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(Time)   Time poses the question on all our minds: is it time to invade Burma?   ( divider line
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13155 clicks; posted to Main » on 10 May 2008 at 3:19 PM (9 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2008-05-10 05:06:59 PM  
what about the 300,000 dead (and counting) in darfur?
2008-05-10 05:07:59 PM  
If it means we can get these cheaper

I'm all for it!

2008-05-10 05:09:52 PM  
the liberals were OK with saddam hussien killing his people, i'm sure they'll be fine with the burmese government killing theres.
2008-05-10 05:10:11 PM  
Impudent Domain: YixilTesiphon: You're going to encounter a problem when Australia, China, and India all want control over Southeast Asia. It's a choke point.

If we and the other major powers agree to China having responsibility over that area, no one else can say crap about it. It is called realpolitik.

Australia is, regionally, a major power.
2008-05-10 05:12:47 PM
2008-05-10 05:13:32 PM  
I'm not agreeing to taking out their air force first. You notify the government through whatever channels exist (china), what you're going to do, then you go do it. If they then fire upon the cargo planes, then, could you bring in some force. After all these threads didn't you read that they don't have oil? ;-)
2008-05-10 05:14:08 PM  
I happened to be in Rangoon around the time the Iraq war broke out. Several people I talked to (discreetly and in private, of course) told me that they would love to have the US invade their country and take out the junta. Of course, this was before everyone saw what an utter clusterfark post-combat Iraq turned out to be.

That being said, there's absolutely zero chance in hell that the US or a UN force including the US would ever do it. Anyone who thinks that China would stand for American troops being in a position to have direct land access to their territory is equal parts naive and dumb.
2008-05-10 05:14:14 PM  
Outshined_One: Frankly, if anyone should take military action in Burma, Thailand, Indonesia, and India need to be the ones to do it.

Thailand will never do anything in Burma. They rely on natural gas imports from there too heavily. There are also over 2 million illegal Burmese immigrants in Thailand now, they depend on them like the US depends on Mexicans. The economy would grind to a halt if things in Burma got better and they went home.
2008-05-10 05:15:09 PM  
PseudoNic: So, are we going with Burma? I thought it was Myanmar.

I'm so confused.

Myanmar was Burma
Now it's Myanmar, not Burma
Been a long time gone, Burma
Now it's Southeastern Asian delight on a moonlit night

Every gal in Burma
Lives in Myanmar, not Burma
So if you've a date in Burma
She'll be waiting in My-an-mar
2008-05-10 05:17:06 PM  
CrackrJak: skifdank: If by "invading" they mean flying over dropping packages of food and blankets then yeah, someone should probably do that.

Problem is they have radar guided SAM missiles and an Air Force of their own. So if we are to drop aid to the people safely, Myanmar's military would have to be crippled first.

Thats why I suggested smart bombs. First on the General's homes, Then the rest of their military resources including their Air Force and SAM sites.
Without any air defense, Then you could drop aid to where its needed safely. Along with it send some anti-junta propaganda, Some hand crank powered radio's, and maybe a few other things.

Egads Jak, where to start:

1) Even junta leading generals have wives and kids at home

2) Even if it were up to a total dope like me I'd park as many jets, SAM launchers, tanks, and whatever else I wanted to keep in one piece on top of every hospital, church/mosque/temple, school, and "Infant Milk Factory" I could find and/or make up in a hurry.

Even if your stuff gets bominated you have the built in propaganda victory of lots of dead civvies and sacred buildings to show the world community. Which is even more propaganda because they hate our asses no matter what we do or don't do.
2008-05-10 05:20:05 PM  
I think Time is trying to make a poingnant point about the motivations of the Bushco machine in the White House. If its policy were truly about spreading Democracy where it has been usurped, Burma would have been the starting point. The democratically elected government has been suspended since 1990, and the elected leader from that year still off and on house arrest, imprisonments, etc.

Unfortunately Burma has no oil....
2008-05-10 05:21:07 PM  
I wonder if
they buy a jar
of U.S. Shave
in Myanmar

/shamelessly stolen from elsewhere
2008-05-10 05:21:23 PM  
Excellent use of the Cavuto, Time.
2008-05-10 05:21:58 PM  
Impudent Domain:

well, unlike Taiwan which is an island, they can simply march right through Laos. Who is going to stop them?

...Ummm... malaria ? typhus ? heat stroke ? Loas isn't exactly a nature trail.
2008-05-10 05:22:18 PM  
if we invaded that hellhole, we'd be doing the burmese a favor.
2008-05-10 05:22:35 PM  
Not a bad idea actually -- say fark the Burmese government, fly our planes over the affected areas and drop supplies that say "USA" on them. Let them know that it is their government, and not the international community, that is failing to allow them to receive aid. I would imagine, given the ridiculously insular nature of the Burmese regime, that dropping flyers with newspaper reports of the tragedy and the unwillingness of their junta to allow help in would be good stuff too.

That was my first thought until someone pointed out that any military in the area would simply take that too and beat or kill the locals for having it in the first place.
2008-05-10 05:25:23 PM  
i'd vote no

2008-05-10 05:25:29 PM  
deltabourne: Or we could, you know, mind our own business. Just throwing that crazy idea out there.

deltabourne is probably also the first guy posting to say we need to donate billions to these people when they need help.

no involvement means no involvement. We could mind our own business and not give them any aid right now. not like they are grateful anyways.
2008-05-10 05:30:29 PM  
I sympathize with the population at risk, but we need to realize that America is NOT the global cop. If the people of Burma are tired of their government, they need to overthrow it. We might help them at that point, but with 2 wars already underway and a budget already out of control, America need not intervene on this one.

/wishes the best to the people of Burma
//is tired of people complaining about the evil US then begging for our help whenever trouble hits
///would like to see private aid and charitable organizations allowed into Burma
2008-05-10 05:33:10 PM  
Time just said that to bring attention to their magazine.

Magazine journalism: it's like trolling without the internets.
2008-05-10 05:37:12 PM  
Well TIME has to do something to get attention. If newspapers are considered dinosaurs in the internet age, then TIME magazine is considered a trilobite. Newspapers give you day old news, news magazines give you week old news. Who wants to read week old news?
2008-05-10 05:40:01 PM

The Army of the PRC can take care of business.
2008-05-10 05:54:35 PM  
It's funny how the people who would consider going to war are not going to be on either end of the sharp stick. farking fat asses.

If it was their ass that was going, you'd hear conversations like "yes, and we should employ multi-lateral discussions with Myannmar in an attempt to establish our credentials; so that it might be understood that our intentions are purely humanitarian, and we wish, in no way, to threated the rule of the present admininstration."

Having said that, the government there disgusts me. They remind me of North Korea. If either of those governments could be selectively wiped out, without forcing the commitment of the people who are supposedly the aim of that liberation, go for it. It is amazingly arrogant to, without cosulting with any representative group, assume that these people are willing to pay their price of their own lives. The lives of our military are just as valuable, if not more.
2008-05-10 06:05:18 PM  
I think it's great that Time-Warner/AOL is going to sponsor a war. Maybe there'll be a new cable channel just so we can all see it. I just don't want the cable bill to go up too much, but I don't want the government to subsidize it either.
2008-05-10 06:05:32 PM  
Wow, that really was a close shave!
2008-05-10 06:08:13 PM  
Invade Burma with Deathbots.
2008-05-10 06:09:34 PM  
Which of America's freedoms do liberals hate the most and why?
2008-05-10 06:10:57 PM  
The Neocons love to invade and bomb other countries for their own good.
2008-05-10 06:15:27 PM  
"Sucka don't want no help, sucka don't get no help."
-Barbara Billingsley
2008-05-10 06:29:01 PM  

/sorry, I panicked
2008-05-10 06:31:36 PM  
Do they have OIL?

No, but the junta's the reason we don't have Burma Shave signs any more.
2008-05-10 06:34:26 PM

And Russia should have invaded the USA...
2008-05-10 06:41:24 PM  
One Bad Apple: ...Ummm... malaria ? typhus ? heat stroke ? Loas isn't exactly a nature trail.

plenty more where they came from
2008-05-10 06:42:20 PM  
Oh please no. Let some other country do it. We're out of money and intelligent leaders.

/DRTFA, but anything in TIME magazine is bound to be stupid or a fabrication. Or both.
2008-05-10 06:45:24 PM  
YixilTesiphon: Impudent Domain: YixilTesiphon: You're going to encounter a problem when Australia, China, and India all want control over Southeast Asia. It's a choke point.

If we and the other major powers agree to China having responsibility over that area, no one else can say crap about it. It is called realpolitik.

Australia is, regionally, a major power.

well I look at it sort of like the NFL draft. You get five or six most powerful nations together and they take turns picking nations which are in their sphere of influence, and you could have trades and all that.

Then they agree to support each other and the rest of the world has exactly dick to say about it. Like what could the rest of the world do against China, USA, Russia, Great Britain, Japan, and India? not a farkin thing.
2008-05-10 06:50:10 PM  
illustri: i'd vote no


Sux the supplies can't get to the folks who need it.

/not joshin
2008-05-10 06:54:26 PM  
You should invade everywhere now, you've only got 5 to 10 years before your ships are rusting in mothballs while you suffer a bankruptcy and re-structuring of the entire economy.
2008-05-10 07:00:47 PM  
How messed up do you have to be, when the world wants China to invade you?
2008-05-10 07:07:39 PM  
The Bush Administration has so far rejected the idea - "I can't imagine us going in without the permission of the Myanmar government," Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Thursday - but it's not without precedent: as Natsios pointed out to the Wall Street Journal, the U.S. has facilitated the delivery of humanitarian aid without the host government's consent in places like Bosnia and Sudan.

More to the point, the Bush administration CAN'T go in without the permission of the Myanmar government, as that would be an act of war and would need Congressional approval.

Of course, that didn't stop Clinton from sending the US military into Bosnia, but then, there's a reason why Clinton was overwhelmingly despised by the US military.
2008-05-10 07:26:21 PM  
PC LOAD LETTER: Would that make any military operaion a Mission Of Burma?

totally approves.

(Jesus christ, are they looking long in the tooth.)
2008-05-10 07:29:51 PM  
Starblind: "Sucka don't want no help, sucka don't get no help."

-Barbara Billingsley

It's "Fool don't want no help, fool don't get no help."

/stewardess, i speak jive.
2008-05-10 07:34:09 PM
2008-05-10 07:37:27 PM  
Angry Drunk Bureaucrat: Soumac: Do they have OIL?

No, but they have rice.

/I hear you can buy *5* bags of it at their Costcos...

If they have all this rice then why are we sending them food?

Lousy moochers!
2008-05-10 07:38:13 PM  
A natural disaster isn't pretense for a hostile takeover, really. I should hope not.
2008-05-10 07:40:48 PM  
We can't. Burma/Myanmar doesn't start with the letter "I".
2008-05-10 07:41:35 PM  
As much as I'd love to see the end of the Burmese dictators I have a feeling that getting rid of them might be just a little difficult. Perhaps we should work on fixing Iraq and Afghanistan before we gallavant off to create another quagmire. Or you know we could invade I mean what another 4000 US troops and 100000 innocent civilians. We've got plenty of both so I guess we could afford to lose a few more.
2008-05-10 07:43:13 PM  
Wow---so many MISSION OF BURMA references.

Truly one of the greatest bands of all time.

Even much more so than SLINT or even HUSKER DU I regard MISSION OF BURMA as the absolute high water mark of American "punk" music.

(ooops.....forgot to mention THE MINUTEMEN,don't get mad!)
2008-05-10 07:46:58 PM  
Man werent we just there like 65 years ago? Do we have to go back already?

They dont have oil, why would Bush go?

/seriously, why start shiat with China
//They have more people than we can kill in a conventional war

Hey Time. SHUT THE fark UP!
2008-05-10 07:55:54 PM
2008-05-10 08:22:16 PM  
Wizzin: WTF would they do if we told them to gtfo of our way and let the aid through?

Did you RTFA? That's basically what's under discussion here.
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