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(ESPN)   Hockey fights are at record lows   ( divider line
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2002-11-07 05:10:07 PM  
I love fights. Among the best matchups ever (that I remember anyway):




Cloutier-Salo (goalie fight, although Salo turtled and Cloutier absloutely PUMMELED him)

Jay Miller-anybody

Lyndon Byers-anybody

Terry O'Reilly-anybody

Am I a Bruins fan? You bet your arse!!
2002-11-07 05:13:31 PM  
mcsorley probert was a very long fight :)
2002-11-07 05:14:05 PM  
First off, TPerrin - Yes! I too enjoyed watching Felix pummel Hextall that night. The only fights close to that one were the Roy vs. Osgood and Roy vs. Vernon scraps from years ago.

Fighting is part of hockey. It should never be completely removed from the game. However, I do think the trend towards fewer goons is a good thing. The league needs more guys like Bill Guerin, Keith Tkchuck and Jerome Iginla - skilled, passionate guys who will fight.

Besides, when the goons fight it rarely is much more than a dosey-doh, hug-fest. That fight last year between PJ Stock and Stephen Peat (two 'middleweights') was one of the best ever. And My Personal Favorite - Ian Laperriere (gotta root for the local boys). The guy will check anything, drop the gloves if he needs to and has the worst nose this side of Tim Hunter.

Give blood - Play hockey
2002-11-07 05:14:40 PM  
11-07-02 04:13:39 PM The_marq
"Gary Bettman's administration, it would seem, has made a philosophical 90-degree turn...."

Who's idea was it to give Gary Bettman the credit for this? That farking prick needs a stick across the teeth more than any person in history.

Spoken Like a true Canadain!!!
2002-11-07 05:15:31 PM  
No fighting = more stickwork (see McSorley)

No 2 line pass = cherry-picking asshats with no defensive skills (see Valeri Bure)

LEAVE MY GOOD OLD HOCKEY GAME ALONE!!! I don't care if some asshat in Pig's Knuckle Arkansas would rather watch bowling or NASCAR.

Ever wondered why people get sticked in the head? It's because they know there will be no payback. Ever since they implemented the instigator penalty, stick infractions have gone up.

I do like the new obstruction rules. It only makes sense that you should only be able to interfere with the guy with the puck.
2002-11-07 05:16:51 PM  
Well, I have no problem with fighting. I am a huge hockey fan and I believe the fighting will stay in the game, even though they took away the clutching and grabbing. :)
2002-11-07 05:18:32 PM  
Oh yeah...ASSHAT. Your name says it all. You don't know what you're missing. Enjoy those women's golf matchups, there, Chief.

Bruins/Red Wings tonight. You know where Titz'll be...
2002-11-07 05:22:33 PM  
I'm not a violent person by any means but there is something hockey and fighting that goes hand in hand. Take someone like Probert - he could fight AND score. When you have an enforcer like him on the ice, it changes the texture and rhythm of the game.
2002-11-07 05:26:02 PM  
11-07-02 05:18:32 PM Baloney_Titz
Bruins/Red Wings tonight. You know where Titz'll be...

Errr...drinkin' a Bud and Watchin' the game ?
2002-11-07 05:27:56 PM  
True! True!
2002-11-07 05:29:12 PM  
Hockey is a lot better now, although a good ass pummeling doesn't hurt anyone (usually). It's allowing us to actually see what these players can do without the distraction of a no-talent hack messing things up by taking the star players out with stupid farking hits. But screw Bettman, that guy deserves a stick to the jaw and good hit to the boards.
2002-11-07 05:29:25 PM  
Me too..

Flames and Rangers... looking for a sweep of Long Island.
2002-11-07 05:31:51 PM  
Are you all forgeting that fighting is a way to protect the big stars on your team. When a guys goes for a cheap hit on a top player he should surely get his ass whumped for it. I like the new NHL - too bad it will go back to the old NHL in 3 months.

2002-11-07 05:33:40 PM  
There was also the famous Primeau Vs. Primeau fight. Nothing like brotherly love.
2002-11-07 05:33:53 PM  
Reefy I need to find that fight on tape. Great bout and then when it was all over McSorley gave Probie a tap on the head, "Good go, kid" kind of thing.

Fighting is a part of hockey. I laughed out loud at whoever posted about there not being fighting "the way the game was meant to be played" HA!

Also: Change the offsides rule back to tag-up. There was so much more flow to a game when they had that rule. With the obstruction rules now, the game is almost where it needs to be. If Butt-man can't get more fans into the game by now he never will.
2002-11-07 05:35:59 PM  
More Europeans = Less Fighting

Go Flyers!
2002-11-07 05:46:48 PM  
My favorite fight had to be Stu Grimson against Pierre Turgeon. After a play, they met up near the bench and lined up. Grimson gave him one punch and knocked him down. Grimson then just raised his hands up and skated to the penalty box.
2002-11-07 05:55:25 PM  
This sucks. If they're trying to make it like the All-Star game it's going to ruin the sport. I went to the All-Star game last year and it was like the friggin Ice Capades. I don't wanna see that.
2002-11-07 06:00:46 PM  
As a Pittsburgh Penguins fan I can tell you that hockey has never been so exciting. Not just because Mario Lemieux is showing why he's the greatest player ever (in my humble opinion), but because the Penguins style really flourishes with the new enforcement of obstruction.

Scoring chances being up means that there's more excitement, not actual goal scoring. Seeing a goalie make a great save at least as exciting in my opinion than seeing the puck hit the back of the net. Great goaltending is lacking, although the size of equipment isn't.

But real hockey fans are either wary or waiting for obstruction penalties to stop being called (i.e. last night's pens and panthers game).

As for fighting...everyone knows the best fight was Nolan Ryan vs. Robin Ventura...not any hockey fight. Anyone ever try to fight on ice? You can't do structural damage like you can on groudn with traction.

2002-11-07 06:08:34 PM  
It's a shame, but hockey is slowly becoming a game of sissies. Not that any players are really sissies. However the game gets more and more tame. If I wanted to see guys flying around and not hitting, I'd watch figure skating.

I generally agree with the new obstruction calls... maybe not so many, though.

What's with that netting? What are you doing going to a hockey game and not watching the game? Keep your head up, even off the ice! (yeah, it was a shame when that kid died, but how many times has that happened? once?)

I dunno. I could stand the clutching and grabbing if the goalies didn;t wear an entire house, and still cry about getting hit outside their crease. You want to be safe? Stay in the crease...

Coatsie's Right, Let 'em Fight!

Go Flyers!
2002-11-07 06:09:43 PM  
KevinOfOz Stuie had a great one when he was with the Wings... I believe it was in the playoffs against the San Jose Sharks a while back (at least 7 years). Jeff Odgers was hacking, hacking, hacking on Stuie... The ref pointed at Odgers and said "If there's a fight, you get the instigator penalty"... Upon hearing that Stuie dropped his gloves and with one punch destroyed Odgers. One of the most lopsided fights I've seen.

(Where does Pierre Turgeon get the idea he can go with anyone let alone a heavyweight anyway? ; ) )
2002-11-07 06:31:11 PM  
Best quote I ever heard:

"If they don't get rid of fighting in the NHL, we're going to have to start printing more tickets."
2002-11-07 07:10:53 PM  
Noway, fighting is too much a part of has been said over and over here.

You CAN have both you, freestyle hockey and fighting. Remember the 80's? The real glory days of hockey for me...GAAs up in the stratosphere (but you never doubted the goalies), 60, 70, 80-goal seasons (and of course the Great One with 92), and some of the toughest, meanest bastards ever to step on the ice...guys like Semenko, Probert, Ciccarelli(sp).

Growing up in Edmonton, what did we ALL wanna see? Messier and Otto on the ice at the same time. Never happened...but two damn good hockey players, at the same time two of the biggest, baddest boys around. Fighting and scoring are NOT mutuall exclusive.

I am SO hoping for a stoppage in 2004. The NHL needs to be hurt and hurt breaking the patients leg to let it heal properly. There's lots of quality hockey out there aside from the NHL. Minor-league, major-junior, college...I'm living in fricking JAPAN and watching some awesome hockey from the JIHL for Pete's sake! (and WOW do they play rough...believe me, the Japanese can drop the gloves!)

Alright, hockey rant over...
2002-11-07 07:11:15 PM  
EXPARROT You asshat !!!! At least give me the credit for that image from Worth1000 !
2002-11-07 07:20:15 PM  
In all my years of hockey, I was only in one fight. Of course, I attacked all three officals on the way out for a game misconduct and cleared both benches along with a signifigant portion of the crowd. But it was only one fight. And they still let me play there the next year.
2002-11-07 07:25:57 PM  
but i will live to 113 watching womens golf! and eating chicken and fried twinkies...
2002-11-07 07:34:25 PM  
Before the lack of health insurance became the norm for me, I played several seasons of hockey and never got into a fight. Led the league in PIMS a couple of times, but no fights. Only in my last season did I manage to score more goals (10) than spend minutes in the box feeling shame (8). Not bad for a slow-of-foot, ham-handed, 3rd line center!

Buy ya a soda after the game.
2002-11-07 08:00:57 PM  
Similarly to a rock band that puts out their best album while starving and desparate to prove themselves, but subsequent releases fail to satisfy...

...The NHLers fought for major-sport acceptance and got it. Now they're getting a little complacent. They want to be entertaining AND retire with most of their teeth, and are abandoning their formula for success by playing it too safe...
2002-11-07 08:01:08 PM  
I like a good fight as much as the next guy, however if fighting is "part of the game" as a lot of people think it is then why isn't their a fighting event for the best fighting players during the skills competition at the all star break? Fans vote on who the best fighters are, those selected get 3 one minute rounds to beat the hell out of each other. If you lose you are eliminated and the winner fights the winner of another fight until we have the best fighter in the NHL standing at center ice surrounded by the blood and teeth of the other "All-star" fighters.
2002-11-07 08:05:40 PM  
I'm making Gretzky's head bleed for super-fan #99 over here
[image from too old to be available]
2002-11-07 09:00:38 PM  
Chiefy... you are so money baby.... You, are Money... you have claws and fangs...
2002-11-07 09:09:42 PM  
Fights will always remain part of the game i rather see them call more penalties for stick incidents, more damage is done to players by sticks then fights
2002-11-07 10:20:48 PM  
Ragingglenoard, since when is hockey at the bottom of the 4 sports in Canada jackass? It may be in the U.S. because you guys never really gave a shiat bout the Gold Medal Game but when Canada won, it was headlines everywhere and it was like a national holiday.
2002-11-07 10:48:04 PM  
Is Domi out of a job? No, because unlike a lot of enforcers, he does have some offensive skill. That's good when you're a forward.

Offensive skill? Tie Domi has never scored more than 30 points in a NHL regular season. He's hardly got what people define as skill.
2002-11-07 10:53:11 PM  
First of all, spell my name correctly if you're gonna' call ME a jackass.

Second, where did you see my write anything aboot Canada, eh?
I was talking about the NHL's rank in popularity in the U.S. That's why I wrote "Most Americans are so dumb and impatient that they can't sit through a sports contest unless there's a score every five seconds." When I wrote Americans I meant citizens of the U.S.

Third, I wasn't talkin' to you so relax.
2002-11-07 11:17:07 PM  
It really irks me when ignorant people make comments about hockey and it's whole "fighting" angle.

If you didn't follow hockey ten years ago and have seen the pussy makeover-job it's gotten in the past 5 years...then obviously this article under the Hockey section of ESPN doesn't apply to you.

If you think for a second fighting, or even physical play and personalities, don't play a factor in the outcome of the game then you are WRONG.

I can't tell you how much more intense the games between teams like Detroit/Colorado Toronto/NYIsl etc. are.

I believe that fighting and rough play adds another dimesion to a team. Good 'ol drop-the-gloves and have respect for the fighters and the big-hitters on the opposing team. There's no respect when a player (McSorley) hits another guy unexpectedly in the head with a stick.

It's sad so few go and ruin things for the whole group.
2002-11-07 11:32:06 PM  
I went to a fight once and a hockey game broke out.
2002-11-08 01:03:23 AM  
I blame Bill Clinton
2002-11-08 04:00:15 AM  
Hockey??? You call that a sport??? I say send them out with sharpened snow shovels and go after each other. When it is all over the winning team sodomizes the losers dead or alive. That would get ratings I swear!

Actually I think it is sad so many hockey fans think fighting is important to hockey. I think it ruins the sport. The best hockey in the world is played in the NHL but the best rule are international rules like those used in the olympics. When I have gone to hockey games I find the fighting disturbing. Actually I find the fans reaction disturbing and sickening. I don't have that reaction watching on TV but when I see the families with kids screaming for blood I think maybe it time to call the state social workers and find those kids some decent foster parents. I have coached soccer off and on for 20 years. When I see my players fight or be unsportsmanlike they sit on the bench, even if the ref doesn't see them. I don't care how good they are. I hate seeing kids being encouraged to behave that way.
2002-11-08 09:59:56 AM  
Ving perhaps you should stick to soccer. It obviously appeals to your refined sense of decency.

Truthfully, for children, it is a hell of a lot easier to get injured in soccer than it is in hockey. More pads. Less impact on the knees (my knees are TERRIBLE - two surgeries on one, a future of surgeries on the other) and I could not play soccer. I play and have played hockey for years now and barring anyone sliding into a knee at an oblique angle while I have my feet planted (something I try not to do!) my knees will last for a few more years just fine.

I've said it before, I'd watch any hockey that's on TV. I just happen to enjoy the old school "Battle of Alberta" type games where the guys beat the piss out of each other with hits as well as fists. If you get the chance to, every once in a while they'll play some of the best hockey games on ESPN Classic... Calgary vs. Edmonton in their heydays... The Subway Series in the early '90's between New Jersey and the NY Rangers... You don't find much better hockey than that. I will also submit for your viewing pleasure (or disgust if you don't like great all around hockey) March 26, 1997. The Detroit Red Wings Team Building/Avalanche Beating Excercise... ; )
2002-11-08 09:44:03 PM  
Ving, you are a twit, and obviously speak from a position of ignorance regarding hockey. Stick with soccer, it's a nice sport for the little old ladies.
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