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5641 clicks; posted to Main » on 23 Mar 2008 at 1:40 AM (9 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2008-03-18 07:33:56 PM  
2008-03-18 07:56:19 PM
2008-03-18 08:11:20 PM
2008-03-18 08:28:18 PM
2008-03-18 08:35:48 PM
2008-03-18 08:50:13 PM
2008-03-18 09:43:54 PM
/Oh Doorman.
2008-03-18 11:24:33 PM
2008-03-18 11:55:05 PM
2008-03-19 12:08:13 AM

Wow, she's really let herself go...
2008-03-19 03:22:37 AM
2008-03-19 08:06:36 AM
2008-03-19 09:19:57 AM
2008-03-19 03:09:09 PM
2008-03-19 06:57:02 PM
2008-03-20 06:55:16 AM
2008-03-20 07:00:44 AM

/Yet another image censored by Rupert Murdoch and the jackbooted goons at Botopharket!
2008-03-20 12:59:18 PM
2008-03-20 06:07:19 PM
2008-03-22 01:00:34 AM  
drachen: If I had any skill I'd put the guy comming out of the TARDIS..
It never stopped me...
2008-03-22 08:49:40 AM

Thanks to dproudfoot for the inspiration!!
2008-03-22 09:04:26 AM
2008-03-22 10:27:49 PM
2008-03-23 12:11:39 AM
2008-03-23 02:01:28 AM
2008-03-23 02:11:17 AM
2008-03-23 02:18:19 AM  
I am popping my PS Cherry here with something simple. Please be gentle, I suck and this isn't funny:
2008-03-23 02:57:32 AM  

I wish I was more skilled for a more proper tribute.

2008-03-23 03:07:13 AM

/Have *I* got a riddle for you!
2008-03-23 03:17:35 AM
I can't believe someone there was another wonka submission. I looked at him and the first thing I thought was that blueberry scene.
2008-03-23 03:24:29 AM

Yes, I know there was a Mt. Rushmore contest recently.
2008-03-23 03:26:29 AM
Obvious swap needed a li'l extra LOLcat- ok, she's my shelter cat.
/And I'd Photoshopped a guy's zipper up before on his wedding picture, thought I'd do the "undies caught in the zipper" bit this time.
//This time without the Wacom. No mouse either. Just the laptop's finger dealy. Just like my last 3 'Shops. </Addict>
2008-03-23 04:27:28 AM
2008-03-23 09:40:13 AM
2008-03-23 10:24:26 AM
2008-03-23 11:30:46 AM  
Chicago area Farkers, older than 35 sing,

"Open, come open, the Magic Door with me.
It's your imagination, ......"

" A rume Zoom Zoom, A rume Zoom Zoom, gilly gilly, gilly, gilly gilly a sah sah. Come thru the Magic Door with me, just say these words and wonderous things you'll see. "
2008-03-23 11:40:07 AM

Calvin would approve...
2008-03-23 11:54:45 AM  
Baseball season is coming up, so with that in mind.....

Thanks to Steve Goodman
"Do they still play the blues in Chicago, When baseball season rolls around
When the snow melts away, Do the Cubbies still play, In their ivy-covered burial ground
When I was a boy they were my pride and joy, But now they only bring fatigue
To the home of the brave, The land of the free, And the doormat of the National League

2008-03-23 12:49:00 PM

I can see my house from up here!
2008-03-23 05:39:06 PM
"captain odama!!! we found out how the cylon ships are flying sir!!"
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