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2610 clicks; posted to Main » on 12 Aug 2001 at 12:15 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-08-12 12:19:08 AM  
I'm too lazy/tired to read it all. Summary anyone?
2001-08-12 01:22:33 AM  
From what I gathered, Napster can come back in it's orginal form if it pays for songs to be allowed to be downloaded, which would make Napster a subscription service. So, Napster is gone. I know I wouldn't pay for Napster when there are assloads of clones.
2001-08-12 01:56:34 AM  
yeah, way too lazy/tired to read/decipher that....thank for the summary offspringrocks...if you are in fact correct
2001-08-12 02:13:48 AM  
Synopsis: Blah blah yada yada, blah blah yada ya didn't really expect Napster to ever be the same again, did you? The concept lives, though, but now it may have to become a migratory species.
2001-08-12 04:02:41 AM  
The only thing I'd add to offspringrocks summary is that record companies may be forced to licence music to Napster at a reasonable price.

But it won't be Napster
2001-08-12 04:04:56 AM  
This has about as much chance of flying as Dubbya has of winning the nobel prize for physics. Sadly this just serves as proof how a well funded extremist millitia with political and financial power (read RIAA) can basically push others around.
2001-08-12 05:08:22 AM  
Dinosaurs will die- song by Fat Mike (nofx )

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I feel just terrible about it, that's sarcasm, let it burn
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I'm gonna raise my glass abuv my heart
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For all the years of hit and run 4 all the piss broke bands on
vh ONE
Where did all their money go don't we all know
Parasitic music industry as it destroys itself
Well show then how its supposed to be
Music written from devotion not ambiatchin, not for fame
Zero people are exploited there no tricks up our sleeve
Were gonna fight against the mass appeal
Werre gonna kill the seven record deal make records
That have more than one good song the dinosaurs will slowly
Die and i do believe no one will cry im just farking
Glad i'm gonna be there to watch the fall prehistoric music
Industry three feet in la brea tar extinction never felt so good
If you think anyone will feel badly you are sadly mistaken
The time has come for evolution fark collusionKILL THE BIG FIVE
Wahtever happened to the handshake wathever happened to
Deals no-one would break whatever happened to integrity
Its still there it always was for playing music just because
A million reasons why all dinosaurs must die
if you haven't downloaded thi song , you should....
2001-08-12 06:00:00 AM  
it says basically that eminent domain could be used to justify forcing record companies into making deals with napster at whatever is deemed a fair price by the courts. of course, if you actually have a good definition of eminent domain you'll see that their pushing it a little far on that one.
2001-08-12 07:20:21 AM  
2001-08-12 09:23:59 AM  
This could work, but only on something that was more important. The ideas that they discuss frequently refer to the compulsory licensing aspect as needing to serve the best interests of the general public. Napster, while it makes it easier to get music, is not something that fits the requirements. Besides, if you notice in the example, they talk about still paying compensation. Therefore it won't be the same old napster, it'll be the "Hi, we are going to rape you with monthly charges" napster
2001-08-12 12:06:53 PM  
Who cares. On Limewire. Beyond giving a good goddam. The End.
2001-08-12 12:29:29 PM  
Hooray for NOFX. I like listening to Me First more, though.
2001-08-12 01:00:03 PM  
Summary of article:

Recently, a freelance journalist for the New York Times sued the Times because they reprinted an article of his online. The journalist claimed he gave permission to the Times to print the article but not online; he wanted extra compensation for the extra publication of his story. He won his case.

The Times reacted by withdrawing all online publication of articles by freelance journalists, but the court said that they can't do that under the right of "eminent domain". Under eminent domain, the articles must be made available for reprint, even by forced arbitration of fee payments, if necessary.

The author argues that re-publication of "monopolized" content -- in this case by Napster -- must be made available under eminent domain by forcing an arbitrated fee payment schedule. Under this ruling, *anyone* can gain "reprint" rights by paying the arbitrated fee.

The question then turns from whether Napster can do this legally to whether Napster can do this financially.
2001-08-12 01:05:27 PM  
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2001-08-12 01:06:24 PM  
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2001-08-12 01:16:52 PM  
Face it, Napster's gone. History.
No surprises. This is what you get when you mess with us.
2001-08-12 04:22:19 PM  
Why do people care about napster so much? I hate how the media portrays napster as being the be-all end-all of mp3 trading.
2001-08-12 05:11:48 PM  
Kazaa is much better anyways, it isn't quite as fast at times, but you can get videos and many other kinds of files as well.
2001-08-12 05:35:45 PM  
Scour was ahead of its time, but it didn't have the benefits of a P2P network like Gnutella or Morpheus. The future file-trading programs are all gonna be multi-media oriented, in that you'll be able to search for MP3s, video, software, whatever. If you can put it on a computer, they'll have a program that can trade it.

What boggles my mind is mIRC has gone for so long with no hooplah. I've gone on mIRC and downloaded multiple albums in the space of half an hour. Not to mention bootlegged movies, concerts, and pirated software. But when have you heard the name mIRC in the news?

I hope no RIAA goons are reading this post. Whoops!
2001-08-12 09:10:23 PM  
Does mIRC depend on you manually requesting an item and someone who has it manually sending it to you, or has some sort of automated seek/download mechanism been invented? The times I've been on IRC, a stranger in many channels was treated like the plague. I'd have thought that somebody just showing up in a music-trading channel wanting the latest top 40 is going to be suspected of being a nark and kicked.
2001-08-12 11:19:43 PM  
"As you may already know, I am Morpheus"

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