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(Yahoo)   Snake charmer loses patience with snake who won't come out of box, grabs snake, gets bitten, dies   ( divider line
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158 clicks; posted to Main » on 24 Nov 2002 at 3:27 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-11-24 03:28:44 PM  

2002-11-24 03:29:30 PM  
If I grabbed my snake too hard, i'd scream! But probably not die.
2002-11-24 03:29:50 PM  
that must suck, impatient whores get what they deserve.
2002-11-24 03:30:45 PM  
What a maroon...
2002-11-24 03:30:56 PM  
Killed by his own snake,how Anbarasan
2002-11-24 03:32:37 PM  


[image from too old to be available]

2002-11-24 03:35:00 PM  
and just two days before retirement...
2002-11-24 03:35:09 PM  
A fellow performer said the victim was having difficulty getting his snake to come out of its box.

One word: Viagra
2002-11-24 03:36:51 PM  
2002-11-24 03:37:56 PM  
that last comment was supposed to say:
[image from too old to be available]
2002-11-24 03:39:21 PM  
I got bit by a goat at the Fair when I was a little kid, but I didn't die or anything.
2002-11-24 03:41:08 PM  
2002-11-24 03:41:31 PM  
"When the snake refused, Anbarasan pulled its tail and placed the cobra on the floor," he said. "However, without warning, the snake bit his left hand."

No warning? How about... IT'S A GODDAMN POISONOUS SNAKE?!?!
2002-11-24 03:47:48 PM  
Wasn't that the first lesson at snake charm school?

"Do not get bitten. It's a bad thing." or "Mind you cobra bites can be nasty."
2002-11-24 03:49:16 PM  
We seriously need a Kuala Lumpur tag.
2002-11-24 03:53:29 PM  
he must have lost all of his charm.
2002-11-24 03:56:41 PM  
As stupid as that was, I have to feel for the guy. I was bitten on the foot by a copperhead when I was 11, and it's by far the worst pain I've ever been in in my life. Imagine a skinny, 4 foot tall girl with a foot the size of a football.

2002-11-24 04:00:08 PM  
Break out the cigars, everyone. This man deserves the Darwin award.
2002-11-24 04:00:41 PM  
How is this ironic, Raekwon?

He works with cobras for a living. It seems to me that him getting bitten should come as no surprise.

Once again, people are misusing the word "ironic".
2002-11-24 04:01:57 PM  
My dog once had that same problem, getting his snake out of the box.

2002-11-24 04:07:50 PM  
Killed by his own snake,how Anbarasan"


Note to self: NEVER tough a cobra: apparently, they may bite without warning you.
2002-11-24 04:19:12 PM  
No no Wydok. He already had it in the box, he just couldnt get it out. I think a crowbar is the tool he needed
2002-11-24 04:19:27 PM  
Since some snakes are known to bite without any proper warning, snake handlers usually remove their poison glands. I guess this guy was more into keeping it real, good for him.
2002-11-24 04:29:20 PM  
Sucks to be him.
2002-11-24 04:41:16 PM  
I am a very busy man these days.

[image from too old to be available]
2002-11-24 04:46:17 PM  
One word .... dumbass ....
2002-11-24 05:39:08 PM  
Dude, didn't you read the Fark headline rulebook? Hilarity was supposed to ensue.
2002-11-24 05:43:59 PM  
If only it had been a radioactive snake... then he would have become a superhero!
2002-11-24 05:52:54 PM  
Will the next of kin sue the snake store?
2002-11-24 05:53:40 PM  
"Skinny, 4 foot tall girl with a foot the size of a football."

Mmmm... football foot...
2002-11-24 06:59:09 PM  
Ya know, the same thing happened to me once with a woman... in a metaphorical sort of way, but she did not die. Well, at least not from the bite. Ahem.
2002-11-24 07:01:02 PM  
A fellow performer said the victim was having difficulty getting his snake to come out of its box.
2002-11-24 07:04:28 PM  
11-24-02 03:47:48 PM LadyLazaruss
Wasn't that the first lesson at snake charm school?

Yeah, but what if you didn't make it to class that day because the school messed up on your registration.
See what happens.
2002-11-24 09:59:01 PM  
i would give him a darwin award
2002-11-25 03:37:05 AM  
His problem was simple. He didn't say "Crikey, he's a biggun! Isn't he a beaut? in a farked up Aussie twang.
Should of subscribed to Discovery Channel.
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