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(MSNBC)   8-1 Packers can clinch a playoff spot this weekend   ( divider line
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2002-11-14 08:17:43 PM  
Holy crap a positive Packer post on Fark?

someone check and see if the world is still spinning.
2002-11-14 08:19:47 PM  
what do you expect? their conference is pathetic
2002-11-14 08:20:19 PM  
And their team is something like $30 million under the cap. They are the Angels of football.

Though, even if they went 9-7, winning a 4 team division should not guarantee you a playoff spot. The top teams regardless of division should go. That was a mistake by the NFL.
2002-11-14 08:20:47 PM  
I said at the beginning of the season that the Pack was the best.
2002-11-14 08:22:32 PM  
I don't care if they win the Super Bowl, Packers suck.
2002-11-14 08:23:15 PM  
Most NFL championships: Packers, 12.

Everyone else just belongs in the AFC.
2002-11-14 08:23:18 PM  
Peter_hook..."The top teams regardless of division should go."

Then why have divisons at all?
2002-11-14 08:26:14 PM  
The Pack is a good team, yes. They're the team to beat in the playoffs at Lambeau Field.

The darkhorse to look out for: St. Louis Rams--they are winning, knowing that they must win-out all the rest of the games in the season to have even a chance to get in the playoffs. They're humbled and hungry--and the most dangerous 4-5 team around.

Hey Pack--do us a favor...beat the Niners on week 15, will ya? Thanks, I knew that you would.
2002-11-14 08:26:27 PM  
I think the 8 teams who finish first should go. Period. Th erealignment just brought the football playoff system that much closer to being as retarded as the NHL's.
2002-11-14 08:27:15 PM  

We'll beat San Fran.

Mike Martz is a girl.
2002-11-14 08:29:09 PM  
Millay...."I think the 8 teams who finish first should go."

Getting rid of the divisons may not be a bad idea, beating chicago year after year after year after year after year after year after....well, it gets boring
2002-11-14 08:29:21 PM  
come on now, the packers used to have a qb
by the name of lynn dickey. overcoming that alone makes
me want to applaud them....not that there's anything wrong with that.
2002-11-14 08:32:12 PM  

You really don't know? Regional rivalries? Less travel for the players? With a 4 team division, you only play 6 games in it anyway. The other 10 are against everyone else. If more than 50% of your games are with everyone else, it should be decided on who did the best overall, not who missed out on being in a strong division or skated in from being in a weak division. It's mathematically possible that a team could go 0-13-3 and win the division and go to the playoffs. Think about that. They could easily be 8-8...even 6-10 is not impossible.

Division smishen, the best teams should go. They are useless now anyway except for a few token rivalries and local travel.
2002-11-14 08:32:21 PM
2002-11-14 08:32:32 PM  
Hey Peter Hook--how are you doing?


Good idea for the top eight teams record-wise, regardless of division, to make it to the playoffs; however, the problem with that is that it takes away the division-rivalry dynamics that makes football so interesting, especially in the parity-prone NFL these days.

For me it is fun entertainment that helps keep my mind off the sheeit a bit that the frigg'n gummint is doing these days.
2002-11-14 08:33:15 PM  
Hell Yeah!!!
2002-11-14 08:33:41 PM  
as i have mentioned in previous threads....GOOOOOOOO PACKERS!!
2002-11-14 08:35:19 PM  
go Wisconsin in general
2002-11-14 08:35:59 PM  
2002-11-14 08:36:41 PM  
Bret Favre is a cryer. Do me a favre, quit cryin'.

I do like how they are "community owned", though.

The Vikings are known to engage in fellatio with various barnyard animals, inclusive of (but not exclusive to) goats.
2002-11-14 08:36:52 PM  

I should clarify: I meant, the eight division winners should go, period. I want to keep the division rivarly because the NFC North is all-geographic/historical rivalry, all the time. If the Pack and Bears don't play twice a year, football might as well stop.
2002-11-14 08:37:19 PM  

You know this is a good idea because Barry Melrose hated it when I told it to him:

NHL. The divisions are useless now. Campbell? Wales? Norris? All moot. Carolina got into the postseason when teams like Dallas and Edmonton didn't, and they were better. So I told Barry to take the top 16 teams in points. You earn you points for a ranking. Then, based on ranking, the #1 team CHOOSES their 1st round opponent. So, if DET wanted a matchup vs. a crap #16 Ducks team, they could. Or they could choose the #7 Blackhawks who are less travel and they might have had a better record against.

Then the #2 team would choose from who is left, so on and so forth. What makes it interesting is that #1 could choose #2 and they get no shot who they want, allowing #9 to choose if possible.

The other side is that the team CHOSEN gets to pick the format of the games and where the series starts out.

You could have a DET/COL Stanley Cup. Better than seeing Carolina.
2002-11-14 08:37:58 PM  

Cryer? With 166 straight starts? Surely you jest.
2002-11-14 08:40:36 PM  

I don't know. It's a little non-traditional for my tastes. The major problem with the NHL is not the divisions, it's the fact that they play for about seven months and 75% of the teams make it to the playoffs anyway. Regular season = why bother?
2002-11-14 08:40:38 PM  

I am doing good...especially NFL-wise. The teams I care about are doing well, and the hated Foreskins are sucking under Sperrmier. The fudgePackers are rolling, the Chargers have a chance, things are bleak for the Raiders and Steelers are back on course. The Lambs are breathing again. Libertarianism is closer to be realised after the recent elections...

I just gotta say again, how cool is it that the Packers are doing this well with 1/2 of the payroll of most teams. Unreal.
2002-11-14 08:44:27 PM  
Farve is tough as nails. Tough mutha. I respect the guy.

If I were not a Ram fan (30 yrs), I would be a Cheesehead. I, too, like the idea of them being community-owned. It would be nice if all the teams were community-owned. The NFL would be far more democratic and a helll of a lot more people would share in the immense profits of the game.
2002-11-14 08:44:51 PM  

I hear ya...but it's worth it to see your teams make their rounds. If I am in SoCal I can go root for the Devils against all of those Duckheads at the Pond...or I can see my Kings come to Ottawa or Montreal when I am out there. I am all for every team making an appearance.

The season is too long though. Hockey in summer is wrong wrong wrong. You can't have "Hockey Night In Canada" when there is still lots of daylight, right? Maybe less teams in the playoffs, 12 instead of 16? But that's where the read ad money is. Can the players handle 4 games a week? Probably not. Even if the NHLPA would agree, their bodies wouldn't. Get rid of some teams? Now there's a possibility.
2002-11-14 08:45:18 PM  
favre a cry baby five me farkin break. The toughest man in football..with the help of pain killers....Tom_Steuber I'd like to see how long you last with 300 pound line drooling at the chance to crunch you at any time. Youw ant cry babies talk to the wide receivers, they get touched and start whining to the refs or they get the droppsies like all of the Lions receivers
2002-11-14 08:49:26 PM  

Yeah, being a SoCal originally I still have some love for those Rams. Taking the train up to the stadium was very cool back in the day. But I can't get over things like Georgia boning down on Jim Everett and letting Greene and Bettis go...then again, they went to the Steelers, which I loved. It's sad, because I loathed all things Misery (Missouri? sp? LOL) yet now that undeserving old crank won a Superbowl. No no Georgia, kill your hubby and never spend any dough for the OC fans...but when the new stadium deal requires you to, you spend the jack and win? That sucked. Almost as much as when my NHL team, the Nordiques moved to COL and won. That's the worst. But the Rams winning was a bittersweet second.

As far as the community owned thing, I agree. But I have heard for years that they have tried to figure out a way to get the Packers out of it and can't and that the league HATES it.
2002-11-14 08:50:54 PM  

The toughest man in football was Jack Youngblood, hands down. And if you don't know why, I can't tell you. Go read a book.
2002-11-14 08:54:14 PM  
present day.

I'd take lambert over youngblood in toughness but youngblood better overall linebacker
2002-11-14 08:54:39 PM  
Aquigley...the dumbass that runs it has even given up. no updates since September.

Now go play with your legos while the grown ups talk football.
2002-11-14 08:54:50 PM  
Peter Hook~

It's fun to see teams that one favors to win, isn't it?

The "Lambs"? Bah! Humbug! Well, I...well, we Lambs, er, Rams are very dangerous these days and, who knows, they could keep on winning and make it to the Big Game...where they could face a resurgent Steelers, yes?

I, for one, look forward to a Ram/Steeler SB. We got a game to avenge!

I was just crushed when Stallworth pulled in those two post-halftime passes from HER. I just didn't think that SHE could pass that far!

Say, how does it help the Libertarians--or any freedom-oriented cause--to have had the "elections" happen the way they did?
2002-11-14 08:57:11 PM  
*I will try not to flame*
Tom_Steuber- How can you say Favre is a cry baby? In my opinion, he is the least cry-baby-ish person in the NFL. 166 straight starts playing the position that has the football in his hands the most. That speaks for itself.

I don't know where you get cry baby from. Have you ever heard him in an post game interview? He'll take blame, even when the blame shouldn't be on him. In the bad years, he'd always say how he screwed up, and if he had done this or that any better, he might have given his team the chance to win.

He's humble. He's not a cry baby.

Go pack!
-Central Wisconsinite
2002-11-14 08:59:46 PM  

Green Bay/Denver Super Bowl. Green Bay wins it due to better experience and more playmakers.

Carter is a cryer, Aikman is a cryer. Favre is simply the best quarterback ever and with 166 straight starts you think the man is cryer?

It is nice that the Packers are community owned, there's nothing like Packer football here in Wisconsin. I'm just lucky both my brother and father in-law have tickets.

You need to keep the divisions, they add an element of excitement and rivalry. Besides, if you didn't have them and chose the best 6 teams per conference you'd still could quite possibly be sending a couple of crap teams. With no divisions you could have Houston's schedule this year and a little luck and be 12-4 and be the 3rd worst team in football. (I'm generalizing, I didn't do the math.)
2002-11-14 09:05:35 PM  
Tarzan and Yoyoyo

Well Yo, as a Steeler fan I can appreciate Lambert, but he never played with a completely broken bone. Youngblood defied all logic. Some of the injuries he played with are just ungodly. Plus, he could beat the crap out of you at 10% capability.

Tarzan...I love *HER*...SHE ran the offense. What a genius. This was a guy that supposedly couldn't spell CAT if you spotted him the C and A, but he whooped all over Dallas. Funny you should mention revenge though. As a kid, I rooted for the Steelers to antagonise my mom who was a Cowboys fan. But I was also partial to the Vikes due to that "Purple People Eaters" song and of course the local guys, the Rams and Bolts. It was sad that my favourite team had to beat the other teams I liked. Why couldn't they beat the Foreskins or the 69ers? Or the Cowgrils a few more times? At least they shut down the Buttpirate, erm I mean Raider 2 of 3 times.

Lastly...Republican elections. Well, in our system you can choose the party who legislates morality but lowers taxes, or the one who is a progressive thinker but stifles freedom with more government. For me, I am an economic Libertarian before I am a social Libertarian, so if the the RepubliJesusLovers will lower taxes, it just means more freedom for me.
2002-11-14 09:07:43 PM  

You still have the DIVISIONS, you just don't have a DIVISION WINNER. That's all. The division is just a regional/rivalry/traveling/scheduling benefit for the players and fans. But the best teams would go regardless of division.
2002-11-14 09:12:22 PM  
Pfft, Packer fans have it easy. Try being a fan of a team that sucks and has pretty much always sucked.

*grumble* Lions *grumble grumble*
2002-11-14 09:14:25 PM  
And who is the Packers lone loss to? The Saints baby! My man Dulymus J. (Deuce) McAllister. Former Ole Miss Rebel, and future league MVP.

2002-11-14 09:18:07 PM  
Yeah, I noticed SLAYERSWINE doesn't like to talk football much anymore.

How's that crow taste, buddy?

2002-11-14 09:18:38 PM  
Weren't the Lions playoff bound almost throughout the early 90s w/ Sanders? I thought Wayne ran a tight ship there for a good 4-5 years...
2002-11-14 09:21:52 PM  
By the way, did anyone who actually read the article notice the use of CAPITALS to emphasize some words? I found that to be strange for a news article...
2002-11-14 09:25:23 PM  
Passerby Yea, Lions actually made it all the way to the NFC championship in '92 (I think). And got crushed hardcore by the Redskins. They had a rally cry that year, for Mike Utley, the player that landed on his neck. And they had Sanders, best RB of all time.

Fontes, as we've come to find out, wasn't as bad a coach as everyone thought. For the most part, the Lions have sucked though, but I keep watching them anyway.
2002-11-14 09:27:12 PM  
The Lions and Deuce McAllister


I HATE THE LIONS. And Fontes. Barry should have 130 TD's. Taking him out at the goalline is unforgivable. Not letting him out of his contract and robbing the NFL of his greatness. Even more unforgivable. I root against the Lions every time now and I wear my Barry Sanders jersey to do it.

Adding onto that, the Raiders are just as contemptable. Al Davis ruining Marcus Allen like that. He should have 200 TD's. That's pathetic. We were robbed of his greatness as well.

As far as Deuce...he will be great. Marshall Faulk great. Why you ask? Well:


He was Faulk's coach at SDSU. He shaped Faulk. Deuce has the same set of skills Marhsall does. And now he has an OLDER and WISER Mike McCarthy to mold him. Oh yeah. Superstar.
2002-11-14 09:30:23 PM  
2002-11-14 09:31:58 PM  
I remember Utley, is he walking now? I remember seeing him taking a couple steps, don't know if he continued on or just gave up and stuck w/ the chair...Either way, I remember how his neck injury was such a big deal (not that it is now), but it seems like it is more of injury that is an 'acceptable risk' for playing sports.
2002-11-14 09:35:52 PM  
Peter_hook I honestly think when Sanders quit, he quit for good. Whether the Lions organization screwed up handling the situation is moot (they screw up everything anyway). If you saw interviews with Barry the years before he left, even when he was having breakout seasons, it was clear he was losing his love for the game (who the hell could blame him?)

If he had been behind a well balanced, good offensive line, he would've smashed every RB record in the book.
2002-11-14 09:37:38 PM  
I think Utley might be able to take a few steps. I don't know why it was such a big deal either. Someone on the team or the media, who knows.
2002-11-14 09:45:25 PM  
Peter_hook There's a lot of reasons to dislike the Lions, but disliking them because they didn't let Barry Sanders out of his contract is ricockulous. No team in any sport in the history of athletics would ever consider letting a valuable player out of his contract simply because he wanted to play for a different team. Sanders should have honored his contract whether he lost his passion for football or not. I don't like not raping women, but I'm not going to start raping them simply because I lost my passion for not raping them.
2002-11-14 09:47:31 PM  
Im prayin for a green bay/denver superbowl rematch! Get that gap toothed elway out of retirement and on the field so we can get the revenge we sooooooo deserve! So the north is an easy division this year, not our fault that the bears defense all got injured, and they dont know how to hire a quality qb! The packs tough games are coming up with the niners and the bucs both on the road. Come to think of it we owe that loser terrel owens a shot for knockin us out of the nfc champ game. Good catch, but he cried like a girl after. First we gotta beat the VIQUEENS in the dome.
Then its on to the promised land.....
"Our Farve who art in Lambeau,
Hallowed be thine arm....."
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