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146 clicks; posted to Main » on 29 Nov 2002 at 4:07 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-11-28 11:25:17 AM  
2002-11-29 04:11:39 AM  
No Clue!
2002-11-29 04:12:31 AM  
Have all the b00bies been looked at and posted?
2002-11-29 04:14:15 AM  
SC2 rocked

I miss that game.
2002-11-29 04:16:51 AM  
I never played the 3DO version - but sometimes I still kick on the original on my Genesis emulator. : ) this ought to be worth a look.
2002-11-29 04:18:23 AM  
Star Control 2 was a really fun game.

I think more old game producers need to release their source to the public domain.
2002-11-29 04:19:15 AM  
2002-11-29 04:22:13 AM  
Star Control 2 == best game ever. Unless you didn't know about the unlimited money cheat, in which case it was a really good game that also happened to be a big pain in the ass. Or unless you didn't know where the rainbow planets were. That sucked really bad, too.

I love that game. The Ariloulaleelay Skiff owned people's asses if you knew how to use it well. Also, the Utwig Jugger was a bit overly powerful. And the Orz er.. Nemesis I think it was, that launched space marines and had a rotating turret. Yum.

2002-11-29 04:28:40 AM  
It's really quite buggy right now. I don't think anyone who has never played the game before should pick up this alpha - it's far too unstable, and will just be frustrating more then anything else.

For those of us who grew up on the game, it's fantastic. There's even voice tracks and new music (from the 3D0 version) and it's all very well done.

But like I said, if you want to see what other people have been raving about, wait until a more stable version is released.
2002-11-29 04:44:13 AM  
I'll wait for a better version, then.
SC2 kept me very busy one summer when I had a broken leg
2002-11-29 04:57:01 AM  
I submitted this but i have no idea if this was my submission :) Either way, I'm happy.

SC2 is the greatest game ever. Once the port is complete there are plans to add TCP/IP network play. I'll kick all your asses in my Spathi Eluder or Androsynth Guardian :)
2002-11-29 05:01:23 AM  
Well its an alpha... alphas are supposed to be buggy... they are released so the developers can find out what the problems are and correct them.
2002-11-29 05:36:16 AM  
I almost fell out of my chair when I saw this posting.

Honestly, Star Control 2 really is the greatest game ever made. And I know it's easy to say that without backing it up.

No game before or since had the same sense of humour, or sense of scale. The game was massive, and had 1,000 stars, each having up to a dozen planets excluding moons, and each could be explored. You'd discover new alien races, each with their own personalities and interests.

Gawd, I'm rambling. The above didn't read so great. All I can say is, if you've played SC2, you're already downloading it. If you haven't tried it, maybe wait for the finished version so you're not disappointed.

But if you like games at all, SC2 wil become your new favourite. I sheet you not.
2002-11-29 05:45:22 AM  
Certainly, most gracious destroyer, as is well known, before departing this mortal helix all Spathi must complete the short, poignant ritual of Wezzy-Wezzah to be assured of a secure afterlife and by allowing us to fulfill this requirement, you too shall be granted immortality in our beautiful afterworld which is absolutely guaranteed to be free of similarly immortal monsters who would otherwise eat the both of us. Ah, the memories..
2002-11-29 05:52:16 AM  
"Please don't nod your head like that, human. We VUX do not share this range of motion, and it looks like your neck is broken, and you are a jabbering corpse. Ugh."
2002-11-29 05:53:26 AM  
I'm speechless, so I'll just write that this has made my day.
2002-11-29 06:22:11 AM  
farkin' a. There are no words for how excited I was to see this headline. And then that feeling of community that comes from reading these comments and finding out I'm not the only one who things this might be the 'best. game. ever.'

I can't forget the writing, and the characterizations of the alien races. So clever, and more subtle than almost all the crap found in other games...

And that .MOD-like soundtrack...

And the ships...

oooooo, I'm one happy and nostalgic goatzilla!!
2002-11-29 06:27:50 AM  
This is not a game I am familiar with, but it does remind me of this game

Escape Velocity Nova

Cool Ass game
2002-11-29 08:33:39 AM  
Escape Velocity = Wonderful, even with all the annoying trading and such.
2002-11-29 08:38:24 AM  

What do you mean ".MOD-like" the sound track weren't mod-like, they were mod files. As i write this comment I am sitting at work listening to the Yehat theme music in Winamp. The Alpha has *every* mod file in the game sitting waiting to be played over and over again.

Ahhh... it just switched to Pkunk... i defy anyone to listen to this music and not be cheered up.

Easily the best game ever.
2002-11-29 09:10:39 AM  
Finest space action / rpg is the history of gaming.
2002-11-29 09:13:23 AM  
SC2 was an excellent game. Truly one of the games I am most proud of playing through to the end.

SC3, on the other hand, was painful. :P

In other news, Master of Orion 3 comes out in a couple of weeks. OH THE JOY!!!!! :)
2002-11-29 09:59:39 AM  
I'm wary of MOO3 - I played the first two a shedload (and preferred the first i think) but MOO3 has undergone so many radical design changes during its development that I think there's a chance it might suck.

I hope it won't, but I fear it will.

I'm no longer going to buy it the moment it comes out but instead wait until i hear either howls of anger or cries of joy from those that did.
2002-11-29 10:27:22 AM  
SC2 was a great game - one of (if not the best) of the old school 386 era.

This also reminded me of Bob The Angry Flower's
Loving Tribute to the Greatest Space Adventure of All Time.

Damnable Ur-Quan.
2002-11-29 10:31:14 AM  
Solo - I was aware they were available as mod files (heck I've been listening to them all day) :) but I didn't know that in the actual game they were being stored and played as MODs.

But actually, I was about an hour ago, 'cuz I downloaded the game and I can see the content myself. Which is mighty cool!!

For some time I've had the .MODs sitting around and I listen to them every now and again. I previously didn't want to assume that was the original format in the game... but of course, it makes sense that it WAS.
2002-11-29 10:36:41 AM  
and you're right, I'm sitting here with big stoopid grin on my face listening to the pkunk track :)

p.s. idiot! moron!
2002-11-29 10:36:57 AM  
Chenjesu all the way.

The little pups that would go out, appraoch the other ship from behind, and bonk it.


2002-11-29 10:55:12 AM  
Holy Crap! The original DOS version was like 2 and a half megs... the dowload for the win version is 147 megs! WTF did they do?! heh heh

Also, I agree that SC3 stank, except in one area, where it was superior to SC2: The Combat engine. The SC3 combat engine allowed fully 360 degree rotation, instead of the "eight compass point" rotation of SC2.
2002-11-29 10:56:23 AM

and the thraddash is it!

i could kill anything by making them crash into
my fire-turds
2002-11-29 10:58:58 AM  
haha SQUIDBOY you are correct, the only reason i'm even reading these posts is because 147 megs is going to take a while

2002-11-29 10:59:46 AM  
DOGI's! De-energizing Offensive Guided Interceptors

Yes they rocked.

Goatzilla: Bozo! Birdbrain!
2002-11-29 11:00:52 AM  
And the reason its so huge is because of all the speech files, being a port of the 3DO version, all the aliens have speech.
2002-11-29 11:07:45 AM  
Does the speech add much to the game? The writing was great... I enjoyed *reading* it...
2002-11-29 11:08:12 AM  
From the Star Control 2 readme:
Welcome to Star Control II, we hope you enjoy the trip! What follows is a
detailed description of how the game is different from what is described
in the manual, plus a few playing tips. Why is there a difference, you ask?
Well, frankly, it's the designers' fault. Here's what happened...

About six months before we ACTUALLY shipped the game, Fred and Paul (the
designers of the game) gave us some disks and told us, "Here's the final
version... well, ALMOST final. We have a few MINOR finishing touches, but
they'll be done real soon." Then Fred and Paul disappeared, and were not seen
or heard from for half a year. We looked and looked, but even their families
didn't know where they'd gone. At great expense, we hired a detective from
Pinkerton's to locate the errant designers. They were in ALASKA! Why? That's
"Adding a few nice touches", they said, "like thirty different types of
worlds, planet surface exploration, and enough player-alien dialog to fill a

Well, what could we do? Kill them?... yeah, we thought so too, but they ran off
again, and now even the detective can't find them. Anyway, as a result, we
have been forced to send along this significant update document which details
all the "nice touches" Fred and Paul added. By the way, if you see Paul and
Fred, DON'T call Pinkerton's, call us instead... we will take care of them ourselves.
2002-11-29 11:09:18 AM  
yayaya .... only 50 megs left

download damn you ... download like the wind!!
2002-11-29 11:18:14 AM  
I dunno about the speech adding much, i turned it off and played the game as close to its original PC roots as possible. Eventually they will release versions that are identical to boththe original 3DO and PC releases. The graphical filtering routines they use to make it look good on high res displays are pretty awesome though. (bilinear and 2xSai or something)
2002-11-29 11:23:45 AM  
Not only is this the best game ever, but the 3D0 version has some of the best voice over work ever done too. And the orchestrated music is fantastic as well, the 3d0 soundtrack isn't mods but full out produced music. I would think these 2 things account for the much larger file size, and are well worth it!
2002-11-29 11:43:03 AM  
Back in 1991, my first computer was a 486/SX that ran at 25Mhz. Math co-processor? I didn't need it. GOD I miss DOS.

But SC2 was the first game I ever bought. $60 Cdn, January of '92. It was so worth it. That and Wizardry 7 kept me going for a while. With those 2 and DOOM, I never found a game since that made me as happy. Really, what is there? Keep in mind I hate RTSs and can't mouse-aim in UT to save my life.

Good times.
2002-11-29 11:47:14 AM  
Betrayal at Krondor was another fantastic game from that era, perhaps the best RPG i ever played. Really open, non-linear and chock full of fantastic side quests.

Micro Machines 2 is another favourite, best multiplayer game I've ever played i think. 3 of us crowded round one keyboard hurling verbal abuse at each other as we drove little sports cars around the edge of a kitchen counter.

I still have my Betrayal at Krondor and Micro Machines floppies, i seem to have lost my original SC2 disks tho :(
2002-11-29 11:56:36 AM  
You know what this port needs? The strategic combat game from SC1 with SC2 ships. That would make me a *happy camper*.
2002-11-29 12:01:22 PM  
*Happy Campers* are best. Do you *smell*? AAAAAAAAAA!! I am *squeezing the juice*!!
2002-11-29 12:09:55 PM  

*GO* *GO*

2002-11-29 12:19:32 PM  
damn i miss this game
2002-11-29 01:07:10 PM  
...There was a money cheat?!


I never actually beat the game, I had too much fun exploring and building up my ship. I'd just be getting ready to -start- the quests when the Ur-Quan (or was it Kohr-Ah?) sphere of influence started to move. :P
2002-11-29 01:54:34 PM  
"Juffo-wup fills my fibers and I grow turgid. Violent action ensues."

Best. Game. Ever. I've been following the development of this on They have a bunch of nifty downloads too.
2002-11-29 02:01:26 PM  
KEGA Genesis emulator: 1.15Mb
"Starflight" BIN cart: 1.5Mb

Class 5 everything: priceless.
2002-11-29 02:09:07 PM  
Yeah, there was a money cheat. Right in the beginning of the game, at the space station, sell your shuttle pod, and continue holding the button down. That way you never had to worry about going around and finding useful minerals just to pay the bills.

And to buy nifty new technology from those traders.. what was there name. It wasn't Mormons.. Something like that. Melnormes. Just hunt down the locations of all those rainbow planets. They'd give you 500 credits per planet, which was usually close to plenty to buy all the neato stuff like better furnaces and auto-tracking weapons. Yum.

And how did everyone beat that big space station type thing at the end? It was a huge Precursor relic. I always had to use the Pkunk ship to take out the defenses, as it was the fastest thing around, could shoot sideways, and occasionally resurrected itself.

2002-11-29 02:24:00 PM  
I used to beat the precursor vessel with the Avenger, the primary laser was powerful enough to shoot down the force globs and fireballs fired by the boss, and it tore down the shielding orbs pretty quickly. Only time I really liked that ship. Most of the time it was a waste of RU.
2002-11-29 03:52:23 PM  
Does this version have the stand-alone part where you can just choose a team of ships and have a big blast fest? Anyone know?

This game rocks - many a long night spent huddled close discovering the intricacies of SC2 - ahh the memories.
2002-11-29 04:19:41 PM  
Sadly, that money cheat was only in version 1.0 of the game. It was fixed in subsequent versions, including the 3D0.

I've been playing around with the alpha. It's surprisingly stable for a first-ever release. Actually playable. I love the 3D0 music, especially the remixed Hyperspace track. Have you guys discovered the enhanced graphic modes yet? (check the readme, you can turn on 640x480 res with interpolation)

The best ship I found for taking out the Su-matra was the Utwig Jugger. Its invincible shield was perfect for keeping from getting killed by the blobby green things. I could also do it in a Pkunk, but that takes some pretty leet skillz. (since one screwup and you're dead) Doing it with the Yehat is also doable, but challenging - one full burst of its guns will take out a generator, but the limited shielding can lead to tragedy.

Oh, and check out the message board at the sourceforge page. The coders are discovering all sorts of neat things in the code and posting it up. (like the fact that it is NOT a good idea to load up with nothing but Shiva furnaces, you actually want a dynamo or two as well)
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