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(Guardian UK)   JFK took so many pills daily he should have rattled   ( divider line
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81 clicks; posted to Main » on 19 Nov 2002 at 1:00 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-11-18 08:25:29 PM  
I think Elvis still had him beat. Read somewhere that near the end Presley was taking enough drugs daily to kill a horse.
2002-11-19 01:04:38 AM  
livin on reds vitamin c and cocaine
2002-11-19 01:04:56 AM  
Yeah, but horses weigh a lot less than Elvis did at the time.
2002-11-19 01:05:09 AM  
I remember reading that Elvis had something like 21 different drugs in his system when he died.
2002-11-19 01:05:33 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

2002-11-19 01:05:34 AM  
So, do you suppose that is what killed him?
2002-11-19 01:06:58 AM  
No, it was those damn camping snipers that killed him.
2002-11-19 01:07:04 AM  
"It's more important to look good than to feel good."
2002-11-19 01:07:30 AM  
He also had dangerously low levels of Dr.Pepper in His bloodstream.
2002-11-19 01:07:30 AM  
There's a difference between Elvis popping pills for no apparant reason and JFK taking medicine for a whole host of serious medical conditions.

It's amazing that the press never wanted to report his serious health conditions. It wasn't deemed "newsworthy." either were JFK's probably affairs. Compare and contrast that with Clinton's presidency.

2002-11-19 01:07:37 AM  
Damn, all those problems and he still managed to become president and nail Marilyn Monroe. The guy was more of an American hero than I thought.
2002-11-19 01:07:39 AM  
Sorry, that was meant to be a FPS joke. I'll make it more clear next time.
2002-11-19 01:08:02 AM  
Maybe JFK has his own Dr. Melfi that he confided all his secrets in.

BTW, This is why Elvis died:

[image from too old to be available]

And that was just a mid-afternoon snack.
2002-11-19 01:08:03 AM  
Probably didn't help that Elvis weighed over 300 pounds when they did the autopsy.
2002-11-19 01:08:48 AM  
How does a man in such condition manage to bag Marilyn Monroe? Maybe that was all made up.
2002-11-19 01:09:15 AM  
(4MP3R F465?
2002-11-19 01:09:19 AM  
Did Clinton do this as well? He was such a JFK wanna-be.
2002-11-19 01:10:32 AM  
Hipnerd - rather similar to the complete silence the media had over Roosevelt's severe health problems. His doctors knew he wouldn't last even three years when we won his last election.
2002-11-19 01:10:34 AM  
JFK, Elvis, and dead horses were all lightweights.
2002-11-19 01:12:25 AM  
Drewsy - Been studying at the Aarkieboy school of PS?
2002-11-19 01:12:59 AM  
Weren't JFK and Lee Marvin the same person?
2002-11-19 01:13:04 AM  
Compare and contrast that with Clinton's presidency.

2002-11-19 01:13:44 AM  
posted to the wrong thread, but it is on both of them.
2002-11-19 01:18:55 AM  
The reason that kennedy's affairs and medical problems were not general public info was the cold war... a leader had to presented as strong, firm, and healthy. A prez that is banging chicks in the oval office, while taking tons of pills would not present the american people with the necessary unity to face the 'vile communist threat'.

Now days, the press just go after who ever doesn't pay them enough money not too.
2002-11-19 01:20:32 AM  
JFK legacy: man on moon

WJC legacy: three-eyed turtle
2002-11-19 01:27:44 AM  
It all makes sense now...

JFK was dying, but wanted to be remembered... knowing the end was emminent, he hired a gunamn to make his exit a little more dramtic..

Heh, that bastard
2002-11-19 01:35:44 AM  
Why the shiat is this news?

2002-11-19 01:39:44 AM  
Why the shiat is this news?
That question could be directed toward 75%+ of the links that get a greenlight
2002-11-19 01:57:42 AM  
"No, it was those damn camping snipers that killed him."

It's his own fault for nt hopping around.
2002-11-19 01:57:43 AM  
Lewbowski: Gunmen
2002-11-19 02:03:56 AM  
this is a singled sided rant for reppies. F you all, Kenney and Clinton were still better despite the drugs.
2002-11-19 02:04:24 AM  
in other news, do any of you care?
2002-11-19 02:23:35 AM  
and women I should add, seems only democrats can get laid, is that why reppires re so jealous/mad???????????
2002-11-19 03:07:26 AM  
that democrat was
popping lotsa pills. it sure...
I got nothin. EFF.
2002-11-19 03:10:36 AM  
my fathers friend worked for the Kennedys as a Private Eye... funny how one day he almost killed his girlfriend because she slept with JFK.
2002-11-19 06:21:58 AM  
Vicodain any one?
2002-11-19 07:41:52 AM  
Camelot? It should
Have been called something else, like
CAME-alot. Heh heh.
2002-11-19 07:50:58 AM  
So he was just kidding about the whole going to the moon stuff?

2002-11-19 08:14:18 AM  
I don't understand why the press is making such a big deal about this. It was common knowledge - even back then - that he had severe back and other problems, partly due to his war injuries. It's not like he was snorting rails of coke in the Oval Office or something.

11-19-02 02:04:24 AM Astudill
in other news, do any of you care?

I sure as fark don't care. The man's been dead for 40 years. Let him rest in peace.
2002-11-19 08:43:56 AM  
I heard his head used to flip back like a pez dispencer.
2002-11-19 10:06:28 AM  
He may have actually been the first Libertarian President
2002-11-19 10:41:54 AM  
JFK dropped acid with mob-boss Sam Giancana's girlfriend while farking her. Pretty fly for a white guy.
2002-11-19 11:21:26 AM  
I bought jfk's drug kit on ebay
2002-11-19 11:54:59 AM  
This should have been labelled obvious. He is a Kennedy, after all. Funny how everyone thinks they got rich because his father was "just" a rum runner. There were an awful lot of them back then; strange how the Kennedys are the only ones still living in a "compound."
2002-11-19 01:57:36 PM  
If you farkers would do something wacky, like actually read the farking article before commenting on it, you might learn something.

What I came away with was even more admiration for JFK -- I think it takes a lot of intestinal fortitude to be in that much pain and do things like campaign, focus on your job as President, stare down the Soviet Union over nuclear weapons, and put up with Lyndon Johnson.

And Boss Hogg, which pill popping freak with his finger on the button do you mean? Same could also be said of Nixon (appetite suppresants and bourbon) and George Bush I (Halcyon.)
2002-11-19 04:29:17 PM  
<Quimby>Ich bin ein pill-popper.</Quimby>
2002-11-20 10:01:56 AM  
Intestinal fortitude... HA!
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