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(The Observer)   Doctors can now replace your face; Face-Off style. This is no joke   ( divider line
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72 clicks; posted to Main » on 26 Nov 2002 at 11:05 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-11-26 06:01:11 PM  
Unbelievable. "asking if they would consider donating their faces in the event of death". Boggles the mind. The thought of maybe seeing someone you knew having their face on another person's head is bizarre. At least Michael Jackson is saved.
2002-11-26 07:05:14 PM  
i'm thinking the doctors will just follow jacko around for spare parts, Zoobtro.
2002-11-26 07:48:27 PM they fall off his body.
2002-11-26 08:24:25 PM  
2002-11-26 09:30:43 PM  
I vow to take my face to the grave with me! the relief of all...
2002-11-26 09:57:43 PM  
i bags the nose!
2002-11-26 09:58:52 PM  
actually.. nah.. let nasa have the nose.. i hear they are looking for a new material to coat the underside of spacecraft with for re-entry...

2002-11-26 10:55:14 PM  
"Re-entry" is not what I want to think about when I think of Michael Jackson.

2002-11-26 11:07:51 PM  
"I have the face of an eighteen year old . . and he's gonna kill me when he sees what I've done to it."
--old schtick
2002-11-26 11:10:46 PM  
Still no cure for....ah you now the drill!
2002-11-26 11:10:48 PM  
RIght before I die, im gonna stab my face numerous times, Its my face And no one can have it!
2002-11-26 11:12:30 PM  
that still might be cool, to steal your friends face, so he wakes up and has to go to school faceless, this how embarresed he/she will be, wont their face be red.....
heh, mean while i got silence of the lambs style, with his/her face around the school puting it on statues and whatnot
2002-11-26 11:13:40 PM  
I'm peeved they don't provide an order form. I wonder if Heather Locklear's is available?
2002-11-26 11:15:54 PM  
It's bad enough when women reject my face, but my own immune system, that's too much.
2002-11-26 11:16:37 PM  
I'd like to have a vagina installed on my right hand.
2002-11-26 11:24:28 PM  
"...The technique - and the considerable ethical barriers it faces - will be debated..."

Har har har...
2002-11-26 11:25:20 PM  
got a delinquent president?
kill him and stick his face on a yes-men!
something tell me it already happened...

/where the tinfoil dammit!
2002-11-26 11:27:35 PM  
I swear I submitted some variation of this months ago with a Face/Off reference.
2002-11-26 11:29:34 PM  
"You have MY face!" "No! You have MY face!"

/Barbarian Brothers
2002-11-26 11:31:07 PM  
If Nic Cage did change faces with John Travolta, would his marriage to Lisa Marie survive, or would it have deteriorated faster?

The world may never know.
2002-11-26 11:35:20 PM  
Can anyone say witness protection program?
2002-11-26 11:35:39 PM  
I wonder if three-assed monkeys are far from becoming a reality.
2002-11-26 11:39:18 PM  

Seriously, I would definitely donate my gorgeous mug, with the stipulation that when that person dies, it has to go to another fortunate soul, and another, and another, until my face has achieved immortality.
2002-11-26 11:40:34 PM  
*laffin at Andonbray's post*
2002-11-26 11:42:05 PM  
is michale jackson there first test?
2002-11-26 11:47:05 PM  
Skettios's post brings up an interesting idea that I haven't really considered before. Can a transplanted organ be transplanted again? And if so how many times?
2002-11-26 11:59:12 PM  
Yeah, I can see why no one would want to donate their face to a deformed person after they are dead. Think how much you'd miss it. Nope, not selfish at all.
2002-11-27 12:01:19 AM  
Aw, man, ol' Rock's gettin' on his soapbox.

I can't believe that polled medical professionals would be so selfish and irrational as to not donate any part of themselves to help people. I expect it from asshat people on the street, but come on. What are you going to do with it? Nothing. NOTHING. Your stupid ugly face is gonna rot and get eaten by worms while somebody else is gonna have to live fifty years looking like Freddy Kreuger.

fark you. Get over yourself.
2002-11-27 12:08:51 AM  
No, this is a joke, no matter how real the procedure is.
2002-11-27 12:13:50 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-11-27 12:20:24 AM  
Yeah, what rocco said.
2002-11-27 12:22:42 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-11-27 12:26:26 AM  
Dammit, I hate that sack of shiat!!! I'd rather look like Rodney Dangerfield than get that ass face's face! Grrrrrr!!
2002-11-27 12:32:09 AM  
Really, how much difference would it make?

Aren't most of your facial features determined by the bones and cartilage of your face, anyway?
2002-11-27 01:11:15 AM  
Andonbray: Funny a$$ shiat. me too.

So does the donor have to be dead to donate his face? Can you live without a face? You could travel the south and charge 2 bits a gander.
2002-11-27 01:15:38 AM  
jacko, if you ever read this, please, please, please, you have so much money, just buy a face that doesn't look like plasticine.
2002-11-27 01:38:48 AM  
This is a joke. The very first sentance of the stupid article says "for seriously disfigured". This isn't like "Hey, I want a new face!", this is more like "I'm a freak of nature, make me semi-normal!"
2002-11-27 03:23:16 AM  
And it won't be too long before this procedure is forced upon an unwilling victim...

"Sorry old chap. Going to need your face I'm afraid."

"Ah... but I'm using it. I'm rather attached to it, you know."

"Not for long..."
2002-11-27 03:36:56 AM  
I knew even before I clicked the link that someone would post something about jacko. Boobies.... nice Zoobtro.

Andonbray: i'm still crackin up man... hilarious.
2002-11-27 05:40:38 AM  
The only way they're taking my face is over my dead body!

Oh, wait...
2002-11-27 08:36:46 AM  
Check out my pics in the new "Faces" section on E-Bay! Bidding to start at $13.75...
2002-11-27 09:25:16 AM  
well ya know they could always grow a copy of your face and graft it to you if you got ina car wreck or something, that would be kinda neat. "yeah damn croc bit me face off, but i had a spare so i was ok..." heh cool
2002-11-27 09:59:36 AM  
It's only for people who are disfigured. I am just ugly. Can anyone help me????
2002-11-27 10:03:13 AM  
Why can't they just use dead baby fetuses to grow someone a new face out of their own genetic material (L&O reference) and put it on?

Seriously, I've seen burn victims. Anything the medical community could do that would give them back a life would be nice. I'd donate my face. It's not pretty or anything, but hey, if I'm dead already and they want parts, they can have 'em.
2002-11-27 11:16:21 AM  
I like that... We should do more of those type comments...

"... as they fall off"

Continue this sentence...

Does that make any sense at all?
2002-11-27 11:46:03 AM  
I'm with Rocco the fact that medical professionals would be so short-sighted is appalling, particularly when you consider that modern embalming techniques are designed to keep you "fresh" for about 3 days (pretty much just long enough for viewing and burial.)

The body begins to decompose pretty rapidly after that, so you're looking at what? Maybe a month or two of having a reasonably intact face... tucked in your coffin, buried under six feet of dirt?

It's also appalling that they can slap a new face on somebody but they still can't give me a full head of hair. Anybody wanna make a scalp donation, before I acquire one on my own?

"I swear Doc., I was just walking along outside the Baskin-Robbins and there it was. No, no... I didn't hear anything about Brad Pitt being attacked by renegade Comanches..."
2002-11-27 11:52:16 AM  
Hah! Ohhh.. Not a joke.. Sorry
2002-11-27 01:36:47 PM  
Did you hear about the leper hockey game?

There was a face off in the corner.
2002-11-27 04:36:26 PM  
Do you think they'll perfect this and make human Mr. Potato Heads???? that would rock!!!!!!
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