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16146 clicks; posted to Main » on 12 Aug 2001 at 12:15 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-08-12 12:20:33 AM  
Yay!!! My submission was worthy of a Fark headline!!! ::beams with pride::

--(| psyk0mantis |)--

hehehehe enjoy pics all :)
2001-08-12 12:26:30 AM  
Mmmm...Angelina Jolie....phreeeow...
2001-08-12 12:33:42 AM  
jolie.. mmm holy momma bajamma
2001-08-12 12:42:52 AM  
If angelina jolie and walken got together, think of the children that could be created...........
2001-08-12 12:56:41 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2001-08-12 12:56:56 AM  
"Not Safe for Work" pah! (well there is that one pic, but everybody's seen her boobies by now.)

Anybody wanna hazzard a guess what's wrong with this woman? She's hot, sure, but she's a freak.

2001-08-12 01:21:30 AM  
Form experience I can tell you that slightly insane women are much better in bed. They are hell on your life but they are great in bed.
2001-08-12 01:57:08 AM  
Code_A: Your parameter pretty much includes the whole field. The only variation I've found is the length of time it takes you to discover in what way they're slightly insane.
2001-08-12 02:42:56 AM  
I'd kill for lips like Jolie.
Jenius and Code _A, good that you know that all females are at least slightly insane. It helps when you're dealing with us psycho biatches if you bear that in mind.
2001-08-12 02:44:52 AM  
Just the thought of getting Billy Bob Thornton's sloppy seconds is enough to make my cock crawl all the way inside
2001-08-12 03:23:14 AM  
A lot of those pictures are just other womens bodies with AJ's face pasted over the real models face. They were done quite well though.
2001-08-12 03:35:59 AM  
One stinking boobie picture and it don't even look like her! Bastards. And no nice close up of the latin tattoo. I feal almost as cheated as that one with the books. Bastards.
2001-08-12 04:25:35 AM  
As long as we all didn't have to look at that mule faced ugly motherfarker Billy Bob too much.

BUT, this is not a very good looking woman... yeah I know I'm gonna get it for saying that, but god dammit! Every other day on the news or somewhere that I look there she is! Everybody is sledge hammering it into everybody's minds that she's good looking! Not only that, but farkin beautiful beyond belief! All the time, everywhere they're shouting it from the mountain tops. No way to get away from the fact that people, like Joan Rivers, shiat in their pants because she is perfectly built. Telling everyone that this is a picture of perfection - finally attained by a mortal.


Maybe it's just my taste in women and she really is that beautiful... nah, it's not.
2001-08-12 05:40:18 AM  
I'm not sure where you'd have to work for this to be "not safe for work". Maybe if you were an Australian rules football referee, and were concerned about being distracted by an attractive freaky actress, during an important match between the West Perth Falcons and South Fremantle.
2001-08-12 09:35:08 AM  
I don`t think she is "beautiful" either. Same goes for wierd-faced cock-magnet Denise Richards.
Can`t see the attraction myself. Jennifer Connelly, now thats real beauty.
2001-08-12 09:36:11 AM  
I agree with you FastJeff. Sure, she's good looking, got a nice bod and all but I don't think she's anywhere near as hot as many other people do.

And Doofus, her lips are the main reason I think she looks like some kind of freak.
2001-08-12 09:39:12 AM  
i think she's downright gorgeous, fark, i'd turn gay for a piece of that ass! and from the interviews i've read with her, she's no crazier than i am (which doesn't say much, but hell, i like her) and i love the way that she doesn't try to hide it. so ha.
2001-08-12 10:49:41 AM  
Can I watch?
2001-08-12 10:49:45 AM  
I don't think she's all that good looking. She looks like she got hit in the face with a sack of nickels.
2001-08-12 01:40:31 PM  
ahh, now i can say this, Speedvision doesnt have sencors for its saturday nite movies, last nite Death Race 2000 waz on and 5 whole minutes ofd pure boobies!!!!
2001-08-12 02:31:08 PM  
I think it's her psycho-ness that makes her so attractive. For me at least.
2001-08-12 06:53:24 PM  
Why the Fark obsession with Angelina Jolie? For some reason, she disgusts me. I just cant look at her at all. Shes disturbing looking. Very frightening. Nasty ...
Kat [TotalFark]
2001-08-12 09:11:05 PM  
i htink angelina jolie is very hot. SOMETIMES. other times shes very NOT hot. thats my opinion.
2001-08-12 10:40:45 PM  
FASTJEFF...... Ditto dude
2001-08-12 10:44:14 PM  
If she went down on me ... I'd feel like I would be gettin a BJ from her Pops ..... last WORD
2001-08-12 10:58:58 PM  
Does Fark follow me wherever I go? I just saw this yesterday.
2001-08-12 11:05:11 PM  
she's a skanky wierdo. sure, she ain't ugly, but she's nothing that all this hype shiate would warrant.

check the tattoo.
"what does not destroy me makes me stronger"
what about a dehabilitating disease? hmm?
[image from too old to be available]
2001-08-12 11:05:45 PM  
oh fark the pic. its not worth it anyway.
2001-08-12 11:23:48 PM  
Kat: I've got a bike, you can ride it if you like. It's got a basket, a bell and things to make it look good. I'd give it to you if I could, but I borrowed it.
2001-08-12 11:33:31 PM  
Whoa, there Doofus, don't get your ovaries all twisted up for no reason. First of all, Code A. doesn't necessarily agree with my assessment and secondly, being slightly insane does not equate to being a psycho biatch. You may put yourself in that catagory, but certainly not all women belong there.
2001-08-12 11:35:48 PM  
Flibbertigbittet, thanks for reminding me about fucking Syd Barrett, I thought that guy was gone from my life forever.
2001-08-13 01:23:27 AM  
Fishbulb: Sorry.
[image from too old to be available]
2001-08-13 04:33:53 AM  
For some weird reason I thought Angelina Jolie was dead. Oh well, maybe I dreamt it.
2001-08-13 04:57:25 AM  
This is WAY off the thread, but nevertheless...

Chip: if you are in BC, how the HELL do you know about the Falcons and South Fremantle?? I'm from Perth, what's your excuse? :)
2001-08-13 07:24:37 PM  
She looks like the always high skanky thing that lives on my corner...ummm....yea
2001-08-13 09:39:49 PM  
Ah, but Tsubaki, he only has a limited knowledge as he referred to a "referee"......

Perhaps we will never know

And Qwerty2, what the? What are you on about??
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