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4318 clicks; posted to Main » on 11 Aug 2001 at 1:04 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-08-11 12:20:05 AM  
There are some good ones in there
2001-08-11 12:26:25 AM  
Norm MacDonald pulled the donut one on some guys for revenge. He put the picture at the bottom of the box under all the donuts. He said he wanted to put it in his movie Dirty Work but they wouldn't let him.
2001-08-11 12:30:40 AM  
Instead of Vaseline on the telephone earpiece, I recommend shoe polish, black on black phone being most effective. Go easy, or it will be detected.
2001-08-11 12:31:26 AM  
The one about the fax machine and black paper is old, i remember doing that to an annoying buisiness in my area over a weekend.. it's even more fun if the black paper is a xerox of your middle finger.. :)
2001-08-11 12:37:53 AM  
Regarding the fax machine one....

"Great idea, but it's flawed. This prank will wreck shop on the recipient's fax machine. After all, the printout takes place on their end of the communication, not the sender's. Good stuff, though"

Um, is this guy retarded or do I just not get what he's talking about. The idea behind a prank is that you fuxor someone else, not yourself
2001-08-11 12:43:03 AM  
I got one...
I wrap all the Alter boy's buttocks in plastic wrap.

You should see the priest's faces when they discover my trick, "The hard way".
2001-08-11 01:31:11 AM  
This site has some funny stuff on it. If you're on a high BW connection, check out some of the videos. Here's the Link
2001-08-11 01:32:12 AM  
I've heard of this but I don't know how well it works. Stick a small rubber ball into a car's gas tank. It'll just float around harmlessly until the guy give his car gas. It will float up and block the intake and float away when he lets off the gas.

My friend got revenge on a guy who was really into his sport car by sticking slices of bologna on it. The guy peeled them all off but the meat had damaged the paint leaving his car polka-dotted.
2001-08-11 01:46:27 AM  
This site rules... some of these are real keepers I really like the nail polish on the power cord prongs one...
2001-08-11 01:52:17 AM  
One that my buddy and I used to pull involved he being in his car and me in mine. You need an extra wide street (3 lanes each way) for this to work. At a stoplight, pull up on either side of an unsuspecting motorist. With one of you on the left, and the other on the right, give the signal and s-l-o-w-l-y start backing your cars up simultaneously. The dupe will think he is coasting into the intersection and odd are, will throw his car itno reverse, slamming into the poor schlub behind him. Oh what a hoot. And boys, this works.
2001-08-11 02:13:51 AM  
if the question is revenge , the answer :
1) hot day
2) the asshole's car
3)hypodermic needle
4) racoon lure (urine or cum ? , found at hunting shop )
5) inject through rubber seal on door
2001-08-11 02:29:42 AM  
Bigpeeler: I had forgotten that one, but you're right, it does work. In college, some friends showed me that one. Many laughs. Works really well if you use vans or trucks.
2001-08-11 02:49:34 AM  
*totally off the subject*

Anybody who lives in San Francisco wanna get together for drinks at Fulton Street bar tomorrow (Saturday) night? We could get farking drunk and plan a takeover of the french embassy. Any Takers?
----------------------------------------------------------------------​-------- --
2001-08-11 02:52:07 AM  
oh coming to fark, and seeing IGN for men stopped me the current job and took me to so many sites so many curves and la la la
2001-08-11 03:35:49 AM  
BigP: That's a fun one. Some of my more memorable ones:

I was a restaurant manager for six years and there are all sorts of fun things to pull in this environment. One of my favorites was, I would tape the thingy that the phone rests on down so the phone thinks it is hung up all the time. I'll go into my office and call the restaurant number. While watching through the office window, I'll see one of the hapless employees pick up the phone and become distressed that the phone is still ringing, meanwhile all the other employees start busting up and some of the customers too.

While in college in the dorms we would change peoples doors around and lock them and then escape through the window. For instance swap room 319, 113, and 212. Also putting frozen marbles in someones bed when they are passed out is great. They try to move but the marbles follow them wherever they go. Also in the dorms all the phones were sequentially numbered so that it was easy to figure out which number each room was...the opportunities there were endless.

When we were children we would turn off the volume of the TV and carry on a lip synched conversation as my mom would walk into the room. She would then think she was going deaf. We could only pull this one maybe every six months or so. Another fun one from this era was saran wrapping the toilet bowl so that the first person to use it in the morning would spray themselves.
2001-08-11 04:16:49 AM  
And of course there's the old "Saran Wrap over the toilet" trick. I've seen that work so many times I've lost count. (For the uninitiated, you simply stretch Saran Wrap or any other clear plastic wrap over the porcelain toilet, close the lids then watch as your drunk buddies stand there and can't figure out why they are pissing on themselves.)
2001-08-11 06:00:58 AM  
just read the one about loading a joint with sage or catnip and getting "non-smokers" to hit it... we kinda did this at my school... we had a byob party and sold 24 non-alc. beers to some freshman chicks for an amazing amount of money, and watched them make fools of them selves all nite, while we used their money to buy us more alc.... we made like 15 dollars on this shiat,.. thats like a whole liter of the good captn morgan :)
2001-08-11 07:00:18 AM  
Pbsaurus - sounds like it was reeeeeal nice working for you.

From this site my favourite was the windows background being set to a screenshot of ...the background, then removing all the icons.
But then, I guess I need to get out more.
2001-08-11 11:59:55 AM  
my favorite has to be:

Fill up a bathtub with cold water and a little fake blood. Lie in it naked with your palms facing down at your sides. Don't forget the "bloody" razor on the side of the tub. When your parents/loved one comes in wait until they see you and scream. Then yell, "Surprise!"

What a way to say - I love you! My problem is, what if they are releived?
2001-08-11 01:33:38 PM  
thanks trout, there's some good shiat in there

this has got to be the best clip ever
2001-08-11 01:35:34 PM  
LabberD: They pulled pranks on me too. It was just a fun environment and I had a really good crew and all had a good sense of humour. Yesterday I had lunch with a few of the accountants and one of the field auditors. She (the field auditor) had just got back from two new restaurant openings in Phoenix, Arizona (think about 120 degrees Fahrenheit) and she was complaining about the heat. I then told her that this winter when we open up the Fargo, North Dakota restaurant (think 120 degrees below zero) in December that she will be really hating it. She fell for it hook line and sinker. We're not opening any such restaurant nor would Fargo be demographically appropriate for our concept. I love gullible people.

Bycustin: Wow how many times have you tried that one?
2001-08-11 01:49:06 PM  

Only once actually, and it turned out really bad, because I had my eyes closed and they didn't make a sound and called the Police and Paramedics. The tub was warm when I started it and by the time they got there I had gotten out.

All in all, $100 fine for public mischeif, and a friend who can now look back and laugh at it all. By the way, she almost killed me for real when I walked out still alive!
2001-08-11 02:42:45 PM  
Very bad grammar. Is IGN employing 3rd graders to do the writing? Jesus motherfarking christ! My 2-month-old nephew could probably write better than that!

-he who stacks pork
2001-08-11 07:48:42 PM  
Skip the grammer, the "pranks" are terrible. "Clog the toilet!" Someone should send them a few episodes of Buzzkill.
2001-08-11 09:44:25 PM  
These tricks sound like fun, but they don't deserve the "Project Mayhem" name. If the author had actually seen "Fight Club", maybe he would put less pranks and more acts of vandalism in order to earn the name "Project Mayhem".

Tyler Durden: You are not special. You are not a beautiful or unique snowflake. You are the same decaying organic matter as everything else.
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