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2906 clicks; posted to Main » on 14 Aug 2001 at 10:25 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-08-14 10:47:02 AM  
not only is this not obvious, this is bullshiat. tons of over-hyped, crappy movies do great box office.
2001-08-14 10:55:55 AM  
Case in point: "PEARL HARBOR"
2001-08-14 10:59:17 AM  
How much did American Pie 2 do this weekend? Anyone see it?
2001-08-14 11:00:47 AM  
Over hyped, _____ do poorly.

Fill in the blank: politicians, tv shows, dot-com's....
2001-08-14 11:01:37 AM  
Man, I'm glad to learn about the film industry practices. I don't think I'll ever go see a film on opening weekend again. I'd rather my money stay in the local economy. American Pie 2 got about $45.1 million. They say it's the highest ever opening gross for an R rated comedy. Go figure.
2001-08-14 11:02:13 AM  
It did pretty well, according to Yahoo... but the critics panned it as "more of the same" and "not as original or interesting as the first one". I guess that's kind of what I was expecting... then again, it's the concept of re-using the same formula that caused movies like "Jurassic Park III" and "Scream III" to make a hefty profit....
2001-08-14 11:04:37 AM  
Ummm, how about another "obvious"? Maybe they show the same movie on several screens because the movie sux!! They want to get while the getting's good, before people who have seen it can tell others not to bother? Just wondering........
2001-08-14 11:06:28 AM  
American pie was original and interesting? what did I miss?
(can we forget about the stupid pie scene?)
2001-08-14 11:19:12 AM  
When I went to see American 2 yesterday at Star theater (largest theater chain in Michigan), there were only 4 people in theater 9 with me watching the movie. I think they may be right on this issue.

A2 had more character developement (whereas in the first one I didn't even know the names of the main characters besides Jim and Nadia, since it didn't really focus on them) than the previous movie, and for that reason is far superior. The plot is predictable but pretty funny (not all of it is about sex, some is about situation comedy.. again, not situation comedy soley built around sex). If you have seen the end of the first movie, you will know how this one ends by using common sense. Thats the greatest flaw of the movie. It does have some of the same elements as the first (i.e. the focus on sex), but that doesn't make it another rehased sequel. I still have yet to figure out why critics can hate a movie like A2, call it unoriginal, and then give good reviews to the next Disney movie which was ripped off from a japanese anime / manga series. They call that original when its not, which furthers my belief that critics are overly cynical, and uneducated in the movies which they review.
2001-08-14 11:27:29 AM  
The problem is the education system in the United Emirates of Amerika. Kids these days (and scarily, most adults) have a really low IQ and in general are easily amused. Unfortunately, these lowlifes go on to reproduce as well.

-he who stacks pork
2001-08-14 11:29:09 AM  
I'm tempted to start arguing here about how the good movies never do well either, but then I remembered, I haven't seen any really good movies this year. Shrek has so far been the best thing I've seen. I know that Fellowship of the Ring will be one of the few good, memorable movies this year (not to be confused with the movies we remember because of how much they suck).

I'm personally looking forward to Jay & Silent Bob Strikes Back in a couple of weeks, but I'm a Kevin Smith fan.
2001-08-14 11:31:18 AM  
Here's an idea, don't overhype them, and when bad movies come out, nobody see them. Then when movies with great plots and character development, direction and what not come out. See them.

naaaaah, America could never get that... looks like it's back to the arthouse for me.
2001-08-14 11:32:04 AM  
let's try that again
[image from too old to be available]
2001-08-14 12:20:23 PM  
Dang, Squinth beat me to that brilliant observation. Word of mouth kills crappy movies. Get the cash before word of mouth happens.

I think American Pie and Planet of the Apes did so well because people were dying for a good movie this summer. They had all stunk royally, so people are getting in their last chances at seeing decent flicks before summer is over.

Shrek was also my favorite of the year so far, but Memento was also a very good flick (if you wanna actually THINK through a movie).

We can only hope that digital distribution will help the GOOD smaller release movies. If megaplexes can turn off crappy blockbusters after they've made their take on open weekend, perhaps they can flip ON those quality movies that only get shown on one or two screens. Of course, this assumes the indie houses can actually DO digital.
2001-08-14 12:22:34 PM  
This article is about as interesting as the crop of movies from the last two years.
2001-08-14 12:26:58 PM  
I never go see movies on the first few weekends they are out. I don't want my cash being included in their marketing reports.
2001-08-14 12:45:54 PM  
2001-08-14 01:14:51 PM  
The only movies I watch are porno. I'm rarely disappointed.
2001-08-14 01:24:21 PM  
funny. movie producer's thought line...
"Since we are not making money on long term, why is that? Is it because our movies are crap and no one is going to see it a few weeks later and goin multiple times? No! It's because more people are seeing it on opening night. We're rich and we're great!"

Bah! and then we're introduced to "Attack of the Clones"
2001-08-14 03:43:36 PM  
I think it started a few lears back with films like "congo" and and "godzilla" whereby the advertising cost seemed to surpass the cost of the films themselves. I guess through pavlov's classical conditioning method we as consumers should refuse to see the films until after the first weekend, or preferrably until release on dvd, just to fark with an industry that obviously is taking formulas to create cheap entertainment quick, and release it to the masses knowing full well they will make their money if the product is good or not. In particular, reality tv, this trend is a total sellout of the industry, where can we go from here, has anyone seen "the running man" by King?
2001-08-14 04:28:44 PM  
Didn't Stephen King make them take his name off the movie Running Man? It was not even CLOSE to the story he wrote,, is too bad cause could have been an awesome movie instead of that worthless pile of crap they put on film.
2001-08-14 04:36:21 PM  
Seeing how godawful Final Fantasy was and how poorly it did. I wouldn't be too suprised if Sony Brought back David Manning
2001-08-14 04:59:29 PM  
Memento was very good. Not great, but very good. Next flick for me is Sexy Beast...
2001-08-14 05:13:20 PM  
"Running Man" was a Bachman book... the movie shared the title and little else, aside from some names of characters and only the barest concept of the plot...

Speaking of Bachman books, I think it would be cool if a decent director/screenwriter did a big screen adaptation of "The Long Walk"... I've always loved that one.
2001-08-14 05:14:49 PM  
Anybody elese get nauseous everythime the "Planet of the Apes" ad proclaims "the brilliant mind of Tim Burton"? Oh gad.
2001-08-14 06:11:16 PM  
rock the fark on Fb
2001-08-14 06:17:24 PM  
planet of the apes was really depressing.
2001-08-14 06:29:32 PM  
Planet of the apes was full of cheap jokes and "monkey business"

It can be summed up in 3 words

"20th century fox"
2001-08-14 06:30:03 PM  
God bless you Fb- !
2001-08-14 07:38:11 PM  
The only real good movie of the last two years was "Fight Club", and I didn't see it until it came on HBO. It's not just about people getting beat up, you know.
2001-08-14 08:28:47 PM  
Thats exactly what I thought it was about. Then I got to watch the first 30 minuts of it and was like "holy shiat, I love this movie"
Then I fina;ly ogt to watch it on HBO.. It was awsome.
Onbe of my all time favorite movies... I need to read the book.
2001-08-14 08:51:37 PM  
This proves that for the most part, American movie goers have a lemming's attitude. Not only do they clamor for morons (Tom Green, MTV, American Pie, etc.), they also are swayed by box office receipts. They equate "#1 at the box office" with quality.
2001-08-14 09:21:52 PM  
Demosthenes: uh, Backman is King. His pseudo name. But i'm sure you know that. And yeah, i think The Long Walk would make a great movie also.

yet again posting hours after everyone else.

i rock.
2001-08-14 10:55:31 PM  
Yeah, Bachman is Stephen King.... "The Running Man", "Rage", "The Long Walk" and I think "Roadwork" were the four released together in one volume collectively called "The Bachman Books". I thought all of them except "Roadwork" were pieces of sheer brilliance of writing... I never really got very enthusiastic about "Roadwork" though. I thought it was kind of lame by comparison to the other three.

"Thinner" was a really great novel under the name Richard Bachman as well. The movie they made of it wasn't even that bad...
2001-08-14 11:02:56 PM  
Actually, King got his name removed from LAWNMOWER MAN.

He should get it removed from almost everything except Misery and Delores Claiborne, IMHO.
2001-08-15 12:01:49 AM  
Y.D Load: Fight Club is the best movie ever. Now I see every Ed Norton movie that comes out, because he did such a good acting job in FC.
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