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(CNN)   Gas hits record high for 10th day straight because... *SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE* ...there ain't a damn thing you can do about it   ( divider line
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2008-05-18 11:45:24 PM  
Thunderpipes:The same R&D programs we can no longer fund, because people do not believe in it?

Probably. Really, energy research is one issue that should not be partisan. The Right could look at energy R&D from the patriotism aspect: American self-reliance, ingenuity, preventing money from going to enemy states, etc. ...and of course the Left can get on board with providing more jobs, encouraging science, etc.

...and as a result we will all benefit.
2008-05-18 11:49:32 PM  
Jarhead_h:Also, we could ask why it is that none of the hybrids ship with a basic plug in the wall charging system(you can have them retrofitted), which would not exactly be difficult to do cheaply in a mass production environment.

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/ coming in 2010
// and American made
/// actually, as I understand it, hybrid technology was developed by the Japanese as a response to a perceived threat from American car makers under the Clinton Administration -- though GM et al. did not follow through with hybrids at the time
2008-05-19 12:29:46 AM  

Funny, I hadn't heard of Bill Clinton or Tony Blair invading other countries. Oh, wait a minute, Tony Blair supported a despot while Clinton wasn't even in power when the war started. I see where you're coming from now. Yeah, it's all their fault. Bush is blame free!

Funny, when this conversation started, Clinton and Blair were the answers to all the problems of the Middle East. After three comments, we find out that in spite of being the leaders of the free world, they couldn't do a damned thing to solve the problem.

At least they alone, with the help of no other individuals solved the conflict in Northern Ireland. After all, as you said, "It was Blair and Clinton who went into Northern Ireland and stopped a war." Good thing no one other than Blair and Clinton had to make any sacrifice. I guess they are not able to "Go into the Middle East and stop a war" because they are losing their magic.

Or...maybe they aren't losing their magic. Maybe it took a lot of people to solve the problem of Northern Ireland and Blair and Clinton simply claimed all the glory for themselves.

At the end of the day, Blair and Clinton won't so shiat so help the Middle East.
2008-05-19 01:33:57 AM  
Thunderpipes: And remember, that was a different generation, those Americans loved their country and were proud, today's generation is the oppostie.

AGH i can't resist. What exactly does todays generation have to be proud of? killing poor people?
2008-05-19 03:11:48 AM  
Thunderpipes: dannyhavok: I love these threads. I love how thunderpipes always posts his under the hood porn. I ride bicycles too, but this is my daily driver.

60mpg and I'll still blow your muscle car off the line. Hit the twisties and you'll lose sight of me.

I just don't like roadbikes, I raced dirtbikes as a kid, and I was too friggin crazy. I would die with a roadbike. Yes they are faster. Your point? I cannot go anywhere, anywhere, without people of all ages and appearances commented on the looks, and the sound of my car. That is nice I must admit. You like rice rockets, good for you. I like V-8 muscle cars. By the way, cold air intake, supercharger pulley change (I think I need to upgrade fuel injectors again too), I am looking into it, should get me up around 550 hp. Woot. Might void the warranty though.

But I know, using gasoline for anything but putting to work is evil.

Or for 1/4 of the cost of what you bought your car for, you could buy a 95-99 Nissan Maxima for 3k, put 7k into it and do runs like this (with front wheel drive no less):

When you are done having fun with it, you could sell it for 5k, and would have lost less money than you did when you drove your car off the lot.

Mustangs are an enthusiast car, no doubt. But they aren't known for having the best bang for the buck.
2008-05-19 07:24:27 AM  
"Can you please explain in detail how Bush " the oil man " is responsible for the high price of crude on the WORLD MARKET???"

Easily, you retard.

Invade a country with large oil reserves, but don't send enough troops to get oil production back on line.

Since global demand keeps rising, his buddy's supplies are now worth more.

You've been played for a fool...but again, my energy portfolio thanks you.

I'm also hedged overseas, since I don't think your boy Bush is done tanking the dollar.

How YOU doing?
2008-05-19 08:06:40 AM  
I just dusted off, fixed and now driving a 1974 Yamaha 500 motorcycle that last saw the road in 1986 and has not seen the light of day since Reagan was president and leaded regular gas was selling at thew Arco station for 69.9/gal.
Good thing the bike is old enough I got those "antique motorcycle" plate for it so it cost a whole $2 /yr to register it. I'm commuting to work with it...

/the smell of the vented crankcase vapors from it bring me "back to the '80s" when I fire it up in the morning.
//starter no longer works, but the "kick start" does
2008-05-19 09:41:26 AM  
Thunderpipes: 14.8 mpg last tank. Gas prices don't bother me at all. Just posting this because I love reading hippies screaming and crying about a few bucks a week, who still have no idea how to manahe their money or energy use.

That's almost impressive. It must sound great, idling at a red light just like every other vehicle on the road with you... or ya know, stuck at a train crossing, or behind a school bus.
2008-05-19 09:53:57 AM  
nerfball 2008-05-18 09:25:13 PM

so...bush prevented drilling off the coast of california, off the coast of florida and in ANWAR!?!? its amazing what we learn on fark!

i thought jimmy carter had the answer to the energy needs of the united states. are you telling me that since 1976 congress hasn't been able to pass a comprehensive energy bill?

..oh, i'm sorry, the energy crisis in the united states didn't start to manifest itself until GWB was sworn in.

/stupid farkers. the nation's energy problems have been building for 40 years. bush didn't start them and obama sure as hell isn't the one to solve them.

That's the beauty of fark. Anyone with their head up their ass can type some stupid, ignorant and uninformed drivel. Ask them to expound on and back up their views? Well....that's when the head explodes.....which, while is shoved way up in the ass at the time, must be a very ugly situation.
2008-05-19 10:26:12 AM  
unavailable for comment

You rang?

2008-05-19 11:03:23 AM  
And I do? I enjoy them. Why does liking a badass car somehow be a measure of my self worth? Do you realize how stupid and petty you sound?

Your liking your car isn't a measure of your self worth. The fact that you come in here spouting off and acting like an arrogant asshole and a petulant child is what's causing most level-headed people in this thread to value you so little.

Oh, and FYI -- Most of your credibility went out the window when you claimed the Mustang "handled well." Anybody who knows cars knows that's a pile.

- R
2008-05-19 11:14:04 AM  
The Ireland thing sucked, no doubt, but it is like comparing the murder rate in DC to the world.

You dont know what you're talking about. The IRA are universally recognized as some of the best organized, most efficient, and most ruthless terrorists in the world. I'm sure some of them trained the towelheads giving us shiat today.
2008-05-19 12:56:29 PM  
Farking Sweet: Yet you can't tow this with a 3.0 liter V6 wimpy FWD Mercury Villager can you?

So you admit your truck is not safe, then.

Thunderpipes: So then, death toll from the Ireland thing?

The "Ireland thing"? You mean the Troubles? What a "Toolman Taylor" attitude you have. When companies make record profits on an inelastic good during wartime it's called "war profiteering". Hide behind it all you want, but that's what it farking is.
2008-05-19 12:57:38 PM  
DRFS Rich:Oh, and FYI -- Most of your credibility went out the window when you claimed the Mustang "handled well." Anybody who knows cars knows that's a pile.

- R

[image from too old to be available]

/begs to differ
2008-05-19 01:27:17 PM  
"Anyone with their head up their ass can type some stupid, ignorant and uninformed drivel."

A role you're filling, since you apparently think we'd be in Iraq if its leading export were asparagus...
2008-05-19 02:39:34 PM  
seal614: DRFS Rich:Oh, and FYI -- Most of your credibility went out the window when you claimed the Mustang "handled well." Anybody who knows cars knows that's a pile.

- R

/begs to differ

begs to differ
2008-05-19 05:44:37 PM  
cjdusa: "The end of the giant SUV is near. Prepare accordingly."

I have a Chevy HHR SUV. I get 31 miles to the gallon on the highway.

I was given one of those last time I rented. farkin thing sucked donkey balls, in every way possible. God I hated that thing. Uncomfortable, crappy interior, no pickup, and ugly as sin. Plus it's a chevy, which means it's going to fall apart in three years. fark that noise.

My car. Not literally, I would never have those dumbass rims. Model and color are the same, though. 50 mpg highway, and I can use biodiesel, which I can make myself from waste vegetable oil. I did the math this morning, and if I bought a processor, I could break even within 400 gallons. After that, fuel would cost me about .$70/gal. Jetta TDI FTW.

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