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(Some Saluki) Boobies Meet Playmate Kimberly Stanfield. Today is her 21st birthday. Not safe for work   ( divider line
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5470 clicks; posted to Main » on 18 Nov 2002 at 5:26 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-11-18 03:04:01 PM  
Whoa! She's a hottie!

I'd hit it, twice...maybe three times...a day.
2002-11-18 03:22:27 PM  
Three times? What's wrong, getting old? I'd hit it til my dick falls off
2002-11-18 05:37:27 PM  
Her body says 21, but her face screams of 40 year old cocktail waitress.
2002-11-18 05:42:00 PM  
Blatant photoshopping going on as well. Check out her face and girly bits on the first pic.
2002-11-18 05:42:01 PM  
I agree with BrianQuaker, killer body, old face. could they not have photoshopped that as well? Oh yes, I would it all night long!
2002-11-18 05:42:28 PM  
Dear Kimberly,

I have never written to a playmate before. You are my favorite one of all time. I was wondering if I could get a lifetime supply of .
2002-11-18 05:42:50 PM  
So what you're saying is that she'll be drunk tonight, surrounded by a bunch of beautiful, naked women? Ummm... can I get her address and phone number?
2002-11-18 05:50:12 PM  
Oh yay, another semi attractive whore with fake breasts. Not like those are a dime a trillion. Sluts != Cool
2002-11-18 05:52:04 PM  
Holy clitoris Batman! Boobies (not overly huge ones, but still boobies) as far as the eye can see. How appropriate that she be in her birthday suit for her birthday photo. But seriously now. Would you be worried about what her face looks like if you had the chance to nail that?
2002-11-18 05:59:53 PM  
I'd hit it, even though she does look like an old and busted cocktail waitress straight outta Vegas.
2002-11-18 06:01:37 PM  
I like big boobies.
2002-11-18 06:04:29 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-11-18 06:11:05 PM  
I hope she eats all of her birthday cake, and it goes to fill in that little boy ass she has.

Remember when women had bodies, and were more than just sticks with boobies?
2002-11-18 06:11:48 PM  
flat ass -- reminds me of a Hilton sister
2002-11-18 06:12:11 PM  

Someone give me some pics.
2002-11-18 06:13:44 PM  
Hey Agent Pothead

people who use != also != cool

wait a minute....DAMN!
2002-11-18 06:18:50 PM  
And you can not lie, MattO?
2002-11-18 06:22:05 PM  
Cue all the guys who say their wives/girlfriends are hotter...
2002-11-18 06:24:50 PM  
Woo Hoo...finally got another link posted! That only took 8 months.
2002-11-18 06:25:05 PM  
where is her real skin? the picture on the top left just screams of photoshop..or something.
2002-11-18 06:35:43 PM  
I would not hit it.

WAY too inflatable. Unhot. Too friggin' obvious.

(Waits for all the latent homosexuals/frat boys to start flaming me...)
2002-11-18 06:39:11 PM  
Ugh. Holy airbrushing, Batman!
2002-11-18 06:41:46 PM  

A little off topic, but I got all excited on page 2 when she was posing on the VW Thing (Kubelwagen, Type 181, etc). Sweet! It's rare that you see pr0n containing classic VW's.


Dzamn. I'd hit it.
2002-11-18 06:43:34 PM  
most hittable boobies ever?
2002-11-18 06:48:13 PM  
wow, she really does look PSed in picture 1...
2002-11-18 06:48:44 PM  
I've got a green Thing!
2002-11-18 06:49:28 PM  
It's my B-day today too!!! Aw yeah! Maybe we could exchange gifts...
2002-11-18 06:51:45 PM  
Wow, another skanky whore for us to look at. Thank you. Thank you very much.

Most of these porn stars are skanky trailer-park hos. Why? Why do people LOOK at this filth?

I think I'm getting sick of pr0n.
2002-11-18 06:55:56 PM  
Dear god, too much Fark.

I opened the page and said "meh, more of the same" instead of some obligatory comment on hitting it. I am becoming jaded.
2002-11-18 06:58:32 PM  
I agree with the face comments, but she has nice nipples.
2002-11-18 07:01:52 PM  
I went to high school with Kim.

Playboy's make up artists can work miracles, let me tell you :-P
2002-11-18 07:04:26 PM  
whats the problem? so she's skany and slutty... she's a PLAYMATE! what do you expect?
Plus, she is very hit-able, and if shes that slutty, maybe some of you guys could get a peice..
2002-11-18 07:05:47 PM  
Also, I bought a few days before Playboy went for it.. :-P they own the .net and .org and all the others.. :-D

but I didn't do anything with the domain and my registry expired.. I think someone else owns it now..
2002-11-18 07:06:42 PM  
Bad_Sinfluence - Your pic didn't work, I wanna see a sfw pic of her. Can anyone help me out?
2002-11-18 07:07:02 PM  
yep, make-up is standard, but so is PSing, they used to call it "airbrushing"...back when people used airbrushes...

yep, another cutie, the world is chock full o' them
2002-11-18 07:08:23 PM  
Bad_Sinfluence - Nvm. She's cute! I would (insert female word for hit) it!
2002-11-18 07:10:53 PM  
11-18-02 05:37:27 PM BrianQuaker
Her body says 21, but her face screams of 40 year old cocktail waitress.

well, she WAS a 19 year old hostess in a Japanese restaurant in Vancouver.
perhaps that's a harder like than we realised.
2002-11-18 07:15:22 PM  
I'd hit it, but she still ain't as cute a Cordelia!:)
2002-11-18 07:17:48 PM  
Absolutben- Awww you are so sweet! The thingie never got posted huh? MUAH!
2002-11-18 07:20:32 PM  
Nah, never posted. Oh well. Could be worse, I coulda been that guy with the pen in his ass!
2002-11-18 07:26:41 PM  
Hee hee. You never know he might have enjoyed it. Maybe not since he called the police. You never know, some people like things in their
2002-11-18 07:32:56 PM  
"This women brought in a cake for my birthday and opened a bottle of 10,000 yen wine for me. I gave her special service and we were singing and drinking more than usual, so things were really kicking. After a couple of hours of playing around, the woman suddenly stood up on a sofa, told me she was feeling hot and started to remove her sweater," Katagiri tells Shukan Taishu. "Once she had her breasts out, she went over to the cake she'd brought in for me and ran her fingers through the thick coating of whipped cream on top of it. She then wiped the cream all over her boobs and demanded that I lick it off. Well, she was a regular customer, so I didn't think I had much other choice than to oblige. Once I started licking it off, though, she got really excited."

Our beloved Wai Wai News:
2002-11-18 07:34:54 PM  
2002-11-18 07:38:05 PM  
I sort of remember her from Playboy. Looks too much like a Barbie doll to me. I let my subscription lapse when every Playmate started looking just like that. Not like the old days, when I could not only remember the face but put a name to it at a glance. Now I can't tell them apart.
2002-11-18 07:40:49 PM  
Is it like a law that every hot chick whos willing to get naked has to have a tattoo now?
2002-11-18 07:50:53 PM  
I think the tattoo is the new tongue ring.
2002-11-18 07:52:24 PM  
Yeah, you are right. You probably wouldn't hit it. If she
were able to get past your Mom and Dad, and get down to the basement, it is highly unlikely that you'd be able to see her over the glow of your monitor. Possibly, the only way you would even know that she was there, would be if she knocked over your immense collection of empty Mountain Dew cans, tripped over the large stack of Amish Goat porn, or by setting off your motion activated Spider Man room alarm. I guess your right- you wouldn't hit it.
2002-11-18 08:02:30 PM  
Ass like a ten year old BOY!
2002-11-18 08:07:14 PM  
Body is tight, face is ass.
2002-11-18 08:11:26 PM  
I think she's a CGI insert. There are plastic love dolls that have more variegated skin tones.

Yup. None of mine are quite so monochromomatic.
2002-11-18 08:11:31 PM  
11-18-02 05:50:37 PM CACA!
"Still, I farking hate that I'm getting old. I'm 23, this girl is 21 (at least that's what she says). Soon, they will all be old and ugly."

I'm 37 and completely at a loss for words. Must be the Alzheimer's kickin' in.
2002-11-18 08:16:46 PM  
Some Saluki? Do we have another SIU alumni in here?!?!
2002-11-18 08:17:04 PM  

I'm going to go to sleep thinking of those boobies...
2002-11-18 08:21:32 PM  
Eeek that was hilarious.

I was expecting something about action figures...
2002-11-18 08:31:00 PM  
That poor girl is so caboose deficient, she would fall in even if you left the toilet down for her!
2002-11-18 08:31:32 PM  
The extreme photoshopping is actually not due to Playboy magazine. That first image is an example of an obsessive scanner. There's an entire internet culture based around guys who carefully scan magazines, photoshop them to their view of perfection and trade them on the web. That's what causes this really weird looking airbrush effect on some of these photos.

Type in HQ scans on a google search, but beware hellish pop-up sites....
2002-11-18 08:38:44 PM  
I'd hit it three times an hour. Twice on Sunday. It's a holy day, dammit.
2002-11-18 08:39:52 PM  
Yucko. Take the 'smart blur' off first. Then she might be cute.
2002-11-18 08:44:45 PM  
My kitten killing record for one day is 5.
2002-11-18 09:06:23 PM  
yep, those are real
2002-11-18 09:15:28 PM  
Dimator Amateur. I've logged 12 kitty deaths in one day.
2002-11-18 09:16:54 PM  
cool... a 100% airbrushed, 100% fake boobies, 100% fake blonde.... wow...
2002-11-18 09:25:29 PM  
Hey Big Pete. I'm surpised you even realize what Sluts != Cool means. Oh wait, you don't. So go back to being a WINNER and fark off. Unless you wanna make it personal.
2002-11-18 09:37:51 PM  
She went to my high school...about 15 years after I did.
Her mom is the Librarian at Electronic Arts Canada's Staff library (in Burnaby) And I know her from when I worked there. Kimberly worked in the library there for a short time, that was when she was just out of high school about 2 years ago. All the guys were falling all over her, she wasn't so "polished" looking back then, But then she wasn't Hugh Hefners fark toy back then. So she basically has no education, no real world experience, and since shes a billionaries glory hole she's set for life. Her mom took an extended leave of absence when she first "came-out" to her mom and told her that not only was she going to appear naked in playboy, but that she was boinking Hefner, a senior citizen viagra addict.I think her mom freaked most when she found out that she was just one of his 7 blonde bimbo girlfriends.
2002-11-18 09:52:25 PM  
Plastic surgury? PLASTIC SURGURY?!?!?! Are you farkers high on crack? Those boobies are all real baby! And I'd hit it.
2002-11-18 10:10:35 PM  
This thread makes me want to drink Dr. Pepper, have sex with strange women in buildings that are blowing up!!
Twisted, but tru!
But so far tonight, I'm at least having a Dr. Pepper...
AH! so satifying....
2002-11-18 10:15:24 PM  
Why, oh why, oh why did you have to go and fark the 21-yr old playmate link?? A plague upon all of you and your families!
2002-11-18 10:20:17 PM  
Holy brother turned 21 today too!
2002-11-18 10:29:12 PM  
she makes my pants feel funny.
2002-11-18 10:47:32 PM  
I'd hit it.

Only because the National Enquirer / Hello! / insert trashy tabloid magazine name here would pay me some fun coupons for the details of the story!

I can see the headlines now

2002-11-18 11:32:07 PM  
BORING. Another skinny minny with shaved pubic hair and a dye job.

Goddamn, she looks like every other "hot chick" these days. They oughta just start printing up generic labels -- white with a bar code and black lettering that reads "Hot Chick."

Wake me up when there's a model who knows what a size 10 and a sandwich is.
2002-11-18 11:47:01 PM  
She looked so much better in print
2002-11-18 11:48:59 PM  
I'd hit that with my big boot, brother.
2002-11-19 12:03:28 AM  

Yes...we have another SIU alum...Go Dawgs!!
2002-11-19 12:10:39 AM  
She's pretty hot, but why didn't they just build a naked woman pixel-by-pixel if they're going to airbrush her to the point of making her look plastic.
2002-11-19 12:11:00 AM  
Ahhh... next step: hardcore! Go Kimberly!
2002-11-19 12:18:23 AM  
I can't take the airbrushing... can we have some pics of real women?
2002-11-19 12:23:42 AM  
Finally a boobies post, and a good one too.

I'd. Hit. It.
2002-11-19 12:29:20 AM  
She's one of Hefner's 7 girlfriends and he takes Viagra? That would explain the airbrushing.

They have to cover up all those mushroom tatoos...
2002-11-19 02:48:41 AM  
img src=" jpg"
2002-11-19 02:51:37 AM  
Sheit lets try that a gain!​90.jpg
2002-11-19 03:00:42 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-11-19 03:12:43 AM  
I would hit it until there was nothing left.
2002-11-19 05:01:54 AM  
Hmm, lots of airbrush work, fake tits...both are bad things but I would definetly hit it.
2002-11-19 06:12:48 AM  
oh yeah, if you look real close you can see my name tattoo'd just below the butterfly on her rear! whatta girl....
2002-11-19 06:17:01 AM  
Do these people have some sort of identikit barbie-doll generating machine?
2002-11-19 08:12:15 AM  
I'm with most everyone else. Playboy sucks and I think just about everyone is tired of skanky little hoes with blond hair ( dyed or not ), fake tits and way over airbrushed. That's why I prefer the lower class prono sites, they can't afford to airbrush.

I would not hit it.
2002-11-19 09:34:38 AM  
Cue all the guys who say their wives/girlfriends are hotter...

Well, last night my wife was 3-dimensional. That's one dimension more than the closest you'll get to this barbie-clone. Oh, my wife cooks too. She'll bring me a beer, wash my motorcycle, and clean my pipes.

Yep, Mrs. NoGods is definitely hotter.
2002-11-19 09:35:28 AM  
You all LIE!

She comes up to you and says, "Let's go have some wild monkey sex and you make sure to drop some mayo on my tatt," you wouldn't hit it?

You're all going to hell for lying.
2002-11-19 09:52:36 AM  
NoGods has inspired me to sound off on the "...and my wife is hot" troll. Mrs. Hanky: 1) Cooks 2) Brings me beer 3) Is educated and has a sucessfull career 4) Has 36-D knockers and works out like mad = shwing! 5) Craves Little Mr. Hanky in all forms and forums ("Wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say no more!") I love my life.
2002-11-19 11:20:48 AM  
How funny, I was going to hide in the closet about my letting the Playboy subscription lapse. Thought I was losing interest in porn. But I agree, I got tired of seeing cookie-cutter stereotypes (however wonderful they look!) every month, especially when you can get so much porn online (some of us surf for our OWN porn links, and not rely on Fark's table scraps).
2002-11-19 11:52:58 AM  
I would hit it until I couldn't hit it anymore...then I would hit it again...
2002-11-19 01:25:43 PM  
perhaps then Mr.Hanky should be posting some PICTURES!! Let's see her!!
2002-11-19 01:28:52 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Anyone else think she has midget arms in this one?
2002-11-19 01:37:37 PM  
If that's what the chick looks like, then wow, I'm glad it's farked... agree with Mr. Hanky, wife MUCH hotter than La Plastica here...
2002-11-19 02:12:06 PM  
Goddamn, blowmetheclown -- now I can't see anything else in that picture except those freaking dwarf arms.

You suck.
2002-11-19 02:19:14 PM  
*yawn* Like you can't see chicks like that on Venice Beach every damned day of the week. Can we say inflato-girl?

Show us some original attractive women with some natural form and arent photoshopped. Jeez. That wench's 15 minutes of fame ended about a week ago. :P
2002-11-19 05:13:09 PM  
Mr. Hanky's been listening to Mr. Hanky jr too much - Ok , we'd all haul out the Bishop for this, but, jeez...what's new here anyway?
2002-11-20 03:56:06 AM  
You obviously know nothing about Kimberly. I had the pleasure of meeting her a few day ago and attending her Birthday party. She was one of the nicest people that I have ever meet and one of the most beautiful girls I have ever met in my life. I can tell you for a fact that the pictures on the site don't do her any justice because she looks even better in person cuz in person and in the photos there was no photoshop needed to make her look hot. I can tell you all just want to meet her and wish you could but you can't so instead you just rip on her for no reason.SO FARK OFF all who talk shiat on her!!
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