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2246 clicks; posted to Main » on 14 Aug 2001 at 10:26 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-08-14 10:36:53 AM  
You take the bad, you take the worse...
Ugh, I surrender.
2001-08-14 10:40:08 AM  
If its one 80s sitcom that had NO staying power WHATSOEVER, it was the Facts of Life. I hated every dang aspect of that show.

Mind you, my eye is recovering from stabbing a fork in it from the Growing Pains reuinion movie, so Ill probably watch this one too.

Too bad there could not be a Different Strokes reunion movie. Why ghod why

I would even settle for a Mr. Belvedere movie, but alas thats not possible.
2001-08-14 10:50:58 AM  
OK, what's worse, the fact that they are planning on doing it, or the plot: Natalie (the big giant fat one) has 2 mariage proposals?
2001-08-14 10:53:11 AM  
Oh I don't know.... I don't think a "Diff'rent Strokes" movie would be quite right without Kimberly... Dana Plato's been dead for a few years now.
2001-08-14 10:53:31 AM  
Proof that Lisa Simpson is hard at work. Anyone remember her writing her memoir? It went a little something like this:

"And that's how I cured all disease, ended war, and reunited the entire cast of TV's `Facts of Life', including long-time holdout, Tootie."
2001-08-14 10:55:09 AM  
British: Man, a Different Strokes reunion movie would rock. Arnold would still look like a little kid as it is discovered that he was actually an adult midget too lazy to get a job in the original series so he lied about being an orphan. Willis will be all strung out on heroin and kill himself during the filming of the movie. They'll incorporate it into the plot and we can see Willis' dead carcus swinging from the chandelear or however the hell you spell that. The white chick will keep trying to grind on Arnold's love pole and when Arnold can't get it up she quits the production and they fill it with stock footage from one of her pornos. Now that's entertainment.
2001-08-14 10:56:29 AM  
My scenario doesn't work, I didn't know the white chick was dead. Thanks Demosthenes. So the movie can just be filled with her porno stock footage then.
2001-08-14 10:58:36 AM  
Mr. Drummond is dead as well. Heck, probably their first housekeeper(not pearl) is pushing up daises too.
2001-08-14 11:00:01 AM  
Let's see, what's left? We can't have an "A-Team" reunion movie... George Peppard (a.k.a. "Hannibal") is dead... I think everyone would puke at the thought of another goddamned "Knight Rider".... how about a reunion movie for "What's Happening!"? I think everyone is still kicking from that show.... does anyone know if Mabel King is still alive? I know Rog and Rerun are... they show up on late night shows once in a while (I think Rerun was just on Conan not too long ago...)...
2001-08-14 11:02:12 AM  
Welcome Back Kotter(sp), now there's a reunion I'd like to see.
2001-08-14 11:02:51 AM  
lets catch up with the cast,
Jo is a militant lesbian now and bores everyone with her scientific arguments on Fark.
Tootie married a rich guy as his 3rd trophy wife.
Natalie is featured on
that little boy is now a flaming faggot,(nothing changed there)
ah screw it.
2001-08-14 11:03:19 AM  
"Welcome Back Kotter"!!! Good one!

I still wouldn't mind seeing a "Barney Miller" reunion. I always liked that show...
2001-08-14 11:04:26 AM  
The only way Natalie could get 2 marriage proposals:

She's a web-cam whore!
2001-08-14 11:12:28 AM  
"Taylor said everyone involved with the project watched countless episodes of "Facts of Life" to get into the spirit."

I guess human rights organizations forbid US death row inmates from that activity as it was deemed "cruel and unusual punishment".

Now a "Joanie Loves Chachi" reunion...THAT would be entertaining, *gag, choke, heave*
2001-08-14 11:16:36 AM  
The kotter kids did a little reunion for mtv movie awards, the pulp fiction parody,

Abe vigoda and jack soo are dead though,

Laverne and Shirley reunion,
ren and stimpy reunion,
Bob Newhart reunion,
Fat Albert reunion
2001-08-14 11:16:57 AM staying power? It was on for 10 freaking years! (not that it should have been)
2001-08-14 11:20:55 AM  
Admit it, you'd all want to see a Full House reunion...

Going for gag reflex here.
2001-08-14 11:23:08 AM  
About all the anti-Natalie comments: um, last time I checked, fat people get married all the time. Sometimes I can't even believe how lame, crass and stupid people can be when they write comments.

Henchman: good call on the Lisa Simpson quote. I always thought that line would've been more accurate had it been "long-time hold out Jo" as she has always been the one who has refused to return.
2001-08-14 11:23:41 AM  
Jack Soo died while "Barney Miller" was still on the air... but Abe Vigoda is still alive... He also makes periodic appearances on Conan.
2001-08-14 11:24:35 AM  
How about a You Can't Do That On Television reunion? Alanis could sing .. did anyone else from that show ever do anything?
2001-08-14 11:24:44 AM  
Kenh, don't joke about that... I would lay odds that some time over the next five years there probably WILL be a "Full House" reunion... and probably a "Family Matters" reunion as well...
2001-08-14 11:32:29 AM  
"Just The 10 Of Us" reunion...AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!
2001-08-14 11:35:03 AM  
According to the Dead People Server, Conrad Bain (Mr. Drummond on Diff'rent Strokes) is still alive. So they can *almost* do a reunion show...I think the little red-headed kid is now in a punk band or something--I know he played the obnoxious kid "Budnick" on "Salute Your Shorts."
2001-08-14 11:37:04 AM  
Too bad what's-her-name is dead, otherwise, we'd see a Different Strokes reunion!!

How about a reuniuon (assuming Dick van Patten is still alive) for Eight is Enough?

-he who stacks pork
2001-08-14 11:42:06 AM  
If Herve Villeslhch--.. Villechai-.... If the little guy who played Tattoo was still alive, I think a "Fantasy Island" reunion, complete with Ricardo Montalban as Mr Roarke would be SWEET!
2001-08-14 11:43:19 AM  
2001-08-14 11:53:12 AM  
Demosthenes: Herve Villechaize. But I thought that Ricardo bit it, too? I could be wrong on that one, and am actually pretty sure that I am...
2001-08-14 11:54:35 AM  
No, I'm almost positive that Ricardo "Corinthian Leather?" "Wrath of Khan" Montalban is still alive and well...
2001-08-14 11:55:51 AM  
I saw abe vigoda on conan, believe me, he's dead.

Loveboat reunion
three's company reunion
charlies angels reunion
or any show with Don Rickles,

2001-08-14 11:57:29 AM  
As long as there is never, EVER a "Cosby Show" or "Different World" reunion (or ANYTHING with Lisa Bonet or Jasmine Guy, for that matter), I'll be happy.
2001-08-14 11:58:36 AM  
on the red headed kid being in a punk band, anyone else notice a shocking increase in the number of crappy punk bands floating around? i swear, every club in baltimore has at least one crappy punk band a night saying 'this is our first show' and butchering what would be good songs if i liked punk.

How old is Benson?
2001-08-14 12:00:36 PM  
Can't we all just drive-our-cars-at-gigh-speed-
a-change-like-a-good-book along?
2001-08-14 12:01:54 PM  
Might I make a suggestion?
[image from too old to be available]
2001-08-14 12:01:59 PM  
I'm sorry, I thought Mr. Drummond was dead, but it was in fact, Devon from Knight Rider who kicked the KITT bucket.

Hey maybe that annoying redhead kid's band could tour with TINA YOTHERS' band. Tee hee!
2001-08-14 12:02:28 PM  
Ahhh Scrpaing, they did ya one better on the love boat reunion. They made a new version. They had the dude that played Dan Tanna on "Vegas" as the new Captain. Guess ya must have missed it, easy to understand, it was on UPN.
2001-08-14 12:02:39 PM  
LOL, "Benson".

Anybody remember a stupid show called "Small Wonder"? I think a reunion of that one would be so sad it would almost be entertaining... Or, on that note, so would "Charles in Charge" or "Out of This World"...
2001-08-14 12:04:02 PM  
Do you mean Robert Urich? I *think* he's the guy that played the captain on the new Love Boat....
2001-08-14 12:04:46 PM  
Benson, aka Robert Guillaume. born 11/30/27
2001-08-14 12:05:39 PM  
Punky Brewster! Bring back Punky!
2001-08-14 12:08:30 PM  
Yes Demo, thats the guy. He of Cybersonnic infomercial fame. God how the mighty have fallen.

/open MCP
BB, I like the idea of a Punky reunion. The little chick that played Punky has grown quite a nice set of Boobies as she has aged.
/close MCP
2001-08-14 12:08:31 PM  
If only she hadn't gotten the boobie-reduction would I want to see that.
2001-08-14 12:09:05 PM  
oops, missing BizB: there.
2001-08-14 12:09:06 PM  
Bring back Punky Brewster!? Good lord! You certainly chose an appropriate name, BizarreBehavior! ;-)
2001-08-14 12:13:01 PM  
that travesty that was the new love boat completely went against the spirit of the only true love boat.

I actually saw the last episode of Charles in Charge,
I was channel surfing, stopped on it and the end was really weird, they just stopped acting and said, well this is the last show, they had a big curtain call and started crying.
I thought I was on drugs, but it was the only cold ending I have ever seen of a tv show.
2001-08-14 12:14:26 PM  
bring back Love American Style! Now!
2001-08-14 12:17:54 PM  
I want to see
Lancelot Link, Super Chimp
2001-08-14 12:22:00 PM  
Funny someone mentioned Punky. Like Miss Frye, Kim "Tootie" Fields also grew up to sport enormous DD-cup breasts (yay!) then had them reduced (boo!).

[image from too old to be available]
2001-08-14 12:22:02 PM  
Demosthenes: I recently read that a "Knight Rider" feature film is in work or in discussion. You're right. I had to choke back the vomit when I read that. The article described as "Matrix style." Those a$$holes in H-wood are going to kill Matrix if they don't stop milking it.
2001-08-14 12:24:54 PM  
I want "Manimal" and "Man From Atlantis" reunions. In the same movie. Like Manimal From Atlantis with Duffy McCorkindale as the web-handed wonder.
2001-08-14 12:26:46 PM  
"Manimal".... I remember that brief little series... I think they actually cancelled that one mid-episode... LOL!
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