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(Yahoo)   Pot-selling ice cream man turned in by kids.   ( divider line
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1845 clicks; posted to Main » on 14 Aug 2001 at 7:26 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-08-14 07:36:00 AM  
I wish my ice-cream man drove around selling illegal drugs... that's what we call convenience, kids. I thought family values were a thing of the past. What the hell is going on here... damn kids bustin Big Worm. Those kids just don't know!
2001-08-14 07:36:12 AM  
I think this deserves the
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2001-08-14 07:38:07 AM  
Actually, this guy deserved getting thrown in jail, if you're gonna sell illegal drugs, you gotta do it the right way, being an icecream man is too obvious, you have to be... STEVE ERWIN!
2001-08-14 07:41:22 AM  
tattle tales...
2001-08-14 08:20:20 AM  
The I-C man selling Jamba to the kiddies? Man, I hope the kids bloody up the tattletale. Not a pothead myself though I would buy some off the guy for the humor value.
Not the worst I-C man used to sell us fireworks. I'd rather my kid have a joint than a blockbuster in his hand.
2001-08-14 08:38:05 AM  
there's a band somewhere that records music for ice cream trucks, i smell a "Behind The Music"
2001-08-14 08:54:01 AM  
"They said no and called police. Officers located the defendant a block away and a baggie of marijuana was recovered."

Sounds like the arresting officer was a kid too.

Lookout America! The sträfenkind are in your midst!
2001-08-14 09:33:50 AM  
in like 10 years thse kids are gonna be kicking themselves in the head.
2001-08-14 10:04:49 AM  
Friggin narcs
2001-08-14 10:08:07 AM  
a "baggie of marijuana".... who's writing this article? i'm betting the author is no stranger to pot, but that's just a hunch. come to think of it, sounds like he's using it as he was typing it up too.
2001-08-14 10:09:24 AM  
Dude! A pot seller that comes down your street, and if you wave him down, will stop in front of your place? Damn y'all ... in some places in this country, he could be making mad ends.
2001-08-14 10:37:23 AM  
Smokey, you betta not be smokin my bud!
2001-08-14 10:47:46 AM  
There's a reason he's called the Good Humor Man!
2001-08-14 10:50:04 AM  
Man - In my day I had to walk two miles in the snow uphill both ways to score a "baggie" of doobage.
Kids today don't know how easy they have it.
2001-08-14 11:04:53 AM  
From age 13-23 I never had any problems in finding a sack of dope. Meanwhile, at the age of 31, I am having the most difficult time!

-he who stacks pork
2001-08-14 11:44:52 AM  
"If convicted, Clayborne faces up to 18 months in prison."

I love these mandatory sentancing laws.... he could have killed one of those kids and in the right circumstances gotten off with less time in prison.

Americas war on drugs:
A waste of taxpayer money or tyrannical money grubbing Politicians Wage War on their constituants (take your pick)
2001-08-14 11:52:39 AM  
Flavor of the day...WEEEEEED!

Does it come with wafers?
2001-08-14 12:00:38 PM  
i wouldnt think this is creepy, but he was selling it to kids...probably little kids. i know because any kid with 2 digits in his age prolly wouldn'tve turned him in right off :P
2001-08-14 12:11:36 PM  
"Ok little feller, which flavor would you like today? The special is Wackey Tobacky Wild Flower."
2001-08-14 12:24:38 PM  
"If convicted, Clayborne faces up to 18 months in prison."
that's bullshiat, my friend got 5 years for the same thing, but instead of the ice cream truck he had a camaro, and instead of the baggie he had a pound. But he didn't try to sell it to any kids.
2001-08-14 12:32:53 PM  
There has been a big push lately here in Cincy (where this happened) to make it so ice cream truck drivers have to go through background checks. We had one of these guys get shot a few months ago, while out making deliveries at 11.30 in the evening. It's pretty damn obvious why he was out that late, and that's probably why he was shot.

As far as this guy goes, he was offering it to some pretty young kids, under 10 for sure. I am anti war on drugs, but this guy is definately scum.
2001-08-14 01:19:19 PM  
I kid you not, just two months ago I lived no more than two blocks from where this happened. Most of the people who live there are poor white trash. If the kids don't want to buy weed from the I/C guy, there's at least three other places within five blocks of there where they can get whatever they want. One of my neighbors there had a buckeye tree in his front yard cut down by some teenagers one night because they thought that it was marijuana. I'm SO glad that I moved.
2001-08-14 01:44:39 PM  
these kids today. back in my day, we had to walk 2 miles up the road to the dealers house because we didnt have a car. and then we had to wait there about 2 hours for his person to get there, because she had to work.

kids today have it so easy, and what do they do? they call the po-lice.
2001-08-14 02:13:39 PM  
ok, i dont have anything against smoking it... but selling it to kids that small is just not right. my kids go to an I-C truck.... and i can't imagine them being offered dope (they're 7 &9).... grrrrrrrrr... this does not go over well with me
2001-08-14 03:00:16 PM  
It's not the bag of dope, it's those EVIL papers they roll joints out of.

Somebody call the California legislature. We NEED BIG GOVERNMENT to ban...uh, no TAX, TAX, TAX those evil papers until kids can't afford to buy them.
2001-08-14 03:32:14 PM  
Kat [TotalFark]
2001-08-14 04:28:37 PM  
this isnt too out of the ordinary, the ice cream truck in my friends neighborhood sells everything, most parents dont let there kids near it. Pretty funny really, they dont have strawberry ice cream, but they have crack.
2001-08-14 05:00:02 PM  
Potheads are funny.
2001-08-14 06:08:05 PM  
I think we should ban ice-cream and make pot legal!!!
2001-08-14 06:47:16 PM  
Tom Lehrer
The Old Dope Peddler

When the shades of night are falling
Comes a fellow everyone knows
It's the old dope peddler
Spreading joy wherever he goes

Ev'ry evening you will find him
Around our neighborhood
It's the old dope peddler
Doing well by doing good

He gives the kids free samples
Because he knows full well
That today's young innocent faces
Will be tomorrow's clientele

Here's a cure for all your troubles
Here's an end to all distress
It's the old dope peddler
With his powdered happiness
2001-08-14 08:26:41 PM  
Y'know, in England that song was known as "The Old Pope Peddler."
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