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(ICNetwork)   Agrument over television show Buffy the Vampire Slayer ends in murder. Those wacky Brits   ( ) divider line
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89 clicks; posted to Main » on 15 Nov 2002 at 9:16 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-11-15 07:56:54 PM  
What is the appeal of that show besides the obvious hottie factor?
2002-11-15 09:18:57 PM  
2002-11-15 09:19:53 PM  
The Devil made me do it!

/Flip Wilson
2002-11-15 09:22:24 PM  
"He made an appreciative comment about one of the characters, and she told him it was a `noncey' choice.

Well yeah...How many of us wouldn't do the same thing? 'noncey choice my ass...jeez.
2002-11-15 09:23:21 PM  
"That comment resulted in lengthy and protracted violence which resulted in her death."

She should have emailed her comment to an Air Force Cadet.
2002-11-15 09:24:02 PM  
He ... claimed to have sacrificed dogs in rituals because the species' name was God spelt backwards.

Anyone find me some stahssa to sacrifice?
2002-11-15 09:25:02 PM  

ObviouslyI need to watch the show more. And WTF does noncey mean.
2002-11-15 09:26:11 PM  
There's the hotties, good writing, plot, storyline, decent acting. All the things missing from most of media.
2002-11-15 09:28:32 PM  
us Brit's rule

2002-11-15 09:34:18 PM  
Buffy is a great show with excellent writing, dialogue, and plotting. I've seen foreshadowing done YEARS in advance of plot development. This show does not insult the intelligence of its fans.

I'm a Christian, and I know that many Christians, particularly those in "Christian Media" will no doubt criticize Buffy for a host of reasons. Instead, why don't you people make something worth watching. Most of what you produce SUCKS. Seriously. The best you people have are talking vegetables-which are pretty cool I might add.

This rant has practically nothing to do with the article about a crazy person.
2002-11-15 09:35:46 PM  
She was right, though. Drucilla was a flake.
2002-11-15 09:43:23 PM  
Its definately one of the best shows on TV.
2002-11-15 09:44:42 PM  

ObviouslyI need to watch the show more.

Sorry, lesbian character got killed off last season. No more lesbianism... ism.
2002-11-15 09:45:54 PM  
Which character?

Oh, and I'm a Buffy fan as well. So is my wife. It's like Vertigo comics with schtick on TV.
2002-11-15 09:46:10 PM  
Friday night, the time for drinkin?
2002-11-15 09:49:20 PM  
I can't bear to watch this show. Guess it's a good thing...this way I can't be a murderer. Honestly people, do you watch shows and appreciate their content, or do you say "hey I want to see a hot young thing never get naked but I'll masturbate later as if she did get naked". You know there's plenty of porn on the net if you want to get busy with yourselves. I've tried to watch this and similar shows. It's impossible. Thankfully it's on network TV, freeing up more cable channels.
2002-11-15 09:50:08 PM  
Ramen I read a different article a few days ago. She was making fun of him finding Dru hot.
2002-11-15 09:50:35 PM  
And what the fark is "noncey"?
2002-11-15 09:52:37 PM  
nonce -
Noun. 1. A sexual deviant, having been convicted of a sex crime against children.
2. An objectionable or contemptible person, by extension of the definition in noun 1.
2002-11-15 09:52:44 PM  
And what the fark is "noncey"?

Well, it's not exactly "non"... and it's not exactly "cey"...

How the bloody hell should I know?
2002-11-15 09:53:07 PM  
One of the lesbians is still there.

And I love Drusilla. Don't deny it, you know you want it.
2002-11-15 09:53:42 PM  
It's a real shame they had an AGRUMENT
2002-11-15 10:01:09 PM  
One of the lesbians was killed off. There's talk of a possible new love interest for the surviving lesbian (played by Allyson Hannigan). And after episode 6.19, people know that the show doesn't hold back in showing hot lesbian action. Well, as far as a network like UPN can go.

And Dru is hot, but Spike (James Marsters) is hotter. Nyah.
2002-11-15 10:02:24 PM  
Buffy is a great show with excellent writing, dialogue, and plotting. I've seen foreshadowing done YEARS in advance of plot development. This show does not insult the intelligence of its fans.

Plus it's a show where for a solid hour in every scene you can say, "I'd hit it."
2002-11-15 10:09:45 PM  
When you were 21, did you hang out at your 44 year old paranoid devil-worshipping convicted arson/pervert neighbors house watching kitchy TV shows?

No, of course not. You were out drinking, doing drugs, pulling stupid stunts and having unsafe sex.
2002-11-15 10:11:15 PM  

If you think no one's getting naked, you've clearly never watched any five consecutive episodes. Or ANY of season 6 (last year).
2002-11-15 10:13:34 PM  
"Spike is obvious bisexual."

"No, he's not!"

"He is, and he loves Angel."

"You take that back!"

"I have proof. This is an X-Files/Buffy fanfic i wrote: Mulder, Krycek, Angel, and Spike get it on."

*gun cocks*

The funny thing is that you guys probably think I made that argument up. I wish I did.
2002-11-15 10:18:46 PM  
She was blackmailing him. I wish I could find the article I read.
I'll keep looking.
Wydot hysterical and sad.
and fanfic is just...*shudder*
2002-11-15 10:59:09 PM  
God, I wish I could say something smart or wittish about this, but it's just too farking sad...

The chick caught in the vortex for a bunch of years is the hottest, BTW...

/can't think of her name, don't really watch it, but she's HOT
2002-11-15 11:09:25 PM  
I'm guessing the argument was about Reiley, or maybe Andrew. What a bastard. I'm guessing maybe this guy had a lot in common with the character of Andrew.
2002-11-15 11:10:16 PM  
Doesn't he know you can't kill vampires with a rubber mallet?
2002-11-15 11:32:47 PM  
and tonite, Buff's chewing Spikes lip off, and in the sack, saying "It takes a lot to wear me out."
Just put a stake in my heart.
2002-11-15 11:35:13 PM  
The chick caught in the vortex for a bunch of years is the hottest, BTW...

I think you maybe talking about Angel, a spinoff of Buffy. If that's true, you're probably talking about Amy Acker.
2002-11-15 11:38:00 PM  
The funny thing of this whole thing? Firefly is rocking 8 times as hard as the last few seasons... well, this new season of Buffy is looking pretty good, actually.
2002-11-15 11:42:12 PM  
Remember be nice to each other, AGRUMENTS can only lead to death and destruction.
2002-11-15 11:57:20 PM  
You know that green guy on the show? The one with the spikes that come out of his forearms and the floppy drive in his chest?

Talk smack about him and I'll kill you. Characters with floppy drives in place of their nipples are the greatest literary invention since paper.
2002-11-16 12:07:54 AM  
That's Adam.
Bah, I'm just glad to know I'm not the only Buffy fan:)

Spike is yummy.
2002-11-16 12:26:38 AM  
Why this is the greatest show on television today:

Two of the nerd-guys from last season catch the other painting a huge mural of the death star on their "command post" van.
2002-11-16 12:28:23 AM  
Looks like this season is shaping up to be a darned good one. If it's to be the last one at least it will be going out with a bang.
2002-11-16 12:31:03 AM  
If only they'd had more strict gun laws, this tragedy would never have happened....

Oh, wait.

Never mind. ;-P
2002-11-16 12:33:03 AM  
Actually, speaking of Sheep
he told me that most Brits hate Marsters version of the british accent.
2002-11-16 12:36:12 AM  
Yeah, but I read in an interview that he based it on Anthony Stewart Head's real accent...
2002-11-16 12:38:25 AM  
The show has in the past depicted characters holding and even firing guns. The brits may make a connection between that fact and this incident and draw the usual conclusions. Obviously the "American style violence" made this guy flip out.
2002-11-16 12:44:47 AM  
Anthony Stewart Head's brother is Murray Head. One Night in Bangkok.
No kidding.
And Giles is the sexiest guy they have had on that show.
2002-11-16 12:47:46 AM  
You guys don't get it: it's okay because he made an appreciative comment about one of the actresses (actors?). So it is entirely her fault, as the defense suggests.
2002-11-16 12:55:32 AM  
Not at all her fault Fifth
with the confession he gave, he's going down.
It's unfortunate that she will be painted in a poor light, however. She was blackmailing him at the time, but only because she knew of some things he had done that weren't reported. She was down on her luck and needed cash. Unfortunately poor judgement led her to the company she kept, and her death.
BTW, after he strangled her, he took her upstairs and had sex with her body.
This thing needs to be removed from society, in my opinion.
2002-11-16 12:57:37 AM  
I know he had sex with her, but as his defense suggests, it was entirely her fault for commenting negatively on his appreciation of the actress on the show! You can't beat that defense, not in Britain. Ask Sheep.
2002-11-16 12:59:35 AM  
oh shut up kanthek, you obviously dont understand our culture.

we dont flip out over violence on tv/games half as much as you guys do, yes sure, the daily mail complains about GTA a little, and then about 5 readers write in and agree, and then thats about it, jesus.

we arent really a sensationalist culture, as some would have you believe
2002-11-16 01:00:17 AM  
BTW this story suggests to me that British lawyers have bigger balls than American ones. Sure, American lawyers will sue the shiat out of yolkels who gave somebody whiplash in an accident, but they would never suggest (no matter how subtle) that the victim is to blame for making a remark about how she didn't appreciate what he was saying.

Atleast that's what I picked up from it. Unless the journalist took a little liberty with filling those quotation marks.
2002-11-16 01:00:38 AM  
a lot of my professors often mention that Buffy is a very intelligent show with a lot of cool themes/messages. In fact, one of them even wrote an essay to be published in Buffy and Philosophy.

/reading Simpsons and Philosophy as me types.
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