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3286 clicks; posted to Main » on 11 Aug 2001 at 10:06 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-08-11 10:11:29 AM  
I dunno which is funnier, whether a guy actually bought it thinking it was a rap video or the concept itself
2001-08-11 10:15:41 AM  
i think the funniest part is that the people claiming rap and hip hop as crap are huge metal fans.

[image from too old to be available]
2001-08-11 10:22:31 AM  
umm I think thats more obvious than ironic Monkeu
2001-08-11 10:48:48 AM  
noooooo, because metal is just as crap, if not even worse, than rap music.
2001-08-11 11:16:44 AM  
I think that guy needs to get out of the 80s...every band on his site is 20 years old!
2001-08-11 11:31:00 AM  
we are the dollars and cents...;;;
2001-08-11 11:33:28 AM  
... I don't get what your saying. A person listening to metal music.. of course they are gonna say rap is crap.. how is that ironic?
2001-08-11 12:03:07 PM  
Monkeu is making the point that metal sucks too, Strider. I hate that banner, but it is irony. Personally, I like metal and rap. Even Metallica, although ironically all my Metallica music was ripped off of Napster.
2001-08-11 12:40:04 PM  
This has a slight smell of racism. Kinda like the anti-disco rally at Comisky.
2001-08-11 12:42:52 PM  
Where is Benny Goodman on that list of favorite bands?

I mean anyone can learn 3 power bars, and get a dreummer who can keep up. Growl in a michrophone till it starts to make sense and call it music.

I am not saying rap or metal suck, it just is not for those times I really want to relax and think!
2001-08-11 12:45:32 PM  
There is good metal and there is good hip hop. Anyone caught making such retarded blanket statements such as "metal sucks!" or "hip hop sucks!" should have their stereo equipment confiscated.
2001-08-11 12:53:29 PM  
hurrah for punk and ska.
2001-08-11 01:26:29 PM  
tru nuff ickymettle. every type of music has good and bad artists and/or songs. personally i'm not into rap or metal that much, but i have managed to pick and choose and find a few in both fields that i like (and even like a lot).
2001-08-11 03:05:56 PM  
Sorry, IcyMettle, there is no "good" hip-hop. There is no such thing as hip-hop, in fact. Hip-hop as called now is simply the same thing played in the 70's, called disco. Don't bother claiming there is any difference, because there clearly isn't. For truly good, easy listening music, there is none better than classical. Swing is good, and so is Jazz. Modern music (since the 70's) is simply "how do I perform the easiest way possible without too much musical theory?"
I am certainly far from a "Huge" metal fan, and I do believe that rap sucks big time.
2001-08-11 03:14:56 PM  
I think it's funny how music can be lumped into one generic term. I'm going even one step further when I say that most of the people who say they HATE "rap" really just hate black people. Yeah I know there are white "rappers" but they are hated just the same for "acting" black.
75% of all music no matter what genre is crass commercial lowest common denominator crap.
20% is listenable. Good ideas, but maybe doesn't execute or is a little derivative.
5% is Wow! It takes you somewhere new and opens up ideas. Or takes for this instance "pop" music, into a new direction.

The Clash, Public Enemy, and yeah, Nirvana. Are great recent examples of bands taking an early exiting style and defining it. After that the styles kinda crapped out till another band emerged taking it somewhere else.
2001-08-11 03:33:59 PM  
Listen to IckyMettle folks, judging by his name, he knows what's up.

Just Lurking, turn off you TV, tear the antenna off your radio and look into experimental Hip Hop.

Two great experimental hip hop CDs that offer a variety of artists:

VA: Deep Concentration
Handsome Boy Modeling School: How's my Girl

IF it's on the radio/MTV it blows (with 99% certainty). So tho' shalt not condemn a form of music until you know what it's underground scene is like.
2001-08-11 03:35:17 PM  
Oops too much pot, the handsome boy album title is:

So How's Your Girl
2001-08-11 04:10:18 PM  
"Sorry, IcyMettle, there is no 'good' hip-hop. There is no such thing as hip-hop, in fact. Hip-hop as called now is simply the same thing played in the 70's, called disco."

Yeah...who can forget such great hits as Donna Summer's "F*ck Tha Police" or KC & the Sunshine Band's "Big Pimpin'"?

Have you even LISTENED to hip-hop music? Today's rap has about as much in common with Disco, as Heavy Metal does with Country/Western. Sure, the occasional 70s disco hit is ripped off every third song that comes out and used as a background track, but to say that "today's hip-hop is the same thing played in the 70s, called disco"?!?
JEEZUS, you're out of touch.

PS: Music is subjective; to suggest that there is "no good hip-hop", or that classical music is "truly good, easy listening music" is simply a matter of opinion.
PPS: I hate swing.
2001-08-11 04:34:07 PM  
I hope you're 50-60 years old so you can remember when "Swing" wasn't called swing and just was an off-shoot Big Band and was fresh and new.
2001-08-11 05:54:05 PM  
Funny, never heard of Rap "music" being lumped into hip-hop before. And I'm the one told I'm out of touch? They are two different styles of music. If one can call rap a "style", that is. All rappers do is take other music that people have written and put different words to it. Listen close to the music behind the words and you'll recognize it from somewhere's else. Yeah, I've certainly listened to rap, and hip-hop. And I don't like either. Personally, I like all other forms of music, with the only exceptions being rap and hip-hop. Right, rap and disco are very different, as are rap and hip-hop. To say that the only people who listen to swing are 50-60 year olds is just as racist as to say that people who hate rap also hate black people.

No wonder I'm getting tired of listening to the crap spouted from here.
2001-08-11 06:37:34 PM  
For the most part, rappers are the most sexist people on earth. They all perceive women as objects.
2001-08-11 07:35:13 PM  
eh? rap is phuckun ghey.
2001-08-11 07:46:20 PM  
"Funny, never heard of Rap 'music' being lumped into hip-hop before. And I'm the one told I'm out of touch?"

2001-08-11 08:18:02 PM  
I love when people try pass off their opinion as fact. Most of rap music does sample, but there are a few out there who actually create their own music. Anyone ever heard of the Roots? They bring a live band with them on tour. Drums, keyboards, guitars, etc. Funny, my uncle told me years ago that rap was a fad. Yeah. Uh huh.

This is all subjective. I used to listen to only hip hop. I have friends that still do. I actually broadened my horizons quite a bit the last few years. I can sit here and say country sucks or swing sucks, but that would be my opinion. Maybe I just don't understand the music. I don't hate either of those, just using an example. I used to bump George Strait years ago. But the point is that it is opinion.

lol Beppo. Donna Summer's F*ck the Police is a classic.

and as for Bill Cosby, nice stereotypes. They all eat watermelon too, right?

For all of you stereotyping hip hop and rap. Try letting your ears venture out further than what is played on MTV. You'll find hip hop that doesn't sample and isn't misogynistic.

Don't say something sucks until you actually try listening to it, without a preconceived notion.
2001-08-11 08:49:16 PM  
I think we need to get pot legalized:)
2001-08-11 09:49:30 PM  
Well, this IS just my opinion, but rap sucks and metal rules. And by rap, I mean one-hit wonders singing about asses and are never heard of again after 10 months. And by metal, I mean deep, meaningful songs that are played for a reason besides making money (though they sometimes do).
2001-08-11 09:58:46 PM  
bill cosby: i appologize if you were trying to be ironic or sarcastic and i failed to notice, but that statement is proveably false.

rap technically isn't a type of music. just as "singing" isn't a type of music. what is now called rapping goes back to the sixties if not earlier.

just lurking: your post made no sense. seriously. what the hell are you talking about? specifically, the last "sentence" in the paragraph.
2001-08-11 10:13:11 PM  
Like what you listen to, listen to what you like.

And fark this 'what you listen to is crap' garbage. If you like it, listen. Don't be so weak-willed that some moron saying what you appreciate is not 'cool' or 'out of touch' gets your shorts in a wad. Give em the bird & carry on.
2001-08-11 10:15:16 PM  
It's really no wonder why so many people dislike Hiphop. What with all the Hiphop that's featured on the Radio, on MTV, everywhere you look. People, Puff daddy, Wu Tang, Ma$e, Jay-Z Prettymuch anything shoved in your face by the mass media is a very Bad representation of Hiphop. Get yourself on your file sharing client of choice and check out a few of the lesser known and true representors of what Hiphop is truly about... New Kingdom, Roots Manuva, Del the funky homosapien / Deltron 3030, New Flesh for Old, Dr, Octagon, Earthling, Noah23, Jurrasic 5, Etc etc. It's not all about biatches and money, Gangbanging and players. Theres alot of great stuff out there. You just have to look beyond the media hype and the brainless masses.
2001-08-11 10:28:03 PM  
"Ass. Titties. Ass 'n' Titties. Ass, ass, titties, titties, Ass 'n' Titties."
2001-08-11 10:57:48 PM  
New Kid's on the Block?
2001-08-11 10:58:31 PM  
oh yeh......ass and titties ass and titties.....
2001-08-11 11:32:54 PM  
Prefferedcustomer named plenty of "rappers" who aren't in it for the money. Del has been around for years, not making money, but getting plenty of respect.

I could sit here and name a few (the entire Hiero crew, Hobojunction, Koncepts, Anticon). Attend the Cactus Club in San Jose on a night where they feature some hip hop acts and you will see plenty of people out there making good music with most likely no shot at making dollars because they don't fit the MTV scene. It's surprising that Common and the Roots get any airplay at all.
2001-08-11 11:55:33 PM  
Sweet. It's nice to see the people defending hip-hop namedropping some of the most excellent artists in the genre: The Roots, Del/Deltron, Jurassic 5, Handsome Boy. Of course, none of the people dissing hip hop or comparing it to "disco" (WTF?) could ever tell you who any of those people are, but they can dimiss an entire class of music. Idiots.

P.S. - Buddy_LeChrist scores Brownie points for recognizing the name.
2001-08-11 11:57:59 PM  
I'd also like to mention how disappointed I am Del isn't getting the recognition he really should be with Gorillaz. Whenever you hear someone talk about them, it's always "Damon from Blur and, uh, a bunch of other people". Lame.

And so I don't come across as biased, I'd like to verbally fellate my favorite metal band of the moment: Botch. They will give you nightmares.
2001-08-12 12:26:40 AM  
I just recently picked up a copy of Deltron 3030 under the reccomendation of a friend. Utterly amazing.

I think MTV is to blame for most stereotypes of music. Blink 182 isn't punk, it's pop. They've discarded their homegrown Florida punk roots and become media puppets, giving today's kids music that they think is helping them rebel against the state while in actuality paying the salries of the RIAA's lawyers.

I saw blink 182 local before they had pop hits. They still sucked, btw.
2001-08-12 02:20:58 AM  
what the fark, sampling is part of rap and hip hop, and rightly so, the good sampling is like taking little peices of beats from different sources and blending them together. Give props to people like the Roots who are totally instrumental but the turntable is an instrument too. The good sampling is when you don't know its a sample, not that farking bullshiat Puff Daddy crap.

Someone go download Hieroglyphics or get some clips from and hear some REAL hip hop not that commercial Jay-z Puff Daddy and farking Cash Money Millionares bullshiat!! Don't generalize a music genre before you actually learn something about it and find the non-commercial, real shiat, but with more accessible technology you just have to dig deeper for it, but however it gives alot of ignorant dumbasses like some people on this board excuses to blabber on and generalize. Oops, run on sentence, gotta stop blazing everyday.
2001-08-12 03:13:29 AM  
"Rap music" -- the ultimate oxymoron.
2001-08-12 07:26:40 AM  
Gorillaz....isn't that Damon from Blur and uh a bunch of other people? ;)

Um, everything sucks except the things that do not suck and the things that do suck are completely based on personal tastes.
2001-08-14 02:26:48 AM  
anyone have an idea how many bands/people still actually write their own music & how this statistic may vary by genre?
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