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(Some Guy)   Women try to break world's record for largest simultanious breast feeding.   ( divider line
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1697 clicks; posted to Main » on 14 Aug 2001 at 7:26 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-08-14 07:31:53 AM  
2001-08-14 07:40:39 AM  
eeew. i'm glad this wasn't labeled Boobies.
2001-08-14 07:57:15 AM  
Is there anything more endearing than the thought of a baby suckling at its' mother's breast? Well, maybe the thought of hundreds of swollen half-exposed boobies gathered in one place.
2001-08-14 09:11:36 AM  
are they looking for volunteers? i sure do suck
2001-08-14 09:12:27 AM  
Watching bare-breasted escorts from London running from a naplam dump would be very endearing.
2001-08-14 09:29:27 AM  
Unless this is pron its pathetic.
2001-08-14 09:33:08 AM  
They ought to make this some sort of endurance event, like a dance marathon. Each woman would keep suckling until she runs out of the good stuff, then she'd drop out. The last one standing -- I mean sitting would win. Everyone could bring their babies down for free feedings and even provide drinks for the women to keep their supply up. What would the winner receive, though? Wouldn't need a year's supply of formula or a breast pump...maybe a case of nipple cream. Any suggestions?
2001-08-14 10:32:32 AM  
Maybe the winner receives a free vasectomy for their husband?
2001-08-14 11:03:15 AM  
Udderly insane! (commence groaning)
2001-08-14 11:15:40 AM  
A Look at Some of the Contestants (safe for work):

[image from too old to be available]
2001-08-14 11:20:36 AM  
Yeah baby, that's where the action is NOT!

-he who stacks pork
2001-08-14 11:27:28 AM  
It's nice that the Girl Scouts volunteered thier time to help baby sit. It's a good conditioning exercise for thier future.
2001-08-14 11:32:13 AM  
Ladies! Let's get ready to LACTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATE!!
2001-08-14 12:55:29 PM  
As long as they don't do it in a KMart.
2001-08-14 01:21:33 PM  
Sweet! This is in my hometown. My coworkers are planning to attend and show our support.

What a great way to get our town on the map. *chuckles*
2001-08-14 02:24:19 PM  
Is it just me, or are these world record bids getting a wee bit out of hand? Breast-feeding women? Pole dancing? Giant hamburgers? Who gives a crap who made the largest bean burrito with the largest nacho chip and salsa? Will creating the longest line of conga dancers with speech impediments really solve world problems?

Okay, the world's largest ball of twine can stay, because that's just plain cool.
2001-08-14 03:50:15 PM  
Anyone ever read, "The Biggest Tongue in Tunisia"?
2001-08-14 05:20:53 PM  
Yes! I had that book. Pretty damn funny actually. I recall a certain "Chatanooga Jew-Chew Imitation Pork-flavored bubble gum".
2001-08-14 05:50:34 PM  
I wish I had the book at work! I would have scanned that one to post to the offensive products article today. Maybe tonight, but the article is so low in the list now, nobody'll see it.

That, and "Never Eat Anything Bigger Than Your Head" are Kliban classics!
2001-08-14 07:27:33 PM  
So, where does one sign up at?
2001-08-14 08:12:37 PM  
I'm waiting for PETA's stance on this before I can make an informed decision
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