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(Some Guy)   Programmable keypad might help struggling Quake III players to kill more   ( divider line
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1621 clicks; posted to Main » on 11 Aug 2001 at 1:04 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-08-11 12:10:04 AM  
Quake 3...bah. I'll gladly take Unreal Tournament over it.
2001-08-11 01:26:58 AM  
Speaking of Quake 3, Quake 4 was recently announced. I submitted a link to it, but like all my other submissions, it was rejected.
2001-08-11 02:17:19 AM  
counter-strike baby, you can write your own buy scripts in notpad!
2001-08-11 03:09:26 AM  
Tribes 2
2001-08-11 09:08:24 AM  
................ quake 3 .................... hmmmmmm .............. yay?
2001-08-11 09:34:32 AM  
WELL THANK GOD! Thos poor poor Quake players. I have lost sooo much sleep over the suffering of twitch-game players not being able to properly cheat. Now I can rest easy.
2001-08-11 11:13:20 AM  
I have and reccomend the X36 joystick and throttle combo from Saitek. $99 at best buy. More buttons, levers, hats and knobs than you can shake a stick at.
2001-08-11 11:46:55 AM  
Mouse, keyboard, thats all you need. Anything else is just for show.
2001-08-11 11:53:45 AM  
if someone made that for FPS's, then they are a farkin tard

four keys wide? it needs to be 6
and it's not spaced right, we are used to having the keys not right under eachother (most FPSer's use the WSAD movement)

oh well, nice try n00b
2001-08-11 01:40:01 PM  
if youre not good at q3 then you wont get any better with that frickin keypad
2001-08-11 03:22:24 PM  
2001-08-11 03:40:14 PM  
Real men play UT and Tribes 2.
2001-08-11 03:44:26 PM  
pussy people with hightek comptarz bought by their mommies play tribes 2...i cant because my computer sucks.

i'll play day of defeat/tfc/dmc/cs, thanks
2001-08-11 04:05:29 PM  
For some reason, UT's 3D engine makes me feel sick after about 10-15 minutes of playing. Other FPS games have done this too, but Q3 doesn't do it.
2001-08-11 06:10:42 PM  
  I guess someone finally caught on. I've been using the force commander from M$ for quite a while now. 20 programmable keys placed right under your finger tips mounted on a movable base. The base works great for moving and straffing then simply use the buttons to toggle weapons and do some fancy footwork! Of course it still does take a bit of skill to aim your weapon and dodge incomming rounds.

  Anyway, I like UT better more variety in play and a better balance of weapons.
2001-08-11 06:38:17 PM  
All your 20 programmable keys placed right under your finger tips mounted on a movable base are belong to us
2001-08-11 07:05:56 PM  

For Great Justice.

2001-08-11 08:54:56 PM  
If UT was better, there would be as much media coverage and as many tournaments as there are for games in the Quake series. UT caters to, for lack of a better word, newbies, or people who need peon weapons like multi-rocket-firing assjockey cannons.

I never really liked Quake 3, but UT is no where close for, ahem, "professional" gaming.

Counterstrike is easily the most popular, for the new type of gameplay it brought to the scene.

Tribes 2 is decent, but still incredibly buggy after 137 patches.

But I digress... to return to the topic, that keypad, and joysticks too, are crap for FPSing.

QuakeCon 2K1 is happening right now. First prize is $30,000, for anyone who is interested in cyber-athletics, and I cringe upon my use of the word "athletics."
2001-08-11 11:40:18 PM  
I loved Quake I, Reznor did the music, and the nailgin ammo had the |\| | |/| symbol on it.
2001-08-13 02:03:38 AM  
Quake 3 rules.
Urban terror owns counterstrike anyday.
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