be at the point of not being able to do anything else but refresh comments if you'd just played 4 hours of the sims online as well.

oh and i don't care
2002-11-28 11:10:34 PM  
This is actually sorta cool. People who complain about free-content are usually the pasty virgins who biatch about errors in the latest "Enterprise" episode.

Go back to your dark rooms and vaseline jars, pale bastards!
2002-11-28 11:14:15 PM  
Wow, its a bunch of grade school kids doing something for their community, and everyones bashing em.

What is it, dickhead day around here?
2002-11-28 11:16:22 PM  
Four hundred cans? That's it?

Damn, that's pathetic.
2002-11-28 11:18:25 PM  
My hair is already blue and I didn't get anything for it, I feel so ripped off
2002-11-28 11:19:07 PM  
I think thats cool, some people need all the help they can get, why not shoot for 700 next semester ?
2002-11-28 11:20:47 PM  
So what. My psychology class brought in 1200 cans. This was 16 people. AP needs to stop pulling a Fark and get some real content, haha
2002-11-28 11:21:23 PM  
Shoulda done this:

[image from too old to be available]
2002-11-28 11:21:52 PM  
wow, my principal did that, but we had to collect 19000 cans

yessir, nineteen thousand cans
2002-11-28 11:22:51 PM  
Aww... look at the farking crybabies whine about the article.

Boo hoo... this website isn't catering to your specific wants and needs! Wahhh! Quick! Whine about it!

farking whiny-ass crybabies.
2002-11-28 11:23:20 PM  
Some day when all of you cynical angst filled teenaged Farkers are all grown up, you'll realize what a great article this is. Aren't you all SICK AND TIRED of seeing shiat about war and violence in the news??? This guy did something GREAT to MOTIVATE his students and low and behold...IT WORKED!!! Not only did they meet his challenge, they surpassed it!

And he had the huevos to stick to his word. Someday when you all move out of your folks house you'll look forward to getting GOOD NEWS every now and again.
2002-11-28 11:24:22 PM  
"I'm just glad we were able to get so much food so that everybody could have Thanksgiving dinner," 8-year-old third-grader Darryl Kerby said.

Yeah, what a bunch of 8 year old assholes.

God you people suck.
2002-11-28 11:25:07 PM  
Every post can't be a boobies post.
2002-11-28 11:25:53 PM  
When I was in catholic school, the priest said he would dye his pubes bl,,, nevermind.
2002-11-28 11:25:57 PM  
2002-11-28 11:27:18 PM  
Hey, I'm cool with the article.

And if you want boobies, get off your fat, lazy, turkey-stuffed ass and find your own farking porn, you farking wankers. Jesus farking christ, there is free porn everywhere, you goddamn lamers. Just spend a little farking energy and look
2002-11-28 11:29:15 PM  
Bah, our school has 8,000 for the Christmas one-mostly because one of the teachers had his kids stealing cans from other teachers and stuff.
2002-11-28 11:29:36 PM  
My school got 27,000 + cans.
2002-11-28 11:32:03 PM  
my math teacher did the same thing last year. and he also dyed his beard blue.
2002-11-28 11:34:32 PM  
My school led a raid on the campbell soup company and have now "collected" well over one million cans.

And Aeonic_Blue, not a single person in this thread thus far has been biatching about a lack of boobies, so I'm not to sure what you're refering to. but wtg anyway.
2002-11-28 11:34:55 PM  
And how many of you biatching about the amount of cans are taking into consideration that these are THIRD GRADERS from LAPWAI IDAHO. How populated do you think that area is?? In case you were wondering THE ENTIRE TOWN has 1,134 people living in it. I'm sure most of your SCHOOLS have populations that large. Now, unless you have raised 400+ cans for the hungry like these cool kids I suggest you enjoy a nice hot cup of STFU.
2002-11-28 11:38:37 PM  
wtf i got 400+ cans in my fridge


2002-11-28 11:40:04 PM  
I had blue hair for a couple of months. Everyone always asked me if I lost a bet.
2002-11-28 11:41:47 PM  
Crangle - a buddy of mine had to get a mullett because of a bet he lost. Poor sap.
2002-11-28 11:42:08 PM  
Pixieberry is my new hero.
2002-11-28 11:47:16 PM  
i find this offensive because my hair is blue and its treating it like its a punishment. I think i might cry (my hair really is blue)
2002-11-28 11:48:41 PM  

flattery will get you everywhere!
2002-11-28 11:49:19 PM  
I had a 98 year old great-grandmother that had blue hair. I think she lost a Super Bowl bet or something.
2002-11-29 12:04:08 AM  
That's such a sweet story. However, I think he should have offered to staple his scrotum to his thighs if the kids came through. Just like the Steve-O video.
2002-11-29 12:06:35 AM  
I think the point everyone here is missing is wtf kinda Thanksgiving meal are these people gonna have with 400 cans of creamed corn?

As a former homeless person, I can attest, cold creamed corn sucks.
2002-11-29 12:16:32 AM  
Our grade nine class collected 4000+ non-perishable items because it was a nice thing to do. And to show up the rest of the classes.

Oh, and most of my donations were not creamed corn, but rather canned fruits since I went to the local packing plant. I hope the people who got those cans enjoyed them better.
(okay, and like 8 cans of creamed corn because i can't stand creamed corn)
2002-11-29 12:18:58 AM  
I should dye my hair blue again. I miss the strange looks. *sigh*
2002-11-29 12:20:04 AM  
God bless them!( I think the guy wanted blue hair and brought in 300 cans)
2002-11-29 12:22:19 AM  
300 cans? What, do they have two kids at the school? My middle school held can drives every year, and each homeroom would easily reach twice that amount. The school must have been notoriously stingy when it came to poor people.
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