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(Whatever)   "You Can't Do That On Television" - Cleverly disguised propaganda for a new breed of Canadian Fascism   ( divider line
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2351 clicks; posted to Main » on 13 Aug 2001 at 7:27 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-08-13 07:57:01 AM  
I don't know what he's talking about. *ducks slime*

Oh t'was a great show..
2001-08-13 08:24:41 AM  
It must be true, I mean, look at - Canada is trying to take over The World!

We must stop them and thier anti-democratic ways, that is after he adopt thier drinking age, ideas on pot, and finally burn down thier capital(payback)!
2001-08-13 08:43:47 AM  
Now that was a masterpiece of TV art. Alanis Morisette even stared on it. What more could you ask for??
2001-08-13 08:46:09 AM  
Alanis Morrisette was on that show...
2001-08-13 08:56:41 AM  
duh...i heard that!
2001-08-13 09:34:08 AM  
I remember that. Sunday afternoons on Sky 1 about 8, possibly more, years ago. Some sketches used to scare the sh1t outta me!
2001-08-13 11:54:12 AM  
Rubik's Cube? YOu Can't Do that on TV?

I'm in 80s heaven!
2001-08-13 12:45:14 PM  
I can't believe this Canadian masterpiece had such global scope!
2001-08-13 12:46:50 PM  
I cna't belive and american had to actually dig that deep to find propaganda, hey, try researching about the 8 forms of social control, or just turn on the television to any channel, watch some benny hinn, or mabey the 3:00 am daily airing of charleton heston blowing crap about "american freedom", ha, nobody has let you guys know that you are the most controled civilization on earth to date, have they? Why don't you come to canada and see what freedom is all about, or are you too scared to realize what a mind controling dump you live in.
2001-08-13 01:10:57 PM just gets better and better...i love it
2001-08-13 02:26:25 PM  
God, these pangs of nostalgia are hurting me so..
Anybody know of an internet repository for old episodes? Or maybe a DVD compilation?
2001-08-13 03:36:41 PM  
I suggest EVERYONE check out this site:


Now I have to brag a little bit. Anyone remember Adam Reid?
Click here. He was one of the kids on the show. Well, if you read his bio, he's now doing freelance tv production in Toronto. Earlier this year I was involved in a two week student voyage to the Antarctic. The whole journey was filmed and, lo and behold, Adam Reid was one of the people doing the filming and production!! Way coool.
2001-08-13 06:23:42 PM  
kevin illyanovich rasputin kubuchevsky

remember the episode where he was trying to put that name in for the top score in whatever video game he was playing?
2001-08-13 06:26:24 PM  
whoops, kubusheskie.

god, the cast list is huge.
2001-08-13 06:33:05 PM  
okay, last one, but this is great (from interview with kevin):

Christine, as well as a couple others, told us that she thought you were, and I quote, "Crazy. Definitely crazy." How did you obtain such a maniacal reputation?
Theoretically, I could imagine how booze and public nudity could lead to events that could create a reputation for a guy... but for someone like me, I couldn't even begin to imagine how they might have developed that impression. (!?!)
2001-08-13 09:43:24 PM  
The pic of Alanis with the caption "Let me go down on you in the theater" is particularly shamefully delicious.
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