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2002-11-22 09:45:05 PM
I dunno about waxing your string, but I could polish the sights, I guess, as long as you let me shoot the first deer that comes into the sights...
2002-11-22 09:46:13 PM
if nugent had his way, we'd all be taken out into the woods at the age of 3, put an animal down, slit the throat and drink the blood which pours out.
2002-11-22 09:47:45 PM
I haven't read all the posts so I apologize if my question is a repeat. How does one "check" a dead to make sure it's dead? Poke it with a stick....make sure it "looks" dead, or what? I'm obviously not a hunter.
2002-11-22 09:52:45 PM
Login: SunaYkael
Location: Fiesta Mall Parking Garage
Bio: Farking for fun, man.

I enjoy farking also. Polishing the sights, is tantamount to something my wife and I do after the bow hunt.

FifthColumn Get real! Ted Nugent is wild, show me where he ever said, or supported what you said a few minutes ago.
2002-11-22 09:53:30 PM
Good story for those deer huggers:

A fellow I know shot a deer a few years ago and the deer, being "only severely wounded", scampered promptly onto posted property. So the guy does the right thing and goes to the property owner for permission to retrieve his deer. She will have none of it, and insists on calling the game warden. The warden shows up and convinces the lady that the deer will most likely die anyway, so she may as well let the guy get his deer. The guy finds the deer but it isn't dead - and unfortunately the landowner had insisted he leave all firearms behind. So the guy is forced to pick up a big rock and bash the poor deer (no pun intended) over the head. Apparently this merely pisses the deer off and it runs off. Later, the guy finds the deer near a brook and is forced to drown it.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions... :-)
2002-11-22 09:55:25 PM
Amanda Macphisto, to "check" for dead, you use the tip of your bow to nudge the animal to see if there is a reaction.
2002-11-22 09:56:17 PM
I think this should have gotten the "HERO" tag for the Deer!
2002-11-22 09:58:24 PM
Hoodoiboobley "The road to hell is paved with good intentions... :-)"
Great post!
2002-11-22 09:58:37 PM
I personally don't hunt but most of my family does. I have no problem with hunting as long at you don't sit in a tree, under a feeder, etc. I think that's disgusting. It also makes my blood boil when jackasses kill a deer, then take the antlers and leave the animal. My grandparents lived out in the boonies when I was a younger. During deer season, I used to ride out with my grandfather in his old tractor and we'd inspect his property for carcasses that people just took the antlers and left the animal there. If you hunt fairly (no feeder etc) and actually eat the animal...I have absolutely no problem with anyone hunting. But if you sit in a tree, above a feeder, kill the deer and grab the antlers and run, you are a pathetic human being. And why not eat venison? It's great.

Personally, I think bowhunting is the greatest. Ted Nugent is my hero.
2002-11-22 10:01:29 PM
11-22-02 09:14:32 PM SunaYkael
I also believe strongly that people have the right to use natural resources - responsibly.

I agree, but we likely differ on our definitions of 'responibly' in this instance.
Without the hunting of game species, all wild species suffer.
Kind of arrogant, no? Without the intervention of humans in the ecosystem, nature would be doomed!
As a naturalist (studying to become a conservation biologist), I feel that vegetarianism is contrary to nature, and that veganism is flat out wrong.
As a naturalist, you're probably fairy concerned about the environment. You can't care about the environment and still eat factory farmed meat.
Please correct me if I'm wrong, but 6'2" and 240lbs was not grown without milk and meat...

No, you are correct. However, I've maintained and even(gained) in the few years since turning. I'm no hulk....I'm just saying that I'm not the gaunt flower loving type that was eluded to earlier.
If you did grow up on true animal protein, you stand on the shoulders of your genetic heritage and ignorantly wave the banner of hypocrisy as you broadcast the values of a philosophy you can not fully claim.
Granted, I wasn't born vegan. However, many people have been and lead a perfectly healthy life. I would only be hypocritical if meat were a requirement in a modern diet. It isn't. If you eat meat, you do so purely out of the desire to please your tastebuds, all the while ignoring pitiful, tortured life of the modern factory farm animal. If however you could care less about cruelty, then more power to you. Again...as I said before, the deer hunted and shot lives a better life than the chickens in the cage.
Veganism is just a lame hobby for pansy-munchers who have nothing better to do with their time.

2002-11-22 10:01:39 PM
Aria--Thanks for the insight. :)
2002-11-22 10:03:41 PM

Terrible Ted is not my hero, but it is nice to have a spokesman that people can relate to.
2002-11-22 10:04:28 PM
Meat eaters biatching about vegans are just as bad as vegans biatching about meat eaters. Both groups need to STFU. People will eat what they want. Get over it. End of story.
2002-11-22 10:07:06 PM
I personally don't hunt either, but support those who do kill and eat. But if I were to start, it'd definitely have to be with a bow. Retro stuff, like fly rods, really turn my crank. It's nice to get back to the old way, because you never know, one day you might find yourself picking up the pieces of a destroyed civilization.

Then again, if I really sucked at it, rifle it is. Being a bad shot can be cruel, you know.
2002-11-22 10:08:36 PM
As being from Philadelphia for the majority of my life I didn't have much experince with deer. But these past 4 years in the Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids area I've seen my share of deer.

Its damn scary when a herd of deer jump in front of your car while doing 70mph. My wife actually hit a deer once and she hit it so hard you couldn't open the passenger side door.

I'm not sure whether or not hunting is right. But when you are in a big deer area you get a whole different perspective.
2002-11-22 10:14:56 PM
Carrot Juice Is Murder (The Arrogant Worms)

Listen up brothers and sisters, come here my desperate tale
I speak of our friends of nature, trapped in the dirt like a jail
Vegtables live in oppression, served on out tables each night
This killing of veggies is madness, I say we take up the fight
Salads are only for murderers, cole slaw's a fascist regime
Don't think that they don't have feelings, just cause a radish can't scream

I've heard the screams of the vegetables, watching their skins being peeled
Grated and steamed with no mercy.. how do you think that feels?
Carrot juice constitutes murder.. greenhouses prisons for slaves
It's time to stop all this gardening.. let's call a spade a spade.

I saw a man eating celery, so I beat him black and blue
If he ever touches a sprout again, I'll bite him clean in two
I'm a political prisoner, trapped in a windowless cage
'Cause I stopped the slaughter of turnips, by killing five men in a rage
I told the judge when he sentenced me, this is my finest hour..
I'd kill those farmers again, just to save one more cauliflower

I've heard the screams of the vegetables, watching their skins being peeled
Grated and steamed with no mercy.. how do you think that feels?
Carrot juice constitutes murder.. greenhouses prisons for slaves
It's time to stop all this gardening.. let's call a spade a spade.

How low as people do we dare to stoop
Making our broccolis bleed in the soup
Untie your beans, uncage your tomatoes
Let potted plants free, don't mash that potato!

I've heard the screams of the vegetables, watching their skins being peeled
Grated and steamed with no mercy.. how do you think that feels?
Carrot juice constitutes murder.. greenhouses prisons for slaves
It's time to stop all this gardening.. let's call a spade a spade.
Is a spade is a spade is a spade is a... spade
2002-11-22 10:17:17 PM
"I'm not sure whether or not hunting is right. But when you are in a big deer area you get a whole different perspective."

*DISCLAIMER* I am not an animal psychologist/biologist/hunter, etc..

I live in a rural area and I can tell you that from what I have heard is that deer are more likely to jump in front of your car during hunting season because they are scared. So one could argue the alternative.
2002-11-22 10:26:38 PM
I will fall for the bait that the trolls have left.

Many posts ago, someone mentioned how shooting a gun requires no skill (I will not debate the degree of skill required for bow, knife, or spear in comparison with a rifle). I am in the Army. When I first joined, I had fantasies of myself being some great sniper, who could put successive rounds through a 3 inch circle at 500 meters. You know what? It didn't happen. Shooting requires a lot of skill. Breathing techniques, trigger squeeze, steady position, sight picture. By the connotation of previous posts, it would seem that you could take any idiot off the street and they would be able to shoot a deer from 300 meters, from a hovering helicopter, on a rainy day. I wish people would not say shooting is easy just because they can beat Level 30 in Duck Hunt.

As for the hunting debate, I say do what you want. If you want to hunt for food, fine. If you want to hunt for sport, fine. Who am I to push my believes and sensibilities on another person. This is a free country afterall. Personally, I don't hunt. I don't own a gun. But damn, if venison doesn't taste great!

2002-11-22 10:30:49 PM
Speaking as a leftest who doesn't give a damn if some stupid deer get eaten or just shot for fun, I have to say the hunters in this thread here are a tad defensive. One or two timid questions about hunting and they are crying about the rightousness of their cause and how oppressed they are.

Anyway, the thing that caught my attention in the article was the idea of 800,000 rednecks with guns roaming around shooting at stuff. I sure am glad I am safe in this urban ghetto.
2002-11-22 10:32:46 PM
I wish people would not say shooting is easy just because they can beat Level 30 in Duck Hunt.

lol...great reference. Haven't heard Duck Hunt mentioned in ages. Thanks! :)
By the way, I'm curious about the sniper thing...having never done it; how many times could you hit that 3 inch circle? Just wondering...
2002-11-22 10:52:29 PM
Get real! Ted Nugent is wild, show me where he ever said, or supported what you said a few minutes ago.

Did I ever say he said that? No, I was mocking him based on his past actions. That man is scum. He hunts for the thrill of the kill, not for the food.
2002-11-22 10:54:21 PM
I hunt cow. Farmers hunt me.
2002-11-22 10:57:53 PM
That guy really got his shiat ruined...
2002-11-22 11:04:16 PM
You need to download a clue before you talk out of your ass.
2002-11-22 11:08:49 PM
I've noticed there are two groups of animal activists on Fark: complete vegans who think killing an animal is equal to murdering a human, and vegans who think hunting is stupid because it isn't skillful unless you use a bow or spear or rock. they then go on to talk about how much the animals suffer because of guns and tree stands.

While I agree that tree stands are for pussies who would be better off driving a section of forest with a bunch of drunken hicks, weapon doesn't really matter. oh, it may take more skill to use a bow or spear or rock - but you contradict yourself. you want animals to not suffer, yet say you wouldn't mind it (or would protest in an arogant fashion less) if people killed them using "skillful" means. Too bad those "skillful" means are even more inhumane than guns.

Eh, whatever you want to eat is fine by me. But we didn't grow this brain by eating plants. Until we began hunting animals, we were still foraging for nuts and berries going nowhere on the evolutionary ladder. now you can get a lot of protein from plants, though, so there you are.

But animals are not human. They are going to die painful deaths from starvation. They are going to die painful deaths from pedators. They are going to die painful deaths from slaughterhouses. And the meat not shipped out from the slaughter house are ground up, fed to live stock, and the shiat from said livestock are used to fertilize your precious plants. So, technically, you still are part of the problem.
2002-11-22 11:09:52 PM
CB - I said TED NUGENT hunts for the thrill, not the meat. And that is largely true. So fark off.
2002-11-22 11:17:13 PM
Does he routinely fun through the woods with pumpkins on his head.
Hunters suck beefcakes.
2002-11-22 11:18:44 PM
...on his head?
Geez, I have the punctuation skills of a third-grader.
2002-11-22 11:27:32 PM
All hunting arguments can be summed up this way:

2002-11-22 11:54:14 PM
And I see Fifth that you didn't take the time to read the article but to look at the headline.... A few paragraphs down the article speaks at length about Ted Nugent starting a portion of that feed the needy program: Ted Nugent started our Hunters for the Hungry program when World Bowhunters was in its infancy.

But hey, thanks for playing.
2002-11-23 12:02:42 AM
FifthColumn: As an avid archer, bird hunter with a shotgun,(I lose a lot of arrows trying to down a pheasant with my bow). I must take up conversation with you about Mr. Nugent.
He seems to be a quality sportsman, not a wanton killer. He makes attempts to train young people about the sport.

"I said TED NUGENT hunts for the thrill, not the meat. And that is largely true."

Mr Nugent has no apologies for killing. I can't discuss that. I am sure he can. He has recipes, children outings, hunter safety classes, and, I believe he played a rock and roll guitar ar some time.

Contact him here: A respected archer named Ted

I am sure he will dispell any rumors you might have.

Hey, it beats talking trash on fark!
2002-11-23 12:07:35 AM
Gotta plead with the Fifth on this one. That "Hunters for the Hungry" page smells of a lame attempt by Ted to make himself out to be a hero. The guy's bloodthirsty.
2002-11-23 12:27:33 AM

Define bloodthristy and then tell me what's wrong with it.
2002-11-23 12:38:05 AM
"11-22-02 09:46:13 PM FifthColumn
if nugent had his way, we'd all be taken out into the woods at the age of 3, put an animal down, slit the throat and drink the blood which pours out."

I guess fifthcolumn has taken the fifth, or, decided to shut up.

Don't fark it, if you can't back it up.
2002-11-23 12:56:18 AM
Jikel_Morten: If you are still following this thread: While I thought it would be cool to be a sniper, I enlisted as combat service support. I am an ammunition specialist. Though the Army has invested much time and money into turning me into a killing machine, I can only shoot 23-27 out of 40 targets, earning me a Marksman badge (the lowest level of qualification). You see, I am left-eye dominant but I shoot right handed. Forced to use my right eye, the sight picture go blurry pretty quick and I end up jerking the trigger trying to get the shot off quick. Long story short, I am more of a pray and spray kinda shooter.
2002-11-23 02:06:31 AM
And what do the best guys get out of that 40? Ever seen a 40?
2002-11-23 02:16:33 AM
Alright...let me clarafy a few things..

I'm not aganst hunting for food, only hunting for fun or sport. Its just sick. You know the idoits who kill a deer for its antlers, or a preditor just for the tourphy? Those are the guys i dispise. This espically applies to all those who use a guide who does all the hunting, gets you in range, then you shoot it, and claim to have earned what you did.

I'm aganst farkheads who use treestands or feeders as well. Its just a wussies way of killing something. If your going to hunt, you might as well HUNT. Waiting for several hours till something happens to walk buy is not hunting, its a farking camping trip were you kill something.

When I mentioned parrie dogs, i ment it as a reference to all those idiots who go out and shoot small animals like them, not because they poise a treat, but just to have a moving target, or because they think its more satisfing than shooting range targets. shooting an animal that posses a risk to your livestock or such is one thing, shooting them for the hell of it is another.

All I'm saying is this: if your going to hunt, do it for the right reasons, and notbause you just want to see blood, or have something to show off. We don't need people like that running around killing things.
2002-11-23 02:26:01 AM
Forty of forty, in '74. It is on my 214.
Never a sniper, who is? But one of the best. ARMY, Gotta love it.

I hated every moment when there. Now, I think it was good times.

OptimusPrime, You go my buddy! Glad you are there my friend.

Do some CQ, play some cards, love the life. Oooh. Isn't it your turn to check the arms room?
2002-11-23 02:32:25 AM
Jikel_Morten This is the only time you have been in the same sentence with a US ARMY shooter. fark You! I know the fark filter did it's thing. But, you know you suck.

Optimus_Prime has more time on the firing line than you have in the chow line. Kiss me biatch.
2002-11-23 02:34:06 AM
For all of you who insist hunting is needed to keep the deer population inline, I have this offer for you. How about we set up a trip to several countries where the people are starving and hunt them instead. It would certainly help with their overpopulation problems. There are many more of them than wild deer, they don't move as fast, and they pretty much drop on site when shot. There's really no need to track them down after the first shot and there is very little chance of them fighting back after they are hit. Sounds like everything a hunter could dream of. Plenty of kills and no risk. What do you say?
2002-11-23 02:42:01 AM
is the chap sayin it's pussified to deer hunt in a treestand the same asshole that said swords are better for home defense than guns?
2002-11-23 02:42:14 AM
Hmmm, I thought international hunts were sandctioned by the , ummmm, welll, somebody.

KickKat, are you going to lead the pack?

Go home. Have a lemonade. Have nice thoughts, and, shut the fark up.

KickKat: When I shot your sister in her ass with my spitwad, I just wamted to see her ass. She told me you have seen it often. Punk!
2002-11-23 02:47:18 AM

Thanks for playing "I'm the most lame, dumbass on Fark". You won the grand prize! woohoo :)
2002-11-23 03:06:57 AM
touche, you are quite the dickwad yourself.
2002-11-23 03:15:05 AM
Jesus people, do you really think animals are morally equivalent to humans.

Why aren't you shooting hunters who are in the process of murdering innocent animals then? Get too it hippies.

That being said, humans have taken the role of predator for many animals. Consequently, due to proper conservation techniques, their populations are thriving, healthy game is eaten and hippies are indignant and self-righteous.

Everything is as it should be. Please, do not upset the balance of nature. (Yes dumbasses, humans cannot help but be natural. It is impossible for us not to be.)
2002-11-23 03:18:12 AM

So you'll be satisfied just as long as we eat it. Fine by me.

Doesn't make much differnce. I mean, let's be honest. Once the damn thing's dead, it's dead as it gets. Doesn't get much deader when you fail to chomp it down.
2002-11-23 03:19:46 AM
This must have been a very interesting discussion for me to read all 200 and whatever posts, but trying to decipher just two of Aria's incomprehensible yammerings make me glad I'm all the way through.
2002-11-23 03:32:31 AM
40 out of 40 gets you an Expert marksmenship badge. It also gets you 50 points towards promotion. Your commander does not automatically come up to you and try to sell you the idea of being a sniper. Trying to be a sniper is a whole different level.

Hunting with a MK-19 would be interesting. You sure wouldn't have to worry about your prey playing dead. Then again, your kill will be spread across a pretty wide area. Hamburger, no. Mincemeat, maybe. Grab some tweezers and a baggy.
2002-11-23 05:19:30 AM
Liqui: HAHA, I read what you said, and I decided to go look at all of Aria's posts, and he/she is hilarious! My favorite one is when he says "KickKat: When I shot your sister in her ass with my spitwad, I just wamted to see her ass. She told me you have seen it often. Punk!" HAHA, KickKat, u got told, BIZNATCH...

PS I think killing dear is dumb, but whats more dumb is arguing about it over the internet....
2002-11-23 07:58:57 AM
Killing deer is natural, ecologically sound, and just plain fun. Everyone should start when they are about 10 years old.
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