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(NCBuy)   Teen Research: Wal-Mart in; Abercrombie is� like...out, dude   ( divider line
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58 clicks; posted to Main » on 11 Nov 2002 at 4:42 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-11-11 06:56:07 AM  
I shop for what looks good. Whether it has a brand name or not is irrelevant. What's really pathetic is that I go to Eastern Michigan University, and in one of my classes this girl said she won't even look twice at someone who wasn't covered with the latest brand-name clothes, and a chorus of people agreed with her.

BTW I buy most of my clothes in the bargain bin at Gadzooks or at Target.
2002-11-11 06:59:10 AM  
Oh, son! Son, how many girls called you today?
Zero? And how many called you yesterday?
Lemme guess, zero? Well, you know what they say, son.

Zero plus zero equals fag!

Zero times any other number always equals fag!
2002-11-11 07:15:10 AM  
Wal-mart clothes suck. I don't even like going into that white trash hellhole.
2002-11-11 07:16:29 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-11-11 07:29:59 AM  
"Tell him, Ray"

"Wal-Mart sucks"

It was K-Mart, but it still works.
2002-11-11 07:32:14 AM  
XSFO All I need I motive, and really quiet shoes. And I have plenty of motive son, and quiet mocassins.
One of the all time best skits...
"Daddy drank"
2002-11-11 07:55:54 AM  
Hey, I like the discount brand stores.. Kohls and the like... As nice as The Gap or A&F, just without the high prices and "i'm cool because, and only because, I shop here" ideology...
2002-11-11 07:57:10 AM  
What do you want to bet that their is a link ($) between Wal-Mart and Zandl Group?
2002-11-11 07:58:51 AM  
2002-11-11 08:05:26 AM  
Wal*Mart is like so totally emo.

Kids are hilarious.
2002-11-11 08:07:04 AM  
I know why girls like shopping at Walmart. There may be 50 checkout lanes, but only two are open at any time with lines snaking across the store.

Its a perfect hangout to spend the time and compare what everyone else got.
2002-11-11 08:07:38 AM  
Buying cloths is so 1900's

I only use the best fig tree leafes when making my designer shirts and pants.

damn they itch.
2002-11-11 08:20:53 AM  
I like shopping at WalMart at 3:00am when my insomnia strikes, for things like toothpaste and toilet paper...but clothes? yech. Yeah, I'm an elitist snob.

I only wear clothes from the Gap, because I'm better than you.
2002-11-11 08:23:38 AM  
I buy all my shirts at
2002-11-11 08:29:25 AM  
That was the stupidest article.
2002-11-11 08:31:22 AM  
Their spokesmodel??

[image from too old to be available]

See? Everyone is catching on!
2002-11-11 08:35:53 AM  
lol screw the GAP and all those other trendy hell holes. You say only white trash shops at walmart? Bullshiat. I rake in plenty of money so i could afford all those crappy trendy clothes. But you know what? I don't buy them. I take the 30 dollars i saved on a tshirt and i put it in the bank. I may not be as trendy as everyone else but when it comes time to retire i'm going to be well taken care of.
Plus anyone that needs to bolster their confidence by wearing expensive clothes needs to get their priorities straight.
2002-11-11 08:42:28 AM  
Oh, who even knows anymore
2002-11-11 08:43:03 AM  
I hate the people who talk and write like that...

"played out." , "Young people want things that are `now.'

Is it just me?
2002-11-11 08:46:10 AM  
I buy a pair of Nike shoes, for $65, and they last 6 weeks. I buy a pair of shoes at Pic-Way Shoe Mart for $24 and they last 9 months to a year. You do the math.
2002-11-11 08:57:38 AM  
I love my Vursotchee.
2002-11-11 09:02:52 AM  
I used to shop Wal*Mart. But their employees suck. Not friendly in the least bit. And it takes like 30 minutes to get checked out even though I swear it says "Express Lane".
2002-11-11 09:04:49 AM  
Nobody below the age of 25 has anything interesting to say.

Noone beyond the age of 30 has anything interesting to listen to.
2002-11-11 09:20:25 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Target is on the right track. They have the best designers!
2002-11-11 09:31:46 AM  
Hey Kofspades - I used to work at Wal-mart when I was only 16 - I can tell you why their employees aren't friendly in the least bit. Every day, all day, you watch mouth breather after mouth breather walk to your line, unload their groceries and clothes and merchandise, and start telling you that everything was marked at a different price. Then they blame you for the mistake. Then they blame you because you're not fast enough. Then they yell because the welfare card reader isn't working. Then they blame you because they can't buy Rotisserie (sp) chicken with their welfare card. Then they tell you that you are lazy. After roughly one week, you realize that the job is not worth what they are paying you, so you stop caring. Honestly, it's the worst job ever. I'm a generally pleasant person, and I'm always nice to people unless they give me a reason not to be, but working there for any amount of time makes you hate customers.
2002-11-11 09:53:03 AM  
Wal-Mart - defective products for defective people.
2002-11-11 10:07:06 AM  
I dunno. Wal-Mart is still pretty low end. I personally go for Eddie Bauer stuff. I know my sizes, it's solidly made stuff, and it's quite inexpensive. Looks good, too.
2002-11-11 10:09:58 AM  
"They don't want to wear the same clothes their grandparents wear."

So they shop at WAL-MART??

Guess that explains all the old folks down at the home dressed up in Hilfiger and FuBu, yo.
2002-11-11 10:15:12 AM  
I used to think I was poor, now I know I'm just trendy!
Yeah, I'm a poor college student. Maybe if every other poor college student out there didn't spend all their money on expensive clothes they could eat something besides Ramen Noodles once in a while.
2002-11-11 10:18:53 AM  
I buy my clothes from many places but I really dislike wearing clothing that makes me feel like a walking billboard (yes, band shirts are the exception). I also dislike paying too much for clothing. That being said, Wal Mart has some nice clothes- behind mounds and mounds of cheap white trash crap.
2002-11-11 10:19:57 AM  
im all about the $3 solid black tshirts at walmart.
2002-11-11 10:21:15 AM  
didn't spend all their money on expensive clothes they could eat something besides Ramen Noodles once in a while

We have a 6 figure household income and still eat Ramen noodles. I love 'em. Walmart is a good place to get sweats, socks, etc. I'm also a cheap-ass bastard so if I do buy clothes, I usually get them at the Eddie Bauer outlet site. Otherwise, my wife buys them for me. I don't particulary care how I look. I'll leave my clothes in the dryer for 2 or 3 days before I hang them up sometimes. I am a walking wrinkle. My daughter was sick last night. I got 3 hours of sleep. Please excuse my ramblings.
2002-11-11 10:23:54 AM  
I bought my entire graduation attire from Wal-mart, and I still wear the clothes. Some of the best made I've worn in a while, you just gotta find which stuff is good and which stuff sucks. Wal-Mart has gotten much better about quality in the past few years, if ya ask me.
2002-11-11 10:25:40 AM  
When it comes to Abercrombie, I simply refuse to buy clothes from a store with 10 5 foot tall pictures of half naked guys in the store, with no female ones in sight. It's not quite right.
2002-11-11 10:28:41 AM  
Wal-Mart is too damn big.

I always end up buying shiat I don't need.
2002-11-11 10:31:20 AM  
Does anyone else think this article is a complete load of crap? No one I know buys clothes from Wal-mart except my father, and he's a fashion disaster! Teens are especially are the most aware of what other kids are wearing, what brand it is, etc.

I agree with what someone else said - I think the author is trying to start a trend - "see, it says so right here, so its gotta be true."

Admittedly, I am a clothes whore. Polo, AnF, Eddie Bauer, Bass, some other random stuff (gap, old navy) are what I wear. Doc Martens for shoes. :-)
2002-11-11 10:32:32 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Former site of "The Tasty", the best lunch counter in Cambridge, now an Abercrombie + Fitch.
2002-11-11 10:33:42 AM  
lets all get with it and support some of farks advertisers, its on the main page...... i wish i could spell things, that would be great
2002-11-11 10:36:53 AM  
My last major clothing purchase was Cheerios brand T-shirts from General Mills. High quality, $4 a pop. Still waiting for Fig Newton to offer sweatpants. I like clothes that say 'eat me'.
2002-11-11 10:39:42 AM  

I'm a trendsetter! Yay!

Wow, it's the first fashion trend that's actually... practical!
2002-11-11 10:40:35 AM  
Why would anyone want to be a walking billboard? You'd think abercrombie was paying these kids to wear their shiat.
Oh, how I don't miss the juvenile days of yor.

"Ooooo, look, they aren't wearing A&F, they must be dorks! Them and their stupid trenchcoat mafia, what a bunch of fags."

Haven't the kids learned?
2002-11-11 10:47:35 AM  
I can't afford Nike gear, so I shop cut-rate and randomly beat up any street urchins I happen to see.
2002-11-11 10:50:33 AM  
Wal*Mart 0\/\/n5 j00 !!!
2002-11-11 10:51:06 AM  
I think it's totally that someone will spend a given amount of money on just one pair of jeans, when you could spend the same amount of money and get three instead. All you're really paying for when you buy name-brand is the tag.
2002-11-11 10:51:42 AM  
I would like notthing more than to see A&F go spiraling down in flames.. that being said, i just bought 2 pairs of pants last week from them. i am one of the sheeple...
2002-11-11 10:51:48 AM  
totally *asinine

Damn HTML...
2002-11-11 10:54:14 AM  
the way i see it, they should pay us for wearing their clothes, as someone said before free advertising, but now we pay them and then we advertise their product, win-win for the evil t-shirt conglomerates
2002-11-11 10:55:13 AM  
11-11-02 10:49:44 AM FLA Chickie
Ironbar That pic looks like it's near where I used to work on JFK Street - Is that Harvard Square?

Yep, sans Tasty, view from the Coop.
2002-11-11 11:01:28 AM  
I'll leave my clothes in the dryer for 2 or 3 days before I hang them up sometimes. I am a walking wrinkle.

My next house will have 2 dryers, one for darks another for whites, so I can skip that "hang them up" thingie. Warms clothes are good in the morning.
2002-11-11 11:06:39 AM  
I am very much in the minorty here I guess because I like to wear decent clothes and look good.

regardless of that, whats up with the image server? fark images are all appearing as broken links. and some of you guys pay for this? ;-)
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