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1289 clicks; posted to Main » on 08 Aug 2001 at 7:39 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-08-08 07:51:22 PM  
I am a cop. There is know better gun than the glock 22.

Should I be proud or upset that he uses the same gun I own?
2001-08-08 07:52:57 PM  
I'm not a cop. I own a Glock-22. There is nothing better in the world than knowing if some idiot wants to get rough I can make his lungs land on the sidewalk six feet behind him. Ahhh. Violence.
2001-08-08 07:53:36 PM  
hmmmm, i like the guy thats killed the most punks with his glock, sweet, ill go buy one, and if that lady is right about the glock22, "ONE SHOT, ONE KILL" ill use it to kill some living creatures (preferebly humans, specificaly GWB)
2001-08-08 07:54:31 PM  
hey cyberpunk, that guy was talking about killing PUNKS!!! go show him something with ur 22!!!
2001-08-08 08:14:40 PM  
I believe in peace, love and happiness. We should all take time to smell the - GET THE fark OUTTA MY WAY GRANDMA!!! - roses.
2001-08-08 08:37:32 PM  
Glocks are awesome pieces of design and engineering. Toughest and most reliable gun you can own, in my opinion. I saw a demo where a guy ran a cable thru the ejector port and grip and dragged a Glock 17 a quarter mile up a road behind his car. Then he scooped up a handful of dirt and grass and dumped it inside the ejector port. He shook the thing out, blew out what debris he could, and then loaded it and fired a full magazine. Not a misfire, misfeed, or stovepipe. (Kids, don't try this at home. At least, not with my Glock)
2001-08-08 09:23:46 PM  
Its times like this that make me proud to be a card carrying member of my local militia :P
2001-08-08 09:23:59 PM  
My Glock's name is Betty, btw.
2001-08-08 09:41:19 PM  
Hrm...I don't own a Glock, but my Uncle's service weapon is a Glock. Am I allowed to appreciate them?
2001-08-08 10:27:23 PM  
no wonder you're all farked.
2001-08-08 10:28:42 PM  
well done Nazzerov

what do you call your penis then? Betty Jr?
2001-08-08 10:38:54 PM  
Just don't use soft rounds.
2001-08-08 10:47:01 PM  
"I am a cop. There is know better gun than the glock 22."
ha ha ha. AHH Hahaha hahah hhhhaaaaaa hoooweeee.
I think I am beginning to understand.
2001-08-08 11:32:20 PM  
oh, and from the site

"I am a cop. There is know better gun than the glock 22. Perfict performance in every way."

I wonder just what your definition of perfect performance is Mr Cop. Do you have to ask for help filling in your tickets?
2001-08-08 11:39:40 PM  
What's a Cock-19?? First Weenie posts, now measurements?? Come on.
2001-08-08 11:45:52 PM  
I w a n t o n e
2001-08-08 11:54:53 PM  
A buddy of mine has a glockenspiel. He plays it rather well, but in the hands of a novice it can indeed be very dangerous to others.
2001-08-09 12:52:36 AM  
I would love a glock,but damn! they are expensive.I still have my luger that grampa took off a nazi in WW2, it still fires perfect.You gotta love German design.
2001-08-09 04:13:42 AM  
Screw Glocks, I want one of these:

[image from too old to be available]
2001-08-09 04:32:31 AM  
More bad jokes...

What do you call a hundred lesbians with machine guns?

Militia Etheridge.
2001-08-09 09:33:15 AM  
I'm sorry, but I still prefer and will always prefer my Beretta 92; pre-Brady Bill mags and all.
2001-08-09 10:41:20 AM  

"I am a cop. There is know better gun than the glock 22.

Should I be proud or upset that he uses the same gun I own?"

You should be proud that we allow the police to arm themselves almost as well as the criminals. But, you have proven to us that the government values law enforcement over education in our society.
2001-08-09 11:20:46 AM  
"I am a cop. There is know better gun than the glock 22."

Should I be proud or upset he said "know" instead of "no"?
2001-08-09 11:59:36 AM  
I'll stick with my Colt .45 and oh, would you like paper or plastic?
2001-08-09 12:02:56 PM  
"I am a cop. There is know better gun than the glock 22."

Qermaq: Should I be proud or upset he said "know" instead of "no"?

No need to go splitin hares. (and you can do that nicely with a Glock-22).

ALWAYS remember: you can't grill it if you don't kill it.
2001-08-09 02:32:27 PM  
I will stick with my ancient age SW 44 mag, if you can't stop them with six, you had better just give up.

'sides, I prob'ly got at least 5 speedloaders stashed about the place.
2001-08-09 06:20:41 PM  
six inch Ruger .38 police positive special.

Anything more is just bragging.
2001-08-09 09:59:55 PM  
Still, the sound of cocking a .45 long slide will turn a man's grapes into raisins.

"Let's play a game called 'Scary Noises'!"
"Now wasn't that a scary noise?!"
(Night of the Comet)
2001-08-13 05:46:53 PM  
They've gone through and removed the prank posts.
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