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(Some Guy)   Naked man attempts to bonds with gorillas, fails   ( divider line
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2299 clicks; posted to Main » on 09 Aug 2001 at 7:56 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-08-09 08:27:18 AM  
Why articles keep disappearing? I confused.
2001-08-09 08:34:28 AM  
It's there now. "I wanted to be with the monkeys" - buy a stupid bobble-hat, then.
2001-08-09 08:53:08 AM  
What is wrong with these people? I wish he would have gotten in there with them and found out what a pissed off gorilla can do. A true Darwin award that would have made.
2001-08-09 08:53:59 AM  
Sad, sad, sad. Missed a perfect oportunity to thin the herd.
2001-08-09 09:13:37 AM  
The guy was taken to a hospital for a psychiatric evaluation. No kidding. Best quote I've seen so far today though - "There was no physical contact between the two species". Racists.
2001-08-09 09:14:06 AM  
He could be one with a monkey by just staying home and spankin'
2001-08-09 09:33:13 AM  
Well,....first of all,.....I was at home smoking crack, and,.........well,.....there was this show on discovery channel about monkeys,....... and,....
2001-08-09 09:33:21 AM  
too bad...the guy was just begging to be torn to shreds by gorilla tool-thorns.
2001-08-09 10:06:00 AM  
And STILL no DARWIN topic.
2001-08-09 10:35:49 AM  
Actually adult gorillas are fairly non-violent although they put on a pretty good intimidation act. Not that climbing into an enclosure with several large unfamiliar animals is ever a smart thing to do.
2001-08-09 11:01:03 AM  
Planet of the Apes was not a good enough movie to produce this sort of effect.
2001-08-09 11:22:54 AM  
some kid burns his house down its beavis and butthead's fault, some kid swears on the bus it's South Park's fault, so now are they going to go after the crocidile hunter cause morons like this guy are jumping in gorilla cages?
2001-08-09 11:34:16 AM  
I like to be "one with my monkey" every once and awhile.

( hides behind brick wall and waits... )
2001-08-09 11:35:50 AM  
Darn those zoo employees. Always coming to the rescue like that.
2001-08-09 12:02:30 PM  
'Wish those gorillas could ripped his boxers off and taken turns with this nutcake, before lending Darwin a helping hand.
2001-08-09 12:39:59 PM  
Again, it's a shame nobody was killed.
2001-08-09 12:44:57 PM  
Was this the same guy that was pumping gas while naked? He was on the way to the zoo?
2001-08-09 01:49:21 PM  
Sounds like a furry-wannabe(and a stupid one at that,gorillas are apes).Furries suck.
Silly rabbit,there are no Trix for you!!
2001-08-09 06:16:10 PM  
He should just get a job at the meatworks........ heaps of ugly gorillas there.
2001-08-09 07:23:42 PM  
why gorrillas? why not something a little more friendly like bunnies or ducklings?
2001-08-09 09:24:38 PM  
Beautiful, my first article got posted!!! Beers on Me!!!

Who's in San Francisco???
2001-08-09 11:21:34 PM  
i read about that in the newspaper this morning. :P
2001-08-10 08:02:59 AM  
I can't help but picture that scene from the end of "Trading Places" - "Oh look, they're in love" Yikes!!
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