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(Ironbubba)   Help a farker find out how to contact Viacom so he can get permission to form a Spongebob Squarepants Club at his school   ( divider line
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85 clicks; posted to Main » on 03 Nov 2002 at 2:25 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-11-03 02:27:39 AM  
2 words. looz zer.
2002-11-03 02:27:50 AM  
Wow, that guy will get beat up so bad.
2002-11-03 02:28:03 AM  
I recommend doing a Google search and seeing if you can find an e-mail address. Good luck!
2002-11-03 02:28:35 AM  
Suicide gets you a lot of attention.
2002-11-03 02:28:52 AM  
Goodyear blimp.
2002-11-03 02:29:59 AM  
Permission? You don't need Viacom's permission to have a club.
2002-11-03 02:30:11 AM  
Im with 19Cranes.
Kill yourself. Boy will everyone be sorry.
2002-11-03 02:30:13 AM  
And this is because.......????? Lord, please deliver this child from this evil. Thanks. Amen Oh and while you are working with me, find me a man with a fricken messy sock drawer! Thanks again. Peace out. Amen
2002-11-03 02:30:17 AM  
I know nothing about Spongebob. Does that make me a loser?
2002-11-03 02:31:31 AM  
I don't even want to know. I really, really don't.
2002-11-03 02:31:49 AM  
Publishing a website depicting Spongebob anally raping Patrick and Squidward would probably get Viacom's lawyers to contact you. Is that close enough?
2002-11-03 02:32:23 AM  
So is this a fetish or something? Is the submitter a Spongy?
2002-11-03 02:34:01 AM  
Influx has the right idea! Or just burn down Viacom's main office? Fire always gets attention.
2002-11-03 02:34:33 AM  
CONTACT: Viacom New Media | Laura Siegel/Betsy Vorce, 212/258-6619/6594

Maybe they'll give you a number to call, or at least general policy on idea.
2002-11-03 02:34:55 AM  
6 words. this club is farking kick ass!!!!
2002-11-03 02:35:31 AM  
You have got to be kidding me. This is a joke, right?
2002-11-03 02:36:07 AM  
1: Pull your head out of your ass
2: Get a life
Problem solved.
2002-11-03 02:36:15 AM  
Would this club allow Spongebettys to join?
2002-11-03 02:38:29 AM  
I once started a Lord of The Rings fan club in a comment thread on FARK. I named it Friends And Good Students. The name's an acronym.
2002-11-03 02:40:26 AM  
who says you need permission?
2002-11-03 02:40:47 AM  
The first thing that has to be considered before starting a club like this is; will the giant fag orgy be at the beginning or end of each meeting?
2002-11-03 02:42:52 AM  
or both
2002-11-03 02:43:58 AM  
WTFark? Why? Why not join 's site. Much better site for loosers.
2002-11-03 02:47:24 AM  
I may be drunk, but is this dude trying to start a sponge bob club?!?!

Hey assclown, start a sterile gauze club cause you're gonna need it after your get the shiat beaten oiut of you for starting a spongebob CLUB. dumbass

This message took 0ver 10 mins. to type and there are probably still mistakes. Back off spelling and grammar nazi..I had a few drinks.
2002-11-03 02:47:51 AM  
I can't believe someone beat me to a suggestion of suicide... I'm a sad farking panda.
2002-11-03 02:48:38 AM  
You don't need permission.

Besides, doesn't the Gay and Lesbian alliance already have a chapter for spongebob???
2002-11-03 02:48:55 AM  
Yeah. what a loser. Now excuse me as I go back to dicking around online on a Saturday night.
2002-11-03 02:49:44 AM  
Correction, Sunday morning at 2:50AM
2002-11-03 02:50:40 AM  
Give the kid a brake! If he is on Fark, then its good nuff' for me.

But still, I dunno if a Sponge Bob club for your school is uh... orthodox... for a kid...

Here is an idea:

Start a club revolving around Stalin, everyone who likes Stalin is bound to be a Sponge bob fan! I know I am!
2002-11-03 02:50:58 AM  
There is but one time zone. And it is Pacific Standard. All hail the west side, dawg.
2002-11-03 02:51:54 AM  
SpongeStalin Commiepants?
2002-11-03 02:54:31 AM  
Pacific Standard is heathen, Eastern Standard is salvation.
2002-11-03 02:55:10 AM  
that's funny, i was trying to contact viacom cause nickelodeon comes in with the background sounds and music way louder than the characters talking. Anyone else have this problem? The background is so loud we can't hear the dialog, such as it is. My local cable co broadcasts local commercials on the same channel, and the sound is fine, but as soon as it gets back to nickelodeon programming, its all farked up.

I tried to contact them and all email is returned undeliverable. My cable co is clueless.
2002-11-03 02:55:43 AM  
Nothing wrong with being heathen. I mean, at least we have more sacrifices and orgies.
2002-11-03 02:56:13 AM  

You're all here to answer on a Saturday night, and he's a loser?

Pot, kettle, black.

2002-11-03 02:57:36 AM  
2002-11-03 02:57:54 AM  
first off

i have a really really messy sock drawer

second off:
this kid is going to get shoved in his locker everyday but hey like Ausin The Farked said, hes on fark, thats good enough for me!
2002-11-03 02:58:07 AM  
what the hell is this? some fruit wants a spongepants squareblorb...what?! why? why are all the good discussions when im not here? and when i am... what the crap.
2002-11-03 02:58:16 AM  
Damn you, FifthColumn, you and your false prophet pedophilic terrorist Eastern Standard Time!
2002-11-03 02:58:20 AM  
I see much future abuse of the 'Advice' tag...
2002-11-03 02:59:14 AM  
I'd probably start with a phone book.
2002-11-03 02:59:34 AM  
Goddamn it, the west coast heathens have organized!
2002-11-03 02:59:52 AM  
Hey Supervillain, i remember that, i thought it was Friends Are Good Stuff
2002-11-03 03:00:32 AM  
Our zone, Hawaii Standard time, is so cool, it doesn't have to change twice a year like your other lame zones.
2002-11-03 03:00:51 AM  
sorry, folks, its all about central standard, represent, homie. and here's why... no new york, and no l.a. i rest my case.
2002-11-03 03:01:17 AM  
fudgpacker says it all. and one other question is the farker a student or teacher trying to lure the students in?
2002-11-03 03:02:23 AM  
There shall come a reckoning. On my right I saw the west coast and on my left I saw the east coast. I yea, I looked unto the right and ushered my chosen into the glory of the kingdom. Yae verily and those on my left were cast down into the firey pits and there was great wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Oh man, I need another drink.
2002-11-03 03:02:25 AM  
FifthColumn, I don't like you and you don't like me, but we've got to deal with these Central and Hawaii bastards. They threaten both of us.
2002-11-03 03:03:06 AM  
I forgive all you heathens. Salvation comes only through recognition of -5 GMT as the savior of daylight.
2002-11-03 03:04:02 AM  
19Cranes: Hawaii is too small to be of notice. Central may be a problem if they step out of line. A swift crushing blow may be necessary.
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