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(   Guys with messy sock drawers have sex three times more than those who organize their socks.   ( divider line
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153 clicks; posted to Main » on 02 Nov 2002 at 6:11 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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wil [TotalFark]
2002-11-02 06:13:33 PM  
That's it. I'm off to mess up my drawer.

What's it say about guys who throw their socks all over the place?
2002-11-02 06:13:46 PM  
Still no cure for cancer...

Why would anyone give these guys money to figure this out??

Btw, W (30s up SLAYERSWINE being banned?
2002-11-02 06:14:33 PM  
We sure do.
2002-11-02 06:15:38 PM  
Note to self, impress dates with 'messy sock drawer' photos...
2002-11-02 06:18:30 PM  
My whole room is a mess. :)
2002-11-02 06:18:56 PM  

That explains it all... Thinking about it ever since I moved in with my other half and I am no longer a complete slob... things have taken a little downturn :(

*I think the author was dissing IKEA.. man IKEA roks.*
2002-11-02 06:19:02 PM  
What about girls with messy sock drawers?
2002-11-02 06:19:17 PM  
Coming from the standpoint of a guy with an clean, organized room (especially sock drawer and other drawers) it's sounds accurate.

Still though, it can't be true. Why? Let's do the math:

0 x 3 = 0


2002-11-02 06:21:02 PM  
If the socks are messy, chances are the covers on the bed are too. Nothing wrong with either, its just a sign of a healthy relationship.
2002-11-02 06:22:45 PM  
2002-11-02 06:24:27 PM  
"If you spend all your your Palm Pilot, you will have little time for...going to bed."

I love quotes.
2002-11-02 06:24:31 PM  
Mine's as messy as hell. What's three times nothing though?
2002-11-02 06:26:20 PM  
Funny. My sock drawer is horribly messy
I'm still not getting any
2002-11-02 06:27:13 PM  
I don't even have a socks drawer...they are either in the laundry basket (clean), on my desk/chair (dirty, but wearable), or on the floor (dirty and should not be worn!).

I guess that's why all the chicks dig me...

or maybe not...
2002-11-02 06:28:13 PM  
Should be obvious: we're too busy having sex to organize our sock drawers.
2002-11-02 06:28:32 PM  
Coming soon to the personals:

Young, intelligent male seeking female to prove IKEA theory. Will mess up sock drawer for 3 rounds of sex.
2002-11-02 06:28:39 PM  
Let's put this whole survey in perspective. It was conducted by a home furnishings company. Is this really where we should be getting our information about sex and relationships?

So the author admits that this "study" by IKEA means nothing, and yet CBS still prints his article about it. Uh huh.
2002-11-02 06:33:22 PM  
Yeah mines messy as hell too. But I'm not getting any either. Although the other day when I was looking for a matching sock I did come across a pair of black thong panties. Alas Sweet Memories.
2002-11-02 06:34:00 PM  
You mean someone is getting it LESS than me?? Poor Bastard.
2002-11-02 06:34:36 PM  
No, we don't. >:(
2002-11-02 06:36:03 PM  
Or maybe these guys are just too busy having sex to organize their sock drawers.
2002-11-02 06:40:49 PM  
What about messy jimmy socks in your drawers? I would think that would be a turn off. Then again, if you're using them...
2002-11-02 06:43:52 PM  
I dont even have a sock drawer.
2002-11-02 06:45:22 PM  
Of course. Girls will bang messy guys. "bad" boys. and of course, these women think they can "change" the men to intellectuals. The boys who are neat and organized are husband material, but no good for banging, and therefore no good for spending time with. Should they spend time with these men, they might be unable to chant "Men are pigs!"
2002-11-02 06:47:37 PM  
What about people whose only sexual encounters involve their socks? just asking....
2002-11-02 06:49:27 PM  
Guys with messy sock drawers have sex three times more than those who organize their socks

Is that over a lifetime? 4 times vs. 7 times?
2002-11-02 06:50:50 PM  
My room is a disaster area and all I can get is a make out session here and there. >=(

From reading all these comments, there must be just a few guys farkin all the biatches.
2002-11-02 06:52:58 PM  
I love it when my girlfriends ONLY wear thier tiny white socks and and are on all fours. What was the topic again?
2002-11-02 06:56:21 PM  
I have yet to meet a man that has an organized drawer of anything. I guess that's a good thing :)
2002-11-02 06:58:10 PM  
So, let's see: I, having a messy sock drawer, have had sex probably something like a thousand times. So this is saying that the guy with the clean sock drawer has only had sex 997 times.

Heh heh, poor bastard...

2002-11-02 06:58:37 PM  

wait. It's been messy for a while.

Damn, I feel bad for ya'll organized fellas
2002-11-02 07:05:30 PM  
Okay, I just tousled up my sock drawer, what do I do now?
2002-11-02 07:07:39 PM  

sex in guys socks = messy = duh!
2002-11-02 07:07:50 PM  
well, my girl is organized and likes me even though I'm messy
2002-11-02 07:08:36 PM  

What the hell does organized mean? In pairs? Arranged in intricate patterns?

Perhaps messy bastards are just more likely to lie about sex.

2002-11-02 07:11:17 PM  
if you can ignore clutter, that means you are focused on different things

like pussy

two different ways of thinking really
2002-11-02 07:16:00 PM  
Ah yes, the old 'Wanna see my sock drawer ?' pickup line. Works like a charm, every time. Wait a minute. No it doesn't. Maybe if the sock drawer is on a yacht or a Lear jet...
2002-11-02 07:20:23 PM  
Another typo. I'm sure the poster meant COCK drawers.
2002-11-02 07:22:07 PM  
This is old. I learned this fact in my 8th grade abstinence class.

BTW, how appropriate for someone named PeterNorth to reply :) Isn't his nickname The Decorator?
2002-11-02 07:22:49 PM  
Torc & Alto: Damn yous guys! ;)

What's a sock drawer?
2002-11-02 07:23:37 PM  
This makes sense. Who has time to have sex if you're busy organizing your sock drawer?
2002-11-02 07:25:51 PM  
Someone forgot the comma there. It should be, "Guys with messy sock drawers have sex three times, more than those who organize their socks." Because guys with time to answer that question aren't getting any (or much).
2002-11-02 07:26:59 PM  
My sock drawer has no socks just empty beer cans and cig packs and the the Gods honest truth. My clean clothes sit in a laundry basket in the corner of my bedroom. Yet for some reason Im having trouble getting laid latley.
2002-11-02 07:27:31 PM  
Geez, I could have told them this fact without the "study". There are only 2 times a male organizes his sock drawer. 1) Boot Camp. 2) After marriage.

You don't get much in either place.
2002-11-02 07:27:55 PM  
2002-11-02 07:35:13 PM  
I don't even _have_ a sock drawer. I throw them all in a hamper in the closet.
2002-11-02 07:37:54 PM  

So, we male Farkers are ~ evenly divided between

1) WTF? My wife and I sit down every day and organize my sock drawer, and we have lots of sex (regularly at 9 pm on alternate Tuesdays, except when she's at her book club),

2) I think I'll lie and say I have a sex partner to impress all the other Farkers, and

3) Heh, I haven't seen a vagina in years, and my socks are all over the place...

(I'll leave it as an exercise for the reader to figure out which of these I am)

2002-11-02 07:39:01 PM  
hummm. Had a messy sock drawer. Got laid whenever I wanted. Got married. Neat sock drawer. No where near as much.

There is a connection!
2002-11-02 07:43:30 PM  
Makes sense, guys who organize their socks have poor self-esteem, so they get less sex.

There are only two kinds of socks you need: white and black. If you buy the same type every time, all your socks are identical, so no need to organize them.
2002-11-02 07:44:04 PM  
No Such Agency:Maybe you get this all the time, or maybe I shouldn't trust profiles, but your name is Allison. Therefore the answer to your question: none of the above (though you did say "we male").

Since you haven't been boasting about a tremendous sex life, like others, we can rule out #2.

We can also rule out #1 - your profile says you're Canadian, and they're all stupid and can't read, which means your wife couldn't go to a book club cause they have none.

#3. ;-)
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