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(SFGate)   French Compaq iPAQ ad irks women's group--France surrenders   ( divider line
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2658 clicks; posted to Main » on 09 Aug 2001 at 10:37 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-08-09 10:53:11 AM  
Should be "French Compaq iPAQ ad irks women's group, even though they are 5000 miles away from the bloody thing. Common sense surrenders"
2001-08-09 11:06:22 AM  
Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Stats Blah Blah Blah Blah link Blah Blah Blah Stats Blah.
2001-08-09 11:07:20 AM  
Actually I see it as "French Compaq iPAQ ad irks women's group. Can't imagine other women being sexually attractive and enjoying the attention of men."
2001-08-09 11:20:05 AM  
I think this political correctness garbage is getting out of hand. What's wrong with acknowledging that women are generally more interested in their appearance than men? I, for one, think that's a good thing. If all women had the same attitude toward fashion and hygiene as I do, I'd be in trouble.
2001-08-09 11:30:41 AM  
what a bunch of wankers. shut up already.

(not directed at farkers)
2001-08-09 11:34:17 AM  
The description of the XP ad sounds hilarious, too bad Microsoft is a terrible company and XP is a terrible product.
2001-08-09 11:45:01 AM  
they had the link to that XP ad up here on fark earlier.
2001-08-09 11:46:28 AM  
God, how anal are Americans? Like the article says, get some ads of models farking sheep on your billboards and this one won't look half so bad.

Land of the free my arse.
2001-08-09 11:54:21 AM  
X = Get over it (Get over it +1)
2001-08-09 12:09:18 PM  
2001-08-09 12:12:15 PM  
[image from too old to be available] What's Wrong?
2001-08-09 12:17:04 PM  
StickNinja it's in French, that's what's wrong.
2001-08-09 12:29:17 PM  
Duh.. biatches are stupid shallow sluts without a clue about using anything that isn't makeup related.

[image from too old to be available]
2001-08-09 12:35:01 PM  
But doesn't the ad say something along the lines of "thousands of uses plus some you'll discover on the way"? The way I interpret that is that she uses the iPaq for normal stuff, but she just happened to find that the back of it makes a good mirror. If it said something along the lines of "Women are too stupid to use the iPaq, so use it as a mirror and fix me my dinner, biatch", then I could understand the rigamarole.
2001-08-09 12:39:02 PM  
Geez...You would think 1000 women in top level high tech positions could get together and try to encourage young women into the tech sector through promotion.You would think they could put some money forward to underwrite loans for single mothers to go to school for I.T. courses and maybe get thier lives on track? Nah it's easier to just sit and whine.
2001-08-09 12:53:27 PM  
Woohoo another misogyny fest on Fark!
Because its women, they're just whining.
C'mon already, think for a sec...if this were a racist ad would anybody here biatch about ppl being offended? I don't think so.

Yes there are probably more offensive ads out there but this one is definately sexist and I'm glad someone called them on it.

Oh and one more thing-- women can be misoginists too-- and those are always sought out by wankers like the writer of this article to back their claims.
2001-08-09 02:06:05 PM  
At least she is not shaving her pits with it.
2001-08-09 02:37:48 PM  
It's getting to the point where if a woman is in an ad, they'll get offended, no matter what she's doing. Advertising is just a bunch of stupid shiat targeted to a bunch of stupider shiats anyway, why bother complaining? Are we going to get to the point where ads aren't alowed to show human beings in them at all? People are so god damn stupid, it makes me sick. I'm ashamed to be a human, we're all just a bunch of walking eternal contradictions, trying to fix what can't be.
2001-08-09 02:43:39 PM  
FuzzyMonkey, I'm not trying to argue or anything, but how is that ad sexist? If it showed a guy shaving using the iPaq, I wouldn't be offended.
2001-08-09 03:13:26 PM  
I think the problem some women have with it is that it depicts women (inasmuch as the model is supposed to represent their target audience) as incapable of comprehending technology on anything above the "Oooh! Shiny!" level. Kind of like dumb guys who say things like, "I need about 10 feet of books."

Personally I find the ad neither offensive nor funny.
2001-08-09 03:14:48 PM  
Hey, isnt that brittney spears
2001-08-09 03:22:01 PM  
"This is supposed to be funny, but it's also insulting to women," said Sylvia Paull, a Bay Area Internet publicist who founded GraceNet in 1997. "Each emotion feeds on the other. You laugh and then you are insulted and you are insulted so much you laugh again."

My god, what a farking dolt!
She must laugh a lot!
She would probably die from laughing if i called her an ass-slut!!
2001-08-09 03:33:13 PM  
Hts666- like Zylon suggests, it perpetuates the false sterotype that all women vain, vacuous and technologically inept. Substitute a racist image and the outcry would be seen as justified by most ppl (which of course it would be). Again, why is it acceptable-- even fashionable to beat up on feminists who point out these things?
2001-08-09 03:56:31 PM  

90% of beer ads feature men doing sterotypical things, that are often false. Many hardware ads perpetuate the false sterotype that men just love to play around with tools and fix stuff.

I fit neither of these sterotypes. Why are you not crying out because of these ads? Why are they permitted on our tv screens, magazine pages, and other media? Why is alright to depict men as being sterotypical, but not women as such? I remember a coke/pepsi ad with a guy stripping as office women eyed him like a piece of meat? Why was there no outcry about this cleary sexist ad? (in the opposite way)

Do you know what I do when I see a tool ad? I ignore it, often changing the channel or flipping the page. That's because I don't have to look at it. I would agree that some ads cross the boundry of good taste and decency. Those ads need to be protested and removed. But don't go crying foul about this ad and then go on accepting beer ads.
2001-08-09 04:14:03 PM  
Theseus- I absolutley agree with you!!! These are human issues not just about women. Male stereotypes are as inaccurate and confining as the female and perhaps more insidious because men are not expected to complain about them.
2001-08-09 04:18:58 PM  
Theseus: It's not stereotypes that are the hot button... it's NEGATIVE stereotypes. Most people I know wouldn't consider it insulting to be accused of being handy with tools.

However, there does seem to be an advertising trend in the last few years to depict customers of a product as idiots, freaks, or otherwise mentally defective (the current Best Buy campaign is a shining example). I'm frequently left wondering if they actually expect us to identify with these morons?
2001-08-09 04:20:43 PM  
PS-- I'm surprised noone has stuck Walken into that girl's hand yet. :)
2001-08-09 04:31:13 PM  
Zylon- I would have to disagree. I think it the concept of 'manly man' is a negative stereotype. People have all sorts of interests and abilities and it is unfortunate that a man is rewarded only for proficiency in certain activities like sports or being handy with tools but not in others (like quilting or even child rearing) that are supposedly 'feminine' pursuits.
2001-08-09 04:52:32 PM  
Ok, let me ask something else, if the woman in the ad didn't look like a supermodel, let's say she looked like a professional, a doctor or something, would the ad still be considered offensive.

Also doesn't the fact that she owns a specialized device negate the technicaly inept female stereotype? I mean if it showed her borrowing the device from a male then using it as a mirror, I could see why that would be considered offensive.
2001-08-09 05:27:38 PM  
I think its very unlikely that any ad exec is going to show a woman in a suit or scrubs, applying lipstick by the reflection of her computer, so I think the point is moot. In fact you don't see to many ads with powerful, educated women unless a) the company is trying to sell something related like women's suits or b) when the point is that the woman is ridiculed or subjected to some sort of embarrassing situation (ultimately punished for her 'manliness') or is a negative figure, a controlling biatch or something.

I don't think the fact that she has the device in her hands negates the technologically inept stereotype at all. I don't know if that's hers or what, if she just came across it, borrowed it whatever but the image implies the first thing she thought to do was check her makeup.
2001-08-09 06:49:39 PM  
Since that ad is going to run mostly in computer magazines, it's probably geared for males, and we all know what catches our attention. I don't think I'm being sexist by saying that, because that's the truth. An extremely high number of workers in our industry are male.

Personally I'm not offended by the ads in the magazines that have female models that try to catch our attention, the same way I don't get offended by male models advertising whatever products appeal to women. Neither do I get offended by the stereotype of dumb guys liking sports and drinking beer or smart guys being geeks or anything else like. But if they're going to complain about negative stereotypes then they should complaing about all of them. I'm pretty sure that the same people that want to get rid of this ad laugh and enjoy ads showing dumb guys talking about sports, drinking beer or hurting themselves by being stupid.
2001-08-09 06:55:48 PM  
I think the ugly chicks are offended by the cute chick.

Whoops... I should not say chick. Broads hate that.
2001-08-09 08:07:05 PM  
2001-08-09 08:08:36 PM  
sorry, this should work:
[image from too old to be available]
2001-08-09 08:18:06 PM  
The copy says that the device has "all the functions of a PC plus others you'll discover along the way."

To me, this means that the woman not only is familiar with the functions of a PC, but feels the need to have those functions available in a portable form. And then, while using her new handheld PC, she discovers that she can see her own reflection which renders the device useful as a back-up beauty accessory. Thus, the woman places importance on both technology and appearance. A tech-literate woman who is also beautiful. I would rather see an ad like this than one depicting a (much more stereotypical) 'masculine' appearing woman using the handheld PC (perhaps wearing a pantsuit and glasses, hair pulled back in a tight bun). If the ad encouraged women to use the device solely as a make-up mirror, I would find it offensive. But it clearly doesn't. Let it slide and turn the page.

And I have an example of how males are also victims of stereotyping in advertising. A local supermarket runs a series of ads celebrating the 'surprises' you'll find within their doors, if only you come inside. One of their commercials featured a pair of men meeting in the deli area. They sheepishly glance at each other, one stating that his wife is at aerobics and the other explains that his wife is working late (implying that men cannot/do not shop unless a woman is unavailable to do it for them). Then the two men find endless amounts of fun in the market, browsing the aisles and eating free samples. The commercial made these men look like unsocialized morons who had not previously set foot in a market. I've been to the market before, and I have seen men there, some with wives/female companions and some ALONE. --Insert a pause here for the gasping noises to cease.-- I know men who shop alone...yes, even married ones...and they do it without the deer-caught-in-the-headlights look in their eyes. I pointed the ad out to a male (who has been known to shop alone on occassion), wondering if he felt offended by the content. While I found it to be offensive to men, he simply shrugged his shoulders and let it slide.

Sorry for the length of this post...,
Kady, appearance-conscious consumer of technology (or for all the 'dumb' men out there, read that as 'babe with a computer')
2001-08-09 08:25:52 PM  
tripod sux
2001-08-09 08:29:50 PM  
Babes with computers rule, too bad there aren't too many. :)
2001-08-09 10:10:35 PM  
this WILL work! [image from too old to be available]
2001-08-09 10:15:26 PM  
Note to Drew: delete my first two posts
2001-08-09 10:49:04 PM  
Complaints about Lik-Sang also?If I'm not mistaken,Lik-sang is a seller of various legal-gray-area console backup devices...

Very interesting...
2001-08-09 11:14:31 PM  
I'll take the bait (although no Walken yet)
[image from too old to be available]
2001-08-09 11:22:57 PM  
I think that link is dead, or dying as we speak, so here it is again courtesy of my new 50megs account.
[image from too old to be available]
2001-08-09 11:35:33 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2001-08-09 11:36:32 PM  
Damn beasts! They go for the eyes er'ytime!
2001-08-09 11:47:40 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
PDW: Personal Digital Walken
2001-08-09 11:51:58 PM  
Don't know if you guys can see those or not, but hey it killed an hour of my night.
2001-08-10 02:16:48 AM  
Kady: Good points. People get their panties in a bunch over just about everything these days. I bet someone will get mad because I used the phrase "panties in a bunch".
2001-08-10 03:00:41 AM  
"GraceNet ( is a networking group of about 1,000 women in technology and related fields, many of them in management positions, largely in the Bay Area. Members meet monthly in San Francisco, Santa Clara, Los Angeles and Phoenix."

Ummm have you guys ever seen the average chick that works in the tech sector? Of course their pissed about this ad, this chick is hot. Yes there are exceptions, but I'm guessing those aren't the ones complaining.
2001-08-10 07:07:43 AM  
But, but, the advert isn't sexist!
As Joshg pointed out, it's trying to make a 'lifestyle' point, that you can integrate it into your normal life by findong other (not only) uses for it. Ok, so I'm not a coke-snorting ad-exec, but there aren't many ways to sum that concept up in one photo. I suppose if the picture was of a guy, he could've used it as a beermat.

God, at least they tried to target the ad *at* women - surely the fact that they didn't assume their target audience was just overweight unix nerds must count in ther favour.

2001-08-10 07:11:40 AM  
Fusillade762: I almost used the phrase 'panties in a bunch' in my own post.
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