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2002-11-25 01:45:24 AM  
*Exactly* why I want to make a screenplay...
2002-11-25 06:41:19 AM  
Cool! I will definitely see this - I loved the first two!
2002-11-25 06:42:41 AM  
I pronounce it to be the most whimsical joke of the season!
2002-11-25 06:43:19 AM  
Watch it! I might just roll over and yawn at yah!
2002-11-25 06:43:53 AM  
Doesn't mean you have to go see it..

FYI.. the first two sucked... they weren't "scary movies" they were "lets use up my friends 16mm film with a few trees and darkness and confuse the hell out of everyone and then say it is scary and make a TON of hype about our crappy 16mm film with horrible acting and a bunch of dark trees and some cool crafts hanging from those trees during the daytime."
2002-11-25 06:44:27 AM  
Next they'll make a welcome back kotter movie.
2002-11-25 06:44:57 AM  
The first, a great way to shoot a film. I dry-heaved. I enjoyed and thought for a moment, could this actually be true.

The second, never saw it.

The third, according to the IMDB (an excellent website), was "in production" last January. Still trying to get a plot?
2002-11-25 06:45:18 AM  
Anyone else see that Bambi 2 skit on SNL last Saturday.. that was hillarious....
2002-11-25 06:47:26 AM  
well, at least it looks like they are going with the original director from the first one. Maybe that is a good sign.
2002-11-25 06:52:50 AM  
Yay. As if the industry wasn't already sucking enough, they decide to suck more!
2002-11-25 06:54:22 AM  
If they can spend $20,000 to make $200,000,000, why not? Its all about making more with less. They get more, you get less. That's the Hollywood way.
2002-11-25 06:54:47 AM  
Uh, Nick4753, did you even see the second one? It bore absolutely zero relation, stylistically, to the first one.

Personally, I thought the first one was fantastic. I was lucky enough to see a very early sneak preview, long before the hype undercut the is-it-fake-or-not appeal, and I had heard nothing at all about it. Freaked me out. The second one was the most horrible sequel I've seen in my entire life. It threw out absolutely everything that worked about the first one and replaced it with blood, gore, and boobies. It was the first time I'd ever actually been tempted to throw things at a movie screen. It would have been worth getting kicked out.

If the writers go back and try to come up with an original idea this time, there are enough loose ends from BW I to make a decent BW III. A prequel set in the 19th century might be interesting. However, if BW III even acknowledges that the events of BW II happened, it'll probably suck.
2002-11-25 06:55:17 AM  
nick, i don't think it was new... it was the eminem/kirstendunst episode, right? aired last spring. but yeah, bambi 2 was hilarious.
2002-11-25 06:55:43 AM  
The really scary Blair:

[image from too old to be available]
2002-11-25 06:55:44 AM  
Make the bad man stop!
2002-11-25 06:57:15 AM  
I saw the first film on acid. The walk home scared me more cause 2 people were having a fight in slow moton accross the street and a tree started moving from it's roots beside the road.
so. there ya go.
2002-11-25 06:58:18 AM  
When (And if) Scary Movie 3 comes out, I will honestly be able to say that there are no new good movie ideas.
2002-11-25 06:59:02 AM  
The first one was good - I bought into it. I think it failed people that didn't have a very strong imagination - the sort of people that need bigger & better explosions and more explicit sex scenes each time a new movie comes out to keep them interested.

The second, however, I haven't yet had the pleasure of, but I have been advised to avoid it.
2002-11-25 07:05:47 AM  
razak, you suck, those recruiting games are ridiculous.
2002-11-25 07:14:35 AM  
Considering the second one was soo awesome...
2002-11-25 07:39:10 AM  
This is old news, If i remember correctly, they signed a contract to do 6 Blair Witch movies right after the first one was released and became a hit. Not really out of ideas, they *have* to do it.
2002-11-25 07:53:38 AM  
Jeb3diah, the contract was just for two more, not six. Everybody will sleep easier knowing that, I'm sure.
2002-11-25 07:53:39 AM  
hmm... best thing use of the stupid tag i've ever seen.
2002-11-25 07:54:29 AM  
11-25-02 06:58:18 AM Ohnoitschris
When (And if) Scary Movie 3 comes out, I will honestly be able to say that there are no new good movie ideas.

It's already set to start filming in March. This time it won't be a horror spoof, none of the Wayans brothers will be involved and it will only be in theaters for about five minutes.

Well, we can at least hope for that last one.
2002-11-25 08:13:49 AM  
And this would be different from 'Rocky 99' how???
2002-11-25 08:15:03 AM  
Ah well.. actually this has been in the works since before the first one was released.. the two directors always wanted to do this one.. it was the second one that the studio pushed out just to make some quick cash..
2002-11-25 09:02:56 AM  
The first Blair Witch was even scarier than the time I slapped that whore.
2002-11-25 09:11:30 AM  
Hytes Xian: That's 'cos you didn't use a "Pop" tart!!



Thank you.
2002-11-25 09:23:35 AM  
Jesus, screw BW3, what is this "Heart of Love" that the writing/directing team also appears to be working on? A movie starring Gallagher and Don Knotts? Is this some kinda irony-soaked emo joke?
2002-11-25 09:24:04 AM  
Regardless of the plot, acting, etc., I liked the second one 'cause the redhead was hot. :)

I was also probably drunk.
2002-11-25 09:26:57 AM  
I liked the first one. Didn't think it was particularly scary, kind of spooky in places, but not scary really. Did not see the second one, but heard that it sucked a LOT. I think the thing that pissed off most people who didn't like the first one was that they went in thinking it would be another Jason, Freddy Kruger clone. When it really wasn't that sort of thing.

I mostly liked it because it did a good job of illistrating how stupid people can get when they are stressed and under pressure. I know a lot of people who complained that it was a stupid movie because the characters did not do all of these "logical" things that THEY would have done; but as someone who has been lost out in the woods at night with several otherwise intelligent and logical peopl all I can say is, yeah right.
2002-11-25 09:41:03 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-11-25 09:50:22 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-11-25 09:54:49 AM  
The second one was the most horrible sequel I've seen in my entire life

Never saw Caddyshack 2, eh?

There are plenty of good ideas in (and outside of) Hollywood. They just never see the light of day.
2002-11-25 10:00:24 AM  
I thought that both Blair Witch movies were horrible. I am a fan of cinema and movies in general and the first Blair Witch was not scary. It was a psyhcological "thriller". They needed hype and internet marketing to make a success out of a $20,000 movie.

I will say that it did work as a psychological film, but not horror. And was I the only one that got motion sickness from the shaky camera? I don't like getting physically nauseous from watching a movie.
2002-11-25 10:04:57 AM  
What helped me to enjoy the first Blair Witch film was the background info I had going into the movie. I picked up one of those "missing persons" mini-posters at a local comic store which contained the "mythology of the Blair Witch." Armed with that, and a comic book detailing the events leading up to the "monster's" creation, I was able to pick up on a lot more of the details the movie presented. However, I don't want to see 2 hours of a handy-cam while I'm sitting in the third row again.

That said, I really wish they'd made it to the old town's graveyard. :)

Never saw the second one; it looked like teh suck.
2002-11-25 10:07:56 AM  
And this is the scariest Blair Witch of all:

[image from too old to be available]
2002-11-25 10:08:11 AM  
I liked Blair Witch the first time... when it was called Cannibal Holocaust
2002-11-25 10:31:29 AM  
hahaha, came up with that whole "proof that jesus died in vain" rating just because blair witch 2 was that bad.

thankfully i've never seen any of them.
2002-11-25 10:45:43 AM  
I liked both movies but then again I liked castle freak!
2002-11-25 11:50:31 AM  
Wait, they made a Blair Witch 2?
2002-11-25 12:00:34 PM  
Hollywood is out of ideas (the next few dozen threads)

Coming in 2003:
Baby Geniuses 2: Superbabies
Bad Boys 2
Barbershop 2
Blair Witch 3
Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason
Cats & Dogs 2
Dumb & Dumber 2: When Harry Met Lloyd
Exorcist: The Beginning
Fast and the Furious 2, The
Freddy Vs. Jason
Highlander: The Source
Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde
Meet the Fockers
Mortal Kombat 3: Domination
Resident Evil: Nemesis
Scary Movie 3: Episode I - Lord of the Brooms
Spy Kids 3
Starsky & Hutch
Super Knight Rider 3000
Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines
Time Cop 2
Tron Killer App
Whole Ten Yards, The
X-Men 2

Coming in 2004:
Amazing Spider-Man, The
Die Hard 4
Fantastic Four
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Kung Pow 2: Tongue of Fury
Rush Hour 3
Scooby-Doo 2
Seriously Dude, Where's My Car?
Shrek 2
True Lies 2
War of the Worlds, The
2002-11-25 12:02:18 PM  
2002-11-25 12:04:04 PM  
Stupid link checker. Screwit. You get the idea.
2002-11-25 12:06:15 PM  
Hollywood may be out of ideas, but as well as loving indie and slightly askew films, I'm anticipating Spider-Man 2, X-men, Catwoman, The War of the Worlds (if it gets made into a good movie), Bridget Jones 2 (That is based on the sequel to the book, so cut it some slack) and The Fantastic Four. The others, I worry about.
2002-11-25 12:29:17 PM  
"Freddy Vs. Jason" could be watchable, provided it gets the same level of seriousness applied to, say, "Army of Darkness."
2002-11-25 12:35:38 PM  
I made the mistake of buying that POS on DVD before seeing it. Everyone raved about it so much that I figured it would be a keeper. I can't think of another movie that sucked quite so hard. Months later a friend asked to borrow it so I gave it to him on one condition: that he never return it.
2002-11-25 12:47:34 PM  
I liked Blair Witch the first time... when it was called Cannibal Holocaust

Oh yeah, there's a real good example of how to do a horror movie right....


The first Blair Witch was interesting, but overhyped. Didn't bother with the second one. The original was something that you could really only do once and trying play off of it would be a mistake and overkill...
2002-11-25 01:47:22 PM  
I agree with CDR, the redhead in BWII had nice boobies. And the blonde was the cute sister from Kidco...

Glad to know showbiz has been treating her so well!!!

/obligatory scarcasm tag
2002-11-25 01:48:45 PM  

I agree with CDR, the redhead in BWII had nice boobies. And the blonde was the cute sister from Kidco...

Glad to know showbiz has been treating her so well!!!

/obligatory scarcasm tag
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