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(AZCentral)   Osbournes calling it quits after 2nd season   ( divider line
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52 clicks; posted to Main » on 04 Nov 2002 at 5:18 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-11-04 05:23:56 PM  
2002-11-04 05:24:03 PM  
I made it through about 3 episodes before I tired of it.
I hope this "reality TV" fad fades fast, give me back fake people with fake problems, with fake Boobies.
2002-11-04 05:24:25 PM  
They must be killing off a character.
2002-11-04 05:24:34 PM  
2002-11-04 05:25:47 PM  
thank farking god.

Never watched the show.

But one thing I don't need in my life is more Ozzy.
2002-11-04 05:26:26 PM  
Good. I could never keep up with the complicated storylines and the too-subtle-to-be-believed character development.
2002-11-04 05:28:08 PM  
I don't know if I should repect her for not beating it to death, or curse her for putting her kids thru that sh|t in the first place.
2002-11-04 05:28:45 PM  
2 seasons was good enough...i liked the show, but i didn't really like seeing Ozzy in such bad shape...

Hopefully they made some good money for this.
2002-11-04 05:29:32 PM  
Its like looking at the bodies in a car wreck its awful, but something just won't let you look away.
2002-11-04 05:29:33 PM  
Aimee? WTF?

The Osbournes. Now with 33% more kids!
2002-11-04 05:34:11 PM  
If the oldest daughter was on the show regularly, it'd be worth watching.. They should have canned it after one season though.. Mtv always overplays things.. I'm surprised they aren't hosting the Anna Nicole show.. That should have died after the first 15 minutes of episode one..
2002-11-04 05:35:58 PM  
Ok. I'll make it through somehow.

How about MTV3 - "The 24hour MTV Spring Break Live" Channel?

MTV was much better when Spring Break and Club MTV ruled the airwaves.

I can remember hurrying home from school hoping to catch some hotties wearing rubber band thongs gyrating to anything by anybody. **fwap fwap fwap**

Now all you get is reality shows featuring a family of pasty-skinned white trash with annoying accents.

Although one time I did finger a girl who told me she was Serena Altschul at a bar in Darien, CT. Found out later she worked at a Schwinn store down the street. Still, she wouldn't go out with me again. Said she felt ashamed.
2002-11-04 05:39:51 PM  
Before they give the Osbournes the Axe, I have some ideas that might save the show. Since I have never watched it before, i think I have a fresh perspective.

1)Funny music, like in the old benny Hill show. Maybe they could ring in Benny Hill, I mean if he isn't dead.
2)The fat teen girl Osbourne could have a voice box implanted, like the one-armed guy on South Park. This would really help her singing career.
3)Subtitles for Ozzy
4)Add a fire segment, where all exisiting copies of the show are burned.

------------------------------Max Power-------------------------------
2002-11-04 05:46:22 PM  
Benny is dead : Long live Benny

R.I.P Benny
2002-11-04 05:48:05 PM  
I am both saddened and relieved by this news. God bless the Osbornes, every one.
2002-11-04 05:49:21 PM  
But I wanted to watch Ozzy grow older and even more senile on television.
2002-11-04 05:52:25 PM  
2002-11-04 05:52:43 PM  
you guys are pathetic. just like me.
2002-11-04 05:52:45 PM  
aimee is supposed to be not fat not ugly, and not stupid/selfish -- must be adopted
2002-11-04 05:54:31 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-11-04 05:56:50 PM  
2002-11-04 05:58:35 PM  
yes please let this be one of many reality tv shows to drop off of the face of my TV. get off my tv. get off. cmon now, off.
2002-11-04 06:08:41 PM  
Thank you God, thank you God.
2002-11-04 06:12:44 PM  
STOP the show now!!
For me!!
I love the show. I watched every episode.
But its getting to the point where I am finding kelly a little sexy.
[image from too old to be available]

In a sort of "I'm gonna fark you like I HATE you!!" sort of way.
2002-11-04 06:14:18 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Aimee Osbourne
2002-11-04 06:14:55 PM  
2002-11-04 06:15:37 PM  
We only got the first episode of the first series here in Britain last week, damnit I hate how long it takes for us to get stuff over here. Mind you we make up for that with the good British comedy that you won't be getting for ages, if at all, for example the League of Gentlemen which is onto it's third series here, and I doubt you'll ever get the Office which is quite possibly one of the funniest comedy programs ever.
2002-11-04 06:18:23 PM  
Hmmm... Maybe its cuz I've only seen a few of the episodes, but I liked watching it. Seeing Ozzy as a real human being, and a father was cool, even if his kids are the worst. But I can't blame them if they don't want to do the show anymore.
2002-11-04 06:28:11 PM  
What no shark jump?
2002-11-04 06:31:04 PM  
Not sure you can jump a shark with a reality show Digmyfarmertan on account of the fact that it's not scripted, so it would just more than likely be more of the same. That's not to say that the public might not get sick of just more of the same, but given the public's appetite for this sort of thing I find it unlikely, voyeurism is human nature and everyone likes to spy on other people's lives like this whether they admit it or not.
2002-11-04 06:33:51 PM  
i cant stand the show, but im not about to say 'YAH' just cause something i dont wanna watch (ie most teevee) is finished ... im sure there are a heap of brain dead MTV-generation kids who are sad that they have one less thing to rot their already destroyed brains ...
2002-11-04 06:45:43 PM  
Why can't the same happen to anna nicole?!
2002-11-04 06:49:48 PM  
I used to think Ozzy was cool until I saw the program. Pathetic. I wanted to see him bite the head off of his kids.
The unfortunate thing is this will be the first in a long line of this kind of "reality" programs.
2002-11-04 07:05:34 PM  
I believe that's called "A Long Walk On A Short Pier".

Thankfully, though I still dig Sabbath...
2002-11-04 07:07:42 PM  
Boo frickin' hoo.
[image from too old to be available]
2002-11-04 07:21:36 PM  
2002-11-04 07:22:05 PM  
awehhehhe ahhdhah kwkesekl ahhh ahhhh ahhehehha ahehehahe,
2002-11-04 07:23:41 PM  
Good, now I can go back to remembering Ozzy when he wasn't a scraped out gourd of a human being.
2002-11-04 07:26:10 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-11-04 07:33:43 PM  
i'd hit kelly osbourne....with a cement mixer..

good farking riddance to any mtv garbage.
2002-11-04 07:39:17 PM  
Yeah, like their family is worth anything off-screen. As if the tv show isn't all that's keeping them together and semi-sane.
2002-11-04 07:43:21 PM  
They should have the balls to stick the show out.

what good is "reality TV" if you can cancel it when you don't want to play anymore ? reality is not like that. reality is grinding through the boring or mundane or whatever. reality is low ratings. reality is slowly watching the dementia set in, and the fatigue of a real life put in front of the camera. dragging, like a real family eventually. The pretense and panache of the "living in front of the camera" would eventually give way to a Big Brother existence, or truly oblivious people. after four or five years they would finally edit the crew out and really exist.

just stick them in a lousy time slot for five or six years, then migrate their cult following back to prime time, while we observe the hideous social experiment gone awry.

I think I would actually watch TV to see that....
2002-11-04 07:51:22 PM  
Is anyone surprised? Honestly, hearing Ozzie use the F*** word is only funny a few times. Other then that if I want disfunctional family I will visit my parents.
2002-11-04 08:13:27 PM  
That show is hilarious. "Smells like success."
2002-11-04 08:17:29 PM  
His wife dying of cancer likely played a role in calling it quits, as did Liz Minillie and Nicole Smith shows.

Regardless. Nothing quite like a buncha farkers 'celebrating' the end of a show they supposedly never watched. You twisted farkers probably "never" listened to Britany either, yeah?
2002-11-04 08:37:50 PM  

bleh, I guess you told us.

Did you expect anything ELSE from a fark post ? people can only comment on the threads that are posted. lots of threads seem to deal with pop music and TV, which I don't partake of. So, I have to fark with what I got. Still fun.
2002-11-04 08:38:17 PM  
I happened to like the show. There were moments that really cracked me up. I think Sharon is very cool and I love how Ozzy adores his wife.
2002-11-04 09:27:33 PM  
Yeah, I thought it was a good show. Im saddened to see it go.

But I dont blame them.... with their wife/mom dying of cancer, plus all the shiat that goes with a tv show.

I really dont blame them.
2002-11-04 09:30:04 PM  
She's smart.

Oh, and I hope The Bachelor dies.
2002-11-04 09:42:35 PM  
Who cares about the Osbournes,what about the 2nd season of Anna Nichole?
Will they have to go letterbox format to fit all of her in the shot?
Does her assistant dye her hair?
Will her interior decorator discover that he might be gay?
so many questions
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