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(Ananova)   Man rescued after taking 'short cut' to get beer   ( divider line
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2019 clicks; posted to Main » on 08 Aug 2001 at 8:23 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-08-08 08:37:09 AM  
Are you sure this guy wasn't going for some crack?
2001-08-08 08:52:18 AM  
If he would have washed up on shore, would they have thought he was a sea creature?
2001-08-08 08:53:14 AM  
Ok...People like this dont need to be buying beer!
2001-08-08 08:58:38 AM  
Uff Da!

It is guys like this that give us Norwegians a bad reputation. The thing is, if they would have left him alone he probably would have turned up in New Foundland in a couple weeks looking for the party store.
2001-08-08 09:17:09 AM  
again man interferes in natures selection process
2001-08-08 09:18:56 AM  
Sure, like none of us have never been stricken with drunken logic. "So what if I'm drunk, I'm going to my old girlfriends house and talk to her."
2001-08-08 09:20:14 AM  
i havent.
2001-08-08 09:31:12 AM  
Good for you Cormee, 1 sane person in a sea of insanity.
2001-08-08 09:45:23 AM  
Not sure if you guys feel the same but I can jog 4 miles in the time it takes me to swim 1.
2001-08-08 09:53:14 AM  
I can drink a case of beer in the time it takes you to jog 4 miles.
2001-08-08 09:55:14 AM  
i cant swim very well at all ...and i wouldnt risk it - in fact this guy did and didnt make it last week - as didnt some other nutter a few years beforehand - but ur point is valid fetus
2001-08-08 10:03:02 AM  

I can run 2 miles with a case of beer on my back in the time it takes you to drink a 12 pack of beer (non-light), has to be guiness or a heavy lager.
2001-08-08 10:09:05 AM  
albert: I can run 5 miles to 4 pubs with 6 foetus's on my back in the time it takes you to swim 3 miles with a case of miller on your back
2001-08-08 10:24:51 AM  

I can swill 5 heffe Weisen from the beire bruener (sp) in Kitizgen Germany and take a train to Munich and back before you could find my drowned body on the bottom of the sea.
2001-08-08 10:27:49 AM  
I beens drunkin 1 botttlle of jimm beeem wheen yoush guys is talkingg,,
2001-08-08 10:28:48 AM  
While you all are running around I'll be sitting on my ass sipping scotch and getting buzzed quicker than the rest of you.
2001-08-08 10:29:51 AM  
i surrender
2001-08-08 10:30:51 AM  
you are not france
2001-08-08 10:43:24 AM  
2001-08-08 10:44:52 AM  

I've Been thinking about scotch, what is a good inexpensive brand to buy?
2001-08-08 10:49:00 AM  
yessss, single malt, scotch whiskey.

I prefer McClellands, highland.
And it is about 20 bucks a bottle.
Don't go cheap on scotch, it is too damn good to economise.
2001-08-08 10:58:46 AM  
the glenfiddich distillery in scotland smells of whiskey. but u get a free glass of the stuff at the end of it. which was nice
2001-08-08 11:04:36 AM  
actuallyyyyyyyyyyyyyy - Scottish Whisky has no 'e' in the whisky, Irish Whiskey however has - both have one think in common - you WILL wake up the following morning feeling like theres a red hot cannon ball stuck somewhere in your osophagus (sp?!?) - drink with caution - me and a few mates drank a bottle of absynthe one night i'd swear satan visited my apartment that night and stuck the slice of toast to my leg that was there the following morning.. i need food now...all that typing
2001-08-08 11:06:37 AM  
Fetus: I couldn't agree more: don't economise on whiskey.
Kat [TotalFark]
2001-08-08 11:07:28 AM  
well i was going to leave a comment about the article, but i forgot what that comment was. you guys are very entertaining though.
2001-08-08 11:13:53 AM  
I agree with those who have spoken before me on the evils of cheap scotch. My personal taste runs to Glen Morange. It's $40 a bottle though right now. I'll just have to scoot across to Mexico and buy it in the duty free shops for half that. Don't you just love American Sin taxes.
2001-08-08 11:20:57 AM  
Please use the correct spelling when writing about good whisk(e)y.
2001-08-08 11:23:21 AM  
After reading the article, I can only conclude that this is another missed Darwin-award.
2001-08-08 11:24:09 AM  
Scotch is fine, but how about the better Irish whiskey? That includes some nice malts, like Connemara.
2001-08-08 11:31:16 AM  
jameson is nice - with water
2001-08-08 11:32:27 AM  
I like good whisk(e)y too. I also like some very bad whiskies, if properly mixed (Meh Kong with coca cola).
2001-08-08 11:33:57 AM  
Jameson is even better in the Irish coffee, which unfortunately for you is an American invention.
2001-08-08 11:47:28 AM  
I wonder if he was planning to swim back with it..
2001-08-08 11:49:00 AM  
Appie: Isn't that strange? They can't make coffee, they can't make whiskey...
2001-08-08 11:51:24 AM  
Highrider: Yep, Glenmorange is my choice. Over here they do a range of 12yr single malts where in the final year it is put in a barrel used for some other process - my favourite is the 'sherry-wood finish' - It just takes some of the effervescence off the whisky, so you can savour the flavour better. Damn. Drooling.

BTW, $40? Fark, the US has some mean import barriers still..
2001-08-08 11:53:23 AM  
Appie - yeah, I know. Copy-pasted from Higherider, didn't think. I'll have to consult the bottle..
2001-08-08 11:54:09 AM  
Now, please... it's

2001-08-08 11:55:01 AM  
Mungo: sorry 'bout that one... didn't see your last post...
2001-08-08 11:55:05 AM coffee goodddddd- didnt know it was an american invention tho

dido: who can't make whiskey?
2001-08-08 12:23:14 PM  
what people do for beer.
2001-08-08 01:24:13 PM  
Damn...I bet we can look at drown-victims in a different way now. I mean...imagine if they found him dead? Nobody'd know it was for beer.
2001-08-08 04:51:35 PM  
I bet he would have made it if he was going to see boobies!

2001-08-08 05:22:54 PM  
*Turns red with embarassment*

Pardon the misspelling. It's been a long while since I could afford the luxury of a good bottle of scotch. Damn baby!
2001-08-08 05:23:44 PM  
And by Damn baby! I mean I haven't had any disposable income since my daughter was born hehe.
2001-08-09 02:29:49 AM  
A bit late... but I'll answer that

dido: who can't make whiskey?

Americans... bourbon's no whiskey

It all depends on definition of course... in Great Britain the legal definition is anything with an alcohol perentage up to 98% (not 98 proof!)...
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