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(Fayetteville Online)   N.C. has millions of tons of hog manure   ( divider line
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526 clicks; posted to Main » on 07 Aug 2001 at 8:34 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-08-07 09:27:30 AM  
Well, duh. 10 million hogs have to go somewhere.

Mr. Porkstacker, any solutions to this?
2001-08-07 09:36:43 AM  
What would trailer parks be without hog shiat?
2001-08-07 09:39:37 AM  
Yay! I grew up in Fayetteville, NC! My hometown finally made it to FARK. I'm so proud. *beam*
2001-08-07 10:25:10 AM  
The last time I was in Wal-Mart I saw millions of tons of hog manure hanging out in the plus size lingreie dept.
2001-08-07 10:39:05 AM  
That was cruel, DrDave. Cruel, but true.
2001-08-07 11:00:03 AM  
My girlfriend's from Fayetteville, and I can tell you there's a definite rank through the town. I couldn't tell if it was the pig poo or Camp Lejeune.

As you can see by the posts from the past few days, N.C.'s getting shiat on alot. But we generally tuck our trailer parks away from probing eyes. People who live there have no need for citified folks.
2001-08-07 11:05:56 AM  
2001-08-07 11:08:41 AM  
I wouldn't be surprised to read that the Philip Morris company ends up buying a lot of it to include in their cigarette products.Like they care,right?
2001-08-07 11:43:27 AM  
2001-08-07 11:45:54 AM  
This is so true. You can't drive anywhere outside the cities without being overtaken by the pungent smell of hog shiat.
2001-08-07 02:03:25 PM  
No, no. They're just mistaking the smell for all the old people who live there.
2001-08-07 02:39:12 PM  
we've learned that feeding animals their own dead results in horrible dieases (mad cow, for example). if you feed animals their own waste, horrible diseases are bound to come up too.
2001-08-07 07:31:54 PM  
Just remember, every time you order a side of bacon, eat a ham sandwich, chow down on pork barbeque, or have the other white meat, it had to come from somewhere, and that somewhere was probably a pig in NC, and I now have to live with the feces of that animal. I do it all for you.
Man, NC's been beat up lately.
2001-08-08 02:31:45 AM  
Yeah really now... :^/

Okie we have murderous football and basketball athletes but d@mn, please give us a frickin break.

BTW, whatever happened to easy scape-goats Alabama and Kentucky?
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