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(SanDiego UnionTribune)   1000 divers spent the weekend looking for underwater debris. Discover 30 shopping carts, a lot of commodes, a couch, a traffic sign, and Batman   ( divider line
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2008-06-08 10:07:59 PM

I blame the bomb.
2008-06-08 10:17:15 PM  
Somedays you just can't find a good place to throw a bomb.
2008-06-08 10:18:48 PM  
Uh, you should check out the St. Johns river in Jacksonville, Fl. They found all sorts of stuff down there.
2008-06-08 10:33:51 PM

I am the night.
2008-06-08 10:33:53 PM  
How on earth did a couch end up in the bay?
2008-06-08 10:50:18 PM  
T.M.S.: I once pulled a relativly new microwave out of a freighter that sank in the early 60's.

I will never figure out how it got there.

I was told there would be no math.
2008-06-08 11:04:32 PM

Nuff said
2008-06-08 11:09:23 PM  
thinkabou_tit: Korzine: My father use to help clean up a river when he did diving to stay in shape. He pulled up everything, coffee mugs, a glass eye, a corpse ..... you know, what you'd expect to find on the bottom of a river.

FTFY, cuz if not, its creepy that you know I knew him.

Ah yes, I fail at punctuation.

/And usually English in general
2008-06-08 11:20:04 PM  
I've got a good story. True. Ask any diver from Madison WI.

Local instructor was doing search and recovery drill in Lake Monona (Madison lies between two beautiful lakes), just a few days after ice had melted from the edges. Ice still about 20-50 feet from shore. You do that sort of stuff for lost outboards, alot. Students surfaced and said "Wow! what a realistic dummy!". Instructor said "What f--king dummy?" (That would have been too easy to find). Turned out it was a guy who'd been in the lake since late fall, under the ice, to judge from how he was dressed. I don't recall if they ever ID'd him or not. 2001 or 2002, as I recall.
There was a quarry in Wisconsin we used to dive: Flynn's quarry. Perhaps 100 yards square, 90 feet deep, cold as hell (38 degrees at 25 feet) because it was surrounded by 20 foot cliffs with tall trees, never got any sunlight. Visibility was 10-20 feet on a good day.

Here are things I saw with my own eyes:
-freshwater jellyfish,when have you seen those? about the size of a quarter. (caught a few, the PhD in limnology I was with took them to the lab and confirmed. Couldn't keep them alive in the lab).
- pickup, three bicycles, an open safe, a VW, and three cars piled up under a cliff where the local juvenile delinquents would push the over a cliff.
-more bikini tops than you would believe. Alot of matching bottoms too. I'd imagine there are some stories behind those.
-always enough wallets and change/bills from the local semi-criminal teens swimming to pay for the air fills and few beers.

And, last but not least:
-A .45 used in some crime or other in Chicago. Been there only a few days from the look of it. Apparently someone from Chitown drove up to Wisconsin looking for a place to dump the evidence, not realizing Flynn's was such a popular dive spot and it was bound to be found within a week, despite the bad visibility and depth. A dive to 90' in freezing water with essentially zero visibility is alot different than doing it in the caribbean, where its 80 degrees and you can see forever. You have to be able to locate and manipulate all your gear blind, in thick gloves, with hands so cold you can hardly move them.

There was alot more weird stuff in Flynns I can't recall offhand. You always had to be careful diving near the cliffs since the local hoods always thought it was great fun to toss medium sized boulders in to hit a diver. Always an adventure. Good, good times.

Second hand story, which I have no reason to doubt:
-Good buddy was solo diving in a lake near the WI-IL border. Found a car at the end of a pier. No bodies. Surfaced, sent a couple of kids for the cops. Cop divers couldn't attach cables to get car out, etc etc etc so he spend the rest of the day doing it; shot the whole day. Next weekend, same spot, same time, different car. He just swam on.

Also: there are supposed to be some underwater pyramids in a lake in northern WI, made by aliens, of course, what else? Just piles of rock. How'd they get there,if not aliens? A guy in Madison, WI thought it would be neat to have an island in front of his house, so each winter he'd tote a shiatload of rocks to the same place on the ice. Almost had it finished when the DNR busted him. The pile looks like an underground pyramid. You can imagine a bunch of Indian kids with alot of time on their hands doing the same thing.

You see alot more weird stuff underwater than you'd think.....
2008-06-08 11:23:18 PM  
No SUV's? Obviously not in Flint, Michigan (new window).
2008-06-08 11:25:01 PM  
2008-06-08 11:34:46 PM  
buster_v: No SUV's? Obviously not in Flint, Michigan (new window).

Surprisingly no. I guess they were too heavy or something. There might not have been enough space between trees. Or perhaps they all have alarms.

Also in Madison, off a place called Picnic Point:

-Underwater lab used to observe fish, made out of an old wine vat, eight feet wide by around 20 feet tall. Stands on four metal legs, looks like a space ship. A could years ago it fell over, probably some fisherman with a big outboard got his anchor caught. Too bad.

- In the area, a couple of old cars, old enough to have cranks on the front to star them. One looks like a Model A pickup, upside down. I suppose people were fishing and they broke thru the ice. The whole area was probably used as some sort of dumping area, or at least a place for ice fishermen to litter....
2008-06-08 11:56:15 PM  
They also found the bodies of two smart ass whales
2008-06-09 12:07:37 AM  
Meh...they sink trash all the time to become homes for fish. A toilet is a great place for a fishy to hide, eh?
2008-06-09 12:12:44 AM  
enemy of the state:

Also: there are supposed to be some underwater pyramids in a lake in northern WI, made by aliens, of course, what else? Just piles of rock. How'd they get there,if not aliens? .

Are these aliens from the space between space?
2008-06-09 12:34:02 AM  
I did one of these harbor cleanups in Los Angeles (actually Marina del Rey to be precise). They closed the harbor to boat traffic and let us do our stuff. There was a contest to see who could pick up the most, biggest, most valuable, etc. We found wallets, cell phones, car keys. I recall one of the other dive teams found a phone booth. It took about an hour to bring it up.

One negative I saw out of it -- we picked up a lot of containers (beer bottles mostly, but quite a few jars, etc). These things had become shelter for baby octopus and we were taking away their homes. I had picked a bottle up and found the little bugger in it when I got back to the dock. I got on the news coverage when I showed it matching the color of my arm, then placing it on my dive suit (which was black) and the octopus immediately morphed to match the color. I let the baby octopus back into the water, but there wasn't much shelter left after we had gone through the place and cleaned it all out.
2008-06-09 12:41:03 AM  
When I was a kid, there was a huge abandoned rock quarry south of town. When the sun was directly overhead, you could see several hundred feet down into the pits and see all the old trucks, bulldozers and buildings that were left there when it closed. Neatest part was the road that ran between the pits and was covered by a foot of water. At night the entire place looked like a lake and it was fun to scare people by driving off the bank onto the road and out into the middle of the lake. Great place for chemical/alcohol recreation but you had to be able to drive straight when you left.
2008-06-09 01:27:57 AM  
There are lots of guns to be found under the bridges of NYC.

The funny thing is when the cop divers have to look for one they bring up dozens. Once the detectives find the one they are looking for the divers throw all the others back into the river.

The reason is because a found gun opens a case and the police dont want that hassle.
2008-06-09 02:43:33 AM  
...a lot of commodes...

I read that as "a lot of Commodores". Does that mean I truly AM a nerd?
2008-06-09 10:22:39 AM  
No, I didn't find the Tick.

But I did find a perfectly good pie, yeah.
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