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(Seattle Times)   Microsoft Oversight Committee to be made up of Microsoft board members   ( divider line
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2002-11-01 07:50:15 PM  
2002-11-02 01:19:15 AM  
It Was A Beautiful Day
2002-11-02 01:19:16 AM  
This should be obvious
2002-11-02 01:21:03 AM  
I think they meant Overlook Committee.
2002-11-02 01:21:44 AM  
someone oughta do something about them varmits.
2002-11-02 01:26:06 AM  
What, did you expect Linux users? They'd just write off the whole company out of spite.
2002-11-02 01:26:50 AM  
Neat. Nowhere in the article does it say anything that remotely has anything to do with the headline.

Maybe if there was an actual link to what the settlement IS?
2002-11-02 01:33:57 AM  
1. check slashdot
2. This is ridiculous. so many years of trial to get a slap on the wrist. well, what did i expect? I don't care. I like my os, and it's not windows. I'd sit on the board, and i'd try to be fair. why not some guys from dell, some guys from hp, some guys from apple/sun/IRIX, and some guys from MS? or just some decent industry people? Thats like asking rapists to monitor their raping. *sigh*.

But who cares? I'm happy. MS will live, thrive, or least if they stick around i'll have a job repairing pc's : P
2002-11-02 01:41:08 AM  
genius, pure genius.

no don't hurt me!/bill gate
2002-11-02 01:43:10 AM  
KingKnave, is there any particular reason that you feel compelled to post that phrase into every single thread?
2002-11-02 01:43:31 AM  
Hey! They forgot to incluide people with intelligence on the committee! Doh!
2002-11-02 01:48:39 AM  
(1) Male Muslim Arab nationals between the ages of 17 and 40
(2) Word is bond.
2002-11-02 02:01:11 AM  
If anyone remembers Robert Bork from his Reagan-era biatchslap, he's the ruling judge. Feh.
2002-11-02 02:11:09 AM  
Not surprising. It was no secret Bush didn't want M$ prosecuted. He came out and said as much. That's why M$ did their best to stall the trial until Bush got into office. Rememember, it's the billionairs for Bush club that rule the day.
2002-11-02 02:14:03 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-11-02 02:17:20 AM  
Bork! Bork! Bork!

Bork was one of Nixon's errand boys and was part of the Saturday night massacre in which Nixon tried to fire all the members of the Justice Department that were investigating his Watergate coverup in an effort to avoid impeachment. It didn't work. Poppy Bush was a Nixon lackie as well. You just can't get rid of these guys.
2002-11-02 02:37:18 AM  
The next time you vote for president, there will be no dangling chads. Nope, the responsibility for selecting the next leader of the free world shall rest with Microsoft. Be sure to cast a vote that is in your best interest.
2002-11-02 02:42:32 AM  
gee break up poor ole microsoft what a shame that would be gosh look how bad it turned out for John D. Rockefeller when they broke up standard oil or who could forget ma bell being broke into all those baby bells ....yea it was tragic they all became richer and more prosperous than they could ever have possibly imagined.... Heh
2002-11-02 02:50:25 AM  
Does anyone question why the name of Bill Gates' conglomerate is named Micro-Soft? Sounds to me these needle dicks are not bashful of admitting anything!
2002-11-02 03:01:20 AM  
Not suprisingly, MSFT is up 3.33 in after hours trading. Someone just made some money.
2002-11-02 03:03:01 AM  
Ytownbigm .....Yea they coat all the windows os disks with a thin layer of salt peter you didn't know that?
2002-11-02 03:04:06 AM  
wait, i thought the bush administration was going to be tough on coorporations? hahahahha
2002-11-02 03:12:56 AM  
yo mamma's asinine!
2002-11-02 03:26:59 AM  
Yes but if you makes billions a year who cares if you have a small prick?
2002-11-02 03:28:40 AM  
Jennifer: It's 3 in the morning and you've got Saturday School to-morrow. Get to bed or you'll miss the bus.
2002-11-02 07:49:39 AM  
2002-11-02 08:06:33 AM  
Funny how the same people are in the Justice Department too.
2002-11-02 08:36:02 AM  
After 15 years putting up with Windows, I just switched to Macintosh.

Fark Bill Gates.
2002-11-02 10:23:07 AM  
2002-11-02 10:36:44 AM  
"AOL Time Warner executive Paul Cappuccio said in a statement that the effort to constrain Microsoft's monopoly has produced results but has not ended."

yeah its great to see a little company like AOL TIME WARNER take on a monolithic company like Micro$oft
2002-11-02 10:40:33 AM  
Boy.. I hope they don't make any .. oversights!

2002-11-02 10:40:59 AM  
This is hardly surprising, but still outrageous. They're not being punished for illegally crushing the competition, and simply being trusted not to do it in the future.

Ju$tice $erved for Micro$oft.

Also, Colleen Kollar-Kotelly was the ruling judge, Bork was representing indusrty competitors.
2002-11-02 10:41:49 AM

apparently, the price of corporate immunity is $9,468,287.

for an organization with such an impressive history of criminal behavior, this is certainly a worthy investment.

I would really like to see someone keeping an eye on the finances of this "judge" COLLEEN KOLLAR-KOTELLY. Although she probably isn't so stupid as to directly take bribes, it's pretty certain that any major financial or political gains that she or anyone close to her has within the next few years would be a direct result of her "playing ball".

what's even funnier is that not only is the "justice" department quite obviously for sale, but also, through the occasional misuse of terms and concepts, its quite apparent that she still doesn't really understand the technology or products involved. One does wonder how such a precedent-setting, far reaching ruling that will be taken as law can be accepted when it is ordered by a "judge" who has demonstrated such a fundamental lack of understanding of the nature of the products and practices in question.

Props to MS for demonstrating that for a mere $10,000,000 in "campaign contributions", the US government can be your biatch too!
2002-11-02 11:15:27 AM  
My favorite part is where the regulations will not apply to mobile or tv settop boxes, effectively letting Microsoft continue its illegal practices in the next big generation of computing advancements. This is criminal; someone should investigate that judge.
2002-11-02 11:19:20 AM  
The Seattle Times moved the actual story but kept the link. Sneaky devils. Here's the quote that fits the Fark headline:

In what some legal experts called a devastating blow to the states, and competitors said was a travesty of justice, Kollar-Kotelly made mostly minor changes to strengthen the settlement terms, including the appointment of a compliance officer and a technical-compliance committee made up of company board members.

full story
2002-11-02 11:25:05 AM  
Meet the new boss ... same as the old boss.
2002-11-02 11:25:19 AM  
Yeah, great idea! They should get some former Enron and Arthur Anderson guys on that overeseer thing too, then we'd be sure to really keep Gates and his boys towing the line.
2002-11-02 11:27:48 AM  

After 15 years putting up with Windows, I just switched to Macintosh.

Fark Bill Gates.

I think you should contact Apple. This would make a great addition to their "Switch" Campaign ;-)
2002-11-02 11:34:32 AM  
For being able to use UNIX clones, you guys are really farking stupid. Do you really think you are hurting Microsoft by not using Windows? HINT: They didn't make most of their money by marketing to smart people. They still don't. And most people are idiots when it comes to computers.

But anyone who thinks they are hurting Microsoft when they use UNIX clones is an idiot in the economic sense. I'm sure the boys in accounting get a lashing from Gates and Balmer whenever every new OS release is tallied up only to find that you, Samuel Clemens who lives on 5322 Chestnut Street with your cat Sprinkles, refused to buy their product so as to hurt them. How rebellious!

It is not that I like Microsoft, it is that I'm not going to sit here and talk out of my ass about how much I'm hurting the man because I'm open source and that is inherently better for some reason known only to professional programmers, computer science students, and server administrators. Sorry, but the *NIX clones will always be inferior until they get some kind of a decent GUI going -- because that is what people want. And it is hard to be superior if nobody wants what you are selling except a handful of people who think they are doing something much more by using something free.
2002-11-02 12:10:16 PM  
A couple of you have mistakenly posted that you prefer non-MS operating systems. The court has found that MS has a monopoly in this market, so there are no viable alternatives. If there were, the whole case would be a bit silly, wouldn't it?

I hate to nitpick, but thought I'd clarify that for those unfamiliar with the case.
2002-11-02 12:12:31 PM  
I'd like to think I'm hurting Bill Gates's (mr. angry flower?) monopoly not because I'm using Linux, but because there's this pin cushion next to me that looks strikingly similar to that weasel. Every time I start hearing voices, I grab the doll, and start a session of pin therapy. My reckoning is that I'm extracting needed caffeine molecules from Bill's pumpkin head. I found this cheaper than medication. Each twist of the pin kills one more virus, so I feel good about it.
2002-11-02 03:27:08 PM  
what? people are still going on about this? who cares about this case any more?
2002-11-02 03:42:36 PM  
New tag that fits this story well: [image from too old to be available]
2002-11-02 04:25:28 PM  
I dunno, FifthColumn. The Open Source thing is beginning to really snowball. Mainly on the server side, yes. More and more governments are seeing the wisdom of not using software that they don't have the source code to (how do you know what it's really doing?).
You make a good point about Joe User and Free software on his regular old desktop machine. It's come a long way, though: the latest incarnations of Mandrake and Red Hat linux are a no-brainer to install (wizards step you through things), and the GUIs (yes that's plural) available have come a long way. KDE is now very slick, very polished, and very user-friendly. I've been using linux as my sole desktop OS for over 6 years now, and I'm not a 1337 h4x0r or even a puter geek. I'm just another blue-collar dumbass who doesn't work in any IT related field. I'm a glazier.
2002-11-02 04:39:54 PM  
2002-11-02 05:12:20 PM  
fifthcolumn: didn't steve ballmer just call linux the biggest threat for windows and microsoft? so, yes, they are crapping their pants, and it's not just accounting. linux is favoured nowadays by IBM and other big players. ok, that's only servers, but as howlingfrog pointed out, the GUI problem is known and is being worked upon amongst linux-developers. in the time microsoft has palladium working, (and other projects) will work just fine for everyone and not only companies will start switching (oh, wait, that's an apple term - ah, what the heck).
2002-11-02 05:18:04 PM  
Zim1 ... he thinks he's posting to SA?
2002-11-02 06:29:14 PM  

My using linux, bsd's, Solaris, Irix, and the occasional nextstep is not to try to hurt microsoft. Nor do I believe I am part of some greater movement for using free software (btw, solaris, irix, and nextstep are not free). I use these because microsoft products simply can't cut the mustard.
I use them because microsoft products don't work as claimed.
I use them because they don't lie. I use them because they don't report back to microsoft any information about what websites i frequent or what items i purchase. I use them because they simply work. I use them because they don't force me to agree (among other silly things) to restrict my freedom of speech. (saying "yeah, that server was faster than our ms solution" is a direct violation of the EULA's of some of ms's server product's). I don't use ms products because, contrary to most of their EULA's, I DO believe that I have the right to know how software i install on MY works. I DO believe that I have a right to know what information and to whom software running on my machine, and on my dime, tries to send. I favor free software not to try to dent ms's income, I favor free software because much of it is written and maintained by people who honestly want to write good software, not just trying to meet a deadline to keep the stockholders happy. I favor free software because I agree with the idea that there should be a free alternative to tying yourself down to commercially available, proprietary software. I favor free software because I DON'T favor corporate code operating on MY machine without my knowledge or consent (and with ms, in many proven examples, code that is specifically designed to try to hide it's sinister intent).

I am not against proprietary software, but I simply have no need for it. If you really think that paying for things that are available for free is the way to go, i will not stand in your way, actually, I will even help you: I am more than happy to sell you a tv that charges by the minute. I would be thrilled to introduce you to my new, patented Fresh-Air metered technological solutions portal to provide you with the new, advanced air system needed for breathing in today's modern world.

P.S. Free software or not, MS broke several laws and IS a FEDERALLY CONVICTED CRIMINAL CORPORATION. If you want to continue throwing money at them, I certainly will not stop you.

Many people often fail to understand why ms is on so many shiat-lists, and to you i offer the following based on a well-known analogy: Would you really want to by a car with the hood welded shut? And after some major flaw is discovered, the only fix offered my the maker forces you to agree to new legal contracts so the maker can track where you go to sell that info to marketing companies?

I don't believe that my use of alternatives to ms products will hurt them, but I do know that blindly accepting everything ms says and continuing to perpetuate their market share by using and encouraging others to use ms products will help them, and that i simply won't do.

I don't use ms products because they simply make me feel dirty.
2002-11-02 06:30:29 PM  

I don't abstain from ms products to hurt them, I abstain from ms products to better myself.
2002-11-02 08:21:05 PM  
How to abuse the political system with campaign contributions, by Bill Gates.

farking asshats should burn and die!!

I plan on starting the revolution in this country after seeing this bullshiat.
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