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2002-11-14 04:50:00 PM
I am moving to Italy. I don't need it to become a habit as long as I can find a different woman every day or maybe every minute.
2002-11-14 05:11:01 PM
There was one condition stipulated in the law, though: this slapping is not supposed to become a habit

And how easily it becomes a habit. Worse than crack. "Here, hold my baby...I need to grab some ass".
2002-11-14 05:57:23 PM
Is it legal for the women to run their fingers through a strange man's hairdoo?
2002-11-14 05:57:27 PM
This just in: Italian women legally allowed to slap men's faces.
2002-11-14 05:57:40 PM
look for it to be a regular thing on Sopranos..
2002-11-14 05:58:10 PM
Wel, my understanding of a habit is something you do almost without thinking about it. So in this case, I'd say it's pretty difficult for this to become a habit.
2002-11-14 05:58:49 PM
if some guy at work slaped my ass even once i would punch him, not let him do it everyday. or everytime he did i would kick him in the nutts. i'm italian (female) by the way, so I would be allowed it
2002-11-14 05:58:50 PM
Is there places that it is illegal?
2002-11-14 05:59:16 PM
Italy's also dirty and old. Just like the rest of Europe.
2002-11-14 06:02:10 PM
But what about a grab and hold? Is it legal to just latch on and follow her around?

I better get an answer soon, cuz my coworker is lookin at me funny in a not so nonthreatin way. As if to say, "please let go of my ass".
2002-11-14 06:02:42 PM
Do Italian football players slap each other on the butt?
2002-11-14 06:05:20 PM
Although they will never admit it, I'm sure most women liked to have their ass slapped by male co-workers they wouldn't piss on if they were on fire. Or at least that is the consensus here on Rikers Island.
2002-11-14 06:05:21 PM
2002-11-14 06:07:58 PM
Is that wrong? Was I not supposed to do that? Because I don't remember anyone mentioning that at orientation...
2002-11-14 06:07:58 PM
If only Brazil would follow Italy's lead, there's some nice ass over there.
2002-11-14 06:08:44 PM
Actually, Italian men should be allowed and encouraged to slap women's asses, at least those belonging to women with the fark name BarkingKitten. Sexy policemen and cowboys should also be awarded this privilege.

Frenchmen, on the other hand... =P
2002-11-14 06:08:45 PM
Next thing you know, they are going to outlaw the handshake.
2002-11-14 06:09:20 PM
ok! line up farkettes!! big daddy pipco gonna slap you up. "pipco" ends with an "o" so that proves i'm an authentic italian.
2002-11-14 06:09:20 PM
I'd hit it...
2002-11-14 06:09:22 PM
Those Europeans! They are just soooo sophisticated!
2002-11-14 06:10:40 PM

This explains the guy I worked with who was from Italy. He actually got fired
for bum-slapping the women he worked with. Oh, and the best part? His name... Was Fabio.

<screechy_falsetto> Oh, Fabio! </screechy_falsetto>

2002-11-14 06:11:05 PM
oooh except for fuzzygirl. teheheheeee
2002-11-14 06:11:38 PM
I lived in Italy, it was very common for men to manhandle women without getting into trouble. I miss those days...
2002-11-14 06:13:12 PM
I'm moving to Italy.
2002-11-14 06:14:49 PM
Ohhhhhhhhh just imagine.
2002-11-14 06:15:56 PM
no pics?!
2002-11-14 06:17:11 PM
I would love to see the dynamic of a crowd of Italian men withstanding a wave of American women in a bar. . .
After fifteen minutes of recreational ballbusting and vapid conversation about Sex and the City, the Italians would flee with their silk shirts flapping in the wind. I would hate to scene the scene that would break out if somebody's bottom was smacked.

Those guys could never handle our women.
2002-11-14 06:17:50 PM
did someone say bum slapping?
2002-11-14 06:18:28 PM
erm i meant see the scene, not "scene the scene"
2002-11-14 06:20:29 PM
Italian men are the best looking men on the planet...the ones that bath regularily, that is.

But I am imagining a big hairy ugly Italian man spanking my but every day and I am not liking it. What if he did that to a guy?

2002-11-14 06:21:31 PM
Hmm....Mario's Italian, so....

This article + Mario Party = whack-a-mole mini-game, "Grab-an-ass"!
2002-11-14 06:26:39 PM
Time to move back to my motherland!
2002-11-14 06:27:42 PM
Anyone who thinks this cannot become a habit is sadly mistaken. About a year after we were married I took to slapping my wifes ass now and again, and after a while I totally didn't even know I was doing it until one night she'd had enough and yelled at me for it...

Haven't slapped it since
2002-11-14 06:30:25 PM
I'd buy it. Though the game would need high intensity rumble support.
2002-11-14 06:33:38 PM
I'd slap it!
2002-11-14 06:34:35 PM
until one night she'd had enough and yelled at me for it...Haven't slapped it since

But do you hit it?
2002-11-14 06:36:43 PM
Short of discussing my personal problems with you, lets just say...no.
2002-11-14 06:43:08 PM
That's nothing.

American men are allowed to HAVE SEX with women (!).
2002-11-14 06:44:48 PM
hehe...short and to the point. Maybe that's the problem? ;-)
2002-11-14 06:47:33 PM
The guy did 1.5 years in prison for slapping ass'
I wonder if he got his ass slapped there?
2002-11-14 06:47:47 PM
Vetbridge ouch,

and here I thought it was due to raging post partum depression
2002-11-14 06:47:51 PM
that cuz the flies get trapped in the matted ass hair.
2002-11-14 06:50:12 PM
I have a 9th degree blackbelt in Canadian martial arts. They better not try that with my woman.
2002-11-14 06:55:42 PM
Yet another reason to move to Italy
2002-11-14 06:57:24 PM
Vom: What are Canadian martial arts?

You could give them a judo chop to the ass.
2002-11-14 07:02:20 PM
Ebawb...whoops. Just kidding. Rage on. I feel your pain.
2002-11-14 07:03:27 PM
"I have a 9th degree blackbelt in Canadian martial arts."

So with the conversion rates, would that make you like a 2.5 degree black in America?
2002-11-14 07:03:53 PM
Ebawb..strange..your wife likes it when I slap her assy ass.
2002-11-14 07:06:56 PM
Well, I'll see yall later... I'm off to itally.
Beautiful Countryside, Beautiful women, and I can SMACK dat A$$...

/much fun
2002-11-14 07:07:12 PM
Boss_Hogg...hey, chill on Ebawb. He aint gettin' any.
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