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(NY Daily News)   Bush twins turning 21. World laments having no more wacky underage drinking stories   ( divider line
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2002-11-24 06:49:43 AM  
What!?!?!? No more "What Would Jenna Do?" stories? OMG, Hell has definitely frozen over. What are we going to do when we need new farking Bush fodder?

Oh, never mind, I forgot, we're talking about GWB. I'm sure he'll have some sort of gaff in the next day or two; otherwise we'll have some world leader of his/her second calling GWB a dumbass. When you have a character like him, you will ALWAYS have material, its only a matter of time!

This really should be a voting enabled survey: "Now that Jenna is 21, what will GWB do to embarass himself now? He obviously doesn't have her to distract the media!"
2002-11-24 08:35:29 AM  
this is very obvious, but 21yrs. old means maybe a spread in Hustler. they for sure ain't Playboy material, but notoriety might get them in Penthouse. i wanna see them fighting over a big black dildo while dressed in cheerleader's outfit. yeah! that's it!! can't go wrong with cheerleader clothes.
2002-11-24 09:15:38 AM  
Yeah, yeah...

Wake me when the Gore daughters film a "Red Shoe Diaries" episode... co-starring me as "Sven, the pool man".
2002-11-24 11:54:39 AM  
On the good side, the chances of finding their raped, bloodied and dismembered corpses on the side of a road somewhere has greatly increased.
2002-11-24 01:11:45 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-11-24 01:12:55 PM  
id hit both of those drunken ho's
2002-11-24 01:13:05 PM  
Old_Gringo laments lack of html skills.

Sorry. I'm going to my room now......
2002-11-24 01:14:16 PM  
Here are a few words of wisdom:
Since you are a Bush, beware of pretzels.

2002-11-24 01:15:17 PM  
Old Gringo... u mean this?

[image from too old to be available]
2002-11-24 01:15:45 PM  
Secret Service as designated drivers - hah! That's funny.

I wonder how those Secret Service agents feel about their assignments?
2002-11-24 01:15:48 PM  
Im with Supichoo, id hit them!!
2002-11-24 01:16:24 PM  
Absolooterly!!!!!! I am a total screw up. Anyhoo, enjoy the pic.....
2002-11-24 01:17:30 PM  
Qually: wow! really? you mean i been missin out on sellin my sweet bum on camera for 20 some years? ooooh crap!
2002-11-24 01:19:31 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-11-24 01:21:42 PM  
"Bush twins turning 21. World laments having no more wacky underage drinking stories"

What about wacky coke snorting stories?

Speedball anyone?
2002-11-24 01:21:52 PM  
it just hit me....
are you one of those bores that corrects people's grammer during a conversation at a social event?
i mean, i was just having fun imagining the bush twins gone wild.
i wasn't into the logistics of it all.
relax... breathe... put somthing up the sphinkter <- misspelling?
2002-11-24 01:26:31 PM  
The dark headed one looks real good.
2002-11-24 01:30:26 PM  
What? No "I'll hit it?"

21 means legal in all states, right?
2002-11-24 01:36:46 PM  
21... it's legal both ways in all the states
2002-11-24 01:41:09 PM  
Happy Birthday!

[image from too old to be available]

It's no coincidence that their names are Jenna and Barbara.
2002-11-24 01:42:59 PM  
I suppose now they'll have to go the way of Cousin Noel in Florida to create family scandals. Anyone got a crack pipe they can spare?
2002-11-24 01:45:03 PM  
At least the Bushes have decent genes. Laura is much more attractive than Hillary and the twins are much easier on the eyes than Chelsea. Would anyone ever "hit" Chelsea? I don't think so.
And for all you horny farkers, the neice, Lauren Bush:
[image from too old to be available]
2002-11-24 01:45:07 PM  
is it just me, or does this look like a farked up dennis miller?

[image from too old to be available]
2002-11-24 01:45:51 PM  
DWI isn't age specific; They'll find a way to get into the news one way or the other.
2002-11-24 01:49:12 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
Sudie beat me to it.

For the record she's legal too. Just turned 18.
2002-11-24 01:51:01 PM  
Chelsea Clinton:

More brains than all the Bush girls together. I'd hit it
2002-11-24 01:54:22 PM  
Is it just me, or is Barbara (the brunette twin) the cuter one? I just hope she doesn't have the super-thick Texan drawl like her parents... that NBC PSA with the First Lady is farking torture man...
2002-11-24 01:54:57 PM  
I'd hit Lauren too, and maybe convert her to the Left Side.
2002-11-24 01:57:23 PM  
Is it just me, or do they look like twins by two different fathers?

Of maybe it's that they look like before/after models for plastic surgery.
2002-11-24 02:03:08 PM  
For the record, Joeyblowey is an idiot
2002-11-24 02:04:17 PM  
they both turned 21 on the same day? whoa..
2002-11-24 02:04:44 PM  
Nah, Joey's right on, actually.
2002-11-24 02:06:23 PM  
Barbara's hot. Jenna's got a few pounds to lose.

That being said, I'd buy either one a drink.
2002-11-24 02:14:39 PM  
A vote for me is a vote for solidarity.
2002-11-24 02:16:29 PM  
I like this photo. [image from too old to be available]
2002-11-24 02:21:27 PM  
and some day al gore III will be turning 21 so the press won't be reporting about his continual illegal drug usage...

oh wait, the liberal press doesn't ever report about that in the first place.

god bless our 2-term president gwb and our republican congress. amen.

2002-11-24 02:23:41 PM  
Jenna has a few "beer pounds" on her, but those are easy to lose.

You can lose extra pounds, but you have to be born with great cheekbones.
2002-11-24 02:25:55 PM  
Every time dad uses the word "evil" in public, down a shot.

Absolut hilarity!

(get it?)
2002-11-24 02:25:58 PM  
The funniest tip in the article:

"Every time dad uses the word 'evil' in public, down a shot."

Haha! That's gotta be the most non-stop drinking game ever!
2002-11-24 02:29:13 PM  
HarryBeanBag: act like a dittohead much?
2002-11-24 02:29:56 PM  
in other political news:

old and busted

Joined at the Heart
by Al Gore, Tipper Gore Sales Rank: 746

new hotness

Slander: Liberal Lies About the American Right
by Ann H. Coulter Sales Rank: 141

Let Freedom Ring: Winning the War of Liberty over Liberalism
by Sean Hannity Sales Rank: 28

2002-11-24 02:32:21 PM  
Mmmmmmmmm twin Bushes......
2002-11-24 02:33:07 PM  
all you've proved is that there are more dittoheads buying crap literature... as I recall, Mein Kampf was a best seller too; doesn't detract that he was a hatemonger.
2002-11-24 02:36:03 PM  
HarryBeanBag -

What's with the stupid "BOOYAH"? Are you channeling Al Pacino from "Scent of a Woman"?
2002-11-24 02:37:41 PM  
"Them what says a bird in the hand is better than two in the bush ain't been stickin' his hand in the right Bushes."
2002-11-24 02:37:49 PM  
HarryBeanBag: All right, I've got to ask you:

Why the hell do you always add "BOOYAH!!!!" to the end of your posts? Is it supposed to let us know that you're statements are full of truth and logic?
2002-11-24 02:40:53 PM  
HarryBeanBag -

I have to agree with Crotchrocket on this one. All that proves is that the American Public buys crappy books. So what?
2002-11-24 02:41:05 PM  
yeesh...Grammar police, do what you gotta...
2002-11-24 02:42:56 PM  
Anyway, FuzzyNutSack is just a troll, can we get back to slobbering after the next generation of America's Latest Laughable Political Dynasty again? The Kennedy's just ain't churning out the hotties these days...
2002-11-24 02:44:29 PM  
I think that's because most of them are dead.
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